tagMatureN is for Nude Ch. 02

N is for Nude Ch. 02


[In this story the characters experience oral sex, coitus, touching, and sharing. There are instances of married folk loving folk they are not married to, without cheating. I look forward to your comments.]

The sun warmed my motorhome and by about seven-twenty the warmth woke me. My eyes opened and all I saw was hair. Soft, curly, auburn hair with the sunlight shining through it. My arm was draped over the owner of the hair and after a few seconds I put the events of the night before together in my mind and remembered that the hair belonged to Holly. She parked next to me the day before and had invited herself into my bed while I was at Sue and Charlie's.

My hand moved, at my invitation, to Holly's breast. She turned over and kissed me. In the kiss, she slid a mint from her mouth to mine. A novel idea for dealing with morning breath.

"Are you awake or just getting up to pee?"

"Both." I got up and turned the fan on as I went into the bathroom. When I came back Holly was still right where I left her.

"Really, if you want more sleep I'm fine with that. You're easy to sleep with."

I climbed in next to her and kissed her nipple. "Thanks. I'll tell my ex you said so, if I ever talk to her again."

"Ended badly, did it?"

"She filled our empty nest with another man. I left town when I ran into them after she moved out. Been on the road ever since."

"Mine shipped over to Iraq and never came back."

"I'm sorry."

"He didn't die. He just didn't come back to me. I got the divorce papers delivered."

"That would leave a bitter taste in your mouth."

"Now you know why I carry mints."

"A sense of humor. Nice."

I kissed her and this time we were both ready for the games to begin. Tongues met, danced hello and then explored the depths of possibility together. My hands did a preliminary body search and found lots to enjoy. Her hands played in the hair of my chest and then found something else to play with, farther down.

As a kiss ended, she asked, "Do you like being sucked?"

"Yes, and if I were to guess I'd guess you didn't come to my bed to suck me. I'd further bet that you want me to eat you and then fuck you."

"It's not that I don't like sucking, but you're right. Most men won't give until they get."

"You've been with the wrong men."

"Please, show me how it is in your world."

"OK. Roll on top of me and turn around so you face my cock, but don't touch it yet."

She did as I asked and said, "Oh!" when my face filled her pussy from clit to anus. My tongue began a new dance of "Getting to know you." She began moans and groans, thrusting her pussy against my face and squeezing my head with her thighs. She tasted like strawberries, mixed in with a natural taste I liked better.

My hands found her breasts and held them. I felt her nipples in my palms. She asked when she could suck my cock.

"After you cum at least once. Do you scream?"

"Not like that lady down the way. I heard her last evening."

"She does know how to enjoy a climax."

"You did that to her?"

"No, her husband."

I sucked on her clit. It was long and oh, so sensitive. One suck and Holly was celebrating Christmas! Her body shook, spasmed, twitched and the flow of her nectar turned to a flood. I sucked as much in as I could and enjoyed everything she did. The taste was wonderful and the fragrance was my favorite. Hot woman. Bottle that, Coco Chanel and men will love you forever.

Holly sucked my cock into her mouth and went to work. Her tongue had shown mine that it knew magic, now it was proving it to my cock. When she sucked I had a vision of a golf ball and a garden hose. Damn! The woman meant business.

When I was hard, very hard I said, "Stop! I would like to cum in your pussy, not your mouth."

We moved around, I applied a condom and she opened her legs wide and used a hand to guide me inside her. Even though she had already cum, she was so tight I had trouble getting inside. I felt like the condom and my skin were being peeled from me as I pushed in. When I drew back I was happy to see that my skin and the condom were intact. The second push was easier and the third easier still... but never easy. In my experience she gave new meaning to wet and tight.

"You feel really good, Holly."

"Yes, I do! If I may ask a favor, please fuck me as hard as you can! Slam into me! Bruise my cervix!"

I don't think I hit her cervix, but I tried! I felt the after effects of slamming my pubic bone against hers for days after. I thought about Sara, about taxes, about constipation to slow the progress of my orgasm. When I thought about Sara the memory that came to me was when she told me that I didn't know how to love a woman. I wished I had a video of the last two days so I could show her that her opinion was not necessarily the gospel truth.

Holly pulled at her nipples and squeezed her tits. I held her legs up and open. I noticed red splotches on her upper chest.

"Nick, I'm here! NNNNNooooooooooowwwwwww!!"

Her muscles gripped my cock and I could not move! My own juices felt trapped and it hurt! Her muscles spasmed and mine found release. I filled the condom and moaned. I thought my cock had been damaged! God she had muscles! When I collapsed next to her Holly wasn't done. She pulled the condom off me and squeezed the filling into her mouth. She drank it down, smiling. She licked and sucked my cock until it was very, very clean.

"You know, I've heard that some people don't like condoms. I love them! I can get filled with cum and drink it all. The best of both worlds."

As she moved up towards my face she reached over and popped a mint in her mouth. We kissed.

"When you are with me, Holly, the mints are nice first thing in the morning. Anytime later in the day, I like the taste of me in your mouth and I like the taste of us on your mouth. How are you, kissing me, knowing I spent half an hour sucking all the nectar from your pussy that I could?"

"I like the taste. I'll remember about the mints."

"We all carry beliefs forward from other relationships. Sometimes people say things and we make it mean everyone thinks that way."

"Right. It's hard when everyone is different and everyone is sort-of the same."

"Yup. What's on your agenda for today?"

"Well, I need to do laundry. I need to clean my van. I need to walk on the beach. I need not to get sunburnt. On the way here yesterday, I was hoping to meet someone."

"I need to do laundry too. I think these sheets need a refresher course. I'll change them for my other set and wash these."

"Let's make a deal. I'll do the sheets if you'll wash the outside of my van."

"Deal. And when we're done we'll walk on the beach together."

"Oh! I didn't expect that! Wonderful.

Nudist and clothing optional places make life simpler. I didn't need to decide what to wear. Sandals. My laundry consisted of a wash cloth, a few towels and a set of sheets. No shirts, underwear, pants or socks. I didn't need to figure out what to wear. I had it on.

Holly gathered my laundry together, kissed me and went next door. I got the equipment together and washed her van. Being nude makes that easier too. I spent half an hour washing her van and another half washing, no, rinsing my rig and none of my clothes got wet.

As I finished up Bert arrived.

"Good morning Bert! How are you?"

"I'm thinking about changing my name. I don't feel anything like the Bert I knew two days ago."

"Is that good?"

"Better than good! Nick, I will never be able to pay you back for what you gave us! Thanks."

"Whoa! I appreciate what you're telling me but you gave the gift to each other. I watched."

"Alice and Sue are in the laundry room right now, washing all our sheets. They are a mess! Charlie and I talked and we couldn't be happier. You changed four lives. Thanks. Please come down to Charlie's for lunch at noon. Would you?"

"Sure. I promised my new neighbor we would go for a walk on the beach this afternoon, so..."

"Bring her for lunch too, if you like."

He shook my hand and walked back to his place. I put the equipment away and sat back down with the book I had started but so far, had made no progress reading.

One page later Holly was back. She was all smiles when she carried a folded pile of sheets and towels to me.

"How's the book?"

"I have no idea. I thought two days ago I would sit here by the water and read for days. So far I have read this one page, twice."

"I'm sorry. Shall I leave you alone?"

"No. You're more interesting than the book. Please, sit down." I patted the sheets. "Thanks for doing my laundry."

"Oh, it was my pleasure, believe me. I met Alice and Sue. They were washing sheets too. You could be elected mayor or president. They both love you!"

"I doubt it's quite that strong a feeling."

"Don't doubt it. From what they told me, and my own experience with you, I think they both love you. You changed their lives!"

"Please, tell me more! Stroke my ego! I did what anyone would do, didn't I?"

"It has been four years since Charlie had an orgasm. Four years since he gave one to Sue! You gave Alice her first! You helped her teach Bert to be a lover. Her pussy is sore, delightfully sore, this morning because her husband of many years can't get enough of her. She said to tell you she is smooth."

"Well, good news all round. I'm supposed to go to the bus for lunch today. Want to go with me? You can meet Charlie and Bert. You know the rest of the family."

"They invited me. I'd love to go. I told them I would be there, if you invited me. I don't want to horn in."

"Then you're going."

"Let me put my stuff away and I'll be ready." She went around her van and I heard the door open. A few minutes later I heard it close. She reappeared at my table. She patted the table. I looked up at her.

"Alice wants to buy this table and get it sent to their home in Washington. It is the place where she had her first real orgasm! You are the man!"

"Awe shucks, it weren't much." We both laughed.

"I don't know that I've ever seen a naked cowboy at the beach before."

"Let's go. It's getting deep around here."

We walked hand in hand down the beach to Charlie's. There were six chairs set around a round table. The site picnic table was moved off to the side. Nice dishes, a big salad, the smell of salmon and four smiling friends greeted us. We sat after I introduced Holly to the men.

"Holly knows everything," Sue said.

"Everything?" Bert asked.

Alice blushed, "Well, maybe not everything, but a lot."

Charlie stuck out his hand. Holly shook it. "Any friend of Nick's can share my food any time, any place. Welcome."

Food was passed around and we all took lots. As we ate the conversation somehow ended up thanking me. I loved that they felt that way but was embarrassed that they said it. Holly shared, too. She told them how we met. As her story ended Charlie started to laugh.

We all turned and Sue said, "Charlie, what's so funny?"

"Years from now Holly will be with some new friends and they will ask how did you meet Nick? She'll say, "Oh, I heard two of his lovers talking and so I snuck into his bed."

Everyone laughed. When they calmed down a little Sue said, "I like how that sounds. I like being known as Nick's lover."

Alice nodded. Holly smiled and said, "That is exactly what I wanted to be. I decided that as I listened to you talk." She turned to me and asked, "Am I one of your lovers, Nick?"

"Unless my memory is faulty, you are. Since we are being rather intimate over lunch may I ask, How are you two doing, Charlie and Sue?"

Charlie answered. "After you left yesterday Sue and I spent hours playing in bed. It was so wonderful being able to love her that way again. I didn't count how many orgasms she had. I did count the kisses, the touches, the squeals and the snuggling. I know we slept some, but I don't know when."

"When Charlie made love to me yesterday with you coaching I was overcome with emotions. His hands, his tongue touched me with such love again... and your voice kept saying you loved me, too. When you came inside me I knew it was both of you! Oh, I just flooded again. I need to drink more water. My pussy has been dripping since yesterday."

We laughed in happiness. Charlie said, "Bring that to me. I need a drink."

"Later. I'll give you all you want."

Alice took Bert's hand. "Nick, I've been wet since last night too. I think my pussy is bruised. It's red, swollen and feels wonderful. I can honestly say I have been fully and thoroughly fucked for the first time in my life! I have always known Bert loved me. Now, I know he knows how to show it."

"I don't know what to say."


"Ok. I want to discount everything you're telling me. What you did was there inside you before we met. You let it out. You did it all. I guess my head says, if anything, I was a catalyst. I'm glad and happy for all of you."

Sue looked at me and said, "Honey, You gave me back my Charlie. You let me free. I love you. I love sex with you. I love your heart, your wonderful cock, your kisses and your heart. For as long as I live I will welcome you in my heart, my home, my pussy." Tears fell from her face and splashed on those wonderful breasts.

"That goes for me, too. Wherever I am, you are welcome." Alice said.

"Let's not turn this into a wake. I'm not going anywhere for a while."

"I want to make a schedule chart so we can each sign up for time with Nick. We don't need to fight." Holly said smiling.

"I want some time tomorrow," Sue said.

"I need to pee. I'll be back." I said. I headed for the clubhouse. Inside the clubhouse I walked to the men's room and noticed some folks sitting in the lounge area. One of the women pointed at me and the others looked. I went inside and took care of business. On my way back I was blocked by two of the women I had seen on the way in.

"Is it true?"

"Not knowing what you're talking about makes it tough for me to answer."

"Have you been having sex with women you aren't married to?" The woman was seventy if she was a day, wirey, extra skin hanging off her bones. Her only jewelry a wedding ring and a gold cross necklace.

"Are you asking me if I would ever help a married woman cheat? Never! Marriages are sacred."

"Good!" She walked away.

I walked outside and stopped. Another woman followed me out. "How do you feel about sex with an unmarried woman?" She asked. I looked at her. Nice looking. No rings. A few extra pounds and in the right age group for me to be attracted.

"I feel like this: If an unmarried woman and an unmarried man decide they want to share pleasure with each other, then they ought to do it. When there are no children around they can do it anywhere they like. God made our bodies to enjoy sex, so doing it need not be hidden."

"I'd like a date with you."

"I'm parked down in number..."

"I know where you are. When?"

"Come by sometime tomorrow. I'll be able to answer your question then. Til then," I kissed her. My tongue in her mouth and my hands on her ass. She gave as good as she got. When the kiss ended I walked off, back to my friends.

"Holly, you aren't going to believe what just happened. I don't. A woman stopped me and asked if I was having sex with women I'm not married to. I said I would never help a married woman cheat. Her friend followed me outside and asked how I felt about sex with an unmarried woman. She asked me for a date."

"Oh my God! It's our fault!" Alice said. "We talked in the laundry room. What can we do now? We can't take back what we said."

"I think you need to make the schedule board. Either that or I need to move along to a resort where no one knows me. I don't know exactly what you said, but I've never been so popular in my life!"

"How's your heart? You aren't going to keel over on us are you?"

"I had a complete physical just before I came on the road. My heart is fine."

"Good!" Three women said, in unison. We all laughed.

Everyone helped with clean-up. Charlie scraped the plates and the rest of us carried things inside, washed and put stuff away. When we were pretty well done Holly took my hand and said, "We're going for a walk on the beach. I'd like some time with just Nick, but if any of you really want to tag along I won't cry."

"Go." Sue said. "When you get back make that chart. Then sign me up for tomorrow morning from nine until lunch. Ok?"

"I'd like some of tomorrow afternoon," Alice said.

Charlie said, "Can we just plan on getting together for dinner each night? When I arranged for the round table I told the manager we're an extended family and want to eat dinner together."

"Ok, I'll make a chart for who is making dinner for the next few days." Holly added.

"Well, my sisters, I'd prefer we discuss each day's dinner as we share breakfast, together. Is eight thirty a good time for everyone? I'll make an omelet tomorrow with toast for everyone."

Three minutes of ingredient discussion later Holly and I slipped away for our walk. We walked as the sun headed for the ocean. We walked the length of the beach between the signs and back again. As we got close to our sites again I asked, "Is there room in your home for both of us to sleep?"

"No. There is room for a quickie, but if you tried to sleep in there you would hit both ends of the bed and there would not be room for me. Sorry."

"As long as I have a bed or a picnic table we'll do fine. I just wondered."

A note was tucked in the sign by my door. "Dinner is at eight. Mexican food, come hungry!" It was signed Mike.

"Who is Mike?" Holly asked.

"I think Bert picked a new name. He said this morning he didn't feel like Bert any more.

"Do you like Mexican food?"

"Doesn't everyone?"

"No. There must be some misguided, ill-fed person who doesn't. It isn't me." Holly patted her almost flat stomach. "I'd like to take you inside and ravish you before dinner but I think I better make a chart before we go. You relax and I'll be back just before eight."

She gave me a full-body intimate, "I'm gonna miss you" kinda kiss. As she walked away parts of my anatomy were pointing after her. Damn! What a wonderful resort!

I sat down and picked up my book again. I finished two pages and the urge to pee distracted me from the book. I opened the door to my home and found a note on my table. "I'm in number 18. I'm alone. Please cum!" It was signed Elaine.

I looked at the clock. 19:22. When I had shaken the dew off I headed for number 18. Not to cum, but to talk. The rig parked in number 18 was a thirty foot Minnie Winnie. By the look of it a pretty new one. I knocked. The door opened and Elaine held it wide for me. I stepped inside. It even smelled new.

Elaine was one of the women who had been in the clubhouse when I walked through on my way to the men's room. She had stayed in her seat then. Here, she pointed me at the couch and I sat. She straddled my lap and sat. Her pussy snuggled against my cock and her hands held my face as she moved her face to mine for a kiss. I pulled back and said, "Hey! We haven't even said, "Hello."

"Don't you say hello with your lips?"


"So do I." Her lips pressed against mine. Her tits pressed against my chest and somehow she ground her pussy against my cock as we kissed. This was serious!

"Whoa! I like what's being offered but I need to go a little slower, if you don't mind."

"I do mind! After I was in the laundry room earlier I have wanted you here with me and now you're here."

I stood up, almost dumping Elaine on her ass. Almost, but not. I caught her. I sat her in her dining area and I sat across from her. She stuck her lower lip out.

"Listen to me, would you please. I have made arrangements for this evening and breakfast to noon tomorrow. After eight tonight you can walk down to my place and see a chart posted. Block out some time and write either your name or site number on the chart. I will come and spend that time with you."

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