tagNovels and NovellasNadia's Wanton Weekend

Nadia's Wanton Weekend

byParis Waterman©

Back in 2000, yes that was a long time ago, wasn't it? I was exchanging emails with a young Birmingham University student named, Nadia.

She told me she was a virgin and we cyber-sexed for a time. She also sent me some revealing photos although terrified her father might discover what she'd done. I wrote this story for her just before she and her roommate went on holiday.

It was nothing like the following story, but she read it over and over, and confessed that she frequently masturbating to its content.

I inserted myself as a main character, enabling me to possess Nadia from afar.

Our correspondence continued for some time. I was made privy to her first lovers, with vivid descriptions of where and how they coupled. It lasted until her third lover presented her with an engagement ring. Nadia wanted to be faithful to him and we ended our discussions.

And so, my lovely Nadia, if you read this, know that I still yearn for you, wherever you are; and would love to do nothing more than resume our lurid conversations once more. PW

Chapter 1

Nadia had no idea how she was persuaded to visit her classmate's home for the holiday. They weren't even roomies, she thought rummaging through the bureau looking for clean undies to bring.

But she didn't recall protesting all that much either. Telling herself it wasn't that big a deal, her initial reluctance faded and the busty 19-year-old brunette from the Isle of Jersey found she was looking forward to the weekend and packed accordingly. She was ready the moment Marianne pulled up out front with her borrowed van. Marianne had promised the ride out into the country wasn't really that long and happened to be quite scenic.

"Nadia, you don't know how much I appreciate your coming along. I mean, I need someone to talk to; being with my parents can be a dreadful bore over a long weekend. You'll have a good time I promise."

"No problem," Nadia replied. "Actually, I needed to get away. Do you have a large estate?"

Marianne laughed as she hefted Nadia's suitcase into the back of the van.

"No, we don't have a sprawling estate. My father's not a Lord or a Member of Parliament. But it is a good sized home. I guess you'd classify it as a Tudor style, and we are proud of our landscaping.

"We have a pool in the back," Marianne told her, smiling broadly. "I do hope you brought your bikini. We can take a dip after you meet everyone, if that's okay with you"

"Great," Nadia said. "I did bring one, a new one. Remember I posed for those pictures last week? Well that was the outfit I wore."

"Oh, that skimpy green thing? It was just a wispy piece of cloth that barely covered your essentials if I recall"

Laughing, Nadia nodded her head. "Did you like it?"

"Well ... it certainly showed those tits off," Marianne said gesturing towards Nadia's breasts, "and left little to the imagination about the rest of you," Marianne giggled. "I'll bet you give my brother John an erection he won't be able to hide."

"I didn't know you had a brother?"

"Well, the toad's just turning twenty, but he's tried to peek in on me at every opportunity for that past couple years. Without success I might add. But he keeps trying."

She giggled delightedly as she took the car into a wide turn.

"I caught him masturbating one time when I barged into the bathroom."

Curious, Nadia asked, "What did he do?"

Still laughing, Marianne said, "He was sitting on the toilet with this monstrous boner. His hand was flying up and down it as he frigged himself. He was so absorbed in what he was doing that he failed to notice me at first. So I made this sound, "Ahem."

"Oh my God," Nadia said, as she felt herself getting excited at the thought.

"My God is right," Marianne said. "His hands flew off it leaving completely exposed for a second before he recovered enough to cover himself."


"Beet red. He turned beet red. I thought that perhaps he was having an attack of some sort. Then I took the initiative."

"What? How?

"Simple, I attacked him by asking him what perverted act he thought he was performing in our home."

"God, you went right for the kill didn't you?"

She turned and looked directly at Nadia. "Of course! I really had no business barging in on him, did I?"

"No, I expect not," Nadia replied. "But still, what did he do next?"

"Oh, he pulled his trousers up, and made the attempt to recover his lost dignity. I warned him that if he ever bothered me again by trying to peek or spy on me, I'd tell the rest of the family about his perversion."

"That's funny," Nadia laughed, "his perversion." She was very excited now and longed to be alone so as to touch herself.

"As if you don't frig off," Marianne continued, "well how often do you, you know?"

"Oh, at least once a day. Perhaps more if inspired by some handsome thing," Nadia admitted as she flushed beet red.

Marianne tittered, took one hand off the wheel and placed it between her legs. "I'm horny now," she said, glancing at Nadia, and her fingers began to move. "Care to join me?"

"What?" Nadia said. Warning bells were going off in her head, but she had become wet and her hand was moving down even as she spoke the words.

Marianne pulled the car off the road and into a roadside picnic area.

"We'll stay in the car, but I think we both need to take care of unfinished business don't you?"

There was a pause as she awaited Nadia's reply. Nadia said nothing, but sighed as she inhaled the scent emanating from Marianne's pussy; and lifting up her buttocks, she tugged her slacks down to her knees.

"Thank God," Marianne said, vastly relieved that Nadia wasn't a prude. "You had me going for a moment.

Nadia didn't hear her, she had her legs up hugging her chest, but her right hand had found its way around her bottom and was stroking her vagina very lightly. Her eyes were tightly closed.

Marianne's legs stretched out toward Nadia; but she was careful not to intrude on her space. Then her hand moved in between her legs. She was sopping wet and her fingers made a gushy sound as she moved them in and out. Through half shut eyelids, Marianne watched Nadia's arousal reach its peak as Nadia ground her hips deeply into the car-seat while her fingers blurred in their quest to reach a climax. Moaning loudly, a shuddering Nadia rapidly achieved her climax.

Marianne took a deep breath; she was sooo close and her fingers were sticky from playing with herself. Out of longstanding habit, she brought them to her mouth and began licking them.

Nadia watched her covertly; surprised by the sudden urge to do the same, wondering what it would be like to taste Marianne. Not sure of what she was supposed to do in this situation, she shifted position and bent her leg so that it was flat on the seat while the other knee was pointing at the car roof, giving Marianne a view of her wet cunt.

Marianne resumed fingering herself. She was closing in on her climax and brought forth a series of grunts, "Ugh, ugh, ugh, naughhh!" And urgent sounds "Come on, come on, come on... Oh this is... Ugh! Ugh! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhhhh!"

Nadia had always cum quietly and Marianne's grunting and squealing was a pleasant surprise. Aroused by what she was watching, she resumed teasing her clitoris, trying to stimulate another orgasm even as Marianne squirmed alongside her as she finished cumming.

Minutes later, Nadia was shivering uncontrollably from the effect of the second orgasm and impulsively leaned over and kissed Marianne on the neck. Marianne took her hand lightly and leaned forward, kissing her gently on the lips.

Nadia returned the kiss, parting her lips slightly as she put her hand on Marianne's shoulder. Her heart beat quickly as the faint taste Marianne's pussy was still detectable on her lips. Her hand slipped around to the back of Marianne's head playing with her hair. Marianne exhaled deeply, taken off guard by the passion that she had aroused in Nadia, unprepared for her tongue as it flicked over her teeth and explored her mouth.

"We, uh, better get back on the road. We can't afford to be late," she stammered.

Nadia smiled in agreement. "You're absolutely right." She paused briefly and said, "I want you to know that I've never done this before. I guess it was everything, you know... your brother, the close proximity in the car. But mostly it was you."

"Perhaps we'll have an opportunity to explore things at length later at my house," Marianne offered, with a sparkle in her eye.

Nadia could only offer a faint smile in reply. Her mind was racing with the possibilities this weekend might bring.

Chapter 2

An hour later, Marianne parked the car in front of her home. A red Labrador raced up to the car to greet her, followed by her parents and brother John, who Nadia thought surprisingly handsome, and caused her to flush as she saw he was dressed to the right.

Introductions were made and Marianne was pleased to see Nadia felt very welcome. As Marianne walked toward the house arm in arm with her parents, Nadia, who was walking along behind with John heard them say that their old friend, Paris Waterman would also be dining with them that evening. Nadia thought nothing of it except that Paris seemed an unusual name. John brought her back to reality by asking her if she'd brought a swimsuit and clapped his hands excitedly when she told him she had.

"Good! I'll show you to your room and meet you at the poolside in fifteen minutes," he said gleefully. "You do swim don't you?" He asked with some concern.

"Yes, John, I swim quite well thank you," Nadia smiled back at him and once again glanced downward. Sure enough his erection was poking out even as he tried, unsuccessfully, to hide it with her suitcase and bag. Maybe I'll see more of that later, Nadia thought as she opened the door to her room.

She made straight for the bathroom to relieve herself, then stripped her clothes off, pausing to admire her figure in the mirrored wall. At first she frowned noting critically that her large breasts sagged a bit.

"Well that's what bras are for," she thought. Then hefting one breast in her hand, she admired its size and smiled, as her nipple grew erect.

"Oh my precious boobies," she whispered contentedly, "You do want to be held and played with don't you?" Her fingernail grazed the tip of her nipple and she moaned softly as it lengthened in size.

"Well my boobies, I think perhaps you'll get your wish. But I honestly don't know who will have the honor."

Still holding her breast, Nadia held it up to her mouth and she seized the turgid nipple in her teeth and bit it softly before sucking on it for a moment or two. Then with a sigh, she allowed it to drop back into its normal position and went for her suitcase to find her bikini.

Nadia had no trouble locating the pool, but was surprised to discover she was the first one there. She settled into a lounge chair at the side of the pool and made herself comfortable. Marianne sauntered out moments later and started giggling immediately as she joined Nadia, settling into the chair next to her.

"Did John show off for you?"

"As a matter of fact he did."

"You're not serious?"

"Oh, I don't think he realized I noticed, but... my God Marianne, he bulges so."

"He's hung Nadia. Maybe we can tease him out of his suit. Do you want to try?"

"I don't know," Nadia said, "we might get more than we bargained for."

The girls stopped talking as heard a door close and shifted position to turn and see John walking quickly toward them. Nadia turned to Marianne and asked if her parents would be joining them.

"No, I asked Mother. She's busy preparing dinner and Father has to finish some business before Paris arrives. Both are on the opposite side of the house."

"Hi girls," called John in greeting, casting what he thought were secretive glances at each girl's cleavage.

"Hi yourself," Nadia said smiling at him. "Hello Nerdo," said Marianne with mock disdain.

John dropped the towel he had looped around his waist and ran to the side of the pool, hesitated momentarily, then demonstrated surprising agility as he dived into the pool, but not before the girls had checked him out. The bulge was there, in force.

Marianne got up and leaned over the side of the pool, laughing as she flaunted her breasts in his face as he held onto the side of the pool. At first Nadia felt embarrassed by her actions, but soon she rose up and joined Marianne and got a thrill as she saw John's eyes open wide as her 36 B's hung out over his head.

"John?" Marianne cooed.

"What Sis?" He was treading water right in front of Nadia who still leaned over displaying her tits and enjoying every moment of it. I never thought I'd have the nerve to do this, she thought.

"Got any pot left?"


"Come on John, I know you've got some stashed in your room. Go get some; we'd like to get a little high. You can join us if you like."

"Groaning at his discomfort at having to get out of the pool and lose his position under Nadia's tits, he hoisted himself up and trotted inside.

"Go on in," Marianne said, "I'll get us a few beers. We ought to have a couple hours before anyone bothers us." She turned and headed for the house, hearing Nadia's splash as she dived headfirst into the water.

Once in the water, Nadia began to touch herself, lightly running her fingers along her lower lips as she thought about the bulge in his suit.

Murmuring to herself, she cooed, "Feelin' good girl, feelin' good." Then as if to prove it to herself, she slipped a hand into her top and lifting a breast out, inspected it closely. Goose bumps stood out on her areola, and she pinched the nipple and closed her eyes as she bit her lower lip in perverse delight.

Paying close attention to her surroundings, she heard the door open and quickly re-inserted her breast into her bikini top. It was Marianne with the beer, and Nadia left the pool to join her on the lounge chair.

John returned with a smirk on his face, and sat down next to them.

"This is some good shit girls, Jamaican shit. The best!"

"Watch your language," Marianne chastised. "Did you bring matches too?"

"What do you think I am?" He asked defensively.

"That's why I asked John. I know what you are.

You're a horny toad. Now light up and start passing it around."

Nadia giggled and opened a beer for John, which he gulped down trying to prove himself. The result was a loud burp. The girls blatantly ignored him, enjoying the first hits on the joint.

The first indication that John's Jamaican pot was stronger than average came when Marianne playfully suggested that her brother show them his boner.

"What?" he said, not believing his ears.

"Come on, tug those trunks down and give us a look. Nadia wants to see it."

"Come on Sis, don't fuck around," John said nervously.

"Tell him Nadia. Tell him how you crave cock," Marianne said mischievously.

"I don't crave it, but wouldn't mind a look," Nadia laughed, feeling the pot working. "I hear you're hung quite nicely John."

John was crimson. He was also at the peak of his erection. His sister reached out and ran her fingernails along his thigh.

"Show us John. Maybe we'll give you a treat. Come on, show us."

"I... don't know," he said, letting loose a lung full of smoke as his fingers gripped the sides of his trunks. Then, to their delight, he complied, tugging the suit down and off. His cock, long and narrow, bobbed up and down against his stomach.

"Wow," said Nadia. "Can I touch it?"

Not yet believing his luck, John stammered, "Y... Y... Yes, of course."

Marianne lit another joint as Nadia reached down and caressed his swollen shaft lightly with her fingers.

"Give it a good hard squeeze Nadia," Marianne said, laughing. It might spit, but it won't bite."

Nadia complied and began slowing moving her hand up and down his cock. She gasped in surprise as the precum issued forth.

"Are you coming?" She asked, concerned that it was over so soon.

"No, silly," Marianne giggled. "That's precum. Taste it!"

"Oh, no. I couldn't," she protested, but in the back of her mind she recalled how in the car she'd wanted to taste Marianne. Moving closer, Marianne's hand reached out and took her brother's cock away from her.

Nadia went rigid as she watched Marianne's pink tongue lovingly circle the purple cock head before darting down and licking away at the oozing fluid she'd refused to sample.

"Ummmmm," Marianne moaned, and Nadia knew with a certainly that they had sampled one another previously, and possibly even more.

"Oh, my God," groaned John.

Fascinated, Nadia licked her lips and asked, "Are you going to blow him?"

Marianne turned her eyes up to Nadia's as John's cock popped from her mouth and replied, "Well, it's a good start, Nad. Want a taste?"

"No, no, you go right ahead." Nadia wanted to try, but was prevented by her shyness of doing it out in the open space where they might be seen.

Nadia watched intently as Marianne ran her tongue over her lips as she looked up into her brother's face. Her mouth formed a small O as she moved closer to his cock which was thumping against his stomach.

Nadia's eyes bulged as Marianne blew on the cockhead, and both Nadia and John gasped as Marianne pretended to bite it, then stuck her tongue out and licked slowly around the crown.

She turned her head to the side and gently sank her teeth into his flesh, causing John to moan in anticipation of what must surely follow.

Marianne paused to wet his cock more thoroughly, using her hand to spread the moisture around.

Nadia's hand edged its way into her bikini briefs and discovered that she was sopping wet. She was fascinated by how much more erotic John's cock was now that it was wet and glistening in the sunlight.

The only sounds Nadia could hear were those of the breeze blowing through the trees and the slurping of Marianne's mouth on John's cock. Until John gasped loudly as Marianne began to massage his balls.

"He likes this Nadia," she said calmly as she continued to scratch them lightly with her fingernails. "And sometimes this will drive a guy over the top," she continued, leaving his testicles and dragging her fingernails toward his anus.

"Oh, my God...!" John moaned. "Sis... I can't tell you how ... how good this feels."

"You just did, brother mine." Marianne managed to turn him so Nadia could see what she was doing to him. Nadia plunged a second finger into her pussy as Marianne airily traced circles around his anus. John squirmed uneasily, but remained in place.

"Getting hot Nadia?" Marianne asked mischievously.

"Oh, yeah. Hot isn't the word for it. You gonna finish him soon?"

"Ummm, very... ummm, excuse me ... back to work."

With that, Marianne ran her tongue from his balls to the top of his cockhead and over the top, pausing to kiss away the precum found there.

"John?" she asked teasingly.

"I can't stand it Sis, do me for God's sake, will you?"

"He's ready for the good stuff," she said, and for the first time saw Nadia fingering herself. "I guess you are too," and she laughed as her head lowered back to John's throbbing cock.

The three of them watched his cock stretch out further in length just before his sister closed her mouth over it as if she were a sword swallower; taking half his length down her throat.

John moaned ecstatically.

It was clear to Nadia as she sank her fourth finger deep inside her cunt, that Marianne was enjoying herself. She felt herself closing in on a massive climax and began to shudder in anticipation.

Through half closed eyes Nadia observed Marianne's mouth slide up and down John's cock as if she were fucking him and wondered how Marianne had become so proficient at giving head.

John's face gleamed with sweat as he grimaced under the tension being applied to his shaft. Marianne took him from her mouth and giggled.

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