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Naked and In Charge


This is an entry in the 2012 Nude Day story contest, so please vote. Honest feedback is always appreciated. Copyright Foolstop June 2012. This is a work of fiction. The events, settings and characters described here are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. For all scenes that depict sexual activity, all participants are 18 or over. Thanks to PhantomOp for his eagle-eyed proofreading.


Prologue: Poster Child

Allie, my chesty, redheaded wife is the poster child for National Nude Day here in Greenville, and I mean that quite literally. Last year, thousands of posters featuring her beautiful, nude body went up all over town to advertise the fifth annual event. The posters showed her looking back over her shoulder and smiling at the camera with a twinkle in her eye. Across her backside, a large tattoo read, "Follow Me for National Nude Day."

Allie works for the mayor, you see. She's the Manager of Special Events, so it's her job to publicize National Nude Day, among other things. The poster budget included enough to pay for a professional model, but the photographer took one look at Allie's gorgeous figure and suggested that she be the model instead. When Allie realized that the money saved could go towards the parade, which always came up short, it was all the incentive she needed to strip down and wiggle her ass for the camera, thereby becoming immortalized.


Chapter 1: Houseguest

Allie's younger sister, Mercedes, flew in for an extended visit over the summer, and it was my job to pick her up from the airport. I staked out a bench in the baggage claim area and buried my nose in a magazine while I waited for Mercedes' plane to touch down.

I became completely lost in thought, because the next thing I knew, the magazine was being pulled from my grip, and a husky female voice startled me by speaking my name. It took me a second to realize that the slender woman who stood before me wearing a tight-fitting top and a very short skirt was, in fact, Mercedes. The last time I had seen her, she had just turned 16, but three years had passed since then. "Wow! Look at you, all grown up and stunning! Have you actually grown taller?"

"No, but I lost about ten pounds."

"And your voice has gotten deeper."

She cleared her throat. "I think that's just from the air travel."

"Well, anyway. You look fantastic."

She smiled at me. "Thanks. You're just as handsome as ever, yourself."

We collected her bags, and headed out to my car. When Mercedes climbed into the passenger seat, her short skirt rode up high on her hips and I was treated to a nice glimpse of her skimpy underwear. As we pulled away from the airport, I barely managed to keep my eyes on the road while resisting the constant urge to glance down at those enticingly bare legs.


Our next stop was to pick up Allie from city hall so that we could all go out to dinner, but my wife wasn't in her office. She left a note on her whiteboard. "Wesley, my last meeting of the day might run long. Take a seat and I'll be back as soon as I can."

Allie's guest chair was missing for some reason, so Mercedes let me take the desk chair and she sat on the corner of Allie's desk. I attempted to read my magazine while we waited, but I kept getting distracted by the way that Mercedes crossed one long, bare leg over the other, directly in my line of sight. I kept thinking, Damn, Allie's sister is quite the hottie.

Allie and Mercedes are three-quarters Irish and one-quarter French, but where Allie inherited hardly anything from her French grandma, Mercedes inherited quite a bit. So, the two are night-and-day different.

My Allie is a redheaded vixen at five foot seven inches tall with an average build. Lately, her hair was cut short with bangs, and dyed a chocolate-red. I melt every time I look into her dark green eyes, and she smiles at me with those thick, sensuous lips. She has a cute, freckled nose and her large breasts are also dusted with freckles, which everyone knows because she loves to wear low cut tops that display plenty of cleavage.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has long, brown hair and golden brown eyes that study the world through stylish, dark rimmed eyeglasses. Both girls have muscular legs that are topped by wide, rounded hips, but Mercedes' hips taper to a very narrow waist, while Allie's waist is thicker. Mercedes is a few inches shorter than Allie and she is not quite as busty as Allie.

While Allie is playful and feisty, Mercedes is much more reserved. I'm not saying that Mercedes is shy, but rather that she exudes an air of confidence. Mercedes will usually let others take the lead, but that doesn't mean she'd follow blindly.

Mercedes stood and moved around me. I looked up and saw that a framed copy of the aforementioned "Follow Me" poster had caught her attention. Allie had gotten it signed by both the photographer and the tattoo artist and mounted it proudly opposite the door of her office. It was the first thing anyone noticed upon entering. Mercedes pondered. "I wonder what they are going to do for a poster this year. I don't know how they could top that one."

"Allie won't tell me. She's keeping it a secret, but maybe you can pry it out of her," I answered.

"Maybe I should be in the poster, this year." Mercedes placed her hands above her head and emulated Allie's pose. "What do you think, Wes? Would you like to see your sister-in-law captured like this? All I need is the tramp stamp."

"I'm surprised you don't already have one, you tramp." I reached over and pulled down the waistband of her skirt to check.

"Hey!" Mercedes twisted around and stuck her tongue out at me. Just then, Allie walked in and Mercedes forgot all about me. Mercedes hugged her sister as if she had just come back from the dead.

When Mercedes finally let go, Allie asker her, "So, you're going to be staying with us all summer, huh?"

"Yeah. Mom and Dad are remodeling the whole damn house and I don't want to be anywhere near when dust starts to fly. I'd just be in the way, anyway."

"So, since you'll be here all summer, you know what that means, don't you?" Allie smiled.

Mercedes answered with only a slight hesitation in her voice, "Yeah, it means I'll be here for National Nude Day, which is about a month away." She pointed back at the poster. "I assume the whole town's going crazy again like you were telling me last year? I can't believe some of the pictures you sent me."

"We still have the same city ordinance that requires everyone to strip naked that day, if that's what you mean." Allie kept smiling.

"I don't know how you guys can stand it, with everyone in the world looking at you."

"Well, that's why we passed that ordinance three years ago. When National Nude Day was merely clothing optional, there would always be some fully dressed creeps ogling everyone. But, after we made it so that everyone is required to get naked, the lowlifes all decided to go elsewhere and things got a lot more comfortable. Let me tell you, the day is much more relaxed when everyone is in the same boat."

"Relaxed, huh?"

"Well, yes. Exhilarating and relaxing, both. You'll see."

"I guess I will."

Allie shooed us out of her office. Our reservation was for six thirty, and we had just barely enough time to get there.


Chapter 2: Poster Unveiling

The two weeks leading up to the Fourth of July weekend were uneventful. Mercedes had no trouble settling in. She got a part-time job at a juice bar that was walking distance from our house and she made some fast friends.

So, it was happenstance that Mercedes was home on the particular Thursday that a large package arrived addressed to Allie. Mercedes couldn't help but open it. Inside, she found this year's posters for National Nude Day.

"Don't go too far on National Nude Day," was the headline. Below that, a sequence of images in five panels, like a comic strip, showed Allie in various stages of undress. In the first image, Allie was unbuttoning the blouse of her conservative business suit, revealing a lacy bra.

In the next, Allie was topless with her freckled, 38D boobs clearly on display, and her skirt was unzipped and lowered as if she was about to step out of it. This revealed lacy panties and a garter belt.

The third panel showed Allie seated on a padded bench. It was a side view with one of her knees pulled up to her chest. By this point, she had discarded her panties and the garter belt, and was down to just a pair of stockings, one of which she was rolling down her leg.

In the fourth image, Allie was again standing upright, fully facing the camera, and fully naked, striking a pose.

The fifth and final image showed Allie in the same pose as the fourth panel, except that her skin had been "unzipped" from her neck to below her belly button, and Allie was pulling her own skin apart to reveal the muscle and bone underneath. "Don't go too far," indeed.

The rest of the poster gave all of the pertinent details for National Nude Day, which was coming up on July fourteenth--a Thursday. It gave the schedule of the day, naming twice as many activities as last year and it promised a parade that would be "bigger and better than ever." At the bottom, it cited the city ordinance requiring that everyone out in public that day must be naked, or face a hefty fine. Finally, it ended with the usual admonishment, "Remember: Be nude, but not lewd."

Allie and I arrived home at almost the same time that evening. Mercedes was grinning from ear to ear. "Your posters arrived. I can't believe you did that! Full-on frontal nudity. There's no mistaking it's you."

"Well, why not? There are plenty of naked pictures of me floating around in the world already. What's a few more?"

When I saw the poster art for myself, I whistled. Allie looked gorgeous in those sexy poses and the way that the photographer captured her mischievous attitude.

"Oh, honey. You've really outdone yourself. I already knew I had the sexiest, bravest, hottest wife in town, but this proves it." I kissed her long and hard.

"Oh, get a room," chided Mercedes. When we broke off the kiss, she then asked, "Should I put one up at the juice bar tomorrow?"

"Actually, if you could take a stack and hand them out all up and down the block that would be great."

"I'll do it before my 11 o'clock shift, tomorrow."


Over dinner the next night, Mercedes couldn't stop talking about the positive reaction she received every time she handed out a poster. It was unbelievable to her how much the whole town was looking forward to Nude Day. "It's almost a cult thing," she commented. "And I didn't realize how much last year's poster turned you into a minor celebrity around here, Allie. This new poster is going to send you over the top. My male coworkers already have dibs on half the posters I handed out for when they come down after the event. They made me promise to get you to autograph them."

Allie was surprised. "Really? I was asked to autograph a few of the posters last year, but I thought those people were just being silly and goofing around."

I said, "Keep this up, Allie, and some day you'll become a real national celebrity. You know, one of those people who are famous for being famous, like Kim Kardashian or Lisa Marie Presley."

"Gee, thanks."


Chapter 3: Fourth of July BBQ

I love hot summer nights. It was the Fourth of July, about an hour before sunset. I had on a tank top and shorts and Allie was still comfortable in the bikini top and denim skirt she had been wearing all day. She was inside preparing for our guests while I started to clean the barbeque. Just then, I heard my sister-in-law, Mercedes, come home. Mercedes yelled from the front entryway. "Hey, Allie! There's a bunch of naked kids right behind me."

Well, that got my attention. I set down the scrub brush and hurried inside. Sure enough, three college students stood naked in my living room talking with Allie. They were some of the volunteers that Allie had recruited to help with the Nude Day parade logistics. The parade was, by far, the biggest and most complicated event of the day, so it required the most help to organize. But, Nude Day was still ten days away. So, why were they naked already?

The ringleader of the three was Martha. She was tall and skinny with long, black hair. Her friend, Cindy, was more compact with pert breasts, muscular arms and legs, and golden blond hair. I was happy to see that both girls had followed the current trend to shave their pussies bare, and neither girl was the least bit apprehensive about being seen that way.

Next to Cindy was her boyfriend, Dale. He stood halfway in height between the two girls at around five foot seven. He had curly brown hair, and brown eyes that were always smiling. Well, why not? With his runner's physique, he had nothing to be shy about. I could see that Allie and Mercedes both especially liked what they saw between Dale's legs. His circumcised cock was flaccid and dangled straight down three or fours inches.

As I came in, Martha was in the middle of explaining to Allie, "...how can you play beer pong without beer? So, I said, 'Why don't we just play with soft drinks?' And he said, 'What would be the fun in that? The whole point is to get tipsy and go crazy.' So, I said, 'Well, how about if we still go crazy--like maybe the losing team has to get a head start on Nude Day?' And of course, we were the losing team, so here we are. We've been naked for three days and we're not allowed to get dressed again until tomorrow."

Mercedes pulled her attention away from Dale long enough to ask Martha, "Aren't you afraid you'll get arrested, running around like that?"

"Oh, we can't get in trouble for that. Greenville doesn't have an indecent exposure law. Never has. So, this town is technically clothing optional all year round. What's special about National Nude Day is that nudity is mandatory for the day. Anyone who doesn't care to participate is expected to stay home, or leave town for the day. So, it's kind of a flip-flop from how other places celebrate Nude Day, or so I'm told."

Mercedes said, "I knew about everyone having to strip naked on Nude Day, but I didn't know that it was optional on other days, too." She said it with a little trepidation and I could tell she's still getting used to the idea of joining in on National Nude Day.

That reminded me. "I'm sorry. Where are my manners? Have you all been introduced? This is Allie's sister, Mercedes. She's living with us while her house is being remodeled."

Cindy spoke up. "We traded names when she let us in, but I didn't know how you were related."

Allie invited the volunteers to stay for barbecue, but Martha said, "Oh, we can't stay. We still have a couple more errands to run tonight. Plus, part of our beer pong dare is that we have to eat dinner in the commons, in front of as many people as possible.

"Anyway, we're just here just to drop off a key for the padlocks we put on the two storage containers. The same key works for both locks. By the way, thanks again for having them arrange the storage containers to form a small privacy area for us to use as a break room. We even found a couple of old couches and a carpet remnant to throw back there. You are so cool, Mrs. K. You think of everything." She handed Allie a key that was attached to a stretchable coil meant to be worn on the wrist, which was thoughtful since Allie wouldn't have any pockets on Nude Day. Cindy went on, "Everything is in place, including the tables, awnings, traffic cones, et cetera. The only thing I'm worried about is we may not be able to bring enough ice with us the day of."

Allie, turned to me, "Wesley, let's remember to pick up at least four bags of ice on the way in ourselves."

I nodded. "Sure thing."

Allie, Mercedes, and I then escorted the kids out to Dale's car. One of our neighbors gawked openly at the naked college kids, while the garden hose he was holding filled his potted plant to overflowing. The two girls just smiled at him and waved as if their exposure was perfectly normal.

Dale drove an old Ford mini pickup, so the three of them had to squeeze in across a single bench seat. Martha sat on the passenger side and Cindy sat in the middle with one bare thigh on either side of the floor shifter. With Dale's hand on the shifter being in such close proximity to Cindy's charms, I wondered if the car would be the only thing shifting into overdrive before their errands were complete.


Our dinner guests arrived twenty minutes later. Bill and Stacy Evans were the owners of two produce stores and they also regularly ran some farmer's markets in town. That's how Allie got to know them, in her official role as the manager of special events. The Evans' brought along their son, Bill Junior, and his wife, Lucinda, who are also involved in the family business. They came bearing crudités and fresh pineapple for the grill.

"I'm sorry we missed that," commented Stacy when Allie told them of our naked visitors.

Mercedes commented, "I can certainly see why those three volunteered to help run Nude Day. They seem like natural born exhibitionists."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Allie said, "I think what you saw is nothing more than that they all three had the experience of attending last year's Nude Day. You mark my words. By lunchtime on Nude Day, you'll be just as carefree as they are about being nude in public. It's amazing how liberating it feels when you get to a certain point of acceptance."

"We'll see," Mercedes said as she blushed slightly and wandered off.

Later, as we all sat down to eat, Lucinda asked Mercedes, "I take it that this is your first time in Greenville for National Nude Day, then?"

"Yeah, I don't normally visit my sister during the summer. Tell me, am I the only one here who hasn't been naked in public before?" She looked around; nobody said anything. "I guess so."

Allie then said, "I have an idea. What do you say the eight of us disrobe right now? That way, for the rest of the evening, it'll give Mercedes some time to get used to just us seeing each other before the big day."

Everyone smiled at the idea and we all looked to Mercedes to answer. "Okay, yeah. I guess."

Allie didn't hesitate. She stood up and walked over to a lounge chair. She took off her bikini top and draped it over the back of the chair. Then she wiggled out of her jeans skirt and placed it on the seat of the chair. She wore nothing underneath, so this quickly rendered her nude other than a pair of pink flip-flops.

Allie stood in place for a moment, obviously inviting all of us to take in the sight of her fabulous body. Then, in three quick strides, she returned to the picnic table and resumed her seat on the bench. She said to me, "It's your turn, Wes."

I didn't hesitate, either. I stood and unselfconsciously removed my shirt, shorts and underwear and piled them on top of Allie's skirt. I don't consider myself a hunk, by any means, but Allie certainly likes what she sees in me. I'm of British and Eastern European descent, 5'10", with a hairy barrel chest. I have dark hair, dark eyes, a slightly crooked nose and a two inch white scar on my arm that Allie says makes me look rugged. I work on computers all day, but I'm no slouch. I make it to the gym at least twice a week, especially during the spring and summer months.

Even before I sat down, Mercedes bravely stood up and took her turn. Maybe she figured she was a co-host of this party and so it was only right that she went before our guests, or maybe she was just anxious to get her part over with. Regardless, she quickly dropped her khaki shorts and removed her spaghetti strap top to reveal a matching set of bra and panties. With only a slight pause, she locked eyes with me and reached back to unclasp the C-cup bra. As it fell away, I saw my sister-in-law's beautiful, firm breasts for the first time. They were lovely--pert with flawless skin. The quarter sized areola were dark red and puffy. Mercedes' nipples were growing hard with excitement right before my eyes as she continued to expose herself to us.

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