tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked at College 03 Pt. 01

Naked at College 03 Pt. 01

byCharles Petersunn©

This story is the third of my Literotica versions of the "Naked in School" series, started originally by Karen Wagner, who so graciously gave permission to others to use the theme and components in their own versions of this series. I thank her so much for such an inspirational creation! Readers unfamiliar with or familiar but disinterested in the series might find it to be too outrageous. However, I encourage you to enjoy its unrealistic absurdity, as that is what makes it (in my own personal taste) such a great fantasy. I also encourage readers to first consider at least the first edition of this series (Naked at College, #1, Chrissie and Michael) as it provides important introductory material. Please note that the story is quite long (albeit not as long as the traditional stories in this genre, which involve a full week) but it can be read in clearly distinguished sections. Finally, please be warned that this story includes aspects of submission and domination, as well as exhibitionism. And, last but not least, all of the characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. Enjoy!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Andrea Ashbee and Henry Dworkin were standing in the office of Dr. Rayburn, President of Abberville College. It was an impressive, but intimidating office. It had the large ceiling and tall windows so common within old college buildings, curtained with deep, heavy drapes, the walls decorated with large oil paintings of past presidents, along with photographs of visiting dignitaries, historical state events, and attractive scenes of the Shenandoah Valley.

President Rayburn had a large, neatly organized, walnut desk with a deep leather swivel chair. There was also a walnut conference table to the right, and a more informal meeting area with a couch, large soft easy chairs, and coffee table to the left. There was even a working fire place.

Andrea Ashbee and Henry Dworkin were in President Rayburn's office because they were the latest participants in The Program.


Andrea was a renowned and devout feminist, and was not the least bit reluctant to acknowledge it. She was appalled at how men so often treated women as if they were simply objects of visual and/or physical pleasure, ignoring their minds, their talents, their opinions, their strengths. She was outraged that, still to this day, the occupations of women pay less than the occupations of men, and women are repeatedly thwarted from entering, let alone obtaining, positions of authority in the occupations dominated by men.

She hated the little favors that men did for women. Simply the fact that men still open doors for women is a testament to their continued subjugation, as if a woman couldn't open a door for herself. Andrea would never accept such an offer. She wouldn't even be among the first to get into a lifeboat, again finding it demeaning to suggest that men are the only ones who are gallant, brave, and capable of fending for themselves. She detested in particular how women spent so much time trying to look as pretty as possible, to please men. A woman is lucky if a man barely combs his hair.

Andrea particularly disliked wearing a brassiere, an uncomfortable garment constructed solely for the purpose of enticing men through a woman's sexual appeal, lifting up her boobs so that they stuck out as far as possible. It was just so, so denigrating

Andrea did not, however, especially need a brassiere. She had naturally prominent breasts that were wonderfully firm. It might look like she was wearing a brassiere, if not for how her nipples so often poked through her blouse or even a sweater. The evident jiggling and wiggling of her breasts also gave her away. Ironically, however, not wearing a brassiere often made her seem even more sexually provocative than if she did, particularly when she was wearing a t-shirt. Her breasts could be terribly tantalizingly tempting then. A man once even rear-ended the car that had stopped in front of him, so distracted was he by the sight of Andrea's breasts wriggling and bobbling as she made her way down the street. She at times felt like just giving in and wearing a sports brassiere under her t-shirt. But, it annoyed her to no end to have to do that. Why should she have to wear a device that so tightly scrunched her breasts, often uncomfortably so, just so men would not become all agitated and excited at the sight of her boobs bouncing and wiggling beneath her t-shirt! She just couldn't win.

Andrea had wanted to attend Templeton College where all the students were required to wear the same uniform. Andrea was so disappointed, if not disgusted, with how so many of the women on campus at Abberville spent so much time and money purchasing new outfits, and typically ones that would optimize a girl's sexual appeal. Why can't women just dress for comfort? Why must the emphasis be on being pleasing to the eyes of men?

Her parents though found the tuition of Templeton to be well outside their means. Abberville was not inexpensive but Abberville at least offered a number of fellowship opportunities. Andrea's behavior to date, however, had not been particularly conducive toward developing the potential for a fellowship.

The opportunities Andrea embraced during her first two years at Abberville was every chance to point out the unequal treatment of men and women, much to the annoyance and aggravation of many of those around her, including even quite a few women, particularly the sorority girls of Delta Nu. Delta Nu was a notorious sorority whose members seemed to live only to please men, their major goal in life apparently to marry a rich and powerful man who would provide them with all the money they might ever want or need (see "Five steps to Delta Nu"). Delta Nu of Abberville was not nearly as successful as Delta Nu of Livingston (see "A field trip for Delta Nu"), another Abberville sister college, but that was not because they hadn't tried.

It wasn't that the Dean of Women, Dr. Worell, was unsympathetic with Andrea's concerns; far from it. It was just that Andrea would at times go to such extremes that she would become unnecessarily and harmfully disruptive, at times even destructive. One time she broke into the locker room the night before a major basketball game against Templeton and replaced all of the cheerleading uniforms with lacy sheer panties and baby doll nighties. One of the girls even put her nightie on, thinking that because this was such a big game that special uniforms were going to be worn. Fortunately she was divested of that confusion before she ran onto the court.

Security assumed that some fraternity must have been behind the prank, as clearly guys would benefit the most if the cheerleaders wore nighties rather than the traditional uniforms. But, when Andrea and her fellow feminist guerilla theater operatives were eventually caught, they explained that they felt that the existing uniforms were no better than nighties, clearly worn to entice and please men.

Andrea was also involved in a protest in which all of the girls had come to class without wearing brassieres or panties. They were inspired by the protests of the New York Radical Women who filled trash cans with brassieres (and comparable objects) at the 1968 Miss America pageant (no bras were actually burned). The message was again lost on many of the male undergraduates, and even some of the professors, who were treated by rather nice upskirt peeks during their lectures, particularly in the classrooms with tiered seating.

Dean Worell herself had some difficulty with the girls not wearing panties, not feeling that panties bespoke of much sexism, as they were as functional as any jockey briefs. Andrea though pointed out how the name was itself rather infantalizing, as if women were still just children, wearing "panties," a diminutive variant of the more masculine pants. And, besides, going without just one's brassiere was no longer a meaningful statement. Heck, it seemed like Delta Nu girls, the most stereotypic feminine girls on campus, often failed to wear brassieres, finding the effect to be much more appealing to boys than the shape, lift, and separation provided by a brassiere. Of course, one needed good boobs for this to work, but that was not a problem for a Delta Nu girl.

What did finally get Andrea into serious trouble was when she led her troops on a guerilla attack on the Delta Nu sorority. Andrea was appalled at Delta Nu girls' brazen embracement of the objectification of women. So, she and her comrades broke into the sorority while they were off on a three-day field trip. Most everything that was pink they turned to black. All of the Delta Nu panties were strewn across the campus commons.

This escapade was no laughing matter to the Board of Trustees. Delta Nu was one of the, if not the, most successful sororities on campus. The girls consistently obtained the highest grade point average of any sorority or fraternity, an accomplishment that generated considerable jealousy and suspicion among the other sororities. The Delta Nu girls did not convey an impression of being especially brilliant, yet somehow they managed to get excellent grades. President Rayburn felt that they must be studying real, real hard. And, they went beyond such accomplishments to even bring in grants and fellowships sponsored by some of the major businesses and corporations, much to the delight of the President and the Board of Trustees (the Southern Belle Fellowship was particularly admired). There was simply no way that the college would allow such an esteemed, admirable, and successful sorority to be treated so rudely and disrespectfully. Andrea Ashbee and her cronies had to go.

Dean Worell, however, convinced the Board of Trustees that participation in The Program would be a very fair and appropriate means of rehabilitation for Andrea, a true act of contrition and penance.

The Board was surprised by the suggestion, but equally impressed by its implications and potential. The feminists on campus had complained frequently about The Program as it appeared to them to be only another means with which to objectify the bodies of young, attractive females. Ms. Bunch, the Chair of the Women's Studies Department, had been particularly vocal, speaking out vehemently against its implementation from the very beginning. The participation of Andrea Ashbee, the leader of the feminist guerilla movement, would go far in silencing this opposition. Plus, a couple of the Board members looked forward to see the busty feminist naked on campus.

Yes, it sounded like a very good idea indeed, perhaps even worth covering the considerable cost of the repairs to the Delta Nu sorority house, furniture, and personal items, albeit two local businessmen had already stepped in to cover the costs of Andrea's damage. They even took the opportunity to provide an expansion of the sorority house to include additional space for a sauna and indoor swimming pool.

It was a bit more difficult convincing Andrea, however, to "volunteer." She was at first appalled by the idea. The abhorred The Program, and now she was supposed to actually be a participant? What could Dean Worell be possibly thinking?

Dean Worell made it clear to Andrea that it was her choice. Nobody was to be forced or even coerced into participating in The Program. The decision had to be entirely voluntary. Of course, the alternative was to be expelled from the college. Andrea kind of felt that to be a bit coercive, but Dean Worell, who had majored in philosophy, pointed out that she did still have a choice. It was just a choice between two aversive options. The college was even providing her with a choice that could be less aversive, and so not only were they providing Andrea with an option she otherwise would not have, they were even providing her with a more favorable option.

Besides, Dean Worell suggested, Andrea could consider it to be yet another feminist guerilla theater, a step beyond simply removing one's brassiere and panties. She would be removing all of her clothes!

That Andrea found very intriguing. What better way to protest The Program than to be an actual participant, making a statement within the belly of the beast, while at the same time avoiding being expelled. She agreed to do it, and instantly made plans with respect to an eventual expose.


Henry Dworkin didn't need any convincing. He had applied to be a participant from the very beginning and was so glad that he was finally chosen. He was though a bit surprised that he was chosen. Michael and Robert, the two young men who preceded him, had outstanding credentials. In contrast, there was really nothing within Henry's record that suggested anything remarkable. He was an average, unassuming, perhaps even insignificant, nineteen year-old college sophomore. Hardly anybody noticed him, hardly anybody cared.

He did have his friends. One would not say he was a loner, but he was not the least bit active within student affairs. His involvement in campus life was confined largely to attending a couple sporting events, as a spectator. He wasn't even a member of any campus club, which was fine with him.

His primary passion, his major interest, was pornography. He had a pretty darned impressive collection, which wasn't that easy on the income of a college student. He did have a part-time job, cashier at a fast food restaurant. And, most of that money was indeed spent on internet subscriptions.

He felt, though, that he was in fact quite frugal in pursuing his avocation. He would never let a subscription last longer than 30 days, kicking in an automatic renewal. Avoiding such additional cost required downloading as much as possible during those thirty days, but he rarely found that to be a challenge. He just felt that his library was growing and growing and growing. He could not though take advantage of the sites that offered one-month limited memberships via telephone enrollment, as he could not risk the record of such calls within the dorm.

He particularly enjoyed teen sites, filled with girls that were his own age. The girls on the sites were all said to be around 18-19 years old, although frankly some of them looked to be pushing 40. He did always dream though of finding on a site an Abberville coed. One can hope, one can dream. It's those who don't dream who fail to achieve.

Henry did not have a girlfriend. He had a girlfriend in high school, and another when he was a freshman. Sadly, neither sustained. Both girls broke up with him. They had said that it wasn't anything about him. It was just that they weren't ready yet to settle down, to commit themselves to someone. But, one of them was now in fact engaged.

It wasn't that Henry wasn't appealing. He was in fact a rather good looking guy, with wavy brown hair, nice symmetrical features, and warm blue eyes. He was a bit short, with an average build, but the major problem was that he just wasn't that interesting. His idea of a good time would be to rent a few DVDs and then sit back on the couch with some microwave popcorn. He was not particularly good at conversation as he didn't know much about music, professional sports, or even current events. He did though know a lot about television shows, and pornography. The latter though was clearly not a topic of conversation while out on a date, and he rarely found a woman who shared his television interests (e.g., Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds, Man vs. Food).

He did though have his other "girlfriends." He particularly liked Alison Angel, Allison Kilgore, Allysin Chaines, Anne Howe, Aurora Snow, Annette Haven, Blair Segal, Blondie Anderson, Carol Connors, Christy Canyon, Kaylynn, Lexi Belle, Lovely Anne, Jamie Lynn, Jubilee, Phoenix, Sabrina Johnson, Tammie Monroe, and Victoria Paris. In his mind he had lots and lots of girlfriends, and all of them so pretty and fun.

Why he was chosen for The Program he did not know and could not say. Perhaps because he was so average in his studies, so nondescript on campus. He was the normal, common man. He was like "Meet John Doe, Naked on Campus." Well, whatever the reason, he was ecstatic.

The Program was clearly a tremendous opportunity, to say the least. He would be paired with a pretty young woman who would be naked with him all day long! It would be like he was participating live on an erotic teen website. And, when he saw Andrea, his cock immediately stiffened within his pants. She was really quite the babe. She wasn't wearing much, if any, make-up, but she had an obvious natural beauty. She had long straight blonde hair, pretty dark blue eyes, naturally rosy cheeks, luscious red lips, and a very cute nose. She reminded him of Anna Faris, but with really, really big tits.

Plus, she wasn't wearing a bra. That was pretty darned cool. Of course, she would be wearing even less than that in just a few minutes, but any Abberville girl who didn't wear a bra, with tits as big as Andrea's, was okay in his book.


Andrea and Henry smiled at President Rayburn as he slowly got up from his chair and made his way around his desk.

Dean Worell, who had been sitting in one of the easy chairs, got up to join them as well.

"I am so pleased to shake your hands," President Rayburn said, reaching out to do so, "I can't tell you how excited I am to welcome the third participants of The Program."

Andrea reached out to shake the President's hand, which had been extended toward Henry but Andrea intercepted, grasping Dr. Rayburn's hand before it reached Henry's. How typical, Andrea thought, that the President would first shake the hand of the guy in the room. "Good morning, President Rayburn."

"Yes, yes, of course, Andrea. Good morning to you." He let go of the girl's hand and turned to Henry. "And you must be Henry Dworkin. So pleased to meet you as well."

"Thank you, sir," Henry replied, shaking the President's hand with clear enthusiasm. "I'm really looking forward to this," a substantial understatement to be sure.

"Well, a couple of eager beavers! Astounding!"

Andrea looked at him. What did he mean by "beaver"? He better not mean what she was thinking. Gracious, the man is the President of the college! He should be ashamed of himself.

President Rayburn continued. "We have had considerable success so far, I must say. I don't want you two to feel any undue pressure but Chrissie, Michael, Suzannah and Robert set the bar pretty far up there."

Henry smiled. "We won't let you down, sir."

Andrea's expression did not change. She really couldn't care less.

"Yes, yes," the President continued, "I am very confident that you two will also do a tremendous job representing this fine college in such an important academic program."

Andrea was looking forward to it, but for her own reasons. She had no intention of being more successful than Chrissie or Suzannah, whatever that meant. She was anticipating being the modern Lady Godiva, naked to the world not to protest taxation but to protest the objectification of a woman's body. She would show the men and women on campus that even a naked woman should be treated with the respect and dignity that she deserved, and what better way to do that than to go naked on campus.

Clearly, many men would not get the point, responding to her protest of women's objectification by lasciviously ogling her breasts, derriere, and vagina. But, that would hardly be surprising. They never got the point of her prior acts of protest, and this one would be even clearer. This would be precisely her point. She would demonstrate that men are indeed, pigs.

President Rayburn continued, "Now, I'm sure that both of you are, by now, well familiar with the rules and regulations of The Program. You will remove your clothes here, everything but shoes and socks. You can pick up your clothes at the end of the day. Throughout the day you are never to cover or hide yourself with any books, backpack, clothing, purse, or hands in any way. You must always remain fully exposed. You must agree to show yourself in whatever manner persons may ask, as long as they ask politely and refrain from touching you."

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