tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked by Choice

Naked by Choice


The truck moved smoothly along the interstate as we crossed Northern Pennsylvania. My brother Tom and I were headed for another weekend of bike racing in New Hampshire. This event was like the six others we had attended since school ended in May. The only difference was a special ladies race on Saturday night.

A typical weekend event consisted of travel on Friday, practice and preliminaries on Saturday with the final races on Sunday. Saturday night was a night to party for the non-qualifiers like me. While Tom was considered a serious amateur rider, I rode in the races for fun. Tomorrow night would not only be for fun but also a sexual stimulus for me.

The little town that hosted this event allowed people to be naked in public with no problems from the police. Thus, the organizers sponsored a special event for girls only on Saturday night. In order to enter, the girl needed a bike, a helmet, gloves and shoes. No other clothing was allowed in order to compete for the trophy and prizes. Last year some of the girls tried to maintain modesty by painting their nipples and breasts. I guess that if between my legs was open for all to see, then covering my breasts was silly.

I have never participated in this event before, but I had lost another bet with Tom and his reward was picking another venue for me to be nude. So far this summer, I had been skinny dipping in the pool when our dad came out on the pool deck. Another time, I had to walk across the pool deck and jump in the pool. As I walked, Tom told me to untie my halter top and my bikini bottoms while three of friends watched my every move.

Tom also walked onto the pool deck nude when our mother and her friends came out for a swim and again when my girl friends were visiting. That night turned out to be fun for all when we all stripped off and joined a naked Tom in the pool.

My entry in the Naked Criteria was the result of another lost bet with my brother. Since we were in grade school we had made silly bets that resulted in the loser being made to something silly or embarrassing. This summer, we had raised the stakes to include public nudity for the loser.

Tom looked over at me and asked, "are you ready for the big race tomorrow night?"

I acted embarrassed and turned to him and said. "No, I think it is horrible that you are making me do this in front of all those horny guys. I will never be comfortable in front of them again."

"You should have thought of that when you made me strip in front of all your friends."

"Yeh, right. As I remember, you were not the only one who got naked that night, and based on personal experience you coped many a feel when we were in the pool." "Well maybe you can start a new tradition. Why not get everyone to skinny dip at the motel?"

"That sounds like an idea you would think of. I assume you want me to strip and then hope all the others will join me."

"I will."

I thought to myself that Tom would probably would join me, if I was first. Both of us were very comfortable being naked both in private and in certain public areas. Our first time, was on a family vacation to Florida. In order to get away from the parents, we would hike down the beach twice a day. On the last Saturday morning, we headed down the beach. After a mile, the beach became a public access area that on the weekends was very crowded with people and kids. As usual, we walked past the crowded area and turned the corner of the beach. To our surprise, we found at least two dozen kids our age plus a lot of adults who were all naked. Tom and I looked at each other as we continued our walk. When we had past the nude area, Tom and I stopped before turning back.

"Well Trish, what did you think of that?"

"I was initially surprised but after a few minutes, it looked like fun. If you were not with me, I would join them."

"Why not with me?"

"You're my brother and I am a little old to let you see me in my birthday suit. A small bikini is as far as I want to go."

"Oh, I didn't think my sister was such a prude."

"OK, I am a prude with you."

"I dare you to walk naked with me."

"Oh sure, I am naked and you keep your suit on."

"No, I will join you."

"Let me get this right, you will strip naked and walk along the beach whether I am naked or not."

Tom said "Yes," as he slid his suit down his legs.

I could not help but stare at my naked brother who was standing in front of me. Even though I had seen him naked in the bathroom we shared at home. It was only through the frosted doors of the shower. The idea he stood in front of me in all of his glory was sort of a shock. I must admit it was a pleasant shock, since Tom was close to being a real hunk. All my girl friends wanted to know what Tom's package looked like.

Tom finally started walking and turned to me and said, "let's go." I considered what Tom was doing and finally decided to join him. I pulled my suit bra over my head and slid the bottoms down to my ankles. Tom watched as I undressed and finally said, "wow, sis you look great. My friends will be glad to know for sure that you have blonde pubic hair."

I playfully hit him in the back and told him that the girls would enjoy hearing all about him. "OK, we will keep this our secret."

For the next 30 minutes we casually walked along the beach. I knew that several of the men were interested in looking at me and to my surprise I enjoyed their attention. By the time we had reached the end of nude area, my nipples were fully extended and I could feel moisture between my legs. Tom was also partially inflated but not any more than many of the other men.

We stopped to get dressed and resumed our walk towards our hotel. Tom and I did not say anything after we had undressed. Finally Tom spoke, "well."

"Well what." I said with a smile.

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, I did. Do you think we can walk this way this afternoon?"

"Why not?"

After lunch, Tom and headed back to our secret beach area. This time we did not just walk through but stopped and lay out on the sand between swimming in the Gulf. Our experience on the beach changed how Tom and I acted in the hotel room. By unwritten rule, Tom and I had avoided being naked in front of each other. The only exception was if one of us was in the shower the other could come in the bathroom.

That evening we did not hesitate to take our swim suits off in the room rather than in the bathroom. We also found out that we both preferred to sleep in the nude.

Tom turned off the highway and drove to our motel. Tom took care of checking us in and when he got back in the car, he said, "I think we got the same room as last time."

"No way," I said.

"Want to bet?"

"OK, what is the number?"


"Oh shit." I lose again.

"OK, you must lead everyone to skinny dip in the motel pool tomorrow night."

"Why not, I won't have anything left to hide."

The night was uneventful and the races on Saturday were very close. I came within one place of qualifying for Sunday while Tom qualified for two of three events. After practice, we ran into Jan and Mike who like us were siblings and competed regularly in the bike race events.

Mike told us that they had trouble getting away on time and did not arrive until late that morning. The motel had given their reservations away and there were no other vacancies in town. Jan said that since Mike would probably qualify for Sunday, they would have to sleep in their car tonight.

I looked at Tom who understood my unspoken question and nodded in agreement. I turned to Jan, "no you won't we have two beds and you both can stay in our room. We can either sleep with out brothers or each other. The only thing I need to warn you about, Tom and I don't wear a lot to bed."

Jan smiled, "thanks, you are so nice. Mike and I can take care of the nightwear problem by turning out the light." She then hugged me and Mike gave Tom a pat on the back.

Later, Jan and I were done racing for the day and were sitting on a grassy area watching the guys finish their races. I was thinking about my special race later that night and decided that I had better warn Jan what I was planning. After explaining to Jan why I was participating, she laughed, "you are serious aren't you?"

"Yes, I will participate and to be honest I am looking forward to it. The idea that I will be naked in front of several hundred guys is really a turn on. I am already a little wet down there, just thinking about tonight."

Jan smiled and waited several seconds before she responded. "You know just hearing you talk about it has really got me going. But, I don't have the guts to do it in front of so many friends."

"Think about, I sure would love to have a friend."

For dinner we ordered a pizza and enjoyed some talk time before my big night. Tom reminded me that I should change clothes so that when we got to the starting line I would not need to remove my outer clothes or my underwear. He suggested that I wear only an over size tee shirt. I packed my swim suit so that I could have some coverage after the race.

When Mike heard Tom suggesting my attire for the night, he looked at me, "Are you riding in the nude chick race?"

"Yes, I lost a bet to Tom and he has decided that this is my penalty."

"That's pretty gutsy, Jan and I have been traveling together for two years and I still haven't seen anything that you haven't." Jan blushed and said, "Mike, you're my brother not a lover so why should you see me naked."

"Well from what I can tell, you would look good in a centerfold shot." Tom smiled and added, "I agree, Jan you look real good to me too and I am not your brother."

Jan's mouth dropped open and she stared at first her brother, then Tom and then me. Finally, "let me get this straight, the three of you think I would look good naked, you all want to see me naked and you want me to get naked in front of a bunch of horny guys while I sit my naked ass on a narrow seat and ride a bike in race." We all nodded our agreement. "I can't believe what I am hearing but on second thought it does sound like fun. Jessica are you really going to ride?"

"Come in the bathroom and I will show you exactly what I will be wearing."

With the door pulled nearly shut, I pulled off my shirt and riding pants. I reached around and unhooked my bra, then pulled my panties down my legs. Jan held my tee shirt but before I took it, I wet down a wash cloth and wiped down the moisture between my legs."

I pulled the shirt over my hear as Jan commented, "you really are going to do it." When I came back in to the room, Mike and Tom moved in there seats and adjusted their pants which were obviously being stretched as a result of all the talk of nude girls and the possibility of seeing me and maybe Jan naked within the hour. Jan turned to me, "lets go back into my office and talk."

I followed Jan into the bathroom and shut the door. "You know, I think I want to do this but I want the guys to somehow be forced to join in." I laughed, "Tom will be joining me for a skinny dip in the pool after the race. He failed to mention that he also had lost a bet."

Jan said nothing and opened the door into the room with the guys. She walked over to the bed where Mike and Tom were sitting. With a very serious look, "Now what would you guys be willing to do if I strip and enter the race?"

Tom smiled, "you can share our room tonight." "I'll do all the driving home tomorrow."

"That is not near enough guys. Now, I understand that certain people are planning to skinny dip in the motel pool later. So here is the deal, if I participate in the race, you two will be leaders in getting everyone to skinny dip."

"I will," Tom said. Mike looked at his shoes and weakly said, "OK, I will too."

"That isn't good enough, now tell me exactly what you will be doing at eleven tonight." Tom immediately said, I expect to be naked and in the pool with several of my friends." Mike, looked at his sister, "me too, I will be in the pool and naked."

"OK, Mike get my bike and the two of you get out of here so I can get ready."

After the guys had left the room, Jan started to remove her clothes. Jan looked at me, "what should I wear to the check in?"

Jan stripped down to her underwear and started to look for a shirt. "Oh what the hell, you'll see me in a few minutes." Jan then removed her bra and panties and turned to me. "I might as well get used to people looking at my tits and pussy, so I will start with you. By the way, do you and Tom really get naked for bed."

"Yes, neither one of us have any PJs with us and we will probably sleep in a tee shirts tonight." Jan looked at me, "can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure." "Are you sexually active?"

I blushed a little thinking about what was going on. Here I was nearly naked, talking with a naked girl who had just asked if I was a virgin. "Yes, I am not a virgin but I would not say that I am sexually active. The last time a let a guy in my panties was six months ago."

Jan continued to watch and make no effort to cover up. "Well technically I am still a virgin only because no guy has pushed his penis up my vagina. But I think that my hymen was broken last month at the race in Boston."

"That happens to us girl bike riders. But I understand that it is probably not completely broken, just stretched or a little torn."

"You know I have always had a crush on your brother. He is the main reason I keep coming to these events. Until now, he has treated me like another sister. I hope after he sees me naked, he will change his mind. I am ready for him to be my first."

"What about your brother?" "Well every Sunday all he can talk about on the way home is you. He thinks you are really something and has asked me to tell him what your tits look like and what color your pubic hair is."

"Well, I have noticed Mike but he has never made any move on me. I am sure that if he had, he would have at least got a kiss good night."

"That settles it, you mentioned two alternative sleeping arrangements, I plan to sleep with Tom if you are willing to go to bed with Mike. For me, I expect Tom to fuck me and what you and Mike do is up to you. I would really appreciate if you would stay with me though. After we are done, I will sleep with you or Mike."

"Can I make a suggestion?" Jan smiled and said, "sure."

"If you plan to have sex tonight, I would suggest you trim that hair along your vaginal lips. A long hair between a hard man and your sensitive folds is very uncomfortable. Besides, your curly hair covers up a third of your secret places. Only your nipples are really exposed."

Jan searched for her brother's shaver. She laid down on the bed with her legs spread wide. "We are sort of in a hurry, would you help me?"

I took the shaver and began the delicate job of trimming around the entrance to her vagina. I first spread her lips with my fingers and I felt plenty of lubrication on my fingers.

When I had finished with Jan's trim, I walked toward the bathroom, "I need to wipe myself again, I can already feel my legs getting damp, or let's make that wet."

Jan and I quickly pulled on our shoes. We grabbed our gloves and helmets as we walked out the door.

Tom got my bike out of the back of the truck and we walked towards the parking lot which was the starting line for all the races. Instead of following a trial through the woods, tonight's race would be around the block. As we neared the start, the crowd was starting grow and it was obviously mostly male.

They were getting excited about seeing several naked girls ride bikes around the block. Tom and I arrived at the check in table and waited for three other girls to check in. Mike brought Jan's bike and before we could walk to the check in desk, he said. "Sis, I am proud of you. It takes guts to be in this race."

The rules were that the participants would stay near the check in desk until the minimum of five girls were signed in and the starter was ready.

As usual, Jan and I signed a waiver sheet and the steward used a grease pencil to write a number on our arms. Within five minutes, eight girls were signed in and there would definitely be a race. The starter blew the air horn, which signaled that the riders should move to the starting line. In our case, it also meant we should remove what ever clothing we had on.

I closed my eyes and raised the shirt above my head. As soon as the hem of the shirt reached my waist, the electronic flashes started to light up the place. By the time I could see, all but one of the girls was naked and ready to go. Jan stood beside me and made no attempt to cover her breasts or pubic area. The last girl finally dropped her bra and I lead the eight naked females to the starting line.

I walked along side of my bike and made no effort to cover up. I wore my helmet and dark glasses to somewhat hide my face from all the cameras. Last year, the girl racer's pictures were on the internet at several different sites.

My body was reacting to the situation, my nipples were fully extended and I could feel more moisture between my thighs. I looked over at Jan and could see that she was also becoming visibly aroused. Normally, the starter took about five minutes to start the race after the participants were lined up at the starting line. This race took longer; the starter had a box with slips of paper indicating a starting position. I drew the third position.

While, we were standing and awaiting the start, I turned to Tom, "well what do you think of Jan. She told me that you are the reason she decided to do this. I guess she wanted you to finally notice her."

"She is more than I thought. Those baggy shirts and pants do not give justice to her body. Oh yes, Mike seems to be enjoying your charms. By the way, I can tell you are enjoying it, your legs are looking a little damp." He then kissed me lightly on the cheek and patted me on the butt as he wished my luck.

We all walked our bikes to the line and waited for the signal from the starter to mount our bikes. As we waited, the flash shots continued. Fortunately, most of the flash units were not powerful enough to overcome the darkness and the resulting images would be dark. Our bikes were standard racing bikes so we all had to swing a leg over the seat no step through designs. I am sure the guys to our right enjoyed the view between our legs.

Tom held my bike steady as I settled into the seat and got my shoe clips attached to the pedals. Mike was doing the same for Jan. Finally the starter counted down and the race was on. The girl to my right jumped off to an early lead but quickly faltered after the first hundred years. Jan was to my left and we were leading the field into the last turn. I remembered to downshift as we came into the corner and was able to out accelerate Jan to the finish line.

After crossing the finish line, I slowed down and turned around to go back to the winner's circle. Instead of heading for Tom, I guided the bike towards Mike. Mike steadied my bike as I slipped my feet from the clips and again swung a leg over the seat. Mike was standing to my right and had an up close view between my legs. Jan had headed for Tom who held the bike as she freed her feet from the pedals. This time Tom blocked the view between her legs but like Mike got a close up view between her legs. The organizer and the event sponsor came towards me with the trophy and a box of prizes for me and a smaller set for Jan.

Jan and I made no effort to cover up as we accepted our trophies. Tom and Mike took the prize boxes. Jan and I raised the trophies over our heads in victory. The girl friend of the organizer came over to us and said we could now get dressed. Tom handed me my tee shirt and I walked several paces before I pulled it over my head. Jan held her shirt and reached up and kissed Tom lightly on the lips.

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