Naked Email


I'm sitting naked on my towel in the swivel chair, wishing you were here. Needing some stimulation, as I know you are. You're probably asleep and unaware of all the sensations you're missing right now.

In my mind, I've had you leaning over my shoulders with your arms reaching down my chest and your nimble fingers sliding up the insides of my thighs until they find and grasp and lift my manhood. You're sitting on my lap facing the computer with me. Your legs are just outside mine and your dress is pulled up around your waist so you can feel my legs against yours. I can feel your body warm as you read this letter I'm writing to you - or was writing to you when you came in.

Now, though, I'm reading with you as our hands explore each other. Your head is leaning back and I can smell your fragrance and feel the softness of your neck and hair. My lips are tracing your shoulders and back and my fingers feel the softness of your mound.... I hear your breathing intensify and can feel your fingers, that have been slowly and gently bringing me to full arousal, pull me tight against you. Your hips begin to move in a slow and rhythmic motion.

And that's where we stop because we've already passed the threshold. I think we passed it when you slid your dress up to your waist, didn't we?

Well, it's nice, at least, to dream....... day or night, awake or asleep. It doesn't matter, does it?

I know you won't comment or tell me your true feelings but I hope you enjoyed the 'fantasy.'

I did, and I didn't even get you to the part where you turn your head and kiss me deeply while your fingers are lifting me, pressing the length of my hardness against your clit and between the lips of your now expanded and wonderfully moist desire....

Or the part where you are laying on the floor naked with me above your head and I get on my knees and lean over you and start to caress your tummy and thighs and stroke the fine curves of your nice warm pussy. My dick is hard and resting sideways on your head, covered in your nice, pretty red hair. I slide my hands upward, cupping your fine tits and then let your nipples slip between my fingers before I my hands again search for your warmth.

You reach back and pull my shaft over your eyes and down by your right cheek and turn slightly so you can reach me with your lips. Ever helpful, I move to the side and lean over you again so that my hardness is directly over your lips and slide my legs apart and lower myself at the same time so that your mouth can easily find me. My left hand reaches for your beautiful hair, not to force you, but to help take the strain off of your neck while my right hand finds your parting legs.

As I feel you massaging my hard shaft with your wet smooth lips, I slip my fingers inside of you and then slide them up and down to moisten your clit. You feel me growing and getting harder as you grab my balls and pull me deeper into your throat and I can feel your tongue surrounding me as you suck harder and harder, yet slowly, tantalizingly, making me want you more and more.

I lean over and kiss the side of your mound and my lips find your swollen petals. I suck gently on each side until they are totally extended and my lips toy with them, knowing that you want my tongue to find your clit but that you don't want me to stop sucking on them.

Realizing that you are totally soaked and your body is shaking, I lay down and help you climb on top of me. I feel your hand reaching down and guiding my cock and watch as you raise your wonderful body and then slide down on top of it. All I can think of at this time is that you are so pretty, my love, so very pretty. I hold and caress your thighs, your calves, your feet, and your wonderful breasts, as you writhe in ecstasy and then push your beautiful body against mine, driving me deeper and deeper into your soaking wet pussy.

I hold back to make sure you satisfy your hunger, and when I hear the sounds of passion that I've been waiting for, I thrust, repeatedly, as hard as I can, until I feel your warm juices dripping down my balls and even up on my tummy. I can feel the depth of your love and desire more than ever before as, together, we reach the absolute height of love and passion. What then lasts but a few more seconds, seems like minutes, hours even, and you collapse on my chest, exhausted but totally fulfilled. As you try to catch your breath, I begin to see the beautiful smile that only you, my love, can have.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this, my love.... I think I'll go take a shower. ;) see you tonight, hopefully.... 'send'

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