tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked Handy Man

Naked Handy Man


It was 7 AM on his bright suburban street and he was Naked. All 7 inches of his manhood hanging out for all the suburb to see. Mrs. Jane had asked him to come like that. He had started doing some odd jobs for her, mowing, painting, pool work. Mrs. Jane, Deborah, had often made "off hand" remarks about not being embarrassed to take off his shrit if he got too hot. And that a naked male chest didn't bother her... . Then one day last week ...she had actually said she wouldn't mind seeing him work completely naked. As Nick walked the few blocks to Deborah's house naked, he hoped many of the neighbors wouldn't be up yet to spot him in the buff. With his penis out flopping and all...unless of course it was Female neighbors, that actually excited him! ***Stiff, Stiff, Wiggle, Wiggle*** And as he made his naked stroll he couldn't help but continue the latest scenario that had led him to this naughty yet exhilarating fix.

A few days ago...

Nick was on a step ladder painting Deb's Rec Room white...he was wearing some old holy paint jeans and sweating through a white T. He was painting with a brush and had the roller pan perched on an upper step to dip paint out of. Then Deb walked in wearing her usual red bikini. But this time she wore a white long sleeve shirt over it. Then she bent over to pick up some magazines....and her cleavage kept going and going until Nick could see her nipples sticking out proudly from both her voluptuous breasts....the paint brush fell a lil lower...Deb bent a lil lower and Nick swore he saw Heaven between her legs and through her bare breasts, a dark patch that could only be her neatly trimmed landing strip. She was Naked under there! The paint brush dropped....

Crash! Spilllllugluglugluglug!

The paint brush dropped into the roller pan and the roller pan flipped over spilling white paint all over Nicks Shirt, down his stomach inside his jeans and over his jeans...it was even running down his leg!

"Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh!" Exclaimed Deb.

"Awww Man!" Nick cried. "Look at what a klutz I am!"

"Oh it's okay, that's why we put newspaper down. Anyway, you make a cute klutz!" Said Deb.

"Well in my defense I have to say you distracted me." Stated Nick boldly.

"What? Lil' Ole Me?"

"Yeah, is that shirt Allll...." Nick tried to ask.

"That paint is soaking right through your clothes!" Cried Deb. "We better get 'em off ya fast. I'll help ya and keep the shirt from sticking to ya...."

With that Deb started to pull Nicks shirt away from his toned stomach and Nick didn't see a point in protesting and helped guide his paint soaked shirt over his head. With Deb helping they kept most of it off his face, but the smell was really bad and all the paint fumes were starting to make him light headed.

"Wow, you really made a mess! Your pants are soaked plum through! I'd hate for you get a rash or something, you better get outta those things now." Exclaimed Deb, almost happily.

"Umm...take them off here?" Nick asked.

"Sure silly! Your not that shy around your good friend Deb are you? Besides it's practically an emergency." Defended Deb.

"Your probably right, it does burn a lil..."

And with that Nick unbuttoned his Jeans and zipped them down, peeling the sticky gooey material down his muscular legs and over his paint soaked bikini briefs, that used to be black.

Once he had them off, and piled on the floor next to his shirt, he noticed that Deb was silent. Silent and Staring. Staring at his semi-erect package in his white stained bikini briefs. And despite the fallen paint that was already hardening to his skin, her attention and apparent nakedness underneath her shirt meant that the paint wasn't the only thing hardening inside his bikini briefs.

"Wowww!" Cooed Deborah.


"I mean...Wow it really did soak all the way through. I think I've got an old pair of jeans laying around from my brother that you could wear...I'll have to make them shorts though, there too big for you otherwise..." Then Deb mumbled: "...or you could just work the rest of the day without clothes...that would be fine with me."

"I'm sorry what was that?" Asked Nick.

"I said you could work the rest of the day in my brother's pants , I'll go cut them off for you! You just get outta those nasty wet briefs!"

"Okay, should I wait for you in the bathroom?" Asked Nick.

"The bathroom?"

"Yeah...You don't want me to take my underwear off right here do you?"


"Besides I need to rinse this paint off."

"Oh right, right. You look so cute in those briefs I almost forgot about that! Then you go take a shower and I'll cut the pants for you."

With that, Deb exited the room. Not wanting to take her eyes off the living man doll practically naked in her Rec Room. And went to find her brothers old jeans.

Nick did feel a lil lightheaded, but he swore he heard Deb say he could work without clothes the rest of the day and it would be fine with Her! And after that she practically expected him to get naked right here and wait for her! And after all she was naked under that shirt! Hmmm...seems kinda outta place. She has been a bit flirty and sexy. But plain outright Nudity could get him fired, or worse push things too far to fast. However, he knows she was naked under that shirt and almost avoided the question. Like she was wanting something to happen but chickened out. God she was gorgeous. And she wanted him, he could tell. But walking around naked in her house? He wasn't sure. And then it dawned on him!

He could strip out of the wet paint soaked briefs in here, where the newspaper would collect the paint and stroll Naked to the bathroom, keeping the house carpet free of paint and relieving him of an excuse to walk Naked through Deborah's house! It was a good plan. She had practically asked him too anyway, right?

And with that he pushed the paint ridden briefs down his cock, which was lengthening by the minute...and over the head causing it to bob a little, then on down over his thighs where the heavy material flopped down to his feet in a splash of excitement as he now stood Naked in his sexy employer's House.

Excited and Nervous Nick walked naked and proud through the Rec Room, his dick a bobbin', and down the hallway to the bathroom. It occurred to him that to get to the bathroom he would have to pass the main hallway entrance was open to the front door, and Mrs. Janeway did have a glass screen door, with the screen even up this time of year. But the chances of anyone seeing him...Don't be silly Nick told himself as he strode into view of the front door and glanced over expecting to see the empty stoop and a deserted road out front. Apparently the chance of someone seeing him walking through Mrs. Janeways House Completely Naked, were quite good. Because there on the front porch, staring wide eyed and mouth agape was Deborah's young, blond haired Neighbor, Paige. He reacted with instinct and quickened his pace while his hands went ahead of him to cover his ever hardening cock. He had just made it to the bathroom door when Paige's scream of excitement resounded through the house.

He rushed in and shut the door behind him, hiding from the predicament and trouble he had caused. Deb pitter pattered up to the front door and saw Paige.

"Well Hello Paige what's the matter?" Asked Deb.

"Are you Ok? I swear I saw a Naked Man covered in Paint run past your foyer!"

"What? Oh! Hahahaha." Laughed Deb. "That's just Nick, my handy-man. He had an accident and we're trying to get him cleaned up. Naked huh?"

"Well he certainly looked naked, but there was a lot of white paint on him, no those bare butt cheeks were too muscular to be anything but but naked....he was naked girl! And he was Fine!"

"Oh My Lanta!" Cried Deb. "Well I guess he decided to leave ALL the dirty paint stained clothes in the paint room! Grinned Deb. "Come back over later hon, if you wanna see more, I gotta get my painter boy! Whooo!"

"Oh Deb I almost forgot! The CFNM meeting was canceled, but it looks like you may have our next candidate! Say next Tuesday at 8?"

"I'll keep you posted." Winked Deb.

"Oh, Niiiick!?!" Sang Deb.

Deb approached the bathroom door, and heard the shower running. Her shower was the kind with a "blurry" glass door, so she wasn't embrassed to open the door and peak in, even though Nick might be. She knocked as she opened it and stuck her head in...Nick?

"Yes, Deb?" Nick tried to sound innocent.

"It seems you gave my neighbor a good show!"

"Oh, I'm sorry 'bout that. I just thought that.. I just thought that it would make more sense to leave all the paint clothes on the paint paper and uh...not mess up the house. I'm sorry if I put you in an awkward position..."

"Oh it don't bother me sweetheart. From what I can see, you gave her a good show" Just then a spray of water off of Nicks arm sprayed the inside of the door, when he turned to face it, and the water rinsed the layer of steam that had built up on the door...rinsing it clean and practically see -through for Deborah to see Nick in all his blurry glory, hard and stretching to the wall, and red where he had obviously been playing with it. Mmm mmmm thought Deb.

"....and you can walk around Naked anytime with me around sugar." blurted Deb.

"So your not Mad that I was walking around your house Naked?" asked Nick.

"Oh no, baby. I enjoy watching you, if your comfortable with it, you can be as naked as you like. Don't expect sex, at last not right away, but You can be Naked for Me any ole time Hot Stuff!"

"Gulp" Swallowed Nick.

"I'll definitely think about it." Said Nick as he stroked his hard wet cock absentmindedly. Not knowing Deb could see everything in slightly blurry detail.

"You do that Hon. Do u still want those jeans?" Asked Deb.

"Yeah, I'm a lil' embarrassed...flattered...but embarrassed."

"Okay hon, just holler when your finished."

And with that Deb left the bathroom, and left the door open. After all little hints were always the best.

Nick came soon after she left, imagining himself painting nude while she sucked his cock in her tell tale red thong bikini...mmmmmmm. Then he finished soaping up and rinsing down, and turned the shower off.

He opened the door and grabbed the plush orange towel he had hung by the door...and noticed the bathroom door was open. He smiled to himself at how coy Deb was being. She was just flat after him now, and lets face it, her pursuits so far had only ended up allowing her Neighbor to see him Naked, not Her! So he daringly toweled off with the door open, thoroughly, even drying his dick again, rather vigorously...then feeling silly, he closed the door to a crack and hung the towel up.

"Deb! I'm done!" yelled Nick.

The pitter patter of ladies feet came to the door.

"Here ya go Nick try these on!" stated Deb.

Deb handed Nick some cutoff jeans through the gap, peaking down the whole time and biting her lower lip.

"Thanks Deb" smiled Nick

"Anything for my half-naked handy man!" Winked Deb.

Nick grinned and closed the door.

He shook his head in disbelief of his good luck and attempted to put the shorts on.

"Let me know if I cut them wrong, if it was too much." Said Deb.

Nick pulled the shorts up and they just kept coming. They were up to his mid thigh, covered very lil more if not less than your typical boxer briefs.

"Ummm...yeah, I think you did too much" said Nick.

"Okay hand them back and I'll fix 'em.".

Nick slipped he shorts off, leaving him naked again and handed them to Deborah.

"Be right back!"

Moments later Deb was back at the bathroom door.

Knock knock.

"Here ya go sweetie, try these on."

"Thanks Darlin'." Nick figured an enduring name on his part couldn't hurt at this point. Her eyes lit up and she said:

"No problem 'sweet cheeks'."

Nick grinned at the odd humor and left the door cracked.

Then he slid the newly cut jean shorts on before looking at them...they were shorter than before! They barely covered his butt, cut off right below the front pocket line. They were kinda loose but should be okay, but they even had a hole in the right butt cheek, exposing at least 2 inches of flesh!

"Ya got 'em on?" Asked Deb.

"Yeah..." Started Nick.

And with that the door opened.

"Mmm mmmm they do look good on you!"

"Umm Deb...I said you did too much, as in you cut off too much! Now they're even shorter!"

"Oh, I thought you just wanted more freedom, and that I left too much material on, you know, cause it's so hot!"

And with that she unbuttoned the third button on the long sleeve cover up that was the only thing she was wearing. And fanned her sweat riddled cleavage.

"Well, it is getting warmer in here, I guess I could finish up the Rec Room this way, since you don't mind."

"Ya know, I always wanted a Naked Handy Man, but I guess a Half-Naked one will do." Deb laughed. "For now...."

Deb laughed and smacked Nick on the butt cheek with the exposed flesh as he walked by.

Nick worked in his short cut offs for the rest of the afternoon, then Deb showed up again, this time in her red bikini bottoms and a wrap around her breasts.

"Ohh Nick!"

Deb walked under the ladder and examined Nicks very exposed butt cheeks hanging out of the bottom of the cutoffs she had made for him. Mmm he was soo fine, but good things came to those who waited.

"Yes Deb?"

"I want to make you and offer."


She eyed him up and down and bit her lower lip.

"You've gotten me so excited prancing around in your cutoffs like that, that I've decided to give you a lil show of my own...for a price."

"You mean I get to see You naked?"

"Well part of me. After I get to see All of You Naked! You've been practically naked all afternoon now, and even my neighbor has seen you in the buff. So here's the deal, if you just drop those silly lil excuse for shorts down to the floor...I'll show you my amazing breasts, which are naked under this semi-sheer saran wrap. As I'm sure you've guessed, judging by the tent in your shorts."

"Ohhh Deb....I want you so bad right now, staring at you half-naked all day...both of us...I'll do anything for you...."

And with that Nick climbed down the ladder and unsnapped his jean shorts which was all the loose things needed to fall down and slide over his rising boner to expose his naked man flesh to the dampening Deborah Janeway. There he was she thought...finally Naked in her Rec Room and just for her...displaying himself nakedly, just for her.. Nick Cavanaugh in all his Nakedness! Wet N Wild with abandon she dropped her saran wrap...and stood topless before Nick.

Her 34 C breasts were poised and stuck outright jutting her hard nipples out proudly. Ripe and round, and skin glowing with a youthful freshness they should have lost after she past 30, Nick's manhood stirred up even more at the site of their naked glory.

"Your beautiful!" Exclaimed Nick breathlessly.

"And so are you, my dear."

"Now, before we go too far and ruin the fun and the order of things, I need to move straight onto proposition number two. As bad as I hate to end this now..."

"Order of things..." inquired Nick.

"I'll explain more tomorrow, but if I dally any longer, I'm afraid my emotions will get the better of me, and you'll become just another nocth on my bedpost instead of new client in our club. I might as well tell you know, it's a Clothed Female Naked Male club. CFNM for short and from what I can see you seem to be enjoying it so far!"

"Wow, they have a name for this?"

"Oh yes, here's what I need you to do. Tomorrow I will get completely naked for you, and you can see my entire body in the Nude. But Only if you walk the block and a half back to your home, as you are now, Naked. And return in the morning Completely Naked. Then and only then will I be Nude for you."

Nick looked a little perplexed.

"I mean you've been Half Naked all day, you may as well work Completely Naked right?" Convinced Deb.

"I might be crazy but right now I've got to say Yes. Hell Yes". Stated Nick.


And with that Deb walked her Naked guest to the front door while he was mesmerized by her topless breasts swaying as she stepped.

"See you tomorrow my Naked Handy Man!"

And she shut and bolted the door, leaving Nick in the middle of his suburb Naked, a block and a half from his home. At least it was getting dark he thought. And tomorrow would be even more scary! But hell if a body like Debs wasn't worth getting arrested for, then what was? So now he must find his way back to his house Naked....and getting Hard.

To be continued...

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