tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked in the Outdoors

Naked in the Outdoors


Jenny was on the road early that morning after she dropped the kids off at the babysitter's house. She was heading towards their family's vacation home by the lake on her day off to meet with potential buyers. Her husband was supposed to be going as well, but something important came up at his work, and she insisted on going alone rather than pushing the meeting back.

But selling the vacation home wasn't what was occupying her mind that morning; Earth Day was. It was a day in which nature would be both celebrated and appreciated. Jenny had first heard about it through her environmentalist friends, who would always discuss their naked exploits in nature during this time of year. It was their own little way of observing Earth Day. And every year, she would always left out of the conversation as her friends would talk about how much fun they had with their exhibitionist ways.

This year, however, would be different. Because this year, Jenny was planning on exploring her deepest and darkest fantasy; a fantasy of being completely naked outdoors where she could do as she pleased.


The air was warm and the sun was shining bright. It was the perfect spring day. It was the day she was hoping it would be as she undressed in front of the bedroom mirror to examine her 36 year old body. She stood still while her eyes roamed the content of her naked form. She was satisfied with what she saw; long wavy red hair which made her look youthful, piercing blue eyes, and fair skin. Her face, neck, and shoulders were slightly tanned, but the rest of her body was pale white.

The rest of her body looked like it hadn't seen the sun in ages. Her large breasts hung down freely without the constraints of a bra. Her large pink nipples were the subject of endless flattering comments by the few men she had ever slept with. She had a naturally voluptuous body along with hips and thighs which showed evidence of her giving birth to two young children.

Her pubic hairs nearly matched the red color of her hair. It hadn't been shaved in a while and had formed a rather thick bush. She would have shaved it if she had known she would have had this opportunity sooner, but everything was last minute. It didn't matter though as no one would be seeing it anyways. She was doing this for herself and no one else. Either way, she was about to have a fun experience.


She felt her heart racing as her bare feet walked onto the warm patio floor. The heat of the sun on her pale skin let her know that her fantasy was now becoming a reality. She knew it was real as she looked down at her naked body to see the sun's bright reflection on her milky white skin. And a few more steps going from feeling the furnished wood underneath her feet to the Earth's soil let her know that there was no going back.

The meeting with the potential buyers was scheduled at around 2 pm, which gave her more than enough time to do what needed to be done; more than enough time to take a stroll in woods without any clothes on.

There was no plan or set guideline for this early morning. And that was the whole point of all of this, to be free of all constraints. She could do whatever she felt like doing now. Whatever felt right at that particular moment. And what felt right at that moment was to continue walking through the secluded forest with all of her nakedness.


The breeze from the warm air, coupled with the mixture of the sun and shades from the trees gave her bare body sensations she had never felt before. The feeling made her vagina tingle and her sexual feelings come to life. And of course there was still the lingering fear of getting caught which loomed over her and agitated her nerves. But those nerves only added to the pleasure she was receiving from all this.

She lost track of time during her naked hike before eventually deciding to head back to the house to prepare for the meeting. But on the way back, she came across the lake which their family used to swim in and have picnics during the summer. She avoided it early because she had assumed that she would get caught by the people there. But today was a weekday and nobody was around.

After a moment of self-deliberation and making sure the lake was empty, she took a deep breath and walked over there. The nerves which had left long ago had returned. She would now be in the open for the first time- completely exposed if anyone were to suddenly appear. But she stayed firm walking towards the open lake. Feeling the sand on her feet took away that nervousness and made her excited again.

She couldn't help but remember the fun times she shared with her family at that very spot. She remembered how her husband and kids used to swim there, followed by them having a lunch she made on the very sand she was walking on. But of course those were much different times. That was when she was the ideal housewife and mother. Now she was a woman exploring a fantasy.


The water felt cool on her feet as she entered the lake. It was so refreshing to her because of the long walk she had just taken. Her legs, thighs, and stomach all felt the same pleasant sensation as she went in the water. Her eyes, however, never stopped roaming the landscape as she started to swim, nervous that someone might catch her. But no one was there. She could relax now as she dipped her head into the water and began swimming. She felt young again as she swam in that lake. It reminded her of the time she went skinny dipping while in college with some friends; the only taboo thing she had ever done in her life.

Her body and mind felt like it was truly in touch with nature. Something she had never felt growing up in the city. The sexual stimulation was still there as the current of cool water flowed across her vagina's labia and clitoris as she swam. It was a sensation she wished she would have discovered earlier on in life, but never had the chance to until now.

Out of nowhere, she thought she heard a faint sound as she continued her back strokes, with her eyes closed and the sun shining on her face. It was probably nothing of course. No one else was there. Why would they be? People only came here on the weekends and holidays. She convinced herself of all those things so that the moment could last just a little bit longer. So she never bothered to open her eyes as she swam with bliss and ignorance.

But then she heard another noise. This time she couldn't ignore it. It sounded like a car door had just closed which instantly grabbing her attention.

That's when she saw him from afar by turning just her eyes in his direction. She didn't want to turn her head towards him to avoid making a scene. There was a man watching her from behind a large bush on the nearby hill next to the road. And the car door that shut was the sound of his female companion and she joined him in watching her swim naked. The couple had no idea that Jenny was aware of their presence.

At that point, Jenny closed her eyes again, completely mortified that she had been caught and was now being voyeured. She felt angry and humiliated. She now wished she had never done this to begin with. But she did, and there was no taking it back now. She was stuck in the lake, nude, with a voyeuristic couple watching her. At this point, she knew she only had two options; keep swimming and hope that they leave sooner rather than later, or to continue pretending that she had no idea she was being watched and just leave the lake and return home. The second option meant that they would see her completely naked of course. She could have walked through the other side of the lake, but that meant climbing through, and walking on rocks. However, her first option was becoming less acceptable by the moment because of how tired she was becoming and the appointment she had soon.

So with great reluctance, she made her decision. She took a deep breath and did what she had no other real choice but to do. She swam back to the side of the lake where she entered, and slowly walked out of there using all of the courage she could muster, revealing her naked body to the voyeuristic couple. She had never experienced such embarrassment in her entire life. Her bare body left the lake, dripping wet, as she kept walking as if she was still alone. But of course, she knew full well that she was putting on quite a show for them.

She headed in the opposite direction from where the voyeurs were standing. It meant having to take a longer walk because the couple was standing in the direction she was planning on taking. But the longer walk, even though she was exhausted, was well worth it to her knowing that they wouldn't get a closer look at her body or face.


Jenny sat on the bed and buried her face in her palms as soon she got back to the house. She felt like crying but the tears wouldn't come out. She had never been so humiliated in her entire life. As far as anyone knew, she was a model citizen, wife, and mother. But to the couple that watched her swimming in the lake, she was just some whore who gets off being naked in public areas. They even knew that she showed up to the lake naked. And that was the worst part; that living with dignity and respect her entire life was suddenly worthless in the eyes of the two people that saw her.

But she couldn't feel bad for herself much longer. Sitting around crying wouldn't do any good. And she knew putting her mind on something productive would help her forget this whole fiasco. She had clients to meet with in a few hours, and she still needed to shower, put on her make up and professional clothing, and have something to eat.

But before she could even lift a finger, the door bell rang. It must have been the clients. They came way too early. But as she checked the clock to see that it was 1:30 pm, she realized that they weren't that early, but rather she was horribly late.

As fast as she humanly could, she threw on a bra and some clothes, slipped inside her flip-flops, and ran to go greet them.

Her jaw dropped as she opened the door. And the clients had the exact same reaction when they saw her. Because as it turned out, the clients were the same people who had been watching her swim naked in the lake earlier. If Jenny didn't know what it meant to be mortified or humiliated earlier, she certainly did now. All three of them were standing there completely speechless.

Suddenly, the young couple looked at each other, not knowing how to react, until the husband gave a light-hearted smile to his wife. The young wife smiled back at him as if they knew a secret joke. A joke of course, which Jenny knew as well because she was on the receiving end of it.

The husband broke the ice by asking to see the house, and Jenny obliged by showing them around. It was awkward at first, but the vibe of their conversations began loosening up as the tour went on. They were all adults and professionals after all. There were even moments where they laughed together and really started to get along as Jenny worked her trademark charm.

But towards the end of the tour, the tension returned. She couldn't tell them about the house without mentioning the nearby lake. She truly dreaded that moment, but after she spoke about it, the couple smiled almost to the point of giggling. They smiled knowing that the person who was telling them about that lake had an intimate knowledge of what she was talking about. The irony and tension in that room was so strong that all three of them couldn't help but to just laugh about it. But of course, no one wanted to come out and say the obvious of why they were laughing.


Heading back home late that afternoon, Jenny couldn't wait to tell her friends about how she had celebrated Earth Day for the very first time. She knew they would get a real kick out of hearing what their once prudish friend did and how she got caught. But most of all, she couldn't wait to tell her husband about how she got that tan. She became wet just thinking about how he might react. And if nothing else, it was sure to spice up their love life together.

As for the young couple, well, they ended up buying that house by the lake.


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by sunsoaker09/25/15

Love the story

This was a great set up for a longer story what would be even much more alluring. Bring Jenny back for more exploration here, or elsewhere. You have laid the groundwork for the adventures of Jenny andmore...

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by DewiNatural09/14/15

I enjoyed the storyline and Jenny's motivations and reactions

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by Anonymous07/13/15

Fun story

Did her name change?

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