tagIncest/TabooNaked Mother Ch. 05

Naked Mother Ch. 05


"Do you wanna take some pictures of momma?" I asked him with a smile.

"Sure mom...I'd love to have you as a model."

He began taking pictures of me.

I came closer and bent a little to show him more of my cleavage. Then I stood straight and raised my arms to display my armpits. He was clicking away merrily. I loved every moment of it.

"You know Andy...I want the pictures to be really sexy. And I'm prepared to remove one of my three pieces of clothing."

And then I smiled.

"Yes Andy....any one piece of your choice."

"Oh mom........one piece of my choice."

He was looking at my cleavage and the bra. I was looking at the big tent in his boxer shorts.

"Tell me which piece, honey."

"Oh mom........are you sure...one piece of my choice."

"Yes darling."

Then take off your panties mom.

I loved his choice. But I protested.

"Just think of the other two pieces Andy. I've only got a transparent mini down under. Won't that make the pictures too hot?"

"Oh mom, you had promised one piece of my choice."

"Yes...honey I did."

I was protesting but I loved it.

"Then....I.....pulled down my panties and....and....stood in front of him showing a glimpse of my hair on my private parts through my see through mini."

"Oh....Andy...do I look sexy?"

"Yeah....mummy....you do."

"Then take my pictures...honey....I guess you'll enjoy them."

I saw his hard on getting bigger.

And he kept on clicking. And I enjoyed it. I had taken my exhibitionism to another level.

"Mom....just turn around for pictures of your butt."

I turned around showing off my ass through the transparent mini. Now, my mini was fully transparent at the back. This meant my butt cleavage and the roundness of my ass was fully visible. That was so unlike the front of my mini, which was only semi-transparent.

I loved it.

"Mom....can you just lift the skirt up for some really sexy pictures." Now this was turning me on.

"No....Andy....no....I don't have any panties inside......you know it.....don't you ."

I refused. But I wanted him to ask for it again.

"Please mom."

"Ok....honey.....momma will lift her skirt but....."

"But what......mom?"

"Only for one set of pictures.....and I will decide if I lift my skirt from the front side or behind."

"Sure mom."

I daintily lifted my mini up uncovering half my ass. Off course the other half was visible too as the mini was a see-through one.

Andy clicked a couple of times.

"Mom, I want the whole of your round stuff on camera."

I was expecting it.

So I smiled again and lifted the mini to expose the whole of my ass.

"Naughty, does that make you happy."

"Wow....that's really sexy."

"But mom that is so unfair."

"Mom you lifted your mini up your behind when in any case it is fully see-through there. You should've got it up from the front where it is only semi-transparent. Mom, do you mind lifting it up from the front too."

"Mind....yeah.....I do mind. Surely I can't let my own son take pictures of my cunt with nothing to cover it.....now at least I've got a semi-transparent mini."

It was a lie. I'd have loved to lift the whole of my mini and let him take pictures of my pussy fully exposed. But I wanted to tease him a little.

"But mom.....even this semi-transparent stuff is giving a glimpse of your hair down there."

"Just a glimpse honey.... but it is covered isn't it."

"But mom, I've already seen you naked."

"You did and that was just a matter of chance. I did not pose that way. I'm no nude model nor do I want to be one."

It was another lie. I'd have loved to be a nude model....posing naked for girlie magazines.

"But mom, you can surely lift it up to the point where your cunt is just about beginning to come out of this mini....just a little mom....like the tip of an iceberg."

I looked at him, smiled and then raised my dress up to the point were only a tip of my cunt was coming out...just a little.

"Here it is Andy....the tip of the iceberg."

"Oh mom, this is incredible....I never knew even such a small part of the iceberg would be so hot."

I loved his response. Now I was wondering what he would have said had I shown the whole of my pussy.

"Andy.....this picture session is over. Would you like to show these pictures to your friends?"

"Off course not."

"Why not...honey....aren't they good to look at?"

"Oh mom....they are too hot for my friends...they'll be....."

"They''ll be what....honey."

"Oh mom....how do I say it."

"Say it...honey...don't be nervous."

"M...my friends will be ma....ma...masturbating like crazy to your pictures."

He said rather sheepishly.

Now that's what I'd wanted to hear. This gave me a chance to talk to my son about masturbation and I was in no mood to let the opportunity slip away.

"Oh..honey...masturbating is so normal...masturbating is so natural....masturbating is so healthy. I guess everybody masturbates at one time or the other. And young guys like you need to masturbate to learn about human sexuality and understand their own bodies. There is no need to be guilty about masturbating. When one masturbates...one should enjoy it completely. Have you not seen momma masturbate and have fun?"

I was standing so scantily clad in front of my own son and talking like this. My own words were turning me on.

"What about you...honey....won't you be masturbating to momma's pictures just like you think your friends would?"

I asked him with a sexy smile.

"Oh...mom....how do I know."

I had been reading his diary. I knew he was hiding the truth. But I could understand his inhibitions and nervousness.

"But do you masturbate Andy?" I asked him with a smile.

"Off course...mom...I do masturbate," he said rather nervously.

"Oh dear...I'm glad that you have been able to confess to masturbating. Talking about masturbating is just as healthy and fun as masturbating."

"How often do you masturbate Andy?"

"Well whenever...I see a beautiful sexy woman in sexy bikini or lingerie."

"What if the beautiful sexy woman in bikini or lingerie happens to be your mom.....would that make any difference....or would it really make things hard to resist? I asked him with a naughty smile.

"Oh mom."

"I suggest that you have a good look at momma's scantily clad pictures in the privacy of your room at night and see if that gives you a hard on and the urge to masturbate. If you have an urge to masturbate and it is really strong...then don't resist it. Just go ahead and masturbate and have some real nice fun."

"Oh mom."

I needed to cut the conversation short because I was so wet...I needed to take a shower and masturbate. I just couldn't wait.

"Oh honey...it's hot and momma needs a shower....and you know dear....I'll be masturbating in my shower."

"Oh mom."

I smiled again and kissed him on his cheeks. I put my arm around him and let my bra-covered breasts feel his chest. Then I let my thighs rub against his. I planted another kiss on his cheeks.

Then, gently swinging my ass which must have been clearly visible to him through my see-through, I walked into my bathroom as my son stood and watched.

In my bath, I just couldn't help thinking of what my next photo session with my son could be like. What should I do for my next round of pictures.....I wondered. Where should I pose for him next....bedroom, swimming pool, or a secluded beach? Should I go all the way and pose naked....or should I tease him further.

Will he ask me to pose naked? Or should I pose naked on my own? Will he confess to masturbating to my pictures that he took today....or should I just slip into his room and catch him masturbating lustily to my pictures? These thoughts were turning me on as I fingered myself standing naked in the shower.

And then just for my own masturbatory pleasure, I began to dream of posing naked for my son. Come on mom....now slip out of your bikini. I was fantasizing and masturbating.

Like a professional nude model, I removed my bikini bra to expose my tits to my son. Wow mom...your tits are great....now pull down your panties too. I was fantasizing and masturbating. I got rid of my panties as my son clicked me naked.....with a huge erection in his pants. I was fantasizing and masturbating.

Yes honey....momma will pose naked for you.....I know you'd love to have naked pictures of momma to masturbate to. I was fantasizing and masturbating.


June 28


Oh God, I can't believe it. Mom posed for me and I took her pictures. Oh my....she is so sexy. Finally I have her pictures of momma's to masturbate to. Oh mummy...you are so curvy.

If only there was nothing to cover up mom. Her bra showed off so much cleavage. If only the partially see-through mini could show off more of momma's pussy....if only mom's mini was not semi-transparent but fully transparent at the front. If only mom was naked in the pictures.

I had an all night masturbation session to momma's pictures. It was fantastic. I've never had so much fun masturbating.

I just can't forget the game of tennis I played the other day with mom. She had no bra and panties inside and her ass and cunt was on display. If only sexy chicks like Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic could step on court in those sexy dresses that show off their legs and thighs, without any panties inside. Oh my.... I'd love to be a ball boy......and grab my balls on court to the sight of Ana's ass or Maria's cunt.


The next evening, I was dressed in a stylish sleeveless top that generously showed off my cleavage and armpits and a nice pair of ass hugging jeans. I walked into my son's room.

So Andy, did you have a good look at momma's pictures last night. I asked him with a smile.

"Yes....mom I did."

"Did you enjoy yourself with momma's pictures?"


"And how exactly did you enjoy yourself honey?"

"Well you know mom...I guess you should let me keep it private?"

"Why would you want that to be private....was it something so hot? I smiled. "So did you get a hard on looking at momma's pictures?"

"Yes mom," he said rather sheepishly.

"Just tell momma," I knew he was finding it difficult to confess to masturbating to my pictures. I knew I had to talk him through it.

"Andy did you get an erection looking at momma's picures?"

"Yeah I did."

"Great. Did you have an irresistible urge to touch your cock?"


"So did you touch your cock as you looked at momma's pictures?"

"I did."

"Was that enjoyable?"

"It was."

"So enjoyable that you kept touching it?"


"And then it got so enjoyable that you felt like grabbing your cock?"


"And the urge to grab your cock was getting irresistible?"

"It did."

"So you grabbed your cock and whispered mummy?"


"And then you felt like pumping your dick up and down in your hand looking at momma's pictures."


"So did you play with your penis in your hand."


"And did you whisper mummy as you played with your erect thing?"


"Oh honey, you masturbated to mom....to momma's pictures. Holy ass."

"Oh mom....well"

"Oh Andy....tell me the truth....it's perfect natural to have the urge to masturbate looking at pictures of a beautiful scantily clad woman. Believe me there is nothing to be ashamed of in masturbating."

"Oh mom....I just couldn't take my eyes off your pictures.....and then I had a huge hard on....an irresistible urge to grab my cock and play with it while looking at your pictures....oh mom....I spent almost the whole night masturbating to your pictures."

"Oh Andy....did you...did you masturbate to momma's pictures. I'm so glad you have been able to confess to masturbating to momma's pictures." I smiled again.

"Thanks Andy....it just makes me feel so beautiful and sexy. How would you rate mom and momma's pictures as masturbation material?"

"Mom....simply great..."

"So how was your first experience masturbating to mom?" I knew it wasn't the first time but I decided to ask. Talking about masturbation to my own son was so enjoyable after all.

"It wasn't the first time I masturbated to you mom.....you know mom...I've masturbated to you before."

"Andy....did you masturbate the day you caught me swimming naked. I guess that was the first time you masturbated to me."

"Oh mom...I've been masturbating to you for the last 7 years now.....I just can't have enough of masturbating to you mom....you're so incredibly sexy. Off course, I did masturbate the day I caught you naked in the pool. I just can't keep count of the number of times I've rushed to take a shower to masturbate after seeing those sexy curves of yours."

"Oh Andy....you should've told me before. I missed out on so much fun. I just love being a masturbation babe."

"Tell me Andy....do you have a girlfriend."

"Well mom, I have one back in London ."

"And have you made love to her."

"We do whenever we get the chance."

"Oh Andy, I'm glad to know that you have been sexually active. Andy...you know I too have something to confess...I'm a bit of an exhibitionist...I just love flaunting myself...showing off my body in skimpy minis and bikinis..... I guess that is gonna give you a lot of erections and frequest urge to masturbate......and I'm not gonna stop exhibiting myself just because my son is gonna masturbate to me....in fact that is gonna make exhibitionism all the more hot for me."

"Oh mom....I can't believe it. Mom, are you such an exhibitionist that you'd even go fully naked. I mean I caught you in the pool in your birthday suit."

"Well ....that was something rare. Honey, with your girlfriend not here, a strong and virile man like you would really have to masturbate a lot just to give outlet to your sexual energy.....I would not want you to call up a hooker for gratifying your sexual desires....that would be so unsafe but I promise to wear some real skimpy bikinis with you around to make masturbating a real pleasure for you."

"Andy...would you like to come along for a swim."

"Off couse mom."

I lost no time in getting rid of my top and jeans. I was down to a black bikini now.

Andy removed his top revealing his strong biceps, shoulders and abs.He had only his boxer shorts on now. I could clearly see his hard on.

"Mom, I need to change into my swimming trunks."

"Sure, honey."

He moved into his bathroom. A minute later he walked out in his swimming dress.

We walked out to the swimming pool.

We jumped into the pool and I was swimming close to him....so close that his thighs were touching mine. It was great fun.

After a few minutes of swimming, I came out of the pool. So did Andy.

"Mom, I need to go in."

"Why Andy, can't you swim longer?"

"Oh mom....I've got a huge erection. And I need to deal with it. I need some privacy mom."

"Honey, I guess you need to masturbate...don't you."

"Yes mom....I need to masturbate."

"Oh Andy....you can masturbate right here and right now. Take of your underwear Andy."

"Mom....this is getting crazy."

"I hope I'm looking sexy enough in my bikini for you to masturbate."

"You know mom, I've always wanted to masturbate right there in front of you. I can't believe you're letting me masturbate right there in front of you."

He dropped his underwear. I noticed his precum and big erection.

"Just a minute Andy....before you grab your penis."

I walked up to him. I smiled and bent down. Then I got his cock to feel my bikini clad tits. A drop of pre-cum landed on my bikini bra leaving a wet spot.

"Oh mom....this is really pleasurable."

"Now honey....this will make masturbation a real pleasure for you."

"Go ahead my boy...take your cock."

He took his dick in his hand and began playing with it.

I just loved watching him masturbate. He was looking at me in bikini as he played with his cock. The exhibitionist in me just loved it.

"Just for your masturbatory pleasure honey, you can fantasize of momma slipping out of her bikini." I said with another smile.

"Oh mom....you are incredible. Mom....you don't know how much I'm enjoying masturbating naked in front of you looking at you in this stunning bikini. I don't think mom I need to close my door when I masturbate next....I mean just the thought of you mom walking into my room as I lay in my bed masturbating naked........and you mom watching me shoot my cream all over....is so damn enjoyable."

"Oh dear....do you really want momma to walk into your room and catch you like that."

"Why not?"

"I will honey....and you just whisper loud enough for momma to hear."

"Off course."

"Mummy...you are so sexy" he whispered loudly and spilled his sperms.

I was delighted to see him ejaculate his white cream.


June 29


Wow.....this is tremendous.....my mom.....she is an exhibitionist....and a hot one at that....and she wanna be my masturbation babe.....she wanted me to fantasize of her slipping out of her bikini and masturbate...this is driving me crazy......oh God....I'm hard again. I need to pull out mom's pictures...they make for such great masturbation material.


The next evening I walked into my son's room wearing a sexy sleeveless top and a nice mini skirt short enough to show off my panties.

"Mom...I just love the way your skirt is flying around and showing your panties."

"So did you have fun last night...honey?"

"Off course, mom. I masturbated to your pictures. Mom...why didn't you walk into my room and catch me masturbating naked?"

"Some other time...honey."

"Mom, can I have another picture set of yours to masturbate to?"

"Sure honey. How about some pics on the beach?"

"No problem...mom...I just hope you wear something sexy for the beach."

"Just wait a minute...honey."

A minute later I was in front of my son clad in a sexy bikini bra and a fully transparent mini skirt.

"Oh mom, you haven't even bothered with your panties."

To be continued...

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