tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaked Neighbor Across the Way

Naked Neighbor Across the Way


"She has to know."

"I don't know, she doesn't act like she knows people are watching her."

I rolled my eyes at my roommates naiveté. "She's walking around nearly naked in her apartment with her blinds half open." I looked back through my binoculars across the yard into the apartment of one very hot and very nearly naked twenty-something.

Tim considered through his binoculars. "Half open is the key point. If she had them pulled up, sure. But, she's just got a bit at the bottom and light filtering in at the top."

"She knows," I replied, enjoying the tingling ache in my cock as the site of her firm, surely D cup breasts bounced through my vision. She had to know two incredibly horny college guys watched eagerly every day at five for her to peel off her fitted blazer and show us those gorgeous breasts, sometimes spilling over the lace, sometimes nipples completely visible through sheer fabric.

Today, I could see her nipples. My cock throbbed in response.

"We shouldn't have gotten these binoculars," Tim murmured, as transfixed with the woman's bosom as I was. "We can practically stalk her every move. It feels wrong."

"Your hard-on says otherwise," I retorted, eyes never tearing away from the creamy flesh of my obsession. I knew that it was wrong, but I couldn't care. Her body had mesmerized me since I'd first caught site of it. Almost every night I dreamed of pumping my cock into her wet, willing pussy.

"I think I'm going to call Kim up."

I grinned over at Tim. "Do you tell her that you're watching some naked girl every time you call her?"

Tim didn't respond, merely grunted and disappeared into his room. But, me, I kept watch. I don't know why, but I felt different tonight. Like I couldn't stop watching her. Long after Tim left to go fuck some girl and dream of naked chick, I was transfixed as I watched her tantalizingly clean her apartment. Bending over, moving swiftly—her breasts jumping with her, her ass clearly visible and luscious in her black thong.

I didn't even jerk off, though my cock throbbed mercilessly waiting for release. I felt like I was waiting for something, and she didn't make me wait long. Taking her remote and turning on the TV, she lay on her couch, spread her legs and began to leisurely rub herself.

If I moved the right way I could see the porn she was watching, but I kept my eyes glued to her tender, slow touches across her own body. Her nipples responded, poking feverently against the fabric of her see-through teal bra. Her bright blue eyes clouded with desire as her figer dipped behind the fabric of her thing.

I couldn't take anymore and began to stroke my rock hard dick. I matched her rythym, slowly pulling pretending it was that amazing pussy I was thrusting into.

Her mouth opened in what I imaged was a moan and she forcefully grabbed a tit with one hand as her ministrations became more fervernt and she bucked against her hand.

I rubbed my cock harder and harder, finally cumming with her. I had never felt that kind of climax from my own hand. It was there, as I watched her recover from her own release, that I absolutely knew I had to have her.


Another long day of phone calls and documents to type. I hated being a receptionist and being stuck in a stuffy suit all day, but it couldn't be helped. I had to pay the bills.

Coming home and taking off my clothes was the best part of my day. Nothing felt quite as good as walking around my apartment in the freedom of my bra and panties.

I kept my blinds slightly open, not because I'm an exhibitionist, just because it kind of got me hot that someone might see me half naked walking around.

Peeling off my suit coat, and tossing my skirt aside, I let out a deep breath. Free for the whole weekend. Thank God.

I wasn't expecting a knock on my door, but I grabbed a long teeshirt and threw it on before answering the door.

"I'm here to fix the leak."

The man's eyes roamed my body and I felt uncomfortably desired. Trying to hide behind the door, I looked into his lustful brown eyes.

"I don't have a leak." My voice was far from as strong as I wanted it to be.

"Well, that's what the office told me.

"You must have--"

Before I could finished he pushed me back into the apartment. I was so shocked I couldn't even scream as he closed and locked my door behind him. Paralyzed by fear I couldn't move or scream as he put his hands over my throat.

"Do what I tell you to do and you won't get hurt."

My heart was beating in my throat, and I felt tears sting my eyes. "Please..."

"Lie down on the floor," he commanded, his eyes glazed with want. "Now."

I did as I was told, tears slipping down my cheeks. "Please...don't."

Without much aplomb, the man began to undress himself. His laugh was gruff and frightening. "I've been watching you, you little whore."

I didn't expect the chill of anticipation that shivered through me when I knew he'd been watching me. I was supposed to be scared, but I was oddly flattered that he'd seen me and now wanted me badly enough to force his way into my apartment. I knew it was wrong, but my body didn't seem to agree.

"I know you knew," he continued, pulling down his pants the large bulge behind his boxers very visible and even more exciting. "You prance around half naked, masturbating, knowing someone's watching you little slut. Well, I'm not going to watch anymore."

I tried to defend myself, but he was too strong and too quick. He ripped my shirt off and mounted me, pinning my arms behind my head.

"I'm going to fuck you like the dirty whore that you are."

"N...." I couldn't get the words out. I was ashamed, but I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted that hard, long cock taking me without anything but pure, blinding lust.

He pulled down my bra. "You want this," he laughed. "Fucking slut. God, such a hot little whore." His teeth nipped at my nipple, pulling, biting, making me moan with such excstacy.

"You like it. You like me sucking your tits." He moved to the other one, biting harder, kneading my ass. Pleasure and pain was such an overwhelming feeling I didn't even know how to react.

"Pull out my cock and suck it, bitch."

I hesitated, and his hand struck me lightly across the cheek. I should have been disgusted by the blow, but it turned me on even more. Needy, I pulled out his cock and took it deep into my throat. Slowly, I moved up and down his nearly eight-inch shaft. It was thick and delicious and I teased my tongue around his wonderful mushroomed tip.

His grunts of pleasure and appreciation made me wetter. When he began to fuck my face with urgency, thrusting so deep I gagged, pulling my hair back and forth, I felt near climax myself.

He pulled out of my mouth and with a loud graon sprayed his hot, sticky cum across my face.

"Fuck me," he said in a ragged breath. "You cock slut." He pushed me back down, grabbing my tits roughly as he stared and the cum dripping down my face. I tried to wipe it away, but he swiped my hand away.

"Leave it there. I want to see my cum on that dirty little face."

Too horny to care, I outright screamed when his hand moved it's way down to my pussy. Teasingly, horribly slowly he began to run his finger along my slit as he hungrily sucked my tits.

Without any warning, he shoved three fingers into my twat and I came so hard I began to shake. Ruthlessly, he took his mouth from my breast, and placed it on my throbbing clit. Licking up my cum, I could see he was slowly becoming hard again.

It was so wrong, I was so embarrassed, but my God I wanted his cock inside me. I wanted him fucking me and telling me what a whore I was. God, I wanted him to use me.

He didn't say anything, but I think he read the lust in my own expression. With a sadistic smile, he positioned his cock and thrust it inside of me as hard as he could. Pleasure and pain warred, pleasure winning out as he began to pump his hard, long cock into my dripping pussy.

"You whore, you fucking slut, you're getting fucked by a stranger and loving every minute of it." He slapped my face again, reading my overwhelming desire to be taken, used, and abused.

"Tell me what you want, you dirty slut. Say it."

Moaning, grunting, bucking wildly against him, I said, "I want you to fuck me. I'm a slut, fuck me harder."

He pulled out and flipped me onto my knees. Quickly, he shoved his cock back into my desperate pussy, fucking me with such hard thrusts I could barely hold myself up. His thick cock went so deep I could barely stand it.

He slapped my ass, softly at first, but gradually getting harder and harder as he continued to thrust into me, my pussy juices mingly with his pre-cum to make a fantastic lubricant.

"Fuck," I screamed.

He pulled my hair. "Yah, I'm fucking you, whore. God this wet little pussy is so nice." His hand stung across my ass again. "I'm going to cum so deep inside you, you won't know what hit you."

With one last ass slap, I came so hard, I could no longer hold myself up and my face fell to the ground, but he continued to pound me with my ass sticking up in the air.

With one last hard thrust, he blew his load deep inside my throbbing, aching, wonderfully satisfied pussy. He ground himself into me, emptying every last drop of cum into me.

When he was finished, he pulled out, and began to dress. I looked up at him, not quite sure what to do now that I had let a man rape me in such a demeaning manner.

He grinned, that sadistic smile, and my stomach jumped back to fear.

"I wouldn't try to go to the cops, slut. I've got my roommate taping every minute of this."

With that, he gave me one last slap, and walked out of my apartment, whistling.

In shock, I merely laid on the ground. Still throbbing wonderfully. I could only hope he would come back again.

** With a smile on my face, I walked back into the apartment. Tim had obviously shot his load as he'd shot the lovely little sex tape I'd just starred in.


"God, what a fucking slut."

"What if..."

"Trust me, she'll never say a word." I laughed, feeling more powerful than I had ever felt. "She loved every nasty second of it, the dirty whore. I'm going to fuck her brains out over and over again."

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