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I got extremely lucky a couple of years ago when I got to be the regular DJ at a local swingers' group's monthly party. The view is great all night and since I happen to be unattached, the job has fantastic fringe benefits.

The naked party had a smaller crowd, which is normal for the last one of the year, but it was the die-hard core group who all know each other, so it was a wild night.

They stayed up in the party room with me a lot more instead of going downstairs to fool around, too, which I liked. My favorites were this couple who walked in early and got a table just off to my right side.

The woman was a short, chubby brunette with big breasts, a little soft tummy and a nice, rounded ass. She came in wearing a bra and panty set, and she and her partner, who was a really good looking, muscular guy (who turned out to be really cool when I talked to him) started dancing and making out immediately.

The next thing I knew, the bra was gone and as they were grinding on the dance floor, he was sliding and kissing his way down her body and sucking on her nipples and kissing her belly. They went and sat down with her in his lap straddling his leg and he had a hand down the back of her panties as they were kissing.

She turned around and started rubbing her ass against his cock and I could see that her panties were so wet that they were translucent (not that I had turned my colored floodlights on for a better look, or anything).

The next time I looked (I was paying attention to playing music sporadically) they were dancing again, both naked (he had been all along) and kissing really deeply, really barely dancing, just rocking back and forth.

He began kissing down her body again, kissing her neck and her shoulder, pausing at her breasts and then going to his knees to kiss her belly and then down to her pussy. Even in the dim light, I could see how swollen and wet the lips of her shaved pussy were.

As he leaned in and tasted her, she braced her hands on his shoulders and threw her head back and moaned. Another guy who had been sitting with them came up behind her, pressed up against her back and her bottom and put his arms around her to support her as her knees sagged a little. He began to play with her breasts from behind as the first guy licked her pussy.

They made their way back over to their seats, guy number one sat down, and she straddled his lap facing away from him. As she lowered herself into his lap, she reached between her legs and guided his stiff cock into her wet pussy.

Guy number two stood in front of her and helped her lower herself down, and then moved closer to play with her breasts as she began to move up and down on number one's cock. Once she had number one guided into her, she reached out and stroked number two's hard cock and then pulled him even closer and sucked him into her waiting mouth.

The three of them began to establish a rhythym as the two guys helped the woman rock back and forth, off one cock and onto another. My own cock was throbbing as I watched them, feeling strangely cool (I had just shaved, which I hadn't done in a long time....hey, you get dressed up for any other party, right?) but warming up as the blood pulsed through it.

The guy on the bottom and the woman climaxed almost at the same time as she slammed back against his chest, causing the other cock to pop out of her mouth and shoot ropy streams of cum across her pendulous breasts.

So people are settled down and slow dancing, pretty much regardless of whether I play a fast or slow song. I've switched to drinking just Coke now when a tall, slim blonde woman dancing with her partner gets my attention.

She's a very beautiful woman, tanned all over wearing nothing but a gold chain around her waist and piercings in her nipples and clit. She's dancing with her arms wrapped around her partner's neck when I see one hand slide down to his crotch and gently fondle his cock. She suddenly smiles, and letting go of his neck but not his cock, squats down in front of him and rubs his cock on her lips and stuck-out tongue.

As he responds, she drops to her knees and starts giving him a world-class blowjob, bobbing her head to take his cock deep into her mouth and swirling her tongue around his length as she slowly drew her head back. After a few minutes, she drew his glistening cock out of her mouth and looked up and smiled at him. Their eyes met and then by some unspoken agreement, she dove back onto his cock, taking him deep into her mouth and sucking until her cheeks were concave.

Her head started bobbing in a quicker rhythym and then her head thrust forward and she started swallowing rapidly. She pulled away from his deflating cock, they smiled at each other, he helped her up and they walked away hand in hand.

Just then, this really cute, chubby blonde came up on my platform. took my hand and asked me to dance. We went down onto the dance floor and wrapped our arms around each other, her full breasts rubbing my chest and my already swelling cock rubbing against her soft belly.

She smiled as I looked into her brown eyes and moved her abdomen against my erection "Is that for me?" She asked with a giggle.

She replied to my slack-jawed nod by saying "If you can save it for the end of the party, I have a motel room across the street so I don't have to drive...we can take it there and I'll take good care of it for you."

I love my job!

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