Naked Sara's Ch. 05: Social Calls


Chester was next, which surprised me. I thought he would be the most shy about doing Mrs. Hester. After he finished, I went with him to the cabin and helped him get things ready for the picnic. "On occasion, though not very often, I have seen Mrs. Hester undressed. I tended to her when she was sick; I washed her when she had fevers, Chester confided.

"After Mr. Hester passed, there was no one else to do it. So she trusted me. Always thought she was a beautiful woman, but never imagined I would be doing something like this with her. That day she got naked on the porch with your ma and Miss Elizabeth really took me by surprise. She had always been kind of quiet and proper, you know? When Miss Elisabeth asked me to do her right there in front of your ma and Mrs. Hester, I still wasn't sure that Mrs. Hester would want to do that with different men. But she's acting twenty years younger, Tommy. After Mr. Hester died, I thought she was just going to get old and die, too. But now I think she's going to be around for awhile. At least I hope so!"

He made me chuckle. "Yes, I hope so too, Chester."

By the time we had things set up and ready to eat, there were only two men still waiting their turn. Mrs. Hester had her eyes open, looking around and smiling at all of us watching her get fucked. She had another loud, shouting orgasm; we had heard three previous ones when we were in the cabin.

Ma praised her, saying "Around here we call that 'howling like a coyote.' We got that from the gunman, Sanchez. It's nice to let the boys know they're appreciated, though."

While the cowboys took turns with Mrs. Hester, the rest of us were spread out on blankets around the back yard, talking about the coming season, who was going to do the branding, and the ongoing debate about Appaloosas. Some said they were the best quarter horses around; others thought they were too ornery to be trusted or really tamed. Everyone was still naked, but somehow that seemed normal. Ma and Elizabeth sat up to eat, but the welts on their breasts and thighs were still conspicuous. After the hands finished, Mrs. Hester sat with a white puddle between her legs; that was conspicuous as well. She didn't seem to notice, or at least didn't mind it.

Everyone was stunned when Mrs. Hester walked over and laid down next to Little Billy; everybody but me, that is. She scooted down and gently took hold of his pecker, then kissed the tip. "Billy, would it bother you if I sucked on this awhile?" He couldn't say a word; just shook his head. She put her lips around it and started going up and down.

Elizabeth crawled over to Zeke and took his black penis into her mouth. If he was going to grumble about it, she didn't give him much time. It didn't seem likely he would complain, though. Ma crawled next to Stumpy, and said, "How about if I take care of you before you have to go back and relieve the boys at the ranch?"

At first he objected. "Uh, Miss Sara. That's been inside Mrs. Hester's, well... you know."

Other than Pa and us, I don't think anyone had gotten their peckers sucked on before. It seemed like the same thought occurred to Ma. "I've already tasted peckers after they've been Elizabeth, so it's nothing to be concerned with, Stumpy. And when you boys cum, we want you to cum inside our mouths. We'll be ready for it; we've all done this before. After we suck you dry and clean you off, we'll move on to the next man. Our tits and cunts may be broken for a little while, but Elizabeth and I still have mouths that work."

When they finished the last man, they crawled back to their blankets. Mrs. Hester lay next to the big puddle from her pussy. Ma and Elizabeth slithered over to her, grabbed handfuls of the cum and started smearing on Mrs. Hester's tits and crotch. They were laughing and giggling like school girls while we sat there and watched. Finally, Mrs. Hester sat up and said, "Let me go wash all this off in case any of these cowboys want another ride. Luther and Bill should be along anytime now, too."

She stayed busy 'til dusk. The cowhands thanked us, saddled up and rode back to the Hester ranch. Mrs. Hester lay on her back, looking up at the night sky. Her feet were flat on the ground, but her arms and legs were spread out.

"Tommy, there is one more thing we talked about with Evelyn this morning," Ma said quietly. "Go ahead and ask him, Evelyn."

"Uh, Tommy. You're ma told me that she and Elizabeth had orgasms when men did them... in the rear. I've never had that kind of experience before, which you probably already figured out," Mrs. Hester paused, then looked up at me. "I'd like to try that, Tommy. With you."

I was excited about the opportunity, but I stuttered. "You want me to... do you... in the ass?"

"I want to see what it feels like, that's all. I've been thinking about it since the first day your ma and Elizabeth came to visit." she said. "I know it's going to hurt a little, Tommy. But Sara and Elizabeth said they couldn't help themselves; they both have huge orgasms. I'll tell you to stop if it gets too much, I promise."

I glanced at Ma and Pa. They just nodded. Mrs. Hester rolled over on her stomach, reached back and pulled her cheeks apart as Ma crawled over next to her.

By the time I got behind her, Ma was scooping cum from between Mrs. Hester's legs and lubricating her asshole. She gently circled a finger around the outside, and then worked it in to the knuckle. Ma pulled back and inserted two, then three fingers. Mrs. Hester cringed and groaned, but didn't tell her to stop. I reached down and slid the tip of my dick along the crease between her cheeks before easing the head into the hole. Mrs. Hester gulped, and then nodded. So I slowly pushed it all the way in. I looked down at her.

"Just keep going until I ask you to stop. Do it a little harder each time," she said as she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

I pumped her a little harder, harder still. She hadn't asked me to stop. She raised her hips and cried out, but didn't tell me to stop. It didn't take her long to have an orgasm, then another. By then I made it, too, carefully withdrawing my pecker.

She rolled over and looked at me, then up at Elizabeth and Ma. "Sara was right, and so was Elizabeth. That was an incredible experience. Thank you, Tommy."

"Now, it's my turn to give you some more pleasure, young man." Mrs. Hester covered my penis with her mouth and began sucking, cleaning me off. I wasn't yet ready to cum again, but thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. Everyone started gathering things to take inside She was too tired to do anything but cover up with the blankets and so we slept together under the stars. She draped her arm and leg over me, and I felt the comfort of her wet cunt dripping on my hip again. Mrs. Hester was an extraordinary woman after all.

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Loads of Wild West fun!

What a rousing raunchy story series! Thanks for the mammaries.

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