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Naked Space

byAlii Nui©

One half-billion years ago an impactor ten kilometers across crashed into the planet Vicksberg, heating its seas and killing off ninety-two percent of the planet's aquatic bio-mass. As far as life on land, nothing above the micro-organism level survived but for a few hundred breed of insects and primitive vegetation. As a result, Vicksburg enjoys a tropical climate with no life deadly or even much bothersome to humans. It was only a matter of time before an enterprising entrepenuer turned the world into a resort.

Alex was blissfully relaxed as he lay on the towel which covered the hot sand of the beach. The heat of the planet's sun baked into him, turning his rich brown skin a even deeper tone of mahogany. With his eyes closed he could hear the waves sizzling onto the sand at the tideline, a few meters away. He could also hear voices of other people as they talked and laughed and played on the beach. The sound of music drifted down from the band up the beach at the hotel's bandstand.

He felt good. As a matter of fact, he felt great, the best he'd felt in a couple of years. He took a deep breath, smelling the salty air, and exhaled with a contented sigh.

An insect landed on Alex's naked and oiled belly. Without opening his eyes he swatted it. A few seconds later he felt another tickle near his navel and he swatted at it again. This time, however, he heard a giggle. He opened his eyes and the world was rose-colored through his sunglasses. Olga sat beside him and laughed down into his face. Her body tanned and equally as oiled as his own, glistening in the noonday sun. She'd been tickling him with one of her coral-pink painted fingernails.

"Very funny," Alex said. He reached up and gently pinched one of the rosy nipples which dangled above him.

"Hey!" She squeaked, then giggled again. "Are you planning on laying here all afternoon? You do know that there's a whole ocean not five meters away. You have heard of swimming, haven't you?" She flopped down beside him and playfully jabbed a finger into his navel.

He swatted at her hand again and missed as she pulled it back. "I came here to rest, not excercise."

"Oh? Well if you stay there much longer you're gonna get sunburned on your wiener."

"My wiener? How old are you?" Alex looked down at himself and shrugged. "Everything looks okay to me. You'd do better worrying about your own acroutrement. After all, there's so much more surface area to burn on those babies." He said, pointing at her heavy breasts.

"Boy, you sure know how to turn a girl's head." She laughed again, plainly happy to be on holiday and with no trouble in mind. "Just don't blame me if it does burn and all the girls start to avoid you."

Alex smiled fondly at Olga. His relationship with her had turned into the damnedest one with which he'd ever been involved. The debaucle of their Peacekeeper special service field-training had bonded them in a strange way. One moment they were sexually teasing one another and the next they were behaving like brother and sister. He didn't really mind the sexual tension, but he'd never had a sister and Alex found he enjoyed that sort of intimacy more with Olga.

With the flat of his hand he touched her well-tanned plump thigh, the skin hot from the Vicksberg sun. "Are you having fun?"

"Yeah," she smiled and kissed him on the forehead. "So, are you gonna come swim with me or what?"

"Olga, honey, you don't listen worth a damn. My plan is to stay right here and do nothing. Even if my wiener does burn off."

"You let it burn off and I'll stop hanging around you. It's your best feature."

He squeezed her thigh and laughed. "It's good to know where I stand."

"I'm going back in the water. Bye."

She gently pulled one of his sparse chest hairs before jumping up and running away with a laugh. Alex got up on an elbow and watched her go, kicking up flares of sand with her feet, the tan globes of her butt bouncing as she waded into the blue sea. He lay back and put his hands behind his head, then closed his eyes again.

Along with four other Peacekeeper special-ops course graduates, Alex and Olga had decided to spend their two-week leave together before they reported to their respective assigments and went their saperate ways. The planet Vicksberg was famous for its tropical warm seas and clear skies, where eight days out of ten were sunny days. Alex, no stranger to luxury, thought the place bordered on decadent. Even for a delux resort its facilities were superior. He felt the famous resort hotels of his homeworld Mars could take a lesson.

And the best thing, Alex thought, was that the they'd been at Vicksburg for only two days. Twelve more to go.

The sun grew hot on his chest and Alex rolled on the beach towel until he was on his stomach. Finding a comfortable spot, he sighed, contented. He'd drowsed well toward sleep when a voice pulled him back to wakefulness.

"You're going to need more oil on your back. Your towel must've soaked it off."

Alex turned his head, opened his eyes, and saw Yvone Rashad for the first time. With her standing over him he stared straight up at her ponderous breasts.

Ye gods, those can't be factory-issue, was his somewhat unchivalrous thought.

After a moment he took in the rest of the woman. She was about average height, light brown hair, pretty long-lashed black eyes. An attractively exotic hooked nose was positioned above lips which were slightly puffed. Her body was atheletic, Alex could see the double row of abdominal muscles beneath the tanned skin of her belly. She wore flip-flop sandles on her feet and aquamarine varnish on her toes.

"Hi," he said.

"Hi, yourself," she cheerfully returned. "I'm Yvone. Yvone Rashad. You're Alex, right? I noticed you the other night in the Magician Room over at the Starfall. Olga and I chatted for awhile but I but didn't get a chance to introduce myself to you." As with Alex and Olga, she too was on holiday, recuperating from her latest age reversion treatments.

"I'm sorry you didn't. Oh, I'm being rude," he scooted over on his towel. "Please, sit down."

"Oh, I don't want to intrude."

"Making room for a beautiful woman is not considered an intrusion where I come from." Inwardly, he cringed some, the statement sounding like a clumsy pick-up line.

However, Yvone's smile broadened briefly at the compliment. "Okay, I'll tell you what, I'll sit down only if I can oil your back for you."

"Great," Alex said, with a casualness he didn't feel. "That would be very nice of you."

Yvone sat down on the towel and kicked off her flip-flops. She picked up the squeeze bottle of oil and squirted some of the pale amber liquid into her palm. He felt her cool fingers touch the warm oil to the hot skin of his back. Alex felt his cock stirring and was glad that he was lying belly down.

"You have a very long back," she said, as her fingers began to knead his skin.

Alex had to clear his throat before he spoke. "Yeah. It's where most of my height comes from."

"Well-developed muscles too," she opined as he strong fingers continued to work in the oil. "But I suppose special-operation training would get you into pretty good shape."

"Guess so."

He closed his eyes again. With her hands on him, traveling up and down the long muscles of his back, and the sound of her low-pitched sultry voice, Alex felt his growing erection jerking stiff, trapped between his belly and the towel.

"You're tense," Yvone accused.

"Am I?" His voice had come out somewhat higher than normal, close to squeaking.

"Yes, your muscles are all knotted up." She pressed the pads of her fingers hard into his back. "See, here and here." Her fingers dug into the knots.

"Ow." He jerked away a bit, careful not to turn over.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"It didn't hurt, exactly. Just surprised me. Don't apologize."

"It's been awhile since you've had a massage, hasn't it?"

"Yes. For the last month I've either been studying for exit exams in the simulators or taking them, or doing field training. There hasn't been much time for nonessentials."

"Then you're in dire need," she said in her warm voice. "I'll give you one."

"No, you don't have to go through the trouble."

"I insist. Just relax. I'm very good at this. You'll enjoy yourself. Come on, be a sport." Yvone threw a leg over him in a straddle, resting the chusions of her shapely rump on the back of his thighs.

Alex grunted as he felt her weight settle on him, her softness against his own naked skin, and then her bodyheat soak into him. For one frantic moment he thought he would just lose it and ejectulate onto his beach towel.

Get a grip, he warned himself.

But as her hands begin to press and squeeze the muscles of his neck, he couldn't help but relax under the wonderful pressure. "This feels too good," he groaned.

"See, I told you you'd enjoy it. You should have it done more often," she gently admonished. "A massage is not a nonessential."

"I'll remember that."

He fell quiet, enjoying her hands on him. The more Yvone loosened the masses of tension in his muscles the more lanquid Alex became. The sound of the ocean and the voices of the other sun-worshippers on the beach faded. As Yvone exerted herself he became aware of her scent, a musky and salty fragrance. The natural scent of a woman. It was all just too good. Alex couldn't remember ever feeling so fine.

"You're a real angel of mercy," he muttered. "You know that?"

Yvone leaned over close and he felt the weight her her breasts settle on his back and shoulders, the hard stubs of her nipples nudging against him. She whispered in his ear. "You're a sweet-talker. I'll have to watch out." There was a smile in her voice. She straighthened up again and the pressure of her breasts lifted away.

"You know something," his said in a drowsy voice.


"I don't have fantasies this good."

"That's gallant of you to say."

"And no one's ever called me gallant before either," he chuckled.

"And I suppose no one's ever told you how sexy you are."

He heard that smile in her voice again. Alex craned his neck and looked at Yvone out of the corner of his eye. "What'd you say we continue this in more private surroundings."

"Why," she asked innocently.

"Why do you think?"

Yvone moved up on his body until she could meet his mouth with her own. He felt her lips part into a wide smile a moment before her tongue sneaked over his teeth and slide across his own. He tasted her mouth, surprised by the flavor of grape ice-cream, and felt her breath go down his throat. All of her weight was on him and he could feel her short pubic hair tickling the small of his back.

# # #

Olga had reached her fill of frolicking in the surf. The salt water had gotten into her eyes and begun to sting them. Her fingers were pruned. She waded to shore, her feet leaving deep impressions in the silver sand of the shore. She brought a hand above her eyes, shading them, and scanned the beach for Alex on his towel. She saw that he was still where she had left him, but some amazon had him pinned and appeared to be kissing him.

"Well, ain't this some slap-happy crap," she muttered, and became aware of a hot streak of jealosy within her. Olga told herself to calm down. After all, it wasn't as if Alex was her private stock or anything. They were just good friends, buddies, she told herself. Even if they had been lovers, Olga reminded herself that her culture didn't even believe in monogomy.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it when some giant bitch comes along and invites herself to a piping hot piece of Alex, she thought. She stomped out of the surf and up the beach, nearly tripping herself in her haste.

Yvone was the first to break their kiss. She sighed as their lips parted and rolled off Alex. Only her thigh and lower leg remained draped over his back. With her legs parted he could feel her wetness against his hip. Her lips had grown red from the kiss and her bronze face had flushed. Her breasts heaved pleasantly against him. She looked steadily into his eyes.

"I know you won't believe it but I didn't plan for this to happen."

Frankly, Alex didn't give a damn. It was happening and that was enough for Amboseli Mimm's little boy.

"I want you," she said, huskily. "And I want it to last a long time."

Alex never got to issue a reply because it was then that Olga returned.

"Well, hello, honey. Miss me?"

Alex looked up. "Olga." His voice was thick and his eyes dreamy. "Hi," he said, stupidly.

"Hi." The pink tip of Yvone's tongue licked at the corner of her mouth. She didn't seem particularly distressed by Olga's arrival.

Olga hands were fists resting on the curves of her hips. She scowled down at them both. "You two seem to be getting along just fine. Making out with my guy, Yvone?"

Yvone smiled comfortably and stroked Alex's arm. "Don't you believe in sharing?"

Olga opened her mouth to deliver a hot retort and then closed it again. She scowled speechlessly down at them, then laughed. "Take him," she said, throwing up her hands. "Save him from a sunburn in an awkward place. Just produce him in time for dinner."


She screamed when she felt the wide head of his cock forcefully bury itself between the fat lips of her cunt, invading her drenched slit. They had been fucking for the better part of an hour when he took her doggie-style on his bed in the hotel room. Her round and firm light-brown ass under the guidance of his large hands. A deep-pink blossom on each wobbling cheek marked where he had spanked her. Her big tits, reddened from Alex's rough handling, swung wildly under her.

Yvone's scream trailed off into a lustful sob as she felt her pussy spasm again around the wide cockhead, for what felt like the thousandth time. "Oh, Alex," she shuddered, feeling her juices gush around the huge snout and wide shaft of his dark dick.

"Yes, baby," he grimaced through clenched teeth. His fingers made deep dimples in the soft flesh of her ass. Her tightness and molten heat sending waves of electric pleasure up his thick worm-veined pole.

Yvone looked back at him, over her shoulder. Her exotic dark eyes brimmed with unshed tears. "Baby," she moaned. Then she blinked, and the crystal tears cruised down her flushed cheeks. "Fuck me, baby," she sobbed. "Fuck me numb."

"Is that what you want, slut?' He hissed, then smacked her shaking ass again with a hard hand. "Tell me. Tell me what you need, bitch."

She yelped and bucked forward, reacting to the sting of the spanking. "I need," she rasped. "I need that big black cock bad, baby. Take all my pussy with that giant cock, own it."

Alex could only grunt in reply as he felt the woman's walls take him in a vise-grip so hard he felt the small cords of her vaginal muscles ribbed along her tunnel. "Your pussy is was too sweet," he growled down at her, his dark cock seeming a scale-level too big for her. But her nether lips had lewdly stretched wide enough to accommodate his mammoth girth. The deep brown shaft was generously coated in her honey. Another chuckle rumbled up out of his broad chest. "Too goddamn fine."

They fell into a rythum, a long deep stroke at moderate speed. While Yvone began to mumble incoherently as she bit into one of the pillows, Alex knuckled sweat from his eyes. He could smell their mixed scents, the smell of fucking strong on the air. He slapped Yvone's sweaty ass again, deepening the pink of her buns, forcing a yelp from her.

Yvone had the best pussy he had ever fucked. And Alex been having sex since the onset of puberty, Martians weren't puritanical as a culture. He had never taken a woman with the developed musculature and vaginal control of Yvone. Not to mention her all-out enthusiasm. He reached out, grabbing a fistful of her sable hair, wrapping it around his hand, using it as a rein to pull back her head so that her panting mouth humg open.

"You're my little cockslut," he snarled close to her ear.

"Yes," she grunted.

"Say it."

"I'm your cockslut. Your dick-hungry bitch."

Yvone went crazy on him. She was both slamming herself back down the length of the long pole and rotating her ass, setting up a double pattern of friction on the sensitive glans of the Alex's dick as he sawed in and out of her. A wet spot developed under them as Yvone's churned juices and Alex's precum was pistoned out of her cunt and dripped off the heavily swinging fuzzy sac of his fat balls.

"I'm gonna cum," Yvone moaned.

"Not without permission, bitch."

She groaned, both in need and hieghtened aroused reaction to his command. A fresh gush of her cream coated his cock.

"May I cum," she whined.

Alex, his dark skin sheened in heavy sweat, chuckled. He could feel his massive cock swelling fatter in the kiln of Yvone's active pussy and knew he was close to his own climax.

"Please," she whimpered, soulfully.

It was too much for him. "Cum," Alex growled, then slid himself completely in her. The vast snout of his cock banged against her backwall.

"Cum," he repeated himself, and exploded, splattering her quivering chamber with his super-pressurized overheated semen.

He came in strong fountains of lava-hot jism. Coating her cunt, then flooding her with thick and sticky wads. As he stroked, the cum began to foam and bubble out from around the seal of Yvone's pussy.

For her part, the woman shuddered along her entire frame, her right hand pulling and twisting her clit as she orgasmed. Yvone's slick body jerked and rammed back against Alex, impaling herself brutally down and around the cock, energizing her climax until a light of purest white detonated behind her closed eyelids and she fell forward, her body lifeless but for her rapid breathing.

Alex's cock drooled cum as Yvone's heavily-creamed pussy pulled away. He rolled over and lay on his back, catching his breath, feeling his cock throb in the aftershocks of the pounding it had given and taken. He closed his eyes, intending only to rest them until her regained his strength. He was asleep within moments. Beside him, equally drained, Yvone also fell into sleep.


Alex sat with his back against the headboard. Yvone's head lay in his lap, and he gently traced the shallow spiral of her ear with the tip of his finger. With his other hand he lightly, slowly rubbed up and down her spine. He couldn't seem to stop touching her, couldn't get enough of stroking her satin skin. Although Alex had known other women who became very sensitive after climaxing, who couldn't stand post-coital stroking, Yvone didn't seem to mind. She hummed with pleasure beneath his touch, encouraging him, her body completely at rest.

While Alex caressed her, Yvone delicately ran her own hand down his leg. His body was not very hairy, and what hair there was lay soft and fine hair on his dark young skin. She rubbed from his inner thigh down to his knee and back up again, tracing circles and curly-cues.

Outwardly relaxed from their lovemaking and nap, a thread of anxiety nevertheless ran through Yvone's thoughts. She hadn't expected to be moved so by Alex. She hadn't anticipated anything beyond physical attraction. This unexpected tenderness from him and toward him had not been in her plans at all.

From the moment she'd seen him in the hotel's casino lounge, Yvone had recognized Alex as a member of the ruling Martian Mimms family. She knew he was the prodigal son of the most powerful family in Sol Space, Alexander Ilmoran Mimms. On the spot, Yvone had become determined to get his story, it was simply too good an opportunity to ignore. But somewhere between approaching him on the beach and going to bed with him Yvone's resolve, not to mention her professional ethics, had faltered.

She could've kicked herself. It was ancient wisdom that reporters ought never become emotionally involved with their subjects. While she could be a relentless badger when in pursuit of a story, she was basically an ethical professional. Yvone had never misrepresented herself before. Certainly she'd never sexually seduced a potential interviewee. It had gotten out of hand somehow. Yvonne sneaked at peek up at her young lover's handsome face.

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