tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNaked Yoga Ch. 02

Naked Yoga Ch. 02


The Thursday arrived when I was to hold my next Naked Yoga lesson. I was preparing all day so that I would do a good job. I went over and over in my mind a programme of what I would say and do. Once I was satisfied I had everything virtually perfect it was time to prepare myself.

I looked in the mirror, nude as I would be in the evening. I was proud of my body. It was nicely toned with a flat tummy, firm thighs and good sized breasts that moved as I stretched. My nipples, as usual, were hard and erect. I felt confident that I looked as good as possible.

Then I glanced at my pubic hair and saw how it hid my pussy. This wasn't what I wanted. When I demonstrated my exercises, in front of my audience of seven, I wanted them to see all of me, every fold.

I decided to remove all of my body hair and got to work with my scissors and a wet razor. Being a bald beaver is quite common today but seventeen years ago, when this story is set, this wasn't the case - at least not in my limited experience.

Once smooth my mound felt sensitive as I massaged myself with moisturiser. I looked at myself in different positions in the mirror. My vagina was now completely on show. They would be able to see my secret lips open as I spread my legs in some of the Yogic postures. I was moist at the thought.

The evening came and I walked to the George Hotel where Sarah and Roger introduced me to the other five participants, two men and three women. The seven of them stripped off their clothes and were ready for their Naked Yoga lesson.

I too took off all my clothes and stood in front of them. I saw Sarah gasp as she looked at my shaven pubic mound. This immediately got me stimulated.

I started with some relaxation and then simple stretches to warm up their bodies. I couldn't keep my eyes off the three men. I was comparing their penises and how their testicles hung. "My God," I told myself, "It'll take more than a banana to satisfy me tonight."

Somehow I managed to get through the lesson for over an hour. Again I was amazed at how they took in everything I said and seemed genuinely interested. Or perhaps they just liked looking at my body. Either way I was on a high.

We then moved onto the Deer exercise for sexual energy (as explained in Part 1). The women went first, sitting crossed legged and circling their breasts with their hands while, at the same time, squeezing their vaginal and anal muscles.

This was obviously very sexual to observe and Roger's penis was on the move in a definite upward direction. The other two men were also distinctly uncomfortable as they tried to stay in control.

It was now the turn of the men to carry out the Deer. They cupped their testicles and started to rub their tummies 81 times before changing hands. It was lovely to watch as their cocks all started to harden. I told them in my best teacher's voice that this was quite normal.

All three men were soon sporting full erections and my mouth watered with lust. I really needed to be fucked and felt sure I could take them all. By some means I managed to restrain myself, though my nipples were hurting and I could feel the inside of my thighs beginning to dampen.

"Well done, gentlemen," I said as they finished their exercise.

The lesson I had been giving was almost over, other than for me to demonstrate some of the advanced asanas. I was a little apprehensive as I knew my 'students' would be able to see how moist I was between the legs - the thought of this made me even wetter!

I started off with the Chakrasana , or Wheel posture, which strengthens the thighs and muscles of the abdomen. It is also said to improve the memory, but I knew I wouldn't have any trouble remembering tonight.

The asana is one where I was bending over completely backwards so that only my hands and feet were touching the ground. My body was one big arch with my breasts and pelvis thrust out. I opened my legs more than normal and held my position.

I knew all eyes were on me - on my tits thrust upwards with my nipples pushed out and erect, on my stretched pelvic mound and , of course, on my cunt. They would be able to see everything, my damp vaginal lips slightly parted and perhaps my clit as well. If I wasn't concentrating on holding the pose properly I'm sure I'd have orgasmed.

I returned to my feet and they all appeared spell bound. Two of the men still had massive erections and I moved on to other postures so they could see my nakedness.

Eventually I decided I had to stop and I informed them the lesson was over. It was deadly quiet and then they started to applaud. I was quite embarrassed.

"I told you she was special," I heard Sarah tell the others.

One of the women asked about Tantric sex and I told them what I knew and how to build their sexual energy.

"Will you give us a demonstration?" the same woman asked.

"Yes, yes," they all seemed to agree.

"I can't really as I haven't my own man with me", I answered.

"Use one of ours," Sarah smiled.

My head was in turmoil. The idea of having some sort of sex in front of the others made me unimaginably horny. "Let's face it," I said to myself, "It's ages since you had a real dick inside you."


I went over to Roger and pulled him to the front of the audience.

"Sit down with your legs straight out," I instructed.

I looked over at Sarah and her hand was gently rubbing one of her nipples.

I stood above Roger and he was looking directly at my wet, open pussy. I bent my legs and lowered myself so my cunt was above his erection. I shut my eyes and slowly sank down on his cock.

He was fully inside me and it felt wonderful.

"Now remember, you mustn't cum," I said, "The idea it to build up your sexual energy for the good of the rest of your body. We have to join together spiritually. Hold me close and look deeply into my eyes."

I could feel my cunt pulsating. I wanted to bounce up and down on him furiously but I held still and looked at Roger trying to sense his soul and the real man he was.

I gently squeezed my vaginal muscles to make sure I kept him hard. He gasped quietly as I did so.

We sat like this for about five minutes, my cunt leaking juices, Roger gently throbbing inside me. Goodness knows how I managed not to cum.

Though I was wonderfully stimulated I decided I had to end the session for this week. I slowly lifted myself off Roger's cock and saw how his hardness was glistening with my wetness. The inside of my thighs were drenched.

I did my final talk for the evening and told them how I looked forward to the next lesson. There was a somewhat muted atmosphere as they dressed and left. I think we were all shell shocked at how far we had gone sexually.

I pulled on jogging bottoms and a sweat shirt and made my way home as quickly as I could. Once there I virtually ripped off my clothes and plunged my fingers into my wetness.

My cunt was so hot and soaked. I pulled back the hood of my clitoris, which seemed to be even larger than normal, and made myself orgasm. My whole body shook with spasms as I came again and again. I pulled on my nipples with one hand and the sensation rocked my body as my juices flowed over my other hand.

"Fuck!" I told myself, "I need to be fucked."

I then had a shower and afterwards tried to get some sleep.

The next Thursday came around quickly and I prepared myself once more for the lesson.

Everyone turned up early, stripped off and were ready for their Naked Yoga session.

I followed a now familiar pattern and led them through various postures and breathing exercises. Finally the time came for me to do my exhibition of more difficult asanas. I did several and then for some reason decided to do an easy asana called, the Cat, which strengthens and keeps the spine supple.

Still completely naked I adopted an all-fours position with my hands squarely under my shoulders and my knees directly under my hips. I dropped my head forward and arched my back and then slowly lowered my back to a concave shape. I pushed my bottom out and raised my head to look upwards.

Now normally the legs are kept close together, for this posture, but this time I had my legs apart. So with my concave shaped back, my bottom sticking out and on all fours my vagina and anus were completely on display. I held the position so that my audience could see everything. I was ripe and ready to be fucked.

My position was almost an invitation and I wasn't disappointed. I felt hands on my hips as someone knelt behind me and then a hard penis touched my bottom.

I remained still and then said, "Remember we must try to retain our sexual energy for spiritual purposes, so don't ejaculate."

With one hand I reached back to feel the cock and guided it to the entrance of my cunt. Whoever the man was pushed the full length of his cock into me. I thrust backwards with my bottom to make sure he filled me completely. God, it felt so good.

With his penis throbbing in my wetness I tried to talk about Tantric and Sexual Yoga. My 'lover' suddenly groaned and said he was about to cum.

"Pull out," I instructed him, "Cum over my back."

He did as I asked and I could feel the length of his cock between my bottom cheeks and then he erupted, his sperm spurting over my bottom and back. As he did so I came, but quietly so no one would know.

The room was now electric and as the man moved away I felt another behind me plunging into my now open tunnel. The cock moved in and out of me, the sensations making me tremble and my hanging tits quiver. He soon pulled out and another stream of spunk hit my back and bottom.

I was now so sexually aroused that I needed proper satisfaction. "Fuck Tantric and Spirituality," I told myself, "I need a proper physical fuck and now."

"Who hasn't cum yet?" I asked the men.

"I haven't," said Roger.

"Then fuck me."

I rolled over onto my back, grasped my tits with both hands, spread my legs as wide as I could and waited.

"Come on, fuck me," I ordered impatiently.

My cunt, I knew would be swollen and gaping open, and I needed it filled to capacity and hot sperm shot deep inside.

Roger lay over me and I left my tits alone to grab his cock and pull it towards my opening.

"Push it in, push it in."

He did so as I lifted my legs high and around his waist so that he could go deep.

"Deeper, fuck me deeper," I cried, now completely out of control, "Come on harder, fuck me, fuck me."

I'd almost forgotten the rest of my audience but when I remembered them, and that they were all watching, I moaned in ecstasy. My tummy fluttered as the first stirrings of my orgasm rumbled through me.

I grabbed at my hard nipples pulling them, stretching them and let out an animalistic sound and shouted, "Fuck my cunt, fill me. Don't stop. Harder, harder, deeper ... Oh God, don't stop ..."

My whole body pulsated and I lifted my legs higher as I orgasmed screaming and shouting obscenities. I could feel my own cum hot inside my cunt and then Roger ejaculated, his sperm mixing with my wetness as he unloaded deep inside me. I orgasmed again as his spurting cream shot over hidden depths.

I gradually calmed down and Roger withdrew leaving me spread-eagled on my back, my legs and cunt wide open. The room was silent.

Sarah moved from where she was sitting and sat between my legs her fingers pulling open my pussy lips, exposing my clit. Her head went down on me and she started to lap at my wetness like a dog drinking water. She slurped her tongue from my anus to my hard clitoris over and over, lapping up Rogers and my combined juices.

I was soon panting like a bitch on heat as I thrust my pelvis upwards to her mouth, her tongue now penetrating my cunt. I orgasmed again powerfully.

Sarah moved up to kiss me on the mouth and I tasted my pussy on her lips. I hugged her close, our tits squashed together and she said, "Thank you for a wonderful evening ... from us all." And, as once before, the others began to clap their hands in appreciation.

That night in bed I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed and sat in an armchair with a mirror in front of me. As I was naked I could see most of my body. I hooked a leg over each arm of the chair and looked at my cunt. I spread myself open and watched as I pushed fingers inside my pussy. I was still wet. I pushed back my vaginal lips to see my clitoris, which was firm and pinkish red, standing proud like a miniature penis.

Gently I spread some of my own lubricant over my clit to make it slippery and began to massage myself to orgasm. I kept stopping and slowing down to extend the wonderful pleasure I was giving myself. My clit became almost too sensitive to touch so I pushed fingers inside my cunt instead. I was amazingly wet and lubricated. I tried to find and manipulate my g-spot and stroked the front wall of my vagina.

I could feel an orgasm now welling up inside me and couldn't hold off any longer. My cunt tightened and then released spurts of liquid over the seat of the chair. I'd never ejaculated like this before and seeing this in the mirror sent me into a second orgasm, my tits bouncing as I came.

I went back to bed and slept soundly.

The Naked Yoga lessons continued for many weeks and, though Yoga was still an important part, they developed into virtual weekly orgies. I have some marvellous memories of that time of my life and also of being fucked by three men at once.

Maybe that'll be another story ...

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