tagIncest/TabooNan, Mom and Me Ch. 10

Nan, Mom and Me Ch. 10


Chapter 10: Young Dan Jnr and Gracie

Well, at last JD had seduced his sister, Gracie. They felt so comfortable together that they made future plans to leave town and settle as man and wife somewhere no one knew that they were brother and sister. They really wanted to create a family of their own. Of course, Mom and Nan would be welcome to visit at any time. They didn't want to miss out on any family fun.

Eventually, JD and Gracie found themselves a house in a small town about 200miles from their hometown. They settled into the community and proceeded to produce a family of their own. They firstly had a son who they called Dan, after his grandfather, who was also JD's father. A couple of years later came a little girl, and she was also named after her grandmother, Fran.

As the children grew, JD and Gracie always made sure that nothing untoward happened in their presence until they were at least 18. Both children knew that their lives would change when they came of age, but were not sure in what way that would happen. Sex was spoken about quite freely even as they were growing up and all questions answered by both parents when it was appropriate.

Dan Jr. was the first to come of age. For his birthday, JD and Grace took both kids out to dinner and then dropped Fran at her girlfriend's place for the night. She thought that JD was going on to meet his mates for a night out.

When they arrived home, JD sat his son down and gave him a beer. He then turned on the TV and he had already loaded it with a porno movie -- one of a mature woman and a younger man. Gracie had disappeared to the bedroom while the boys were in the lounge room. While the men were watching the movie, JD noticed that Dan Jnr was sporting a bulge in his pants. He commented on it and asked him if the movie was turning him on.

"Yes Dad, I love older women and would love to make love to one," replied Dan Jnr.

"Well, young man, I am about to make all your dreams come true," said his mother from the doorway.

Dan looked around to see his Mom dressed only in her bra, thong and stay-up stockings and 3inch stilettos and loosely covered by a short black robe.

"Mom, what.............," he gasped.

"This is your birthday present son, from your father and I.."

Gracie wandered over to the arm chair where Dan was sitting and sat on the arm. She put her arm around his shoulders and drew him to her. His head was level with her bustline and he could smell the wonderful womanly aroma of her. She didn't need any extra perfume, she had a great natural scent. She pulled his head closer to her and bent down and kissed him full on the lips. Tickling his lips with her tongue, she forced his mouth open so that she could slip her tongue inside for a full on French kiss.

"Ohhh....... Mom," Dan whispered breathlessly.

In the meantime, JD had left the sitting room and gone to his study, leaving Gracie and Dan Jnr to enjoy themselves without any embarrassment. He knew that he would get to see it all another time.

Back in the sitting room, Gracie drew Dan's lips to her breasts and encouraged him to gently nibble the nipples and lightly suck the whole boob. Dan was an eager and fast learner, just like his Dad, and immediately proceeded to feast on his Mom's boobies sending her spiraling into orbit. He took the lead then and slowly made his way down, heading for the deep south. As he traveled down, his fingers caught the elastic of her thong and slid it down her legs. He also undid the front opening of her bra so that he could have full access to her beautiful rack.

As he reached the zenith of his travels, he pressed his hand down onto Gracie's mound, and felt how hot and wet she was. He parted her thighs and lay between her legs. Instead of going straight to her cunt, he began a slow journey of kissing firstly her toes and feet, then gradually worked his way up her legs. He eventually reached the end of the journey and was faced with his mother's cunt. She lay outstretched on her back, in front of his eyes. He lowered his head and laved her pussy lips, gently sucking on each side for about ten minutes. He then found the love button he had so wanted to suck and proceeded to do just that. Gracie was heading for heaven, she hadn't felt this way for a while. Not because JD hadn't been giving her plenty, but with the thought that it was her son who was eating her pussy.

She wanted more though.

"Dan darling, Mommy wants you to fuck her now," she whispered to him.

He dragged himself away from her steaming cunt, and rose above her. He slipped his rigid pole into her cunt and slowly filled her fuck hole with it. Dan was built just like his Dad and she knew he would satisfy her.

Just a little aside, this wasn't Dan Jnr's first fuck, he'd had a couple of girlfriends during the last couple of years. But nothing would ever match the feelings he was getting now.

"Oh baby, Mommy wants you to fuck her so much, I have been waiting for this since you were born. I knew that we would be together like this one day."

"Mom, I love you so much. I just wish you had been my first woman."

All this time, Dan had been gently working his prick in and out of his Mom's cunt, and now he began to feel his sperm gather in his balls and start it journey through his hot rod to become mingled with his Mom's cum.

He began to fuck harder and faster, Gracie urged him along meeting him with moves of her own as she too began her journey of fruition, mixing her cum with that of her son.

They both exploded at the same time! Dan collapsed on his Mom's body and then rolled over to lay beside her. They looked at one another and exchanged a long, loving kiss.

JD joined them after about half an hour and saw that both parties seemed to be very satisfied.

"Now son, how would you like to spend the rest of the night with your Mom."

Dan could hardly believe it, his Dad was giving him his Mom, for the night.

"Dad, as long as you are sure."

"Well, tonight it will be just the two of you. Maybe later we can work out a threesome for all of us, OK."

"Whatever you say is okay with me Dad, I love you both."

So for the next two years there were times when Dan spent the night just with his Mom and other nights he would join his Dad and Mom, and they would both keep her satisfied.

The next Pt. 11 -- will probably be the final one -- when young Fran reaches the age of consent!!!

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