Nando and Will


"You," Will moaned softly. "In me."

Both men were panting and Will's erection had faded. Keeping his own body still, Nando reached around Will. His hands worked nipples and breasts, before delving lower and fondling more delicate flesh. Nando's tongue caressed Will's ear and the younger man groaned, writhing on the rod that impaled him. Nando was pleased to feel Will's erection begin to return. As he worked the hardening flesh he began to undulate, simply allowing Will to become accustomed to being so fully filled. An unintentional rub against Will's pleasure spot had the slighter man pushing back, blindly seeking the feeling again. Will twisted his upper body, supporting himself with one arm as he sought his mate's mouth to be kissed. Taking the movement as a cue, Nando began to thrust slowly and shallowly, gradually building up both speed and depth. The mewling sounds of pleasure and need that Will began to make drove the South American on. He was deep in Will's body and his Mate wanted the intimacy, was moving with him, and was as equally aroused. Nando was careful to try and hit Will's pleasure spot repeatedly and he smiled exultantly as Will's hips matched the South American's rhythm. He began to pump Will's resurgent erection with more urgency as he felt his own imminent climax. Knowing how he could arouse Will with his words, the Rojan ensured his mouth was close to Will's ear, his voice hardly more than a rasping breath.

"Come for me, my Angel," he commanded softly. "Come for me whilst I am inside you, owning you, pleasuring you as you pleasure me. Come, Will"

With a scream, Will's climax racked the slighter body. The younger man's seed fountained over Nando's hand and the bed as his older lover continued to pump the hard flesh. Unable to support himself anymore, Will collapsed into the pillow gasping and Nando followed him down, pistoning his hips and then roared, "MINE!" as his own release erupted into Will's body. The Rojan convulsed hard as his seed filled the willing body beneath him, going deep into the younger man. Finally Nando collapsed spent over his Mate.

"Never have I known such pleasure, my love," he whispered tenderly into Will's ear. He lay almost on top of Will whispering endearments until he felt his body soften and he carefully withdrew. He gave a silent prayer of thanks as he noted no evidence of his young lover bleeding and gently rolled Will to wrap him to the South American's chest.

"Nando," Will breathed as he met his lover's love-filled eyes and then buried himself in Nando's chest and sobbed quietly.

"Shh, mi amore," Nando soothed. "It was very profound, yes?" He smiled at the nod. "Finally our bodies joined the way our souls have known each other for months."

"Sorry," Will murmured.

"There is no need to be sorry, Love," Nando reassured. He pulled back to gaze at Will and smiled. Wiping away the tears, he whispered darkly, "My seed in your body, Will. You are mine, Love. Say it!" he commanded softly.

"Yours, Nando," the younger man affirmed instantly. "I belong to you, with you, always."

"Always," the older man confirmed, kissing his Mate thoroughly. He arranged Will to drape across his chest, the slighter man's head tucked securely under the Rojan's chin. He ran his hands soothingly up and down Will's back and simply ordered, "Sleep." The younger man sighed and wriggled erotically to ensure he was comfortable. Within a minute Nando was gratified to feel Will's body go fully limp and soft snoring emanate from the exhausted younger man. Smiling victoriously, Nando allowed Will's gentle breathing to lull him to sleep.

Nando awoke to a gentle suckling at his left breast. Will was nuzzled happily into his Mate's broad, solid chest and sleepily giving the little nub enough stimulation for it to swell and harden. Feeling Nando's intent gaze upon him, heavy lidded blue eyes gazed adoringly into passionate brown ones.

"I love you, Will," Nando husked. "You're so beautiful, my love."

"I love you, Nando," Will replied, smiling shyly, the faintest blush tingeing his face pinkly.

"I think you were ..." Nando allowed his voice to trail off as he redirected Will back to the nipple he'd been nuzzling. As Will closed his lips over the dark brown nub, he heard his Mate sigh with pleasure. The younger man blanketed himself over Nando, alternating between nipples using lips and fingers to tease each to hard pebbled flesh

He delighted in the sounds of pleasure from the older man and the rhythmic thrusting of the powerful hips beneath him. Abandoning the highly sensitised nipples, Will licked his way down Nando's sculptured torso to lap at the swollen head of the South American's straining erection. Will hadn't mastered the art of sucking his lover to completion, but his own method of cat-like licks and gentle sucking of just the cockhead were an erotic experience of their own and one the younger man knew Nando loved. Feeling his lover's hands weave into his hair, Will was surprised to feel the tugging to move the younger man's head upwards. He looked at Nando uncertainly, wondering if he hadn't adequately pleasured the older man.

"Do not worry, mi Angel," Nando said sultrily. "You were pleasuring me beautifully. Together, mi amore, I want us to come together again." The bigger man continued to pull gently at Will's hair until the men were face to face. Using more oil, the Rojan slicked up their twin hard lengths, then rolled Will onto his back. He spread Will thighs wide and settled himself between them, gazing down into Will's sweat-sheened face. Nando aligned their hard flesh and began to thrust against his younger lover. Will quickly matched his Mate thrust for thrust. Nando kissed Will deeply allowing his tongue to possess Will's and bring the willing captive into his own mouth sucking with the same rhythm as his hips and relishing the deep moan of pleasure from his younger lover. All too soon, their pleasure climaxed and the two men came each crying the name of the other. Nando allowed more of his body's weight to settle on his smaller Mate and smiled as he felt Will try to widen his legs further to bring them even closer.

"Love you, Nando," Will panted softly.

"Love you, mi Angel," Nando smiled. "I think we need some fresh water to clean up. I will go fetch some from the well to replace that which we used earlier."

"Where is Juanita?" Will asked.

"The other little cottage belongs to Jose, her brother, and his family. They share the stable and the well. Jose is a blacksmith and does work for Papa. He employs several of the family. Juanita is a seamstress. We have the cottage tonight and tomorrow. Juanita will leave food for us at agreed times of the day, but otherwise is staying with her brother. I wanted this to be perfect for you, mi pequino."

"Anywhere I can spend time with you is perfect, Nando" Will whispered, delighted at his older lover's display of thoughtfulness.

"I will be back in a few minutes, love" Nando assured as he wiped himself perfunctorily on the used towel before donning pants and shirt and pulling on his boots.

"Nando," Will called hesitantly. "Later, could we ... I mean, would you ...?"

"Will," Nando said quietly but with an intent that made Will shiver with want. "I want to be inside you again and again. However, you will be sore now. If you are not too sore later we will make love again and I will enter you, if that is what you want. Do not be afraid to ask me for what pleasures and pleases you, my love."

"I want you in me again, Nando," Will replied earnestly. "Very much."

"Then rest now," Nando smiled, leaving the bedroom door open. Will watched him disappear from view and snuggled naked under the blankets Nando had tucked around him. His hand strayed to his buttocks and he flexed the muscles a little. He groaned a little as previously unknown aches made themselves known. Smiling he decided that the ache was more than offset by the pleasure he had felt knowing it was Nando being inside him and coming inside him that had caused it. With a warm glow, Will began to replay his deflowering in his mind.

Bartolomy, Bart Brooks approached the little cottage slowly. He was certain this was the cottage in which he would find his nephew and brother-in-law. He wasn't concerned that Will may have chosen to love a man, although he worried about how the naïve, open and trusting young man would fare in life with this choice. Bart had sacrificed his own life to some degree by choosing to live with his younger sister and brother-in-law and their older brother. However that had allowed him to be with Will from the day the boy was born. If he hadn't had a special partner in his life, there had been...liaisons and the joy of loving Will like his own son. He wasn't certain that his brother, Jack Brooks, would be as accepting. Jack had always been the disciplinarian, the harder, more remote guardian. Bart had simply loved his nephew, even more when his sister and brother-in-law had died leaving a small beautiful blond boy orphaned. Bart wanted to see the two men and find out first hand what Nando's intentions were. If he was genuinely in love with Will, Bart would give them all the support he could. However, if Will was simply another conquest for the handsome South American, then Bart wanted Nando to know he would answer to Bart if he hurt Will. He'd seen the looks of longing and desire on both men's faces. Will had been away for nearly six months when Bart had paid a surprise visit less than two months ago. Those looks had changed and Bart knew something had happened. However, he was sure there had been precious little opportunity for anything significant to have happened, but when he had arrived that morning to be told the two were spending a couple of nights away from the rancho...a secluded cottage provided all the opportunity that would be necessary.

As Bart approached the front of the cottage, Nando was out at the back drawing water from the well and so hidden from the older American's sight. He saw the door was open and he pushed it wide stepping inside and calling out for Will or Nando. He saw a clean, neat living and cooking space and a set of stairs leading to the upper level. He saw the two hats on he sideboard and shouted again.

"Will? Nando? You here?" He eyed the stairs hesitantly, but with a deep breath began to ascend.

In bed, Will's eyes were closed and his slender body writhed beneath the blankets as Nando's touches and words from their love-making were replayed in his mind. He didn't hear his uncle's shouts or the older man climbing the stairs and was blissfully unaware of his approaching the bedroom door.

"Will?" Bart called from the doorway as he spotted the golden hair above the blankets.

"Nando," Will called huskily, and then sat up in shock, his face paling alarmingly. "Uncle Bart?" he managed to force the words past a throat almost too restricted to even allow breath to pass. The blankets pooled around the slender hips and exposed part of the shaft and the rosy tip of the younger man's erect penis. His eyes drawn by the movement of the blanket, Bart had enough time to register crazily that it was the only colour he could see in the younger man.

"Sorry, Will," he muttered. "I can't..." Bart hurried away in acute embarrassment. He had intended to say he couldn't apologise enough, but believed Will was so mortified, he would appreciate the older man just leaving immediately. In his haste he failed to see the look of total devastation and desolation on Will's face.

Will had accepted Nando's assurances that Bart would be tolerant of their relationship. Now it seemed his lover was wrong. The look on his uncle's face, his words: I can't, replayed over and over in Will's shocked mind until with a soul-deep moan of anguish, the younger man flung himself from the bed and dressed hurriedly. He couldn't stay in the house, he had to get away. He couldn't face the words of condemnation from his uncle. He'd be told to keep away from Nando. Bart hated him, Jack would hate him. Worse still, Nando would be ordered to stop loving him. He'd found his heart only to have it ripped brutally from him. In his fragile emotional state, he was unaware of the tears falling unchecked. All he was aware of were Bart's look and his words. He had to get away from them. Not realizing he was suffering from shock, the young man fled.

Bart had raced down the stairs and run outside. The sounds of voices had led him to the well behind the cottages. Shame-faced, Bart had gone towards Nando ready to face the South American's wrath.

"Bart?" Nando asked incredulously. Then the Rojan's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "This is not accidental." An accusation, not a question. "Juanita, please stable Bart's horse. Bart, you will explain yourself."

Engrossed, neither man saw the white-face young man run from the house to the stable where Juanita was about to unsaddle Bart's horse.

"Will?" she asked shocked. Will's face was ashen and as she reached a hand to touch him, he was cool and clammy. His eyes were bright red and tears fell continually and he shook uncontrollably as he began to saddle his horse frantically. Juanita wasn't sure Will even realized she was there and tried again to catch the attention of the frightened young man. "Will, es Juanita. Acqi, Will."

"Gotta get away from here. Before Uncle Bart makes Nando say he doesn't love me" his voice broke and he sobbed.

"Will," Juanita said slowly. "Nando loves you very much."

"They'll tell him not to. They'll make him leave me" Will cried brokenly. "I can't live without him, I can't stay, I can't stay". Leaping on his horse, Will surged out of the stable and began to ride hard, fast and blind. He mindlessly obeyed his shocked mind's chant of 'Run, run, run'.

Juanita ran to the cottage where Nando had taken Bart. As she entered, Nando was descending the stairs a worried look on his face.

"Will is gone" he said.

"Nando, your love has run. He believes you will be stopped from loving him. He is in shock; he doesn't know what he is doing".

"Ah, God" Bart groaned. "I wanted to help, Nando. I'm sorry".

"Let us catch Will first," Nando ground out concerned with his lover's state of mind. "You can explain to both of us. Let me saddle my horse."

Although Will didn't have a lot of a head start, the frantic young man was riding harder and faster then his pursuers realized and the two men were concerned that he still hadn't come into view.

Will was still riding blindly. His unchecked tears made the sunset an orange haze in the distance. The trembling that initially shook his body was due to shock, but the younger man was wearing only his shirt and the desert was cooling rapidly. Will was unaware of the chilling air and the leeching effect it had on his dwindling strength. Will felt a wave of dizziness and nausea sweep over him and he swayed dangerously. He tried to control his horse, but his strength, born of adrenaline, had dissipated. His horse stumbled and Will couldn't stop his fall. His right knee twisted as he fell and his right temple bounced off a flat rock. He lay unconscious, still shivering as precious body heat was lost, a trickle of blood pooling around his head.

Nando and Bart were experienced trackers and knew they would have no problem following Will's trail. However, Nando was getting more distressed as they failed to catch sight of the young man they chased. Bart kept up a litany of apologies. Nando remained angry that the older man hadn't immediately admitted his stumbling upon Will, but was equally touched he would go to so much trouble to protect his nephew and was prepared to support them both. Nando had wanted the younger Brooks sibling as an ally in regards to Will's older uncle, Jack. Nando knew a same sex relationship would not be what the older Brooks would want for his nephew. The relationship Nando wanted with Will was sanctioned and welcomed in civil ordnances in his native Costa Roja and Nando was more than prepared to marry his younger lover and adopt the formal civil relationship of Husband and Spouse and live in Costa Roja. Mexico and America were not so tolerant and although some couples lived happily, there was some hostility and no such formal relationship as the two men could enjoy in their small Eden. Given the need for support, Nando kept his anger firmly lidded as it would benefit no-one, least of all his frightened young Mate.

"There's his horse," Bart's voice drew Nando from his reverie. "But I don't see Will".

"Deo mio," breathed Nando in fear. "He's been thrown, he's hurt". The South American urged his horse faster, and then rapidly dismounted to kneel at his lover's side. He took in the pale and bloodied face and the twisted leg. "Will?" he whispered hoarsely, gently laying the younger man in his lap. He stroked Will's cheek lovingly. "Will, it's Nando, mi Pequino. Can you hear me, love? Can you wake for me? Please, my love".

Bart emptied some of the water from his canteen onto his neckerchief and squatting next to his nephew passed the canteen to Nando whilst he gently cleansed the cut on Will's temple. Nando took the canteen and nodded tersely. Finishing the desultory cleaning, Bart tenderly felt down the younger man's twisted leg and straightened it out when assured it was safe.

"It's not broke, Nando," he said. "It'll be sore for a couple of days though".

Nando nodded tightly once again. His more pressing concern was his young lover's failure to awaken. Nando shifted Will to lay across his lap and taking Bart's neckerchief, pressed it against Will's temple. Finally the cold and the sting from the cut registered in Will's consciousness and Nando was relieved when Will moaned softly and shifted restlessly in response. Both men strained to hear Will's broken words.

"Uncle Bart hates me. Everyone will hate me. Nando will be sent away. Never see him. Can't be without him. Love you, Nando. Don't leave me, please".

"Ah, Will, son," Bart groaned. "I don't hate you, Boy. I just thought you'd want me to leave. I just want to help. Come back to us, Will".

"Mi Angel," Nando murmured into Will's ear. "Nobody can stop me loving you. I won't leave. Please awaken, mi chico bonito. Will, please look at me. See I speak the truth".

The two older men unconsciously held their breaths as Will's eyes flickered in response to Nando's words of reassurance. As his eyes opened, Will began to smile at his lover, and then he caught sight of his uncle. The smile fled and Nando felt the sudden tenseness of the body in his arms. The change in demeanour was not lost on Bart. Instantly the older man grasped his nephew's hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed the knuckles. Bart knew he wasn't good with words and hoped the gesture would bring the reassurance he knew Will needed.

"B...Bart?" Will's voice was roughened by his earlier distress.

"I don't hate you, Will," Bart replied. "I didn't think you'd want me to hang round when I...uh...first arrived. I'm happy for you: for both of you. I wanted to give you and Nando any help and support that I could".

Will tried to speak again, but only a gentle sobbing sound came out.

"It's getting dark," Nando observed. "We need to get you home. Can you stand, Will? We can help you".

Between them, the two older men got Will to his feet, but the younger man was dizzy and unable to put weight on his knee. Slowly they managed to get him on Nando's horse, safe in the South American's arms and the three men rode home.

After permitting Bart and Nando to assist in fully stripping Will, Juanita shooed them both downstairs while she assessed the young man's hurts. She knew he would be embarrassed to be examined by a woman when naked and didn't want the presence of the other men to add to the pretty young man's distress.

As though the young man was one of her own nephews, Juanita gently cleansed the scrapes and grazes and wrapped the injured knee in a cold compress while she devoted her attention to the head wound. Carefully cleaning the entire area, she stared critically at the cut before deciding it would heal with just a dressing. She would need to inform his worried lover to expect spectacular bruising. She realized that dazed azure eyes were looking at her in confusion. Smiling, she stroked Will's hair and crooned a favourite lullaby. She smiled affectionately as the young man's eyes closed and soft sounds of sleeping drifted upwards.

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