Naomi's Boy Toy


I am employed by a livery service in Los Angeles. Our service is often utilized by various celebrities because of a well-deserved reputation for discretion and excellent service. It's a job I enjoy greatly, not least because of the opportunity to share the occasional sexual fling with one of my famous passengers.

These flings are always at the instigation of my passenger. I value the work too much to go making unwelcome advances. Now don't get the wrong idea. It doesn't happen with everyone that gets in my car. It seems to be a matter of circumstances being just right. I just don't bother writing about the typical drive 'em here, drive 'em there, take 'em home assignments. I would rather make known the tales of the tails I've known.

Some of the tales are pretty standard in terms of the sexual activity. They just happen to involve people that are well-known entertainers and such. On the other hand, I have had a few adventures that went beyond what is typically classified as "normal" sex; they would most likely be classified as "kinky". The first time this happened was with fashion model Naomi Campbell.

My assignment was to drive up to Ventura, about an hour north of Los Angeles, to pick up Miss Campbell and bring her back to the city. I made good time on the drive up and arrived about 20 minutes before I was expected. I parked the limousine outside the address I was given and went into the lobby.

It was a large office building with several floors and a number of offices listed on the directory. I hadn't been given any specific instructions beyond the address but I noticed a photography studio listed for the third floor. I figured that was good bet, especially considering it was a Saturday afternoon and the other businesses were likely closed. I took the elevator to the third floor and when the doors opened, I found myself standing in front of a reception desk manned by a young blonde wearing a telephone headset.

She was speaking into the phone so I waited patiently until she finished and explained why I was there. It turned out I was at the correct location and the receptionist indicated that I should have a seat while she notified Miss Campbell that I had arrived.

Several minutes later, she called to me and told me I could go ahead to the dressing room, as the shoot was finished and Miss Campbell would probably need assistance with her bags. I followed her instructions down a hallway and knocked on a door that said "Dressing Room".

A voice loudly called for me to come in, so I opened the door and walked inside. There were quite a few people inside, some who appeared to be other models and some who appeared to be aides and assistants of both sexes. Before I had a chance to say anything, an older woman approached and asked if she could help me. I explained who I was and she indicated a tall black woman in the corner, seated at a makeup table with her back to me.

I moved across the room and cleared my throat, then spoke her name. She stood and turned to face me. She was wearing a yellow knit mini-skirt and a matching yellow tube top. The top was low on her chest and revealed her tits almost to her nipples, which were poking out through the material. I guess I was staring noticeably, because she put her finger under my chin, tilted my head up so I was looking at her face and said "I'm up here."

I was pretty embarrassed to have been caught ogling her and I felt my cheeks flush. She laughed at my reddened face and gave me a little pat on the head. I dropped my eyes completely to the floor, noticing in the process that she was barefoot.

"Aw, don't be that way. Men just can't help themselves. What's your name, handsome?" she inquired.

I introduced myself and explained that I was her chauffeur for her ride back to Los Angeles. She nodded and indicated several nearby pieces of luggage, asking if I could carry them for her. I grabbed the bags and turned to lead her out. As I passed by her, I gave a gasp and a little jump as she pinched my ass, hard.

"Yeah, I like that!" she murmured, then called out to the other folks in the dressing room. "Good-bye all! Me and my boy toy gotta hit the road."

I felt myself blushing again and found myself wondering if she was going to be like this the entire ride. I wasn't used to such flirtatious behavior and found it kind of intimidating. The typical passenger was much more low-key.

We rode the elevator down to the lobby and I led the way to the car. I opened the trunk and as I was stowing the bags, her hand snaked down between my legs to fondle my balls. I gave a start and banged my head on the trunk lid, causing her to laugh.

I was a little upset at this but kept my cool, knowing it was only a short ride back to L.A. When I closed the trunk and turned towards the sidewalk, Miss Campbell was standing on the edge of the curb. The additional height of the curb put her tits right at my eye level and I couldn't help taking another look. After all, they were barely covered and the sight of her hard nipples pressing against the fabric was riveting.

I abruptly realized I was staring and looked away, blushing for the third time. I was silently cursing myself. I am normally pretty blasé around beautiful women, having become slightly inured to their presence during my years of driving. This one, however, was brazenly sexual and enjoying my discomfort. Then she made it even worse for me.

"Well, I better do this or you'll drive us off the road thinking about my tits." As she said this, she pulled the front of her tube top down so her tits flopped free of the material. She cupped them in her hands and told me to go ahead and look.

In spite of myself, I did look, briefly, then turned my head and reached for her car door. I was completely rattled by now and desperate to get on the road. She let go of her boobs but made no move to cover them, instead strolling casually over to the open door and sliding into the back seat. I closed the door as soon as I could, amazed at the whole episode.

I stood outside the car for a minute, taking a few deep breaths and trying to focus. I was telling myself to be a professional; just finish the assignment and let it go. I was sweating and uncomfortably aware that her antics had given me the beginnings on an erection. I unconsciously moved my hand to make my cock sit a little more comfortably and her door popped open.

Naomi was grinning widely at me and I noticed she had still not put her tits back into the top. She called to me rather loudly to stop playing with myself and get back to business. I was totally chagrined and felt like a sixth grade kid as I opened the drivers door and gratefully slid into my seat.

I headed out to the freeway, glad to finally be off and driving. In a few minutes, we were back on the 405, heading south to Los Angeles. I found my mind wandering over the events of the last few minutes and had to brake hard to avoid a car merging onto the freeway ahead of me.

Almost immediately, the intercom connecting the driver to the passenger compartment buzzed and I heard Miss Campbell's voice mocking me.

"Keep your mind on the road, Henry, not on my tits. We want to get here alive, don't we?"

I cursed to myself and despite everything, I found myself wondering if she had even put her tits back into her tube top. I unconsciously slowed down to about 50 miles an hour and came out of my reverie when the car behind me blew it's horn.

Again the intercom buzzed and Naomi fired off another shot. "I think you ought to speed up, Henry. We do want to get there today. Don't make me give you a spanking!"

I quickly brought the car back up to speed, and flipped on the air conditioning to combat the sweat pouring down my face. Damn, this assignment was turning into a nightmare. All I wanted was to finish the job and find the nearest bar.

Traffic was normal for a Saturday afternoon and we were making fairly good time. My passenger was quiet for fifteen minutes or so and I started to think she had tired of toying with me. Not hardly!

The intercom crackled once more. I was beginning to hate the damn thing and found myself gritting my teeth as I waited for her to speak.

"So, Henry, what other services you provide besides driving?"

I didn't say anything, afraid that whatever I said would simply provide more ammunition for her to continue teasing me. However, she wasn't willing to let things rest.

"Henry, are you mad at me? I'm just playing with you, sweetheart. Tell me you're not angry."

"No, I'm not mad, Miss Campbell."

"Ooh, 'Miss Campbell'. I like the way you say that. I like any man that knows the ladies are in charge. Long as a man does what I tell him, I won't hurt him much."

My mind was spinning now. I couldn't figure out what she was trying to do. Was she just trying to see how far she could push things or was she leading up to a proposal? Nothing in my past experience had prepared me for this and I was bewildered as to what to do or say. I finally decided that I should just be patient and remind myself that it was just a job.

I continued to make good time, probably because I was exceeding the speed limit in my desire to finish my assignment. Traffic had thinned out and I was able to set the cruise control and relax a little bit.

We were about five minutes from her hotel now and I began to breathe a little easier. She hadn't spoken in almost 20 minutes when the freaking intercom buzzed again. Her voice was pitched a little different now and she seemed serious when she spoke.

"So how's the action in this town, Henry?"

I named a few of the clubs that where currently popular among the jet set and gave a brief rundown of each one. I also identified a few restaurants, unsure what her intentions were.

She sighed and spoke in a voice of pity, "Poor Henry. He don't understand the difference between action and dinner. Honey, you ever hear of sex? You know, the horizontal mambo, doin' the nasty, getting' it on? I think Naomi got to do right by you. You don't get out much."

I sighed to myself, partly in frustration but mostly in relief that the assignment nearly complete. I was pulling up in front of the hotel now and the longest ride of my life was almost over. I pulled to the curb and noticed the bellhop was busy unloading a car ahead of me. Not wanting prolong things any longer than necessary, I hopped out and practically ran around the car to open her door.

She was sitting in the middle of the wide rear seat, and I was glad to see she had covered herself up again. She grinned at me and winked as her hands slid under her miniskirt. To my utter astonishment, she lifted her hips off the seat and slid a pair of panties down her legs. One foot came out of the panties and she extended the other leg towards me, pressing the sole of her foot against my crotch and letting the underwear dangle from her toes.

"Here's your tip, Henry. Take them with my compliments."

My jaw was gaped open and I numbly reached forward and took the silky fabric in my hand. I stood there, dumbfounded, as she slid towards the door. She very deliberately brushed her tits against me as she stood up and I felt my dick swelling in my pants. She gave my cock a quick squeeze and told me to come up to her room in half an hour if I wanted a bigger reward.

She called to the bellhop to come get her bags and turned back to me. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered to me in a sexy voice.

"If you do come up, Henry, I'll show you what I mean by action. Only two rules: you do whatever I tell you to and you wear those panties when you knock on my door. Room 617, half an hour."

Then she turned and walked away without a backward glance. My eyes were glued to her long legs and swaying ass, now covered only by her tight yellow mini skirt. I stood there like an idiot until the bellhop broke the trance, asking me to open the trunk. I realized I was still holding her underwear in my hand and quickly shoved them in my pocket before letting him in to get Miss Campbell's luggage.

I climbed back behind the wheel and sat there, stunned beyond belief. Had she really just invited me up to her room? Granted, I had seen my job bring some action my way in the past, but not like this. I thought about pinching myself to see if I was dreaming and only reminded myself that she had given my ass a solid pinch within a minute of meeting me. I reached into my pocket and sure enough, a tiny pair of lace panties were now in my possession.

The bellboy had long since finished unloading the trunk and must have been annoyed that I was blocking the driveway. I jumped in surprise when he knocked on my window and I hastily balled the panties up in my hand. I started the car and pulled out of the hotel, automatically heading towards the dispatch office.

Something made me pull over to the curb. The entire sequence of events since my arrival in Ventura ran through my head. I thought of how she had flashed her tits, and her comment that if a man did what she wanted, she wouldn't hurt him much. I began to get an erection and then the memory of her peeling off her panties and extending her leg came into my head. I could almost feel her tits brushing against me and her hand squeezing my cock. I realized that I was sweating again and that my cock was fully erect.

I was still puzzled by the whole thing and scared to return to her hotel. I was equally afraid of missing the chance to see what would happen in her room. I had been with my share of women before but I had never felt so overwhelmed by any of them. The whole episode had been kind of humiliating but her blatant sexuality had kept me strangely excited. For several moments, fear wrestled with arousal and curiosity, and in the end, arousal and curiosity carried the day.

I headed back to the hotel, very aware that almost 20 minutes had passed since she had extended her offer, or challenge or ultimatum, whatever the hell it was. I parked in the garage under the hotel and, feeling like a fool, removed my own boxer shorts and put on the underwear Miss Campbell had given me.

They were thong type panties, made from satin or silk or something. I had no trouble drawing them up to my waist, but the tiny triangle in front didn't have much room for my hard-on. The head of my dick poked out of the side and what was concealed by the fabric was tightly confined. The elastic band running between my ass cheeks felt pretty weird and I couldn't believe I was sitting in a hotel parking garage putting on women's underwear.

I realized I had to get a move on and hurriedly pulled my pants back up, then tied my shoes, which I had removed to get the pants off. I was sweating again, and used my handkerchief to wipe off my neck and face. Then I walked quickly to the elevator.

As I waited for a car to arrive, I realized that my crotch was bulging with my erection and the silky fabric rubbing against the head was keeping me stimulated. I tried to think about something other than sex, but of course that was impossible. I was hoping no one would board the elevator, as my arousal would be obvious.

Naturally, two attractive women in the late twenties boarded at the lobby level. They exited at the third floor and I heard them giggle at some comment one of them made. Although I had no way of knowing if I was the subject of their laughter, I was humiliated at the whole thing and was grateful to reach the sixth floor.

I half ran to the door of room 617 and took a few deep breaths, trying to settle myself down. I thought briefly of running back to the elevator and getting the hell out. Was I nuts? Granted, Miss Campbell was absolutely beautiful but did I really want to subject myself to her whims? My mind was still filled with doubt and my mind seemed separated from my body as I watched my hand reach out and knock on her door, timidly at first then with a solid thump.

Nothing happened for a full minute and I was almost happy, thinking she had changed her mind. Then the feeling of my cock wedged into the tight panties I was wearing reminded me that I was sexually primed and I reconsidered. I reached out to knock again but before my hand connected, the door swung open.

I inhaled sharply at the vision before me. She had obviously showered during the previous half hour, as her hair was still damp. She was wearing a sheer white robe that barely reached past her crotch. She had white mules on her feet, with a three inch heel and little puffs of white on the single straps that ran across her feet. The added height of the slippers made her about an inch taller than myself and she seemed to tower above me as she stepped up close to me.

She ran her hand down my cheek and smiled as she spoke, "Well, well, little Henry is braver than I thought. Are you wearing my panties, honey?"

I nodded my head twice, entranced by the sight of her. The double thickness of the robe where it was folded across her front didn't conceal much, It was obvious she was nude beneath the thin fabric and I could see the shadow of her nipples. She crossed her arms across her chest and I heard in her voice the same mocking tone she had used earlier.

"Cat got your tongue, Henry? A gentleman doesn't nod his head, he answers politely and respectfully. I ask you again, are you wearing my panties?"

"Yes, Miss Campbell. I did as you asked."

"I didn't ask, Henry. I told you. Just as I will tell you what to do the entire time you are in my room. Are you going to be a good little toy? Believe me, I'd enjoy giving that tight little ass of yours a good spanking.

To be honest, her words scared me. I had never had any S/M experiences but I knew that to plenty of people, it was a big part of their sex lives. I also knew she meant what she said. She was calling the shots and if I entered that room, it would be under her terms. My throat went dry at the thought but I was too far lost in her sexual web. I licked my lips nervously and told her I was ready to what she told me.

"Yes, Miss Campbell. I'll be a good little toy. You're the boss here."

"Let's see how well you can listen. Kneel on all fours."

Because of her position in the doorway, I was entirely in the hallway as I did as she ordered. I was embarrassed to be kneeling outside her room like a dog begging to be let in, but I was committed now to seeing where this would take me.

Her feet were directly under my nose and I heard her tell me to kiss her toes. I obediently dropped my head and pressed my lips against the toes of each foot. Apparently I had passed first test, for she stood to the side and told me to crawl into the middle of the room and stay on all fours.

I did as she said, my face burning with shame and my cock pulsing with delight. I heard her foot steps and her feet and lower legs passed through my field of vision as she settled onto a sofa in front of me. I couldn't resist the urge to look towards her pussy but she wasn't going to allow me any cheap thrills.

"Eyes on the ground, Henry. You look at me when I tell you to, not before. Understand?"

"Yes, Miss Campbell. I'm sorry, ma'am."

"Good. Now then, lets get a look at you in those panties. Stay on the floor as you undress."

It was difficult to remove my uniform in such a manner but in a few minutes, I was kneeling on all fours once again, this time wearing only a tiny pair of ladies underwear. I could feel my cock poking from the side of the front panel as I waited for her next command.

Two full minutes passed before she spoke again. She told me to crawl forward and sit back so that my ass was resting on my lower legs. I did as she told me, and then spread my legs apart when she ordered. She noticed my dick wasn't fully covered by the panties and ordered me to stand up. When I did so, she adjusted them so my cock head was trapped in the front of the underwear. This left a gap at the top where my cock bent within the confinement and she seems pleased with the obscene picture this created.

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