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Napa Sexual Awakening


It has been a few years since I last submitted a story or since I actually had a story worth telling Lit readers. I hope you find the story which follows as exciting and satisfying as I did...

To review, my wife Stacy and I have an average sex life; mostly common sexual experiences and mundane sexual exploits throughout our 5 plus years together. Other then our Bora Bora vacation (First Lit Submission: Bora Bora Sexual Awakening) our sex life has more valleys than peaks.

My wife is a sexy woman, and if you haven't read my previous story submission, she is 5'9" 130 pounds, 34B/C breasts, with very nice curves, brown hair and brown eyes. She is a real looker, turning heads when she enters any room, and way out of my league. I am a lucky man to of married such an attractive sexy woman with a very unique personality.

My wife Stacy was turning 30 last summer and I planned a getaway weekend for just her and me. A trip to Napa Valley to see one of the most beautiful areas of the country was our destination.

We left for Napa late Thursday afternoon, arriving at the B&B later evening. Enough time to get a late snack and arrange for bed. The drive from the airport reveled vineyards at every turn, rolling hills, and more natural beauty then almost anywhere I have ever seen.

Morning arrived and as we finished our amazing breakfast, a man in a black suit approached our table. He introduced himself as Tom our driver for the day. My wife was surprised by my planning and continued birthday giving. Tom escorted us to the beautiful 300 class limo waiting in front of the B&B. He drove off to start our day of wine tasting and vineyard tours.

The day was perfect; sun shining, warm weather, soft breeze. Being Friday, the vineyards were a little slower than normal, allowing for additional tasting in private rooms; we even got a personal tour by one vineyard owner. I could tell my wife was drinking more than she had planned. She wasn't drunk but she was getting very flirtatious and not just with me. Servers behind the wine bars, other patrons, even Tom or driver was getting some flirting action. I love to see my wife use her beauty and sexual appeal to her advantage.

As night approached, I spoke with Tom as we waited in the limo for my wife to finish her purchases inside our last winery. I asked Tom if he knew of any clubs in the area; and of course he asked what kind. But I noticed a little tone to his voice. And looking back, I am sure my wife's flirting had something to do with why Tom came to suggesting such a club. As Tom described the club, it sounded more like an "adult" wine bar; but he was a little vague with fine details. Maybe the wine distorted my decision making ability, but without a second thought, we headed to the club.

When we arrived I was surprised by the fact it was an old mansion in the country, on the outskirts of the town of Napa. It was a beautiful building, quite an interesting site. Tom dropped us off and went to park, waiting for our return. Once in the club we were greeted by a hostess, and let me tell you she was wearing a very skimpy tight red dress. She was a sexy young woman, early twenties, blond hair, perk breasts, firm ass. She really set the mood for this interesting place. She walked us to the bar area, where we sat at a table. Of course I watched her walk away just a little too long and I got the friendly slap on the knee.

We looked around the bar area and noticed the other people and they all seemed to be sitting a little close to each other, even tables with 3 or 4 people. With a closer look, some were even kissing and hands were wandering under the tables, although somewhat discreetly. A waitress approached our table, and again she was a very attractive younger woman. Not the level of the hostess but a very sexy short-black hair, petite woman. She sat down and handed us two menus, which at the time, other then her sitting with us, seem fairly normal. The first menu being the wine list; she consulted on a selection and we agreed with a bottle.

Now the second menu, which I thought was a food menu, turned out to be a big surprise. It was a list of "Services" offered by the club. Each "Service" was described in an interesting vague but understandable manner. Our waitress began to explain the club and how proceedings would unfold. I looked to my wife expecting her eyes to read "let's get the hell out of here," but to my surprise she looked intrigued, even asked a couple questions. As my wife and the waitress chatted I sat stunned, almost removed from my present surroundings.

I was brought back to reality when the waitress stood up and left our table. I looked to my wife for some answers and all I got was a smile. And before I could find any words the hostess approached our table, asked my wife and I to follow, and I did only because my wife lead me by the hand. I followed them both up some stairs and down a candle lit hallway. We went inside one of the rooms which had more candles burning, soft music playing and not much else. The only furniture was two massage tables, not like I have seen before; these were much softer and grander. The hostess explained a few things to my wife and exited the room.

Stacy approached me, kissing me on the lips. She broke our kiss and told me to undress and lay on the table. As I removed my shirt, I watched my sexy wife slip her sundress to the floor exposing her perfect curves. She removed her thong bending over seductively as she did. Watching her made my dick grow semi hard. Once I was naked Stacy looked at my cock and joked how the hostess must have had that reaction on me. I smiled and followed her lead-laying face down on the massage table.

Moments later the door opened and I watched as two people walked in the room. I was a little stunned and nervous but ready for almost anything. One was a guy; he was dressed in white cloth pants and nothing else. He was toned and looked to be in his early 20's, tall, black hair, an attractive man. The other was a woman; she was wearing a lacy sports-bra like top and tight black leggings. She was a clone of the hostess, a real sexy blond. Of course I couldn't take my eyes off her as she approached me on the massage table. They introduced themselves as Kyle and Summer.

Almost instantly Summer began to massage my body; using lots of massage oil. I have had professional massages before, but never in such a place or naked, meaning no towel or sheet covering my body. Summer rubbed my neck, shoulders, and back. I flinched a little when she rubbed my ass and thighs; my dick grew harder from her touch. I looked over to my wife and Kyle was rubbing her ass just the same, although, Stacy seemed to moan from his touches and her legs seem to spread farther apart. Summer rubbed my legs and ended with my feet; asking me to turn over so she could massage the front.

A little nervous, having an erect dick for all to see, I did as I was told. Once flipped over I noticed Summer had stripped naked; and she was a sexy women. Her nipples stood erect atop her firm breasts. Her skin looked very soft and smooth. Her hands touched my legs again, working up to my thighs. I looked over to my wife, and I noticed Kyle was naked as well and rubbing my wife from her feet up to her thighs. I couldn't help but glance at his cock, which although still soft, looked a little bigger then mine.

Summer rubbed up to my inner thighs; I watched her naked body as she rubbed closer to my cock. She moved so her back and firm ass was towards my face, her hands now working very close to my cock. Again I looked at my wife, this time she was looking at me and smiling. I am not sure if the smile was because Kyle was now rubbing her breasts or because of the entire situation. I watched as Kyle rubbed around each nipple, making each more erect. Summer grabbed my attention when her hands full of massage oil rubbed my hard cock. Up and down she stroked, her hands working my cock from head to balls. I noticed I wasn't the only one watching Summer work my cock, so was my wife.

I moved my hand down and rubbed over Summer's firm ass as she rubbed my cock up and down with both hands. I looked over to my wife to see Kyle had moved her hand onto his cock as he rubbed a few fingers over her bald pussy. Kyle was now hard, his cock in my wife's hand, his fingers in her pussy and around her clit. She was moaning, eyes shut, as she stroked his cock and enjoyed his touches. My wife's moans became louder and more frequent; she was really enjoying the moment.

I was getting closer to cumming; Summer was rubbing my cock hard and fast and moaning as she stroked the entire length. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and didn't even try. With a few last strokes I blasted my cum as I moaned loud from pleasure. Summer kept rubbing my cock slow and my balls soft. We both looked over to see my wife stroking Kyle harder and faster as he fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit.

She was getting close to cumming herself; Kyle was pushing all the right buttons as Summer and I watched. As he continued Summer kept me hard to semi hard by stroking and rubbing my cock and balls. She played and we watched as Kyle brought Stacy to a very loud and powerful orgasm. My wife exploded with a scream and a few jolts, cumming in a powerful motion. Kyle slowed his strokes and softened his touches until he rubbed his fingertips across her body.

They said thank you, dressed, and exited the room. My wife and I looked at each other and smiled, getting dressed in a sexual bliss we exited and returned to our table in the bar. Our bottle of wine sat chilling, opened and ready to drink. We finished it and paid our bill, exciting this unique club hand in hand. Tom waited with the limo, door open, and a large smile on his face. He drove off with out saying a word; just a little grin could be seen in the rear view mirror.

Stacy and I retreated to our room in the B&B, made passionate sex, really first class sex by our standards. With a kiss good night we both fell asleep with her in my arms.

I look forward to the next true story I can submit for your reading pleasure...

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