tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Amulet Ch. 04

Narlissa and the Amulet Ch. 04


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, sat low on her horse as it sped through the wilderness. She always made sure she picked mounts that were sure-footed in thick woodland because she very rarely took main roads. As a thief she spent half her time quickly escaping a target and she didn't want to make her journey on paths that might mean she was easily found.

This horse was a good one and she had used her for nearly a year now. Her name was Faeht, an elvish word meaning simply "fast horse". Although it was not particularly imaginative the general human population spoke no elvish and so Narlissa knew she was not likely to meet another rider with a horse with the same name.

She was making good time and had been riding for almost the whole afternoon. It was the middle of evening now and the sun was just starting to think about setting. The visit to Malcolm's shop had taken place early in the afternoon as Narlissa did not want to risk staying in the town too long, so she now found herself a great distance from the baron's house.

Her only fear was that she would have to get near the city to sell the amulet. Thankfully her fence lived just outside the walls so she would not have to pass any guards but she still always felt nervous before she met the man.

With that thought in mind Narlissa rounded a corner and found herself on a road. It was not well used and the muddy track was grown through with grass. She suspected it was a little-known route between two villages and as such only ever travelled by the locals. She was unlikely to find any guards or soldiers here.

Narlissa continued on at a slower pace, allowing Faeht the time to relax a bit on surer footing and a more gentle speed. She did not want to damage the horse by any means - Narlissa had always loved the woodland and the animals, but that was not surprising given that she was half-elf. The elves were known for their affinity with nature and most never ventured near a human city, preferring their own versions of cities that existed amongst the trees. Narlissa had only ever seen an elven city once and it was quite beautiful. She always found it amazing how the different races of the land could have so many different types of city.

She was thinking about dwarf cities and how she had never seen one when she saw the carriage lying at a strange angle at the side of the path. Two horses stood unhitched nearby grazing on the grass and she slowed Faeht as she passed it. The carriage was large and ornate, probably belonging to a merchant, and it looked like it had crashed. It was lying not quite on its side but also not upright and she then noticed that its rear right wheel was lying awkwardly in a ditch.

There was a man there, frantically digging through the mud to try and remove the wheel. He was dressed in expensive clothes although they were now caked with dirt and he was muttering to himself as he tried to free the wheel.

"Can I help?" Narlissa said.

The man jumped and turned around, looking Narlissa up and down. "You could, m'lady," he said.

Narlissa dismounted, stepping forwards. She got a better look at the man then and realised he was actually very handsome. His face was clear of mud and she could see the slight beard that suited his manly features. Steely blue eyes stared out from under a fringe of red hair. She guessed he was about her age (in his mid-twenties) and probably 6'2" or so.

"How can I help?" she said, climbing next to him. He was fairly broad and she realised that he was in very good shape for a merchant. Most merchants spend their fortunes getting very fat indeed.

"If I could be so bold, I would use your horse to pull this carriage out," he said. "I have been trying to dig the wheel free as two horses are just not strong enough but I am having no luck. A third horse will probably do it."

Narlissa bit her lower lip and turned to Faeht. She was sure the horse was able for the task. "Very well, sir. But first I must know your name. I am Narlissa."

"Forgive my rudeness, Narlissa. I am Paul, trader of fur."

She climbed out of the ditch then, bringing Faeht round to the front of the carriage whilst Paul hitched his two horses back to it. After he was done Narlissa placed Faeht at the head of the group.

"Well, here we go," Paul smiled, climbing into the driving seat. He looked down at Narlissa and grinned. "Are you going to join me?"

Narlissa climbed up next to him quickly. He commanded the horses forward and they started to walk, even Faeht. Narlissa was impressed at his horsemanship. With a lurching groan the carriage pulled free from the ditch.

"Yes!" Paul shouted joyfully as it started to move once more. Clearly Faeht's extra help had done the trick.

Narlissa smiled happily too. She might have been a thief but she still liked to help people. She only stole from those who didn't really deserve their money in the first place, or at least abused the power it gave them.

After a few minutes, Paul turned to her. "If you want me to stop, Narlissa, just say. I am aware you were on a journey and though I appreciate your lovely company I will not hold you up. I think my own two horses will suffice again."

Narlissa considered a moment. She could carry on riding for a little while but the sun was getting low now and she would be stopping to camp soon anyway. Staying with Paul would mean she might not have to sleep out in the wilderness given the size of his carriage. And perhaps she might have company for the night...

"I would be stopping to camp soon anyway, Paul. Where are you heading to?"

"I was supposed to reach the next village by nightfall," he sighed. "But that delay has held me up. Don't worry, there is nothing unsafe or unpleasant in these woods, I was just looking forward to the companionship of another person tonight."

Narlissa raised an eyebrow. "Companionship?" Her pussy throbbed at the thought. It had been morning when she last had sex, and her cunt was beginning to yearn for a cock once more.

Paul went slightly red. "Ah, nothing, nothing," he quickly stammered. "Ignore me."

"Very well," Narlissa said, not wanting to embarrass him. She pointed to a slight clearing to the left. "Perhaps you could stop there. It looks a solid place to camp."

Paul nodded, and turned the carriage, stopping it in the clearing. The dimming rays of sunlight filled the grove. Narlissa then noticed the stream running at the bottom.

"You are welcome to stay in my carriage tonight, Narlissa," Paul said. "There are two beds at opposite ends in case I have visitors and a curtain for privacy, so do not worry about that. I must offer you something in return for your help. It is more comfortable than sleeping in the wilderness at least."

"Thank you, Paul. I accept your offer," she smiled. She also had no intention whatsoever of sleeping in a separate bed to this very attractive man.

He climbed down and so did she. Turning to the stream, Paul smiled. "I think perhaps I should bathe before I enter the carriage given how covered in mud I am," he laughed. "I will join you in there shortly, Narlissa. Please make yourself at home."

Paul turned then and Narlissa watched as he reached the water's edge and peeled off his shirt. He had a lovely strong chest with a nice amount of chest hair. Narlissa liked her men in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as long as they were attractive. And Paul was definitely attractive.

Remembering how embarrassed he had got when she mentioned companionship earlier, however, she thought he might panic if he saw her watching him, so she quickly climbed into the carriage. It was more spacious on the inside than it looked on the outside. Immediately to her left was a raised bed with a curtain which she assumed was the visitor's bed. A table stood in the middle resting on a few heavy chests she guessed were full of furs to sell and a much larger bed stood at the rear of the carriage. It was not a huge room (it had to be pulled by horses after all) but it was big enough to be comfortable.

She set down her pack and unclipped her leather armour. With a smirk she pulled it from her slender body and soon she was naked. The carriage was warm and it was a relief to have her armour off. It was not uncomfortable (sometimes she had to wear it for days) but it was still nice to be free of it for a while.

Moving to the window she watched Paul as he bathed. He had stripped to his undergarments and she could see his lovely body. She was getting so wet just staring at him that she thought she might explode as he grabbed his now-clean clothes and started to walk back to the carriage.

She quickly lit some of the lamps with a match and moved to lie in the visitor's bed. Paul seemed the timid type and she didn't want to scare him off, no matter how much her pussy wanted her just to jump him at the first opportunity.

Instead she waited as Paul entered the carriage and glanced at what he thought was her sleeping form, before quietly locking the door behind him. She felt his gaze lingering over her body (the thin sheets revealed her figure well) then he began to move towards his bed. Getting there, he glanced back over at Narlissa to make sure she was asleep, then pulled down his underwear.

Narlissa watched him with barely-open eyes. He looked wonderful naked and soon she could take no more. As Paul set his clothes aside she slipped from the covers and moved quickly and quietly towards him. She was a master of stealth and he had no idea she was there.

"Hello Paul," she said quietly.

He yelped in surprise and spun to her, the surprise rapidly becoming embarrassment as he remembered he was naked. He sat back quickly on the large bed and covered his cock with his hands.

That embarrassment then seemed to be clouded by something else as he realised that she was naked, too. His eyes roved over her body even as he stammered an apology.

"I'm s-sorry," he said.

Narlissa was not sure what he was saying sorry for but she didn't care either. Instead she stepped closer to him again. She enjoyed the way his breath quickened.

"Paul, I can see you enjoying the sight of my naked body," she grinned. "So how about you stop acting embarrassed and let me suck your cock?"

He breathed out and slowly pulled his hands away. His length was already rock hard at the sight of her and Narlissa smirked that she had had such an effect. She dropped to her knees.

"It is a lovely cock," she moaned as she reached out. She leaned forwards and Paul gasped in pleasure as she took his length between her lips.

She hungrily sucked his length. She alternated between swirling her tip around his ridges and bobbing her head rapidly on his shaft. Paul groaned louder and louder. As the minutes passed by his confidence grew and Narlissa moaned as he reached down to play with one of her big tits.

It felt wonderful and soon Narlissa could take no more. She stood, pushing Paul back onto the bed. She climbed on with him and rolled onto her back. He knew what she wanted and was soon propped up above her.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as he pushed his cock inside her. He groaned too as he stuffed full her eager cunt and stared blissfully at her. Narlissa grinned back at the merchant.

He began to move his hips and soon he was pumping quickly into her slender body. Her breasts shook on her chest and she wrapped her legs around his waist so that he could get even deeper into her. Narlissa was crying out her ecstasy as her orgasm got closer.

His hard body looked amazing in the lamplight of the carriage and she thought she could feel the whole room shaking with his thrusts. From outside there would be no doubt what was happening in the carriage and Narlissa found that thought incredibly hot.

She reached up and grasped Paul's cheeks, holding him above her as he grunted out his pleasure. His hips slammed against hers and his body quivered with the effort of their sex. His muscles were taut and his eyes were starting to glaze. Narlissa knew he was close. So was she and seconds later she was pushed over the edge.

"Fuck yes!" she shrieked as she came. Her cunt clamped down on Paul's cock, spasming around his length. He joined her in climax and Narlissa knew his seed was spurting inside her. The thought drove her even higher to absolute orgasmic bliss and it seemed a long time until the rapture started to fade.

At last he slumped down on top of her and Narlissa held him close. Rolling over, Paul grinned and sighed.

"I'm glad you overcame your embarrassment," Narlissa winked, setting her head down on the pillow.

She was asleep moments later.

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