tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Amulet Ch. 05

Narlissa and the Amulet Ch. 05


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, awoke with a satisfied moan that only a good night's sleep after a nice hot fuck can bring. She rolled over and sighed happily at the sight of Paul lying asleep next to her. Happy because he was very handsome and she thought he was cute but also because her cunt had started to tingle with desire and she knew this attractive man would have few doubts about stuffing her full of his cock once again. Once he woke up, of course.

To that end, Narlissa reached out. She smirked to herself as her hand slid under the covers and started to run down the front of Paul's body. He moaned and his eyelids fluttered, slowly opening. A grin spread across his face which was quickly replaced by a pleasurable gasp as her hand wrapped around his cock.

"You know how to wake a man up, Narlissa," he groaned as she started to pump on his length, which was growing harder by the second.

"I do," she winked back, throwing back the covers. She kissed down his naked body and he reached out to grasp her red hair, playing with the beads she wore around her head. She parted her mouth and sucked his cock between her lips. Paul moaned loudly at the feeling.

Narlissa enjoyed giving blowjobs. She expected her lovers felt the same way about going down on her. It was incredibly hot knowing that this other person was lying there in ecstasy because of something she was doing to them and Paul was definitely in ecstasy. His eyes kept rolling back every time she bobbed her head and his moans were loud in the carriage.

Narlissa could take no more. Climbing quickly up his body she lifted her hips, grabbing his cock and quickly sitting on the rigid length. She moaned as she felt him slipping inside her cunt. Paul's eyes opened wide in pleasure too and Narlissa immediately began to move her hips.

He felt so good as he stretched her cunt. Her nipples were hard and she groaned as Paul reached up to lightly tweak them, sending more pleasure through her. She started to bounce quicker and quicker on his cock, the feeling of him every time she took him all the way inside getting her closer and closer to her release.

"You're going to make me come," he grunted, staring at her with pure lust. His blue eyes were half-glazed.

Narlissa wanted to make him come almost as much as she wanted to come herself. She wanted both. She sped up, slamming her hips down on his, enjoying the way her tits shook in his grasp. Her mouth was open and she felt her insides tensing.

"I'm coming!" Paul shouted, thrusting his hips up as his cock twitched inside her. Narlissa knew he was pumping her full of his seed and the thought of that was all she needed.

"Ahh!" she screamed as her cunt seized hold of his length, pulsating on his cock. She came for what seemed like minutes as her insides felt like they wanted to milk Paul dry.

At last she was done and she slumped down on top of the handsome merchant with a broad grin.

"As I said, a lovely way to wake up in the morning," he laughed breathlessly.

Narlissa giggled in response, then rolled off him. She stood, staring at his naked body almost reluctantly as she realised she had to go, then dressed. His eyes watching her as she pulled on her clothes almost got her so horny she jumped him a second time but she knew she had no time for that.

Eventually, she was dressed, and she moved over to kiss Paul passionately on the lips. As she pulled away he grinned.

"Thank you for staying the night," he smiled.

"Thank you for offering," she winked in response before slipping from the carriage.

Outside, Narlissa gathered Faeht's reins and mounted her before immediately setting off down the road. Soon she could no longer see the carriage and she was back in the forests again, getting ever-closer to the city that she needed to reach.

It was a good few hours before she caught sight of the city walls. She slowed Faeht down - approaching too quickly would definitely look suspicious and Narlissa needed to do everything possible not to attract attention from any passing guards. This close to the city there were guards patrolling past at frequent intervals and she needed to make sure none took an interest in her belongings.

Luckily, none did and she at last reached the city walls. She skirted the city until the found what she was looking for - a large crack in the base of the stone wall leading down into darkness underneath the city. Making sure that no one could see her (she was not on the main road), she quickly dismounted and slipped into the opening.

Dropping down into the hole she found herself on hard cobbled ground beneath the city and she began to walk quickly forward. She knew where to go - she had been here plenty of times before. Most people might have needed to light a lamp to see where they were going as it was pitch-black in the passageway but Narlissa had inherited her vision from her mother and as such could see almost perfectly.

The amulet was heavy around her neck and she quickly rounded a corner, finding a small stream running through the middle of the passageway. This used to be sewers may decades ago but was now totally unused. The water that ran through the tunnel was actually clean and as such it supported a small settlement of people.

It was that settlement she came upon now. It was lit up with lanterns and bonfires and a good few figures milled about. About thirty people lived under the city in this way, although most spent their time above ground but came back to sleep and hide. You see, they were criminals by and large. It was in this settlement that Narlissa had first done work for her old crime lord until the man had grown too powerful for this settlement and instead moved into a mansion in the city centre. Once you were rich enough you could live where you liked no matter how you got your money. That is what Narlissa had learned from the man.

But her fence still lived down here. He had claimed an abandoned side-room for his own which meant that he almost had a front door. She knocked on it and it opened slowly, and a smile grew on her face as she recognised Dominic. He had not changed.

"Narlissa!" he said happily, a smile on his face too. "How nice to see you. Please, come in."

She did and he shut the door behind her, offering to take her cloak which she handed over. He hung it on the wall. Despite being underground, Dominic's home was very pleasant and well-furnished. It was lit with many lanterns. Although fuel was fairly expensive, Dominic was not short of money.

He was a fence, which meant that he bought stolen good from thieves and robbers and sold them on to more reputable merchants. Most thieves could not simply sell their wares straight to a stall on the street because they would be caught within minutes. Dominic had a way of always finding the right merchants to sell his wares to. The merchants made money by buying Dominic's goods below market price, Dominic made money by buying them from the thieves for less than he sold them for, and the thieves made money because, well, they'd not spent any money in the first place.

Even though Narlissa knew that Dominic would get more money for the amulet than he paid her, she did not mind. He was still very generous with his pay, which is why all the best thieves came to him. And because the best thieves stole the best items, it meant he made enough money to afford the luxuries that were dotted about his home.

"So, what brings my favourite half-elf to my humble abode?" he smiled pleasantly. Dominic was an attractive man. Though his head was bald, it was by choice not nature. He was not particularly broad but he was not slender either and he had a good set to him that spoke of strength and muscle on his roughly 6' frame. His brown eyes softened his otherwise hard face. But it was a very nice face nonetheless...

Narlissa shook her head. Here she was again, supposed to be selling the item she had worked so hard to get to this point and instead she was staring at an attractive man in lust. Not that it was entirely inappropriate, she thought with a smirk. She came to Dominic to sell her wares not only because he was easy to get to and paid her well, but also because she really enjoyed the way they celebrated their transactions.

But she had to make the transaction first. She stepped forwards and unhooked the amulet from her neck, offering it out to Dominic. He took it and his eyes widened.

"A fine, fine item, Narlissa. I swear, you bring better treasures to me each and every time."

He did not ask where she had got it. He never did. Narlissa appreciated that - it meant that if he was caught he would know nothing of its origins and therefore she would not be found out. Instead, he would take the blame for possession and the punishment that came with it.

Dominic moved over to his desk and as he did so Narlissa appreciated the sight of his body. If he noticed her stare he did not react and she suspected he was too caught up in appraising the item to be thinking lustful thoughts. Turning the amulet over in his hands he puffed out his cheeks.

He turned to her. "Solid gold, Narlissa. Very, very nice. Tell me, is there an enchantment upon it? I detect nothing of the sort but it surprises me that one is absent."

"There was an enchantment," Narlissa smiled. "But I had it dispelled. It is clean."

"Dispelled?" Dominic raised an eyebrow. "Those spells are very expensive, Narlissa. You know I would have found a way to do it far cheaper for you."

Narlissa smirked. "Don't worry, Dominic. I found... other ways to pay."

"I bet you did, Narlissa. You haven't changed a bit," he laughed. He walked quickly to a chest at the foot of his bed. Opening it, he dropped the amulet inside and pulled out a leather pouch.

He returned to her, giving her the pouch. It was heavy with the weight of coins.

Narlissa's eyes widened in surprise. "How much gold is in here?" she gasped. It was more than she was expecting.

"I do not know," Dominic shrugged. "At least one hundred pieces. I merely took my most full bag for you, Narlissa. That amulet is exquisite and so you deserve a small fortune for bringing it to me."

"Thank you, Dominic," she grinned, walking to her cloak and slipping the leather pouch inside. She had received her payment, now to receive her reward...

She sauntered back towards Dominic and a grin spread across his strong features. Reaching him, she took hold of the front of his shirt. She was so worked up, knowing that sex was imminent. Her pussy desired him.

"Narlissa, I demand that you unhand me," he grinned.

"Never," she moaned back and quickly kissed him. Dominic wrapped his strong arms round her back and held her there as he kissed her back. She ran her hands over his bald head, enjoying its smoothness.

He picked her up then and walked towards the bed. He climbed on, dropping Narlissa beneath him and she smirked up as he reached to take off his shirt. Soon his chest was exposed and he reached for her own armour. She let him peel it off until she was naked and she watched on with lust as he kissed down her body and pushed her legs apart.

Suddenly he was kissing her cunt and Narlissa cried out in pleasure at the feeling. This handsome man did wonderful things to her pussy with his tongue and it was not long until she was thrashing on the bed at his excellent work. With a shuddering cry of release she came around his lips, her juices wetting his mouth and chin.

He grinned as he climbed up the bed and Narlissa sat forwards to undo his pants. When they were loose she tugged them down his legs and soon his cock stood proud on his naked body. He looked wonderful and she realised she needed him inside her.

"Fuck me, Dominic," she moaned, and he rolled on top of her quickly. Grasping his cock he obeyed her moments later. He felt so good sinking inside her that Narlissa thought she might come there and then. Instead she was merely filled with pleasure.

That pleasure grew as Dominic started to move his hips. His cock filled her cunt so magnificently, this handsome man glistening with a faint layer of sweat. It was not long before his length was sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy and Narlissa delighted in it.

He held himself above her and grunted with each thrust. His eyes were beginning to glaze and Narlissa recognised that he was close to coming - she had seen that look many times before. Yet he seemed to be in even more pleasure than usual and somewhere beneath the haze of rapture Narlissa knew that it was to do with the gifts Sir Jeffrey had unknowingly given her.

She did not think about that for long as Dominic stared down at her with a gritted jaw. His brown eyes shone with lust and he pumped frantically into her tightening pussy.

"Ah fuck!" he cried as he slammed his hips against hers. His cock twitched powerfully and Narlissa almost felt the sensation of his hot cum spraying against her walls. His eyes rolled back and he shouted out his pleasure.

Narlissa followed seconds later. "I'm coming!" she shrieked as her cunt spasmed around his length, pleasure filling her mind. She twitched and flailed as her orgasm burned in her and soon she was completely lost to its strength.

At last it was done and Dominic rolled off her with a happy sigh. She giggled too, pushing herself into a sitting position. He stared at her blissfully.

"I do love your visits, Narlissa."

"For the items I supply or the sex that follows?" she grinned back.


Narlissa laughed and stood, moving to dress quickly. Dominic had thrown her armour hastily over the floor but soon she had located it all and was dressed again. He looked at her slightly sadly.

"You are going already?" he said. "I was hoping you might stay for a little while to... rest and recuperate."

Narlissa laughed. "You know I would do no resting whatsoever. As tempting as that sounds, I have somewhere to be. Another time, Dominic."

"Very well, Narlissa. Take care," he smiled warmly, and she pulled on her cloak and slipped out of the door, making sure to shut it properly behind her. It could only be opened from the inside and she was sure that Dominic would not have liked her to leave it ajar so that any passer by could walk in and see him naked.

Soon she had clambered back out of the hole in the city wall and mounted Faeht, who was grazing nearby. The gold pouch hung wonderfully heavy around her neck and though she took most of the money and hid it in several places around Faeht's packs, she made sure to keep a good amount in her direct possession. There were one hundred and seventeen gold pieces in total - enough to almost buy a house. She was rich, at least until she gave most of it away to those in need. She told herself each time to keep the money to herself just this once but she never did. Someone else always needed it more.

Even so, Narlissa was happy for the moment. She turned Faeht, spurring the horse into motion until she was soon riding swiftly through the wilderness. She might have sold the amulet but she already had a new task set firmly in mind. She wanted to see an old friend.

She rode quickly towards Sir Jeffrey's village.


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