tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 03

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 03


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, awoke to find Eavu dressing. That disappointed her since she was usually incredibly horny when she awoke and this meant she would not be able to jump him so it was with a grimace she threw back the covers and climbed from her own bed.

She grinned as she noticed Eavu staring at her, his hands pausing on his leather chestpiece as he stood in stunned silence at the sight of her nudity. He had stuffed her full of his cock only a few hours before but clearly still found her naked body very desirable. Narlissa hesitated a moment, wondering whether he would start to undress again, and breathed out a sigh of disappointment when he did not. Instead, Eavu finished dressing and waited whilst Narlissa begrudgingly pulled on her own armour.

"A nice rest, Eavu?" she smiled at him as she laced the knots to her leather chestpiece, pulling it taut over her big tits. His eyes lingered on that cleavage a moment before darting up to hers.

"It was indeed, Narlissa," Eavu responded. "Taicoss has found us passage on a ship. We are merely waiting for you."

Narlissa raised an eyebrow. "He has found us somewhere already? I am impressed. When does it leave?"

"Soon," Eavu laughed. "We must hurry once you are dressed."

Narlissa grumbled as she realised that truly did eliminate any lingering hope she might have had for a quick bout of passionate sex. Her magic cunt throbbed in annoyance at that but she ignored it and finished dressing. She would have time later to satisfy her urges.

She turned to Eavu then and motioned towards the door and the blonde warrior stepped through, holding it open for her. She smiled sweetly at him as he did so. She did not need men to hold open doors for her - she was their equal, not their inferior - but it made some of them feel better about themselves which in turn made it more likely they would let her indulge in their bodies, so she was willing to put up with it. Faint irritation now was a small price to pay for the use of a delicious hard cock later on.

Outside the afternoon was still hot but that was normally the case down here in the country's southern reaches and it was certainly cooler than it had been during the hours she had slept. She waited for Eavu to emerge and then the two of them made idle conversation as he led her to the docks.

Taicoss was waiting for them there and greeted them both with a warm smile before waving them to a ship that stood moored. It was not the largest ship but it was not particularly small either and Narlissa was pleased that it was heading downriver.

The captain was a sour-faced man who glared at them as they approached, particularly Taicoss.

"So this is them, is it?" he snapped, pointedly looking them over. "I hope you can pay because I've had to delay my departure to wait for you!"

Narlissa cocked an eyebrow at his rudeness but said nothing. Instead she fished out her purse and handed the captain the appropriate number of gold coins. She was down to the bare minimum now. The man looked them over and bit into two to make sure they were real before curtly nodding and striding away.

"Well get on board then - I'm not waiting any longer!" he shouted angrily as he stalked up the gangplank.

Narlissa and her two companions hurried after him but as Narlissa put her foot on the deck she suddenly remembered Faeht.

"My horse!" she exclaimed, spinning around. "I must fetch her or at least tell the stable master to hold onto her for another week."

Taicoss laughed and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I have fetched your horse, m'lady."

"You have?" Narlissa asked, surprised. "How did you know which one was mine?"

"It seemed obvious that it was the horse with an elvish name. Beyond that, when I described a beautiful young redhead the stablemaster knew exactly who I meant."

Narlissa grinned. That the swarthily handsome stablemaster remembered her was particularly unsurprising given that she had sucked his cock in those very stables on her arrival in the city. And if that wasn't enough to make her stand out in his memory the fact that he had then bent her over against the wall and taken her from behind most certainly was.

Shaking her head to clear the salacious fog that was rapidly descending she smiled at Taicoss and strode onto the ship. All around her the sailors were readying for departure and within a few minutes the ship had lurched away from the dock and was steadily making its way downriver. The land skipped past on either side and she smiled at the feeling of the wind on her face. For a while she simply she stood there enjoying the tranquility of the river.

But soon another feeling began making its presence known and she realised she would have to do something about it soon. When the aching in her magic cunt grew too strong she would simply lose all control and would proposition every man she came across, or at least Sir Jeffrey had warned her. It was not a situation she wanted to find herself in given that she would be stuck with this crew for a few days at least. Whenever they looked at her she did not want them to see the sex-crazed maniac who went to bed with the one-eyed old man swabbing the decks because she'd got so desperate.

If it came down to it she would retire to her room and take matters into her own hands. It was a tip suggested by Sir Jeffrey - although masturbation was hardly something that needed to be 'suggested' - but it was something that she had found to work in times of desperate need. In a choice between running round trying to find sex from anyone who would offer it and simply getting herself off she knew which was the better option. Of course getting herself off only provided temporary relief, a few hours at most, but it was enough to tide her over until a suitable man could be found.

With that in mind she started to make her way to the door that led down into the ship. She knew she had been given a small private room since she was only female guest and whilst she suspected it was hardly luxurious it would still be secure and discreet enough for her to spend five minutes in there with her fingers and a fantasy.

Below decks the ship was clean enough and she found her way to her cabin quite easily. A few sailors greeted her as she passed but none of the men were attractive enough to pique her interest and so she continued on. Reaching her door, she reached out to open it.

It was then that she heard the noise coming from the room next to it. A soft moaning and grunting seemed to be issuing forth and horny as she was she could not help but press her ear to the door. Her keen half-elven hearing picked up the sounds much better than a human could and she suspected that whoever was inside would have remained entirely undiscovered had they not had the misfortune to be bunked next to a half-elf.

She listened awhile as her cunt inflamed more and more, the sounds only making her more desperate to find a cock, when suddenly she heard a word she recognised.

"Narlissa..." the voice on the other side of the door muttered, still groaning, and she realised with a start that she knew the voice too. Taicoss! The readheaded druid was pleasuring himself thinking of her... Narlissa had been left with only one option.

Pulling her lockpicking tools from her waist, she quickly glanced around before clicking open the lock. No one saw her and more importantly Taicoss did not seem to have heard either. She reached out, took a deep breath, then opened the door and slipped through.

Taicoss' eyes opened wide in shock and embarrassment as he saw her enter, and she watched in amazement as he shifted. Where before an incredibly handsome man had laid naked on the bed with his impressive cock in his hand, a black bird now darted for the door.

But Narlissa was quick. She slammed shut the door and the bird wheeled away, taking up on the far desk and chirping angrily at her. She grinned as she clicked shut the lock again.

"Taicoss, I appear to have interrupted something," she said with a wicked smile, reaching to unhook her gloves. They fell to the floor.

Next off came her boots, and she continued talking. "It seemed to me that you were muttering my name whilst engaged in a very private act."

The bird squawked again.

She smiled as she reached for the knots to her chestpiece, and the bird cocked its head. Evidently Taicoss was very interested in whether that piece of armour would be coming off too.

"I must apologise for that. Normally I would not be so bold as to intrude on someone taking some time to enjoy themselves, but when I heard my name I felt it would be rude of me not to at least offer to join in."

With that, she pulled loose the knots, and allowed the garment to drop from her chest to the floor, leaving her big tits free and exposed to his vision.

"And, well, I'm rather in need of a release myself, Taicoss."

She dropped her arms to her sides, slightly squashing her breasts together, and the bird hopped a little closer.

"So it seems I have left you with a choice. You can stay like that and I'll put my armour back on and leave you to continue fantasising about me in peace, if you like. Alternatively, you can forget fantasies and have a piece of the real thing. You can come here and fuck me, Taicoss."

She only had a wait a moment until the bird's form shimmered and moments later the gorgeous Taicoss was human again in front of her.

"You're either brave or foolish, taking a druid by surprise," he said quietly, eyeing her naked chest. "I could have been startled and turned into a vicious beast."

"I suppose you could have, but the potential reward was worth the risk," Narlissa responded with a wicked grin and stepped closer. Already Taicoss' cock was beginning to grow hard again.

Before he could say another word she had sunk to her knees and grasped his hardening member. Taicoss groaned at the feeling and she smiled mischievously at him before parting her lips and sucking him into her mouth. He tasted wonderful, the flavour of pre-cum causing her magic cunt to throb with desire and she started to hungrily devour the stunning druid.

Taicoss did not complain any more about her entry into his room. Instead he placed his hands on her head, running his fingers through her red hair as she sucked his cock so expertly. She knew he was enjoying it by his frequent moans and exhalations.

Eventually she could not take it anymore and she stood back up, fervently kissing him. He responded in kind and dropped his hands to her leather pants, loosening the knots that held them upright. Narlissa shimmied out of them as the redheaded druid pulled them down and soon she was as naked as he was.

Without a second thought she twisted round and bent over the bed. She felt Taicoss' right hand on her lower back whilst he angled his member against her folds with his left. The next thing she knew her world exploded with bliss as his cock sank into her hungry cunt. He felt so wonderful, stretching her full and she knew it was exactly what she needed.

It was even better as Taicoss started to move his hips. Despite the interruption of her entry into his room it seemed he had rediscovered the horniness that led him to masturbate in the first place because it did not take long for his hips to be crashing against hers.

Bent over the bed, Narlissa did not care. Her fingers sank into the soft sheets as his cock stuffed full her eager cunt and her eyes were half-glazed with pleasure. Her tits grazed the bedsheets and the feeling felt wonderful on her sensitive nipples. She was not sure how long Taicoss fucked her that way since she was so lost to the pleasure of it all but she loved the way his hands explored her body and occasionally grabbed her big tits.

After a while she pushed herself more upright until she was almost standing straight, twisting her torso so that she could look back at Taicoss. He reached around the front of her, grasping one of her big tits and kneading the soft flesh as his hips continued to hammer into her sensitive pussy and Narlissa knew that was all the added sensation she needed.

"I'm going to come," she moaned, staring into his gorgeous blue eyes, which were unfocused as his own climax neared.

"Me too..." he grunted, before finishing with a final powerful thrust. "Argh!"

Narlissa knew from his expression that he was coming harder than he ever had in his whole life. She knew her magic cunt was the cause of that and she delighted in it. She was soon distracted however when her own intense orgasm suddenly exploded through her, causing her to quiver and shriek with absolute bliss. She could feel her pussy juices seeping out around Taicoss' invasive cock.

Afterwards, she slumped forwards onto the bed, panting. Taicoss pulled out with a low groan and started to chuckle.

"What?" Narlissa said with a wicked smile as she slowly stood, still enjoying his nakedness even in her post-sex state.

"I'm just glad that you did sneak in, even if at the time I needed a little... convincing."

Narlissa giggled. "Well, next time just come and ask me in the first place."

With that, she dressed, giving Taicoss back his privacy. Her magic cunt was satisfied.

For the moment, at least.

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