tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Treasure Ch. 06

Narlissa and the Treasure Ch. 06


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, waited in the common room of the tavern for the innkeeper to return. Eamonn had left to fetch supplies early in the morning but Narlissa guessed he would not mind her waiting alone in the inn. Reece was nowhere to be found and she wondered if he had wandered off with the pretty young blonde girl from the night before. All of which annoyed Narlissa slightly because as usual she had woken up horny and there was no one around to help her sate that desire. She drummed her fingers on the table impatiently, trying to ignore the throbbing in her magic cunt.

Then the door opened and a bald, slightly fat man of middle years strode in. Narlissa guessed he was the barkeep. He looked slightly surprised to see her but when she explained that she was a patron he smiled.

"You are here with Reece then? I saw him outside on the way in," he asked.

Her cunt flared up at the thought of Reece being close by but she ignored it. Narlissa knew the barkeep was really asking whether she had shared a room with Reece - no doubt to gauge how much gold he had made through room rentals - and although that was a lie she guessed it would be simpler than admitting she had actually fucked his son. "Yes."

"Excellent. It is not often we get a bard through this town."

Narlissa stood then, offering a hand. "I am Narlissa, sir, and I was wondering if you could help me."

"Oh?" the man said, striding over to the bar to place some things behind it. "What is it I can do?"

She paused, wondering whether she should say anything. If this man was in league with the ship's captain then he might lie to her. But she had nothing to lose at this point. So she carried on.

"I was wondering if you knew anything about a ship that may have passed through here yesterday. I am following it."

The innkeeper's face darkened and Narlissa prepared to run. When he spoke, however, she relaxed.

"That bastard," the barkeep hissed. "He took all my supplies and then fucked off before paying for them. I'll have his hide the next time the guard come through here." Then he glared at Narlissa and took a step forward. "Why are you asking about him? Are you with him?"

She held up her hands. "Not at all. I am following him because he stole from me, too. I was a passenger on his ship until he took something of value that belonged to me and threw me off the ship. I am trying to catch him."

"I'm sorry to hear that, miss. I'm also sorry to accuse you of anything," he said sympathetically.

Narlissa was not offended. She knew how annoying it was to have her treasure map stolen so she did not blame him for being angry too. "Think nothing of it. Such actions leave everyone in distress. I hope to bring him to justice but I do not know where that ship is going."

"I believe it's heading upriver to Hallowblossom, miss," the barkeep said.


"Indeed. That's the name the farmers have given it anyway, I don't know what it was called originally."

Narlissa looked at him quizically. "How do you mean?"

"It's an ancient elven fort, miss, from back when the elves built towers. Almost completely fallen apart, of course, and there's no trace of the elves anymore. A small village is there now. Nice enough folk, but you wouldn't catch me going up that way. Too eerie."

Narlissa laughed inwardly. Humans often found elven ruins eerie, though she had no idea why. Then again, humans often found human ruins eerie too. She liked the isolation and solitude. The presence of undead in ruins was very, very rare.

Either way, she knew where the ship was heading now. A few more questions to the barkeep established that it was directly upriver and that if she continued to follow the path she would find her way there. Narlissa had no intention of following the path of course because she would never reach there in time but as long as she knew the general direction of the fort she thought there was a chance she might get there before the ship.

She thanked the barkeep and collected her belongings, asking the man to pass her thanks to Eamonn on his return. Then she strode to the stables and began to ready Faeht.

"You are leaving then, beautiful Narlissa?" said a familiar voice and she turned to find Reece stood at the door. His brown braids fell about his face and he was as attractive as ever.

She smiled at him, touched by the slight sadness in his brown eyes. "I am. I must travel to Hallowblossom." A thought occurred to her then. "Why don't you come with me, Reece? I could do with the company." Her pussy throbbed at the idea of having Reece travel alongside her.

He shook his head sadly. "I cannot. I am needed here."

"Very well, Reece. I understand. Perhaps you should shut the stable doors, however."

Narlissa started at him hungrily. If he could not travel with her then she knew what she wanted. Her magic cunt ached to be filled and she did not know how long it would be until she encountered someone else on her journey.

"You are a young woman full of surprises," the bard said with wide eyes, although she noticed he still eagerly shut the stable doors and lowered the wooden bar to keep them locked.

She stepped away from Faeht and strode purposefully towards him. Before he could speak, she was kissing him. She had no time to lose, however, and so immediately went for her chestpiece, undoing the clasps and tugging it over her head. Reece groaned at the sight of her tits free. Before he could grasp them she bent down to take off her boots and pants.

He eagerly drank in her nude body before wrapping his arms around her. Narlissa undid his shirt and guided it over his shoulders until his torso was exposed. She kissed him deeply as she found his belt buckle and pushed down his pants. Now they were both naked and she grinned as she slowly spun around, letting Reece's eyes wash over every curve of her body. Then she bent over, placing her hands flat against the stable door and jutting out her ass.

Instantly Reece was behind her. For once he cut out the poetry, instead merely grabbing his cock and easing it into her cunt. Narlissa moaned at the feeling of his wonderful tool stretching her pussy, filling her up. She would never grow bored of the sensation.

That pleasure grew yet again as Reece started to move his hips. His pace was slow to begin with but quickly grew, especially as Narlissa started to move her own hips back in time. Reece took that as a signal - correctly - that she wanted to be fucked harder and soon the bard's pelvis was slapping against her ass.

"Oh fuck yes, Reece," Narlissa moaned, the moan growing louder as the bard leaned forwards to grasp both of her big tits. She enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock ploughing into her cunt whilst his soft hands cupped and squeezed her big tits.

The feeling was pushing her rapidly towards the edge and she felt her pussy narrowing on Reece's cock. From the decreasing time between his grunts she knew that he was close too and she was proved right seconds later when Reece cried out and his cock twitched.

"Oh fuck!" she shrieked at the same time as her own orgasm exploded inside of her. For a moment they were both lost to the pleasure of their release.

When it had finally passed and Reece has slipped his cock from Narlissa's temporarily sated cunt, she began to redress. The bard looked almost disappointed to see her go and though she had only known him a day she could not blame him. It was not every day you met a gorgeous half-elf who loved to fuck.

Luckily, her ability to find attractive men seemed to have actually grown even better since she had obtained her "gifts". She had enjoyed her time with Reece and farewells were always sad but she did not worry that she would find no one to help her satisfy her urges when her desire for cock reappeared. She would find someone.

"Well, I suppose this is goodbye, flame-haired Narlissa. I wish you well on your travels. Perhaps, when you have succeeded in your mysterious quest, you may return to me one day and tell me your tales. I shall weave a story out of it."

"I'd be more likely to return and suck your cock," she giggled. "But we might have time for both, one day. Goodbye Reece."

She mounted Faeht as Reece lifted the wooden bar from the stable door, and as he opened the doors wide she quickly rode from the town.

She had to find Hallowblossom.

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