Nasty in the Van


Since my mouth is full, Ford says, "C'mon, Ray-Ray."

As his friend opens the door, Ford is sitting in a splayed position on the futon. His back is against the wall opposite of the sliding door. I am kneeling between his legs, my face in his crotch, my round white ass in the air. When his friend opens the door, my mouth is stuffed with sweaty, cunty balls and my wet, swollen slit and asshole pucker are completely visible. I love this shit.

The one called Ray-Ray says, "What the fuck man?"

Ford says, "Get in, man. Close the door."

I can't see anything but cock and balls, but I can tell Ray-Ray hasn't moved. The van door is wide open. I am so exposed. I make slurping sounds on Ford's balls. I wiggle my ass. This guy standing outside the van door doesn't even know what my face looks like. This guy is getting introduced to my pussy and asshole before he ever sees my face.

Ray-Ray says again, "Hey Ford man, what the fuck man? What you doin' in there man?"

Ford says, "Get in this motherfuckin' vehicle motherfucker! Close that motherfuckin' goddamn door."

I let his balls plop out of my mouth and say, "That's okay, I don't care who sees."

He gives that short laugh again and pushes my head back down. Finally I hear Ray-Ray climb in and slide the door shut. Something, some fabric that he is wearing, a sleeve maybe, brushes my ass cheek. The space in the back of the van suddenly feels small. Full.

As I take his cock between my lips again, Ford says, "Siddown, motherfucker." I hear rustling and sense this other man settling. Behind me. Ford pulls his knees up so that his feet are flat on the futon. I am buried between his long legs, face-down in his sweaty, musky crotch. He says to his friend, "Have I got somethin' to tell you."

I push my mouth down on this fat, black snake as far as I can. His cock is huge, bigger than I had at first thought. That first time I sucked it, he had still been in his jeans. It is thick as hell, and too long for me to get my lips down to the base. I try, though. I open my lips wide, wider than his cock, wide like a yawn. I slam my head down over and over, jamming the head into the back of my throat. This makes a delicious gagging sound. I sound like I'm being stabbed in the throat with something. I am. I drool slobber all over his shaft. It pools and lathers in the kinky, musky hair around the last inch or so of his cock. I reach back with both hands and pull my ass cheeks apart. I spread til I feel my pucker stretch out. His friend can see. This is so nasty. I can't wait for them to fuck me.

While I gag myself on his cock, Ford tells Ray-Ray, "So this bitch just come on out the store and ask me do I want a drink with her. Next thing I know-- ah, ahhh, that's good, mmmm-hmm!-- next thing I know she showin' me her pussy and tellin' me she wanna stick my dick in her throat." Ray-Ray doesn't say a word. I gag noisily on black meat. "We get in here, she start drinkin' right outta the bottle, takin' her clothes off and tellin' me 'call up a friend.' Nigga I know you ain't had none even longer than I ain't, so I called you 'fore anybody else."

Ford looks down at me and says, "We be in jail together, baby. Same pod. Got out four days apart. How you like that?" I don't answer anything. My mouth is full. I suck.

And now the first thing this man Ray-Ray has said since getting in the van: "I sincerely want to thank you for that, brother."

I feel fingers on my pussy lips. Rubbing up and down. I don't even know who this is, rubbing my pussy. The thought makes me bang my throat harder on Ford's huge cock. I have to stop for a second. I gag too hard. I almost puke. Ford grabs the base of his shaft with one hand, the back of my neck with the other. Though I'm resisting, still fighting my gag reflex, he forces my mouth back to his cock. "Get back on that dick baby. Put Daddy's dick back in yo' mouth and suck." Fingers on my pussy lips.

I take just the head and suck hard, like I'm trying to plunge the come out of him. I stop and look up at his grizzled face, this old black man whose come has already coated my tongue once. I say, "Tell him. The rules." Then I am back to work, gagging on Daddy's dick. I like thinking of this old black guy as Daddy, I like the idea of putting Daddy's dick in my mouth. Sucking Daddy's big black dick. They say dick, not cock. Daddy's friend's fingers slithering up and down my slit.

Ford breathes heavy for a moment. He exhales a long hiss, then says, "She say she got some ground rules." I come up off his cock and go back to tongue-slathering his balls for a minute. They are tight and heavy. I'm trying to make it easier for him to talk to his friend. As soon as he's done explaining the rules, I'm going to suck til he blows. I'm going to eat jizz til I'm sick.

"She wants to get butt fucked, that's one. Oh god, baby girl put it back in your mouth. That's better. Ain't that better baby? And she want us to bust all our nuts in her mouth--"

Bust a nut. These are black men. I am so nasty.

"Right on, my brother," says Ray-Ray.

"Her rule, not mine. Tell her. Ooooh shit!"

Ray-Ray sticks two fingers up my cooze. I rock back on his hand. My pussy wants to swallow his whole hand. He asks, "After we do it in your ass? You want it back in your mouth after its been in your ass?"

For the first time, I turn to look at Ray-Ray. My ass is practically in his face. He's had to bend his wrist at an unnatural angle to finger my gash. I appreciate the effort. I look into this strange man's eyes with all the heat and sincerity I have. "Ray-Ray, I would love to gag on your cock after you've rammed it up my shit hole twenty or thirty times. I'd love it if you went back and forth between my mouth and my shit hole, stroke for stroke. Just make sure you, ah, bust your nut on my tongue. I like to eat it."

Ray-Ray looks at me, speechless. I smile my prom picture smile and turn back to Ford's cock. Daddy's cock. I slurp it into my mouth again. I push my pussy onto Ray-Ray's fingers. I am so nasty.

Ford is blowing his load again as Ray-Ray unzips behind me. I make yummy mouth and throat noises as I swallow bitter spunk. I don't need it to taste good. If it tasted good it wouldn't be so nasty.

Daddy's dick is soft now, so I suck it soft, like a pacifier. I think of what Ray-Ray looked like when I turned around. He spits on my pucker, and I flex it in invitation. As the head of this strange cock pushes against the rim of my anus, I think of what he looked like.

Kind of unkempt. Younger than Daddy Ford by half, maybe twenty-five. Light-skinned. A little pock-marked from acne. Beady eyes with heavy brows. Grotesquely thick lips. A sharp wedge of a nose. Hair in a low afro, a little nappy. Not a good looking guy. A little dumpy. I am loving it. Fucking an ugly guy makes it even nastier. I am such a fucking whore. I wish we were taping this so I could be humiliated with it later.

Ray-Ray pushes his ugly cock into my shitter. He is a little too abrupt and it hurts, but I just reach back and stretch my cheeks. I like it to hurt. What's the point of getting fucked up the ass if it doesn't hurt some? That's why I only ask them to use spit or pussy juice as lube. Get it too slippery back there, I miss that painful drag of tender skin on skin.

So this guy I don't know is fucking me in the asshole in the back of my uncle's van. I keep Ford's soggy cock stuffed in my mouth while Ray-Ray bangs my asshole like he wants to hurt me. I whimper and wail around Ford's cock until he says, "Ray man, cool it man! You gone wear it out." So I start going uh-uh, uh-uh and slamming my ass back against him. I want it hard. I want it to hurt.

Ray-Ray says, through gritted teeth, "Naw man, look like she like it like a jailhouse ho. Whoo-hoo! Get on that motherfucker, bitch!"

I push my asshole up and down as best I can. Ray-Ray's fucking me hard, and there's not much I can do but slam back on him over and over.

Daddy Ford says, "Oh yeah, she want to be treated nasty, too. Like a ho. She said, 'fore you got here. I'm s'posed to tell you. Treat her nasty, not nice." I lick up and down on his dick, lick his nuts.

Ray-Ray pumps furiously. "I'll treat her nasty. Treat a bitch nasty like a motherfuckin' dog. Here it come! Here it come! Turn around here, you motherfuckin' ho. Turn around and eat this nut!"

I pull away from his cock and turn around, squatting, palms on the floor, my face tilted to swallow what was just stuck up my rectum. Ray-Ray lumbers awkwardly to his feet, hunched over in the low-ceilinged van, jerking his meat rapidly. He stabs me in the throat, then goes back to jerking.

"Open your nasty mouth, ho."

I open my mouth wide and Ray-Ray puts the heel of one hand on my forehead and pushes my head further back. He wants to watch himself come in my mouth. On my tongue. And when he does I almost vomit. It is too much, bitter and rank. This ugly man has just blown the most disgusting load of come in my mouth I've ever tasted. I've got to get it out of my mouth. I've got to swallow. He says no.

He's still jerking, jizz is still squirting and dribbling out his piss hole. He is squeezing every last putrid drop onto my tongue and saying, "Don't you motherfuckin' swallow, bitch. Don't you do it. You hold that nut in your mouth til I tell you to swallow." He wheezes. His gut hangs over his shrinking cock. He is so gross, and I have his spunk in my mouth. I want to vomit. My pussy gushes. He looks into my face so intently it makes me blush. I am a blushing beauty with strange ugly black man come pooled in my mouth.

While I kneel here like this, face upturned, mouth a slimy swamp of come, I feel Daddy Ford's massive cucumber pushing at my pucker. With my palms still planted on the futon, I tilt my body to accommodate him and Ray-Ray grabs my chin just as his seed starts to spill thickly from the corner of my mouth.

"Not a motherfucking drop, you hear me?" He reaches down and twists one of my nipples through the nylon so hard I pee a little. He reaches further down, yanks my top up so hard my tits bounce around til he slaps one of them. He slaps it again, right on the nipple, hard. The only noise I can make is back in my throat, under the come. It is a wet squeal, a little gurgle. "Not a motherfucking drop. Don't you swallow it. Don't you spill it. You just hold that nut while you get it up the butt again."

I'm on my knees and Daddy Ford fucks my ass. He does it slow and long. It is a terrible effort for me to hold this ugly man's semen on my tongue while a giant slab of meat gets pushed in, pulled out of my stretched-tight shit box. Eventually I start to gag. Come gets thicker as it sits out. When it comes time, I might not be able to swallow it. Not without puking it back up.

This being the third time he's using me to get off, it takes Daddy Ford a while. He spends a long time doing these loooong, even strokes, all the way in, then all the way out. I go from squatting to on my knees again. His head completely clears my pucker each time, so each time he gets to push it back in, forcing me open over and over. Come congealing in my mouth, asshole stuffed to the brim, Ray-Ray hovering over me with a sneer on his face while he pulls on his soft, slimy, ugly cock. His balls are ugly too, and they bounce and jiggle obscenely as he pulls his icky pud in my face. I know he wants to stick it in me. I am in an ecstasy of humiliation and disgust.

After a while of this, Daddy Ford says low, "Ah man, I'm close." Ray-Ray says, "well come on with it man. Hit this bitch. I gots to take a piss and I don't want to miss it. She gonna swallow my old shit with your new shit here in a minute." He squeezes his meat. Daddy Ford slams my ass. My neck aches from trying to keep this sour jizz from spilling. I have an idea. I am so nasty.

I make the only sound I can, "Argh, argh!" Down in my throat, under the come. I lock eyes with Ray-Ray's little beady ones. I stroke underneath his cock in a "come here" motion, while at the same time pointing to my open mouth with my other hand. Daddy Ford pumps from behind, so hard I feel my asshole turning inside out. The stroking motion under Ray-Ray's cock. Pointing to my mouth. Piss here. He gets it. Grins. Positions himself.

Daddy Ford comes about three seconds after Ray-Ray begins to use my mouth as his toilet. Its how I know watching his friend urinate in my mouth is what pushes him over the edge. It is the hottest, nastiest, most disgusting moment of the night. I will use this to get off when I finger myself for months. Washing down congealed come with an ugly man's piss while another man pumps his jizz into my rectum. Its a rule broken, but I don't care, in light of the hot piss that's being sprayed across my face and into my throat. I gargle and choke. It tastes disgusting. Ray-Ray is laughing. "Nasty white ho." He waves his dick back and forth, purposely making it messy, making me chase the stream. I don't even know this man who is laughing at me as he pees on my face. He fills my mouth, then says, "Flush." Then laughs again. I am drinking an ugly black convict's urine while he laughs at me.

Though Daddy Ford has blown his wad, his fat snake is still buried to the hilt in my ass. When Ray-Ray is finished drizzling the dregs of his urine onto my outstretched tongue, he shifts position enough that he is looking directly at my stuffed pucker. Daddy Ford starts to withdraw, but Ray-Ray says, "Wait. Make her shit it out. I wanna see."

I say, "Ray-Ray, my asshole's sore. I don't think I can push."

"Then let it stay in there, ho."

"Ray-Ray, I'm sore. I want to go home. Come on. I'll drop you guys off wherever you live." I start to pull away but the his hand is on me, twisting my nipple again. I cry out. He looks at me with a serious, hard expression. "You want to go home?" He twists some more. I cry. "Then shit. Shit his dick out of your butthole. Shit it like it was a big ol' turd." He laughs his mean laugh. I'm ready for this to be over. Shame is overwhelming me. So I try, I squeeze my muscles and I can feel Daddy's dick coming dislodged a little. Ray-Ray lets go of my nipple and says, "Here, lemme help." He reaches around and spreads my ass cheeks so far I think for a second the skin in the crack of my ass will split. He pushes his face right into mine. He licks my face, my lips and chin and nose with his rank, fat tongue. There is too much spit on his tongue, like he let it collect in his mouth before he licks me. I have his spit smeared on my face. He says low, looking into my eyes, "Shit. Now. Bitch. Shit with my tongue in your mouth"

And I do. Gagging against this ugly man's slimy tongue, I bear down and push with all the muscles that control my shit box. For a second it seems like it is too long, Daddy Ford's massive snake just goes on and on, its coiled in my intestines and I'll never shit it out. But I do. I finally push him all the way out and I have that feeling again of my asshole being turned inside out. I shit his fat cock out of my slutty anus while sucking on Ray-Ray's meaty tongue. I sucked on it, finally. I am so nasty.

I rest for a few seconds, then climb into the front seat of my uncle's van. He thinks I an moving a desk. My ass is greasy and sodden against the vinyl seat. I put the key in the ignition. In a few minutes, I will drop these men off somewhere, go home and remove the futon, air out the fuck-smell, and no one will ever know.

I've given my cell phone number to Ray-Ray. I may tell my uncle I need to move furniture on a regular basis.

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