Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent Ch. 02


'Right, now what do you think this is?' Alan held up a second object he had brought over with the bottle. It was a bulbous piece of red plastic on a flat base, that reminded Sandy of the spade from a deck of cards. 'Seen one before?' There was a murmur of amusement from the onlookers.

Sandy's breath caught and a feeling of dread crept over her cooling skin. She recognised the object, had seen something similar in a catalogue Natasha had shown her on one of their giddily hilarious girls' nights in.

'You know what it is, don't you, Sandy?' Any concern there had been was giving way to mockery 'And you know where it's going.' The group's ribald laughter increased. 'Tell me where.' Sandy knew beyond doubt, but her mumbled response died in her throat. 'Tell me,' Alan demanded.

'In my ass,' she responded more clearly, but with a distinct wobble in her voice. It astonished her to hear herself uttering such a phrase in front of six men, most of them strangers.

Alan grappled her back down on to all fours and gripped her firmly by the shoulder, so that he could apply the butt plug with his other hand. 'That's right,' he said cheerfully, pulling her to him side on and pressing the shallow tip of the plug to the entrance of her instinctively clenched asshole. He had obviously coated it with some sort of lubricant and despite her rectal resistance she felt it begin to prise her open and slip intrusively inside. 'You're leaving with fifteen hundred, and you're going to earn every penny!' Raucous shouts of encouragement for Alan rang in her ears. The onlookers were gathering round the bed for a clear view of the plastic bulb slowly stretching her anus and easing its way little by little inside.

'Oh my god oh my god oh my god...' She was muttering it to herself like a mantra. What was being done to her felt bizarre, invasive, intimate in a way that scared her, a way she could never have imagined.

'That's right, Sandy, it's going in all the way, all the way into your tight, little bumhole.'

'Oh my god oh my god...' How was her ass ever going to swallow the fat end of the plug? 'Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god...'

'Stretch that ass, all the way!' He slapped the base decisively with the flat of his hand.



Ryan had studied hard at university. He had gained a two/one in his degree: joint honours in English Literature and Psychology. Over three years he had read a lot about primal sexual urges in the novels of D. H. Lawrence and the musings of Sigmund Freud. His friends on the course had not read so much. They had been out screwing girls. Ryan, meanwhile, had masturbated in private to hardcore pornography. He had stared at the screen, watching the male participants give vent to their most basic animal drives, with no attempt to disguise them as anything more sophisticated. Yet whether he read the theory in Freud's 'The Interpretation of Dreams' or viewed the practice in 'Biker Chicks Get Butt-Fucked', Ryan's real experience remained very far removed.

He was a nice guy and he attracted nice girls, who wanted him for his sweetness and his sensitivity and his ability to listen. This meant that the sex was nice too - tender, gentle, tactful. And because he was nice, of course, he never ventured to re-enact with those girls any of the scenes from 'Biker Chicks'. He slept with, he made love to. He didn't fuck. Not outside his head.

So here was his chance, attending one of his uncle's secret parties - occasions he had wondered about for years, since Alan had begun slyly alluding to them, steadily fanning his interest. Here he stood, watching a beautiful woman get the shit fucked out of her by a large group of guys; a woman who had sucked the cum out of his ball-sac one hour earlier, who was snarling into the faces of these sweat-soaked men as they pounded her, insisting that they do her harder. And Ryan knew she was open for him as well. That he could finally get to deliver the sort of all-out fuck about which he had fantasized.

But he couldn't do it. Not in front of the other guys - guys who seemed to know each other and who hadn't thought to include him in their gangbang comradeship. And not with a clawing tigress of a woman, sexually the polar opposite of any girl he had ever been with. It wasn't that his libido had wilted; under the protective towel he was poker-stiff. He just couldn't summon the nerve to launch himself into the erotic fray. Instead he sidled furtively round to gain a better view of what was happening to the amazing Natasha.

After the one called Jed had deposited her on the table and splayed her legs, he and the other boys had taken turns fucking her pussy in that position. Then they turned her over, pushed her down so that her breasts were squished against the table's smoked glass surface and poked her from behind. She took it all brazenly, gripping their moving asses when face-on and staring back to taunt them when reversed. 'Is that the best you can do? What's wrong, are you fucking queer? Come on - give it to me!' And they met her challenge - gym instructors and construction guys joining forces to supply her with a constant turn-over of hard-pumping cocks, but always stopping short of coming. They had hit their stride, it seemed, and were in no danger of burning out quickly.

Natasha's attention, however, seemed divided. Her sexual focus was compromised by rowdy male outbursts from some other room in the apartment, outbursts that were punctuated by feminine moans and shrieks. Elsewhere, young Sandy was being given similar treatment. Ryan had witnessed Natasha's protectiveness towards the girl first hand, and knew she was preoccupied as much with the fate of her young friend, as with the cocks plunging into her own snatch. Her randy, male attendants, however, were allowing her no opportunity to act on her concern. They had paid for this pussy and obviously believed in value for money.

Ryan too wondered how Sandy was coping. She had seemed so innocent and out of her depth, much closer to the type of girl he was used to dating. He was confused as to why she should be here with the voracious Natasha; it concerned him that such a sweet girl should be exposed to this type of sexual barrage. Or at least it concerned part of him. There was another part, that he hardly dared own up to. A part that wanted to see Sandy exactly where Natasha was, taking everything that Natasha was having dished out to her. Yes, deep down he wondered what it would look like, all that sweetness being devoured by these ravenous sexual appetites.

Then he heard it, along with Natasha and the gang that hemmed in her exposed flanks. Soaring above all the predatory male noise from the other room was a drawn-out wail of female desperation. Natasha looked up in alarm from where she was being pounded. She knew Sandy was in trouble and the shafters of her pussy read her thoughts as clearly as Ryan did.

'Sounds like your little friend's getting it nice and hard in there,' grinned Jed, as his colleague Andy laid into Natasha's cunt. 'Don't think she's as used to it as you, though.'

'She'll do plenty more catching up when she comes back in here,' said one of the brickies, and his friends joined him in his laughter.

'Leave her alone, guys,' grunted Natasha, her face reddened from fucking. 'Just keep it coming at me, I'll give you all you want! You know I'm good for it!'

'You hear that?' called Andy, dragging his hard dick from Natasha's wet, slurping hole. 'She wants to hog all the action. Why don't we show her what we're going to do to her friend once we get hold of her?'

'Nice,' Jed responded. 'Only whatever we give her, we make sure her mate Sandy gets it harder.' There was further filthy laughter from the others and together they set about Natasha once more.

Ryan observed in stunned fascination as the guys demonstrated their intentions for Sandy on the more experienced girl's body. It was quite a display. They lifted Natasha away from the table, set her on the floor and negotiated who went were, until all her holes were crammed with cock. Then they rotated places to let everyone get a turn in each hole. Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed of constant, hard sex, with the pissed-off, furiously working Natasha in the middle of all those thrusting dicks. And this, thought Ryan, was a trial run for poor Sandy, the lovely, warm-hearted girl who had ministered to him earlier. He was appalled at the thought. Appalled and excited.


In Alan's bedroom a game was underway. It was a silly and juvenile game of Alan's devising, involving two wooden bowls: one empty on the bed and the other a good ten metres away by the door, filled with green apples. Naturally the sole purpose was to further exploit Sandy for the sexual gratification of his paying guests. She had knelt before him, staring humbly into his face as he explained the rules, butt firmly plugged and wrists bound firmly together behind her back with newly applied bondage tape.

'All you have to do is transfer the apples from one bowl to the other. You have a time limit of two minutes. If you complete your task within the allotted time, the plug will be removed. If you fail, it'll remain up your ass for the remainder of the evening. Simple.'

Ben was timing Sandy with his watch so Alan could photograph her in action, and the rest of the group were cheering her on as though it were an Olympic event. 'Come on, Sandy, you can do it - move that ass!' It was a splendid sight, of that they were in obvious agreement; here was the cheery young pub singer of weeks ago, scurrying on her knees about the room naked and frantic, with a butt plug protruding from her asshole, as if she were competing in some pornographic game show. They loved the bounce and swing of her big breasts and the way her heart-shaped bum shuffled, clenched as it was around the intruding swell of plastic. They cheered every time her teeth crunched into another apple and she made falteringly for the bed, the fruit lodged in her mouth like she was a startled sucking pig. 'Go for it Sandy, go for it! Shift that juicy ass of yours!' They started to urge her on by soundly slapping her buttocks as she passed, drawing a muffled cry or an open squeal, depending on whether or not her mouth was full at the time.

Sandy's neck was sore from having to constantly shake her hair out of her eyes. Her knees burned from friction with the carpet as she shuffled manically around the room, gradually delivering the contents of the loaded bowl. She knew she must look ridiculous and that she was merely an object of sport for these crazed men, but she held fiercely to her immediate object: to rid her ass of the foreign body that was so rudely shoved inside it. Ben was shouting at her like a sports coach: 'You've got one minute, come on Sandy, let's see you finish it! You're almost home!' Slaps were raining down on her bare bottom, but she hardly felt them. She had to do it, she had to have that ludicrous stopper expelled from her anus. There was no way she could let it reside there any longer. Just the last few apples and she was done.

She felt out of breath now and her cum-encrusted thighs ached. 'One more apple, Sandy - come on, you've a few seconds left - go, go, go!!!' Her mouth and chin were sticky with juice as she made for the bowl, the final apple clenched in her jaws. She fell against the end of the bed and released it into the container. 'Yes! She's there!' Wild cheers and peals of laughter greeted Ben's pronouncement.

'Well done, Sandy!' called Alan. 'Ryan, help her out.'

'No worries.' The brawny Australian set the bowl aside and picked Sandy up under the armpits, his as yet unrelieved cock slapping against her as he did so. He deposited her on the bed and set about peeling the tape from her imprisoned wrists. 'There you go, gorgeous,' he said cheerily, tearing away the last of the adhesive material. She rubbed her hands together to help the circulation return. 'Now let's get this little guy out of your pretty asshole.' She squealed again as he pushed her forward, seized hold of the butt plug and began prizing it from her rectum's tight grip.

'Ooooooooooooh!' she moaned plaintively, as her anus stretched once more, then she felt the plastic intruder pop into the open once more, leaving her free and empty at last. Relief washed over her. She had passed the test and been rewarded.

'Right Kyle, let's see you fuck her up the ass!'

She was still taking in Alan's words, when Kyle's rough hands clapped hold of her cheeks and pulled her plump rear into the air. 'Okay, sweetheart, let's fill that ass of yours properly!'

'What? But...' Even as Kyle's swollen glans nudged against her slightly dilated back entrance, she felt a deep sense of foolishness at not having expected this. She had witnessed those porn actresses go through with it in 'Cumfest Initiates 7' and now she was going to discover what it really felt like. 'Oh God!!!!!' She felt a stab of pain and an accompanying wave of panic as Kyle's apparently lubed cock-head slid inside her.

'Relax your ass, darlin', don't fight it,' he advised her in his slow drawl. From there he set about divesting her of her anal cherry, easing himself inch at a time past her sphincter muscle's reflexive tightening.

'Oh God, it huuuuuurts...' groaned Sandy, shocked by the severity of the burning sensation in her rear passage. The pain was almost too much to stand.

'We'll take it slow,' Kyle promised, sliding his thickly oiled cock in with intense concentration and pausing any time Sandy found it too much. It was fun putting her ass under duress, but he had no intention of causing her actual harm. Plus he was enjoying the sight of her pert young backside very gradually swallowing his broad shaft. 'It'll get better once it's all in,' he assured her. It took time and fierce attention, but he made her bum consume every thick, hard inch.

'Ooooooooh...' Sandy's moan was long and piteous, as she felt Kyle's balls finally nestle against her ass cheeks. It was partly from the still considerable pain, but more from the thought that a man she had only met had his erect penis all the way inside her bottom. She could feel its pulsing hardness right up inside her body, in a deep place she had not been consciously aware of before now.

Kyle held her rump steady, enjoying the tight hold of her surprised rectum on his dick. 'Okay, let's just hold it there, get you used to it,' he said calmly. 'First time you've had a cock up your shitter?'

'Y-y-yes,' Sandy gasped, her breathing shallow.

'Thought so.' He sounded like the thought really excited him. 'And I get to break you in. Right, let's try moving you a bit.' He gripped her lightly fleshy waist and began to rock her gently on the shaft that impaled her, so that her tensed anal tract involuntarily pumped him. His breathing became heavier at what Sandy knew must be for him a delicious sensation.

'Oh God - Oh God - Please be careful!'

Kyle held her waist almost tenderly, but leaned into her, penetrating her ass still more deeply. He worked her steadily, carefully, for some minutes, answering her loud moans and dry sobs by speaking soft, pleasure-soaked encouragements. 'That's it, sweetheart, you're doing well. Just keep your ass moving, that's lovely.' Slowly it became easier, more fluid; she felt bunged by his steel pole, owned and used like never before, but she was less scared that she was going to be torn apart. Then she felt him begin to build up the speed of his thrusting. 'That's it, babe, let's go for it now. Let's move things up a gear...'

'Please, please Kyle...' He had seemed nicer than the rest during those initial introductions, and even now with him embedded in her ass, she appealed to him by name. 'Go easy on me!'

'What do you think, guys?' he enquired of his mates. 'Should I go easy on her?'

Their rowdy chorus of response offered advice she could have predicted. It was the opinion of the group that Kyle should 'give it to her' and 'pound that ass' and 'fuck her into next week.'

'Sorry, gorgeous,' said the Australian. 'Can't lose face in front of the guys, can I?' He rammed his cock in hard and made her howl.

His friends cheered and roared, and he pulled Sandy upright by the shoulder, so that they got a full-frontal shot of her nude beauty as he fucked her from behind. The full-blooded rear-banging tremored through her, her lovely, globed tits shivering every time Kyle's loins smacked into her ass cheeks. She was letting out impassioned screams now at each thrust, arms swinging loosely and hair falling round her face. It was a spectacular sight, the pretty young singer exposed in all her shame mid-buggering, her mouth a wide, ruby oval of shocked exclamation.

Kyle had been waiting too long to exhibit any real staying power. Sandy's tightness sent him careering over the top and he yelled as the orgasm ripped through him. 'Fuck! Fucking Christ! FUCK!!!! Nice one!' He fired his load, shot after shot, into Sandy's anal depths. It was the first delivery of cum her ass had ever received and it was an ample one. The second load, had she but known, was not far off.

She collapsed forward on the bed as he let go, his still thick member slipping heavily out of her burning rectum, but she was provided with no recovery time. Darren and Steve had caught her under the arms and were bundling her off the bed, Kyle's spunk oozing out of her freshly ravished bumhole. She realised their purpose very quickly.

'That's it, keep her ass opened up,' Alan was saying. His lean, shaven-headed friend Ben had positioned himself on the floor and was gripping his stout erection so that it stuck into the air, an angry prong of rigid flesh. It was already anointed thickly from a tube of lubricant, to help ease her passage. Sandy clung desperately to the brothers' shoulders for support, as they hoisted her up by the thighs and backed her over their recumbent companion, so that her ass was hovering in peril above his carefully positioned cock.

Oh God, what are they doing now? Sandy stifled a whimper and pitied her poor, beleaguered bottom.

'Bring her down, boys!' Ben yelled enthusiastically. Darren and Steve each slapped a hand to her bum cheeks and pulled them apart, then they lowered her dilated asshole slowly on to Ben's waiting probe. Sandy screwed up her eyes and bit her lip, as she felt herself being fitted on to his spearing sex.

'Oh God, don't drop me!' she pleaded, fearing what would happen if they released her full body weight down on to the stiff column.

'You got her?' asked Steve, a sly note of panic in his voice.

'No,' warned Darren urgently. 'She's slipping! I can't hold her!'

'Her thighs are all lube and cum! Shit, I'm going to drop her!'

'Christ, me too!'

'No, no please!!!!!!' Sandy begged, just before they let go. Ben was supporting her cheeks with his hands for his own protection, but she still dropped heavily the rest of the way, ramming down on to his great phallus. 'OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!' She fell backwards on to Ben with her hair flailing, her ass spiked on his cock. She reached to each side and pushed her hands against the carpet, in a futile attempt to raise herself off the fat rectal insertion, if only an inch. But he was starting to thrust with his pelvis, and her whole body began to buck, as he boosted his rocket upwards into her anal darkness. She howled as if deranged, words she had scarcely used before in her life firing randomly from her mouth. 'Oh Gggodddd, oh fffffffuuuckkk, oh shhhhhitttttt!!!!!'

The boys roared their approval and Alan's camera bulb flashed, as Ben gripped Sandy's hips and fucked the living hell out of her ass. She bounced on him like a mannequin, defenceless against his relentless, deep intrusion. She could not have said how long her quaking, nude body was banged from below, before she felt the engorged prick pulse strongly inside her. Ben's fingers were pressing into her buttery ass cheeks and she sensed his whole body tense as he prepared to unload. Seconds later he peaked and she was driven even further into the air than before by his cock's volcanic upthrust. Molten cum erupted inside her as she screamed.

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