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Natalia's Wolf


Everyone in the story is 18 or older. There is no sex in this chapter.. Please enjoy!

I could tell this day would be bad. I woke up 40 minutes late. Fuck. I shouldn't have studied so late last night. "Come on Tal, you have to get up and get ready for school. Today's gonna be a long day." I said out loud. I walked into the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror. Great, I looked horrible and only had 15 minutes to get ready. Did I get taller? I'm about 5'4 and 121 pounds. I turned to the side and smirked. I might be skinny but I have enough curves to make every girl at my school jealous. I have a perky 36 C cup, a small waist and a fat ass. I have long brown curly hair, thanks to my mixed roots, gray eyes and deep dimples. My skin tone can only be described as light brown. I was a knock out according to all my friends. Even my own step dad referred to me as a "babe". Yea right, all my former boyfriends either dumped me or cheated on me. Shaking my head I got naked and jumped into the shower. I got out, brushed my teeth, and threw my hair into a high bun and got dressed. I had just enough time to grab get some juice before I had to go.

"Good morning beautiful how was your sleep?" said my dad.

He had a strict Asian voice I'd grown to love. "Hi daddy I slept alright, it's really cold in my room at night" I replied kissing him on the cheek. I'm a daddy's girls all the way.

"I'll take a look at it princess" he said before leaving.

My dad was a tall strict man from Japan. He had slits for eyes and a tone so harsh it would make you cry. Whereas my mother brought his hard side out, I was his soft spot. I was his only daughter of 5 kids. My older brothers proving to be just as successful as my parents knew they would. At least that's what my parents seen. I knew the real truth about those guys. I loved my dad. He never yelled at me. He never punished me. I was his perfect princess. He would always tell me my mom was jealous of our relationship. My mother was... cold. A cruel woman who would do whatever she had to. No matter the costs.

"Natty why didn't you blow dry your hair? It looks awful in that bun. Please let me take you to get it cut into a style. And your clothes, darling you look homeless. That is not how a woman dresses. You have such a nice body and you chose to put jeans on to show it off. I'll never understand you. You choose to dress the part of a boy when you aren't that unattractive." said my mother in that deep Mexican voice I usually ignored.

"Mother my name is Natalia. I hate being called Natty. My hair is fine and I'm 18, I don't want to wear business suits every day. AND I DO NOT LOOK LIKE A MAN!!" I shouted.

We had the same argument every day whether in person or over the phone. She wanted to make me into a little mini version of her. I shuddered at the thought. Just change the subject Tal don't let it get to you. "Why are you here mom? I thought you'd be at your condo in the city getting ready for her you vacation with Victor in Brazil." I said as I took in her appearance. I got a lot of my looks from her. She was Mexican and Black with long brown hair. She had big dark gray eyes and full pink lips. Only thing she didn't have was dimples but she did have high cheek bones and smooth skin that had no flaws. She was a money hungry woman so it wasn't a shock when she left my dad for a rich white man from the city. We kind of expected it. I'll never understand why my father married her. She was so evil. She disrespected him every chance she got. She even took all his money leaving him broke and yet he still cared for her. I had had enough of her lecturing.

"Are you even listening to me Natty? I swear sometimes you get lost in that uncombed head of yours." She shouted.

"Bye mom I have to go" I said. Then I turned on my foot and sped out the house just in time to avoid a lecture.

I got to school 30 minutes late. Thanks mom. I hurried to my locker and grabbed my books running to my first class. I walked in and spotted my best friend, Samantha, with an open desk. Just as I was about to sit down my teacher spotted me. Shit.

"Ah, so nice of you to join us Ms. Miyoko, class starts on my time, not yours. I'll see you in detention. Don't be late this time." scolded Mr. Jackson.

I was so glad we graduated in 2 weeks. I was so tired of Jackson and his bullshit. I walked to my seat.

"Hey girl, what's new?" whispered Sam.

She was beautiful, the all American white girl. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a slender body and all the money she could ever want. She dated Jake, the quarterback, and she was head cheerleader. You would think she would be horrible and stuck up. Crazy thing is she wasn't. She was the sweetest thing since cheesecake. We had been best friends since 6th grade. I saved her from an ass whooping for a bitch named Amanda. Amanda was a bitch in every definition. She only hated Sam because had money. Sam was the only person besides my brothers that I could talk to without worry.

"Nothing new" I shrugged.

I paid attention for the rest of the class. My classes went by pretty fast after that. I only had one more class after lunch but by time lunch came I was ready to go home. I had a horrible headache and I could swear somebody had been watching. Like somebody would actually watch me. I was practically a boy I thought quoting my mother.

"Ugh, let's eat at the mall. I hate school lunch." said Sam.

I was all for the idea. They were serving some meatloaf shit. Yuck. Our schools food was enough to put you in the hospital for at least a week. We were out of there. We had skipped class plenty of times but I was always scared to get caught. I saw Sam's silver Benz and all hope came flooding back. Goodbye crap food, hello people food. We made it to the mall in 15 minutes. We were eating our Chinese food laughing when I felt somebody watching me. I looked around but I didn't see anyone looking our way. Great now I'm losing my fucking mind. I just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was staring me down. Turning my attention back to Sam I told her how I was I worried I would fall during graduation ceremony.

"I swear Nali, with all that worrying you do I'm surprised you don't have a forehead full of wrinkles on that beautiful face. You'll do fine idiot." She said.

I stuck my tongue out at her after I flicked her off. We got up to throw our trash away. I turn around and I'm sent flying back on my ass. "What the fuck?" I scream. I look up to deep hazel eyes that made me want to get naked right there and a very amused grin from the most beautiful man I've ever seen. I wanted to smack it off his damn face. What an asshole! Just as I was about to cuss him out in every language I could think of Sam came to my rescue.

"Watch where the fuck you're going. You almost gave my friend a concussion." Sam yelled.

I wanted to kill her. How dare she speak to him like that? Wait, what the fuck was I saying? This is my best friend and I'm ready to kill her. I should be mad at big dummy over there. She helped me up as he chuckled. Oh so he finds this amusing. Finally the asshole speaks.

"Excuse me sweetheart but your clumsy friend bumped into me!" His voice was intoxicating. It was deep and intimidating but strangely comforting. I could listen to it for the rest of my life. Wait. What the fuck was I saying? What the hell is wrong with me? This asshole just sent you flying across the floor and now he's laughing at you. Get it together Tal. I had to get out of here. I turned the leave.

"Now she leaves without so much as an apology? Women!" he laughed.

That stopped me dead in my tracks. Did this dickhead really just say I owed HIM an apology? I'll give his ass an apology alright.

"Um no I turned around and you walked into me." I said with an attitude that would make my mother proud.

He laughed and said "I'm not about to argue with you. I'll apologize for you being so clumsy. I'm Eric, nice to meet you."

Did he just say it was my fault? And then apologize for me. He was an asshole but I couldn't help but to think I'd love to kiss him. "Fuck off asshole. You hit me. You know what just stay out my way." I said grabbing my purse and leaving. Poor Sam was struggling to keep up with me. I was steaming. How dare he hit me then give me grief? Finally we made it to the car. I got in and listened to Sam try to calm me down. After 10 minutes I cooled off. But as soon as I calmed down I felt someone staring at me again. Today was not my day.

"I think I'm gonna ditch the rest of the day. Fuck detention" I said.

Sam being the best friend she is goes, "Well shit me too." And we burst out laughing. We decide to go to the park and walk around. It's calming and very beautiful this time of year. After an hour we decide to leave. I couldn't stop thinking about Eric. What the hell was wrong with me?

We walk to the car and just as I'm about to get in I see Sam with a horrified expression on her face. I look in the direction she's looking and see a huge wolf. And it's coming at us. We jump in the car and lock the doors as fast as we can. The wolf runs past us into the woods, stropping to look back only once before jetting off. "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS THAT SHIT? WAS THAT A GOTDAMN FUCKING WOLF?" I scream. I'm on the verge of a panic attack. I hate animals. Especially dogs. I had the worst experience with dogs when I was younger. Wolves are dogs right? Only bigger. Whatever. I hate all animals. Sam just looks at me and busts out laughing. What the hell? She's going crazy.

"You have such a fucking potty mouth Nali." She says in a fit of laughter.

I look at her like she's crazy. That only makes her laugh harder. I can't help it. I burst out laughing right along with her. She pulls out the parking lot and I turn on the radio. We're singing along really loud when all of a sudden I hear a scream and feel myself going through the windshield. Just fucking great. Sam just had to go and get us killed. And just my luck, I don't get to die fast. I have to be alive to feel everything and suffer before I die. My body hits the ground hard. Shit. I open my eyes and scream. I can't stop the tears. I hear people screaming, feel them running towards me. I feel every broken bone, every pain. I'm slipping from reality slowly so I close my eyes and wait to die. I feel my body being lifted. All I can think is I hope Sam's ok. And I wonder what Eric is doing. Whoa. Whoever had me was strong and rock solid. I open my eyes and saw hazel eyes that looked like they could see into my soul. That's the last thought I had before it all went black.

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