President of HR- Benton-Pickens LLC

5:30 time for the weekend. TGIF!!! It was a rough week with endless meetings. All I wanted to do was go home and jump in the jacuzzi with a nice glass of white wine and some Mary J on the stereo.

"Hold the elevator please? Oh thank you so much," I say as I jump in and punch the button for the garage. My cell phone starts ringing and I look to see that it is Veronica, my best friend.

"Hey Ronnie whats up?"

"Party time. We're hitting that new club downtown tonight. I'll pick you up at 9 so be dressed and ready."

"No way not tonight. I am so tired I can barely stand to drive home."

"Nat come on we don't hang out anymore. Whats up with that?"

"I've been putting in a lot of hours lately girl. The merger is almost complete but we're working on what positions will be done away with and who will be staying from their company. Its a mess."

"I miss hanging out with you."

"I miss hanging too, but I am just to tired. I'm going home to relax. Come by Sunday so we can hang out. We'll blaze on the grill and lounge by the pool. Just you and me. We'll catch up."

"If that's all I can get then so be it, but you better not flake on me or else."

"No flaking, promise. You me grill pool Sunday."



When the doors opened I start walking towards my car in the parking garage but I feel like someone was watching me. Turning around I can see that there is a man, a huge man, standing by the elevator. I really have to stop being preoccupied when I'm alone like this. He seems to be looking directly at me but I can't tell from this distance. I pick up my pace to get to my car. Once inside I breathe a little bit easier. Starting the car I pull out of my space and drive down the ramps to get out of the garage not giving the man a second thought.

Jacuzzi, wine, Mary J here I come.

Conall Faol

President Faol Incorporated

Alpha Faol Pack

"Hold the elevator please."

My wolf sat up and took notice of this slip of a woman running down the hall to get the elevator. Absolute beauty. She could be tonight's entertainment. Wine her and dine her and then fuck her until she's unconscious. Yes this could work. It had been awhile since I allowed myself the pleasure of a woman. Lately things have been hectic between the company and the pack. Add that to me longing to find my mate so I just have not indulged but I think I will have to rethink that for this little beauty.

As the elevator doors close her phone rings. She turns slightly to reach into her bag and her scent hits me. Her perfume is the strongest, but under that is the delicious scent of honey and eucalyptus. My wolf starts to howl in my mind. He is trying to break forth and claim her. "MINE, MINE, MINE," I hear him growl. "Claim her before someone else gets her. Do it NOW! "

I have to literally hold onto the bar in the elevator to keep from changing. I try to explain to my wolf that would not be the best way to meet our mate. She is human and would definitely be afraid of us if we went from a man to a wolf and then attack her.

I tune out his growling to listen in on her phone call. It is a woman she is speaking to. What a relief, but I wonder if she has a boyfriend. It really doesn't matter because she belongs to us and that is that, but I would prefer that she is unattached. I take a deeper smell and can't smell a man's scent on her. That will change very very soon.

We both get out of the elevator and while I am waiting for my driver to pull up I notice every detail I can about her. The way she walks, the gentle yet alluring sway of her hips, her ample ass that I can imagine biting. Her hair is long, down to her waist, it looks amazing on my mate. I can imagine pulling it and twisting it around my fingers as I take her roughly, seating my knot firmly within her and placing our mark on her beautiful slender neck. The thought of having her beneath me writhing in ecstacy was overwhelming my wolf. If she had the hearing of a were she would have heard my sub vocal growling.

As I tried to reign in my wolf she turned and looked me dead in my eyes. I was still somewhat in the shadows but clearly seen by her. Her pace quickened towards her car as if she was afraid. It dawned on my that I must look like some type of serial rapists or worse lingering in the shadows. Then I took notice of just how dark this garage was and how someone could actually hurt her. That would not do. I would have to assign someone to be here when she was here.

She drove past me not even acknowledging my presence, but I was totally aware of hers. After 450 years of walking this earth, I had found my mate. Nothing and noone was going to keep me from claiming her, but I needed to find out who she was and court her. I pulled out my cellphone just as my driver pulled up. I would have all the information I needed on her before the night was over.


I was so happy to pull into my garage. I could just feel the warm jets of water as they massaged away the knots of stress in my body. I walked into my home and had the same lonely feeling I always got when I was there. It had been a very long time since I had the company of a man. My work kept me busy, in other words I HAD NO PERSONAL LIFE. I walked into my kitchen and pulled out a bottle of white wine and poured myself a glass then took the bottle with me to the bathroom. I started the water running and added my favorite bath oils. I turned my ipod on and selected my Mary J. Blige playlist, stripped and climbed in. It felt so good.

Laying there luxuriating in the water, sipping wine and hearing Mary I began to feel lonely again. I was an attractive black women, but I couldn't maintain a decent relationship because my work was so demanding. I worked long hours and that was not conducive with a lasting relationship.

The more wine I drank the more I thought about my self imposed celibacy. I could change it if I wanted but I guess I had not met the right man. I would like to believe if I met the right man I would love to spend my time with him. The image of the man in the garage sprung to mind. I wondered who he was and how he looked. I thought back to my last boyfriend. Wow was that really a year ago! I wasn't even with him long enough to get to second base. It didn't help that along with not maintaining a relationship, I was still a virgin. Accomplished in so much and at 26 years old I was still a virgin. I had been so involved with my education, finishing with a 4.0 gpa in undergrad and grad schools, that I never allowed myself the opportunity or the chance to get close enough with someone. Then I went to work and work hard to become the President of HR in 3 short years. Hell I didn't even masturbate. I guess you can't have it all huh?

My musings are just that. I think about how different my life would have been had I not been so driven. The hell with it I think and shake off the feelings, finish my bath and climb into my big, empty, lonely bed once again. At least this time I have a little buzz though. Everything fades to black as I fall into a alcohol induced restful sleep.


The whole way to the estate my wolf growled and protested leaving our mate alone in the city. He gave me a fit. I tried to reason with him to no avail. The wolf didn't understand the human process of meeting someone and getting to know them. All the wolf knew was she is our mate, find her, fuck her, mate her, bite her. There was no complications. I eventually stopped trying which is why now I am on edge. The constant barrage was taking it's toll. Finally, when I had had enough, I mentally grabbed my wolf and shoved him very hard into the back of my mind and forced him to be quiet and still until I called for him again. He wasn't happy, but well neither was I. I didn't like feeling this way. I was the Alpha for fuck sake. I was supposed to be in control of all situations and circumstances and here I was acting like some whelp. Damn it!

"Ummm excuse me Your Highness?"


"Sir we are home."

"Bryant my apology."

"Finding one's mate and not being able to claim her is difficult is it not Your Highness?"

"That it definitely is Bryant. That it definitely is."

As I spoke my beta and brother, Caiden, opened the door. Him and my other siblings were the only ones that didn't cower to me. They respected my Alpha status, but they were not going to take my shit either. He handed me a file with the name Natalie Renea Coldwell written on the front. I took it and walked into the house and straight to my offices. I was anxious to say the least.

I took my seat to begin my review of the file and in walks Caiden.

"No thank you. I had to do some fancy and creative shit to get that information."


"You're grumpier then usual. What's with you?"


"Calm the fuck down! I'm the one helping you remember."

"I am not in the mood for your brotherly bullshit right now. My wolf is going crazy and I am not far behind. I have heard about the mating pull, but hearing it an experiencing it are to very different things. How did you manage when you found Melissa?"

"She was already Were brother. My wolf and her wolf were on the same page. It was just a little bit different. Look even though you yelled at me and didn't say thank you for all my hard work, I will keep everybody out of here for awhile. I'll take care of anything that may come up ok."

"Yes, and Caiden, thank you my brother. I do appreciate it."

"I know."

Once he left I set out to learn everything he found about my mate.

Name: Natalie Renea Coldwell

Age: 26

Birthday: 4/20/1985

Address: 2554 Mayesville Rd.

Telephone: 678-555-7775

Graduated from Middlebrook University and Middlebrook Grad school with degrees in Business Administration for her BA and her MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management. My mate was not only beautiful but very intelligent. She was currently the President of HR at Benton Pickens LLC. Never married. No family to speak of. She was currently working on the merger between her company and a recently acquired firm Denton Moore. I began formulating a plan to meet her. My lawyer's office was on the floor above her firms so I would just have to bump into her on Monday, but I needed to see her now and make sure she was okay. Me and my wolf felt like something wasn't quite right where our mate was concerned. It was probably just me being crazy and thinking of a reason to go to her. My wolf demanded it loud and clear and I had to acquiesce.

I jumped up and headed out the door to find Caiden. He was sitting in the kitchen with Melissa on his lap getting.

"I'm leaving. I may be back by morning."

"I don't need to ask where you're going."

"No you don't. I have my cell if anything goes wrong."

"Are you taking a car with you?"

"I wasn't planning on it."

"And how do you think she will react if she sees you?"

"She won't see me."

"Being that close to your mate and not trying to be peek in on her will be difficult. What if you are overcome and decide to try? She would freak if she woke up and there was a nude man standing in her house looking at her, hell any man in her house would freak her out but a nude one. Think about it Conall."

"You are right of course. It is very hard to think when it comes to her. I will drive and just sit outside to make sure she is safe. I was going to try to make contact with her on Monday but I think it will have to be tomorrow because I am going nuts."

"She is pretty rigid in her scheduling. She works out on Saturdays at a local gym near her house. Maybe you could "bump" into her there."

"That is what I will do. I just have to make it through this night without doing something completely stupid and then I will be able to see her and speak to her. By the way you to should really get a room."

"Why? The table is so much better."

I just shook my head and walked away. I hope the maid cleaned that table before serving any food on it.

I parked my car a block away from Natalie's house. I was going to sit outside and just watch in my wolf form to make certain that nothing and nobody got near my mate to cause her any harm. I walked to the back of her house and undressed in the darkness. After transforming I laid down and watched. It seemed that all was quiet inside so I decided to doze a little. I was just about sleep when I smelled a group of humans. They were coming around the back of the house dressed all in black. My hackles immediately rose. How dare anybody think they could get away with breaking into my mate's house. These men would die tonight!

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