tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 04

Natalie-Alone Ch. 04


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As Nat was introduced to the Bank's main shareholders the greetings were given. At least she had met some of them if not by phone, through their assistants, or emails.

"Buon Giorno signore Liguori" was the greeting offered by Nat to one of the main investors.

"Buen Día señor Ruiz", was the greeting offered to another.

Then, Raphael said: "non solo bella ma inteligente" (TRANSLATION: not only beautiful but intelligent). Mr.Liguori and Mr. Ruiz showed their agreement by laughing and nodding.

The rest looked at him as if expecting to know the joke while Natalie blushed and David was smiling, because of the Raphael's interest on Nat.

The meeting was about to begin, Natalie and David were ready, she was embarrassed but this time she had to wear her poker face and show the work performed by Mr. Williamson's and her. Due to the importance of the information (control, risks, strategies), procedures and statistics and being this a meeting amongst the directive, it was explained in three different languages (Nat being the interpreter).

Thanks to her BIG HELP, her boss received the position of Manager for the Financial Department! YAY. Long hours were spent getting the project ready and acknowledging all the information but they accomplished it with five stars and a very proud face on every person at the meeting room. Especially Raphael, who seemed like he wanted to jump on her!


Thank God Raphael behaved during the rest of the meeting and by the time it was over, Nat was at the Gym. She received a text from "pretty eyes" but failed to call since she was too tired. Later that night: a nice hot tub, with aromatic fruity oils, candles and half a bottle of wine accomplished a celebration for a well-done job; a "juicy" check and a thank you card from Mr. David Williamson made it the best. "Oh yes, well done" she said while enjoying a Paolo Saracco (Moscato wine).

Michael and Raphael called to invite the ladies out but Nat was not in the mood, she just wanted to enjoy her hot tub and get into bed.

Notwithstanding, Mike and Sandra spent one of their best nights, once again concluding at Sandra's apartment making out at the kitchen, living room and her room.

All the noise awoke Nat not only from one of the most romantic dreams but also from the most sensual part! "Why? Why they had to wake me now!!!" Said Nat while turning and tossing for the 20th time.


Since she was well awake and Morpheus was running away from her, out of her building, she needed help; release from the sensitivity on her insides thanks to the unconcluded dream.

Her body was longing for the hands she enjoyed the previous night while dancing and thereon the same hands that held hers while enjoying the kiss...the same hands that on her dream were exploring and enjoying the pleasure brought to her body. She was craving for HIM.

Making up her mind she took the phone and dialed the last number that had called her that night.

"Ring, ring, ring"

A sleepy "hello" answered

"Hi beautiful" she said

"Doubt I can be seen as beautiful at this time, who's this?" while looking at the caller id. My, my, calling at this time and sounds happy? he thought

"How many calls you receive at this time?" she asked while a chuckle sounded on the other side of the line.

"You're right gorgeous, at this time not everybody dares to call except you!"

"haha so you know who this is?" stop this childish! Her mind shot...but he makes me feel so...

A tired, though happy "yep" came out while looking at the ceiling with a hand under his head pillow...

"You are the one I've been looking forward to talk about a three languages presentation!? I'm still surprised about that, you are a gift box; never know what's there!"

"Thanks, though I must say the same, how many languages do you know?" while laying sideways with a pillow between her legs and another between her head and hands...sugar lips

"Just three and you know them all" a short laugh coming from him.

God I want him now; thought Nat

"May I know what inspired you to call, and at this hour? Something very dirty maybe?" Say yes and I'll do everything you ask, he thought while playing with the few hairs that draw a line down to his underwear. Wish I could be with you right now...

Nat interrupted his thoughts

"Yeah, as a matter of fact it is something very dirty...Your dear friend, Michael, is making out with Sandra through-out the whole apartment and because of the sound of things not only making out but ....well you get it, don't you?" while softly caressing her body, making circles all around her legs, hips belly and raising towards her neck and lips. A soft moan trying to escape her lips. Nat hold on, don't let him know what you are doing...

A loud laugh from Raphael while getting the idea

"So you can't sleep without thinking about you being the one making all that noise?" his body showing the ideas picturing in his mind

"Yeah, I mean, I can't sleep thanks to them" and your lips and your hands and your lower body making himself notice while dancing yesterday...a moan escaped her lips

"I get it...and how can I help?" JUST SAY IT! I can hear you!!

"Ah, well, just hang on with me while the kids conclude their games? How about talking? Weren't you gonna ask me something?" would you like to join me? 'cause my body is trembling with a simple reminder of your face...

"Well yeah but at 3 in the morning I don't even know my name" and you are making my body hard of desire...something I barely remembered a few months ago...

"You're right, I'm sorry. I think I just wanted to listen to you..." Oh, please don't hang up now, they're moaning so loud and my undies are so damp...I want you!! While pressing her legs to prevent touching her dampness.

"Then why didn't you go out with me?" he said while picking up his drawing pad and sketching the female figure in his mind

"Well, I was enjoying half a bottle of wine, some soft music, a hot tub with aromatic oils and...well. I really needed that time for myself" to dream about yesterday: your hands on me while dancing and your touches to get my attention every second!

Umm I see. And what did you do later? Raphael you gotta hold it, don't let her know she's driving you crazy, that just listening to her is breaking your barriers.

Later in the tub? Or later....later? hello! what you just said? Her mind shouted

Are we into that? Well how about later in the tub? Where you caressing yourself like now?

No, no it's that your later was open for various answers... they both chuckled to that statement

Sure, sure I get it. He said while smiling to the idea of some phone sex; Can I manage that? or ...

Raphael stood from his bed with a hard on pushing his boxers into a painful tent; being years since the last time he held a woman that burned his body with desire and this woman was making him feel like a forest fire. Just for him to remember the way her body melted into his and the electricity that ran between their lips...he needed a helping hand SOON...

"...and your answer?" while walking to the double window that showed the parks and trees nearby and sitting at an Ottoman that cozied that area; bringing you into a position where you feel like a star at the lowest area of heaven looking into the city, almost reaching it.

Huh, Sorry? I'm not going to tell that I was thinking about you: lips, hands, chest, the way I enjoyed your body last night and the many things I imagined your tongue could do to my body; hands caressing everywhere. The desire coming out of her while her breathing was turning stronger...

Your answer? Are you dreaming about my body over yours, my hands caressing your body, enjoying the trip up and down? His hands rubbing his groin while images crossed his mind like a highway at 6:00 a.m.

"Umm..." My most intimates crave for your touch while my nipples are already enjoying the images my creativity is sending; his body, mine!!!

A moan was heard on the line and Raphael took a deep breath, Oh, no I can't hear that, I want her now! "You better talk to me unless you want me in your room within five minutes!" He promised.

Silence answered his promise.... "you've got three seconds, two, one..."

A rumbling and other sounds were coming from the other line but she couldn't talk, she was reaching the moment when ecstasy takes you into a blind space in your mind, that space where nothing can take you away from the final release; she was stroking herself so hard that the phone was on her side and her own pleasure sounds had her deaf to anything else. Her fingers were moving ravenously on her clit and insides while her hand was pinching and teasing her nipples...She was just there, a few seconds more...ooooohh

A few minutes later, coming out of the cloudiness where her orgasm took her she remembered Raphael was on the line and she reached for the phone. There was no one.

Ten minutes later she was opening the main gate for him to get into her building. Three more minutes and they were making out at the door frame of her apartment.

He was teasing her with his hands; enjoying the trip her body was allowing him into; traveling from her neck to the valley where passion begins and ends, enjoying the trip over again but this time with his mouth. Once on her valley he looked into her pleading eyes.

Deep breaths coming from both of them...

"I shouldn't have come, forgive me." He said and turned to the elevator.

"No! don't go, I...come in, I don't want to talk about this on the hallway!"

He got into the apartment and once the door was closed she kissed him again, a soft kiss just to reassure she cares for him.

"It's my fault, I let myself go with images...as a matter of fact it's Sandra and Michael's fault, they made me fantasize thus insinuating to you? Don't get mad, it's late so since you came already just stay!" So that I can tempt you...

"It's too tempting right now that we are both..." looking at his pants

She laughed "Sorry...you made me look there! Ok, mmm we have a visitor's room you can stay if you want to? After all I don't need any release like someone I seem to know." A devilish smile on her face.

"Sure you don't! I heard it all... I'll take the offer."


Natalie took him into the visitor's room and got it ready while he went for a cold shower.

"You sure you're ok by staying here?"

"Better here than...well, it's safer here" for me, he thought

"I don't get it, safer?"

Sighing he said: "There are many things you don't know about me...good night" a smooch and she was taken out of the room with her mouth open but no words coming out.

Why don't you come into my room? So near and far at the same time...Nat thought while lying in her bed.

I want you so much Nat, so near but... Amelia? Why have I not thought about you until now?



The guys went out by midday; a strong breakfast for them while Sandra and I drank our shakes and thereafter we went running a few blocks down our street and back. Just a warm up for the kids we are going to look after at the park. We've been helping an orphans home where 15 nuns take care of 75 kids! Government left them aside because money is not enough and orphans are not at the "most important" money assignment list. ========

We spent a great time, with the kids, they've being calling us aunts, whenever we visit we teach them as much as we can, play with them as long as time leave us and help in as many possible ways we are allowed. But now it's time to enjoy some adult time...

The girls wanted to celebrate not only my project but the news that Caroline is pregnant. We spend a few hours at The Cave (an underground restaurant with all the appeals as being inside a cave looking onto the outside world: a small "river" crossing through some areas at the floor: covered with acrylic and casually illuminated, colored stairs; waterfalls at one of the sides with flowers, trees and some roots from the trees and fauna around it; the tables and chairs made out of stone, illuminated with candles and let's not talk about the animals). We were spending a great time when we decided to head home, or so I believed.

As always "light foot Sandra", as the girls called her, wanted to keep partying so by the time we left she had texted and invited Michael and Raphael to join us. The guys were waiting for us right in front of The Cave when we emerged from the restaurant.

It was funny to see Raphael with a pink, long sleeve dress shirt and white pants. He looks adorable, dressed just like a Barbie boy doll, I thought. The girls and Michael laughed while Raphael looked at me with a you will see the doll promise so I looked over the girls and said: "what did I say?"

Cris said that my thought was not only mine but everybody heard it. I blushed as everybody waved, hugged and kissed good byes and we were heading to Raphael's Charcoal Dartz Prombrom Monaco Red Edition; Oh my, as impressive and scary as the owner I thought and we headed to a new pub located at the richest part of the city (where money, opens all the doors...and legs).


Around 3 a.m. We were taken out of a disco followed by some reporters, cameras, paramedics and firefighters while smoke was coming out of one of the building sides. A few reporters noticed Raphael (who was recently called "the sexiest, under 40s single multimillionaire at a magazine"), THAT I just learned from the reporters and looked at him with big questioning eyes; without answering the reporters nor my eyes, he held my hand, nodded at Michael who also held Sandra's hands and we glided straight to Raphael's car but not without some questions thrown toward us. Some paparazzo on bikes followed until we reached the guys' apartment (they've been housemates for over three years now).

Raphael refrained to take us home since there are no security guards on our building during the weekend.

"What for? we don't need security? We live at the medium class (moneyless economical scale on our society) normal side of the city", I said. Or so I thought until I saw their building.

...Once at the apartment...


"Sorry girls but you are to stay here until tomorrow" Michael said.

The apartment is half the size of the building; The penthouse floor only holds two apartments with its own elevator and security keys!

"Awww Michael and Sandra are sooo sad about that..." a smile and a wink in my way from Raphael. We all laughed and moved to the living room.

Looking the place over, seems like the guys are either painting or destroying the place.

Sandra's excitement to be at Michael's for the first time made her comment: "are you trying to rebuild the place on your own?

Mike is an Engineer so why not, I thought

Their answer was: "There's no time, but we are painting...and some day it will be ready".

"So, to entertain ourselves during the grounding period, I suggest some girl assistance, if there is something we can change into...." Michael's quick reply was: "why not work in underwear?" which brought a few eye stabs his way, so laughing he took us, to a room and after opening the door said: "you can find a few bags with women clothes, if something fits wear it." Raphael agreed although his ghostly face said the opposite.


Who are these woman's clothes from? And why Raphael seemed so "freaked"? I just decided not to question and asked Sandra to do so too. Some bags have expensive dresses, shorts and skirts while others the "at home" type of clothing.

I wore some shorts and a T-Shirt that made my C cup breast look more like a D while Sandra found a T-shirt long enough to wear, nothing else, since everything is "too big" for her; It's sexy Sandra so I know that she is also gonna tempt Michael as much as she can.

The long story short, we painted two walls and the guys joined us painting a long (apartment wide) wall and thereafter sipped wine, ate cheese and crackers while chatting and watching TV.


It was after five in the morning; the sun was ascending while Raphael and I were enjoying the city view from his penthouse balcony; hugged under a blanket heating each other... we kissed, our lips parted inviting our tongues to join a game which gratefully they did, it was so intense, soft and sweet first, but the heat emanating from the blanket burned our bodies and let that fire come out through our mouths, and we share it, we were savoring each other's breaths, each other desires, needs...we split only to get some air and try to come back into our senses.

By then, the sunshine was heating up the cold evening with a morning kiss and we went inside the apartment; "We better get some sleep...but you should know that there are no rooms ready for visitors nor am I gonna let you sleep on the sofa, so you're to sleep in my room" he said expectantly.

What? Our bodies are shouting for intimacy and we are definitely thinking about sex...but why does he have to force me to sleep with him? Yesterday he wanted to make it safer and today? what's the difference? I'm not falling for that!

"I'm sorry but I'm not gonna run into your bed not even if we're drunk 'till knock out" I replied. The truth: I am tipsy and he either is drunk or has a good alcohol control.

He said over and over that it is just to sleep and he will not get near me on any way. I threaten to wake Sandra; asked for a taxi but he declined, indicating that we are about to pass out and he will not let me get into a taxi with someone that might end up getting me harmed. It is true so I have to agree.

Just like on Thursday, when I was "forced" to dance with him in exchange for free drinks; today I'm being "forced" to sleep beside this Adonis, "forced" to get near his body, his face, lips, chest...Before anything further was said, I was practically pushed into Raphael's room with a 100th time promise that we were just going to sleep. And so we did, or at least once my head got at the pillow...I did, 'cause I passed out!



They wore my dead wife's clothes while helping paint the apartment, it was a funny time; Michael painted himself instead of the wall.

The ladies were wonderful and sexy Sandra showed as much as she could by exaggerating movements or jumping to reach "hard to get" places. Michael kept "helping" her while Nat and I rather ignored their chuckles and sexual comments.

I suppose it was the alcohol but I could still smell her in the clothes Nat wore, Amelia, my beloved wife...there is no time of the day that I refrain for the many things told while I was mad at you on that day...


After painting, we enjoyed some time getting to know each other while drinking some wine, eating cheese and crackers, watching some TV programs and laughing.

Sandra and Mike went to his room to "sleep" but the sounds coming toward us told much more. Natalie and I stayed at the living room, our bodies were responding to the fire coming from Mike's room so I took her to the balcony, to enjoy the view and prevent our faces from blushing further; the view was perfect for a romantic time while inside the house...

"We'll be better out here" I said while sitting at a bench and placing a blanket over us to cover for such a chilly breeze. Our bodies' heat each other, silence calls our minds and after a few minutes, our bodies responded to all our surrounding and we kissed...

Tasting Nat's lips again brought fire to my body, I could feel myself regaining lost strength and desires, after a while I had to leave such a temptation to get some air and regain my senses, for the second time with this incredible woman...

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