tagRomanceNatalie-Alone Ch. 07

Natalie-Alone Ch. 07


This is a short one but it's still a good one ;)




Nat's POV

Once we all ate, Sandra and I cleaned up the plates. Pappa informed: "back on my house, men are the ones to do the dishes unless we cook". Michael and Raphael joined us, I don't know if it was an insinuation from Pappa for them to join us or if they did it to calm us around these visitors.

While eating I noticed Raphael was tense, not even his jokes sounded good, he sighed, looked at me while I gave him the clean dishes to dry and said: "I knew they wanted to meet you but wasn't aware it would be today; thought I would have time to prepare you for this.."

"What do you mean this?" Sandra and I said.

They just hugged us.

Sandra asked: "What's going on?"


We're almost over with the dishes and kitchen when Sandra said: "I don't know what is it that you two are so scared about but, better start talking or we're leaving".

Mike looks at Raphael: "you're right, the thing is..."

But Raphael interrupts "My parents, especially mamma, they're not easy and I have no doubt that they want to..."

Then Pappa interrupts, softly saying: "That's gonna take more time? 'Cause she is starting to get irate" and smiles at us while mocking "scared puppies" then said: I've missed seeing you like this.

Raphael said: "two minutes pappa".

Meanwhile pappa looked at us while apparently having a self-conversation:

Pappa: been so long for them and what's to come into their life is not going to be easy; so much fighting to preserve pure souls: so far they're the key...

Then he went into the living room.

Raphael looks at me with a scared face as if expecting a bomb to blow soon and said: "I know it's been too much; what we talked yesterday and now my parents, if you feel like you need some time just hold my hand and I'll take you out of there. "Mike, you think Sandra is 'gonna hold on?"

Michael turns to Sandra and said: "It's not gonna be easy, just let her talk and bite your tongue; It's gonna be easier for us than for them.

Michael looked at us apologizing and said "Sorry pal but you know it is. After all you're her baby.".

This is turning into a charade...what is going on with this family? is this woman ready to transform into a monster, a demon, what's up?

"Her baby? Ja! I can guarantee he is NOT A BABY but a whole man so relax, we're not kids I can do this, can you?" I said while looking at them.

Raphael replied: "With you I can".

He then caressed his nose with mine while looking into my eyes letting me know that I'm his, I'm his life and certainly, distracting me from what was to occur at the living room.

Then, a kiss, it was so different from the others we've shared. It's like his fear, just like on the stories I've read (ok I'm a werewolves fan so don't hate me!) but it's something different like when you are informed about a hurricane or a twister to arrive near you when the last one you lived was a few days ago! That king of fear, and I can feel him; he's fighting so much with something; maybe about everything we talked yesterday, maybe I shouldn't have told him about J, something is bothering him and I don't like that.

Sandra took us out of that dark cloud by pushing us out of the kitchen saying: "while kissing you won't be able to deal with your parents so let's go because I have a life to enjoy, I want to go shopping".

Have I told you how much she loves going shopping, sometimes I think she works just to buy stuff! We left the kitchen holding hands, two couples getting ready to die on battle because of their love. Like Mulan and her prince fighting together, hand in hand. That's how I saw it.

---- Once at the living room we sat together. Such a beautiful place, with a great city view, comfy seats, well decorated and now a war zone...

ha! a meeting among Alphas from different clans. At the sofa: Sandra and I right in the middle and the guys beside each of us, holding our hands. At the love seat: His parents, Pappa smiling about to crack into a joyful laugh I had to look over searching for the clowns, when I noticed I had to smile too; Raphael understood and a little curve appeared on his lips although his defenses were tight. Mamma moved and I had to see into her eyes. A headache starting to pound my left side. Ok here we go!

Mamma was scanning all of us, like an owl in the night and when she noticed that Raphael was not dropping his defenses she said: "Sandra, Mike is like a son to us, I've known him since he wore diapers and I consider you are not the person that I would like for him; but he is not the angel that I saw growing up nor am I to decide the persons he can meet, go out or whatever relationship you have....Which is?"

Sandra immediately was mad at her attitude, she doesn't like being told what to do and all the tension in the room was enough for her to take a deep, very deep breath and bite her tongue while squeezing Mike's hand.

Michael barely understood what was being asked due to the pain inflicted to his hand but he said: "She's my love, my woman." we looked at him with open mouths and big shocked eyes, totally stunned with the news.

While looking at us Pappa said: "because of their faces seems like you are the only one who knows that?".

Michael raised Sandra's hand to show a bracelet with which he said to her... "I've not gifted any woman, EVER any type of jewelry, please accept me or at least give us the opportunity to meet each other in a much personal, um, emotional concept?

I had to smile for that comment "much personal? Is There Something Much Personal To What I've Heard?".

Sandra looks at him with shiny eyes and nods in agreement. I'm in shock, Isn't this the same one that's always saying: "I don't need a relationship, I don't want a relationship, I don't want a person to bother me with jealousy..." blah blah blah.

Mamma talks again: "so you're finally, are you trying a new technique taking it longer than 2 months?"

Michael laughs and say: "I want to try it and if she also wants it...let's see"

Raphael laughs and comments: "my friend, you are getting old but I'm proud it is her...I know better than that she will be THE ONE and ONLY."

I am watching everybody...suddenly it feels like we're relaxing I have a feeling like if there is some kind of...peace? There is something going on but at least mamma's face is not as harsh....thank you Michael.

A few laughs and comments were said which I didn't get since I'm hawking my soon to be attacker.

Boy that woman has a talent, she can change her mood within seconds...and she is coming for me.

I had to stop Raphael who's making circles at the palm of my hand. I am silently fighting him to stop playing with my hand when she said:

"I have access to a lot of information..." she started "...and I am not gonna let my son be seen with just anyone".

I had to interrupt: "ma'am your son is big enough to decide who he's seen with, that's not your decision".

I hate those mothers who keep declaring themselves owners of their sons! ugh it's taking their lives away!

I lived that with the Spanish guy and it really is minimizing a person, lower their self esteem and decision making, thus crushing their brains into raisings.

She looked at me, wide eyes, surprised that I was challenging her. Bring it on! Was my thought.

"You are brave and I like it, your file is clean" she then drops a folder at the coffee table full of documents. "But there are a few blank spaces..."

I took the folder, opened it and saw my documents? Copies of my birth certificate and other legal documents, recent pictures about me, Sandra, the girls? Raphael and Sandra were looking at it; wide eyes. But I'm not gonna take this; Raphael is still holding my hand and I shake it off.

"A folder, my personal documents, pictures, blank spaces? What are you FBI, CIA?" while looking at her, my enemy! Everybody chuckled "I know my rights include that unless you are part of those agencies, you are NOT (while raising my voice) allowed to obtain that information! I gave no one an authorization for you to obtain it and believe me I care a damn how you did it but you are not allowed to have anything about me! I don't care if you have the money to bribe others to satisfy your...

Raphael stood and carried me out of there into his room while saying to me: "hold on to yourself, relax, forget it" and we were in his room in a blink of an eye. He closed the door while holding me tightly.

Out there everybody was shocked, mad at mamma and at me...after all she is an older person and I should respect that fact.


Raphael's POV

It's always the same with mamma, she can't deal with the persons by what they say, she just needs to see it on her own; she has done it to each and every girlfriend/boyfriend we've had, when things turned serious.

Nat is raising her voice, she's gonna crack any moment now and I don't want mamma to see her as a weak link.

"Hold on to yourself, relax, forget it now" and closed my bedroom door. "It's ok now" so I place her in my bed (our bed).

She's so mad that her eyes are shining and tears are lining up to escape their prison.

"it's ok baby, let it go" while holding her and softly kissing her forehead. My chest hurts, seeing her like this worries me, is she going to escape again? I must make her stay, it's too much, she needs to deal with this with me, if she leaves again I don't know what might occur, what she will do...I'd rather die than living without her!

"Let me go Raphael" she said with a squeaky voice.

"I don't want her to see you weak" while cleaning a tear crossing her left cheek.

We both sighed and I held her stronger into my chest, I want her to be protected even from my mother who has not completed her investigation yet thus she won't leave the house.

"Pappa this better stop now" I sent him

Pappa appeared in the room. Nat hadn't seen him so she stunned when he spoke: "dear, I know my wife is a bitch too many times but, we are a very special family and it is not about money I'm talking now; she promised that she needs to know why you came since you were doing alright back in Puerto Rico and that will conclude her worries."

Nat stood up, looked at us, nodded and went into the living room. We followed her.

Nat asked all of us to sit and then addressed:

"Ma'am, Sandra, Michael, Raphael, sir". What I'm about to tell is something no one knows... nor my family, friends, noone back in my island and that is the reason I came here.

We were all looking at her she could read it in all of us; worry, doubts, amazement to know about her so secret life. "finally she is opening up"!

Then she started: My boyfriend, back where I come from drugged me, took me into a friend's house party and left me there, I was raped by five men..."

She immediately turned and left the apartment...

That was ten days ago. No one has seen her, she hasn't left the country but no one has heard from her, she hasn't returned to her apartment, work, gym...she just vanished!

And here I am, once again sinking into alcohol, sent my family to hell and back, left the business, depressed for the loss of my loved one again...


This is the end... or should be; Now that Natalie is over. You will be able to find The Truth About Natalie, there is the answer to this craziness and well... YOU DECIDE...

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