tagBDSMNatalie and the Neighbor Ch. 02

Natalie and the Neighbor Ch. 02


{Part two of "Natalie and the Neighbor." In part one I'd just begun a relationship of submission to my next door neighbor. He has taken to calling me his Big tittied whore (BTW)}


I awoke the next morning without having to shut off my alarm clock. That was unheard of for me. I usually could sleep through a hurricane. I knew it had to be the anticipation of a new day and new possibilities with Chet. When I sat up on the edge of the bed I was reminded of the thorough spanking he'd given me. I winced, even as I smiled. He'd bruised me quite nicely. I could see some very nice prints when I examined myself in the mirror. If that was just a first spanking I knew I had the right man for the job. He sure knew how to punish naughty sluts. Lucky me! He'd left the text with me last night saying I was to meet him at his house and serve him breakfast. Ok, it probably was more about me having to give him head but I was to be there promptly at 8 O'clock, nonetheless.

I showered excitedly and quickly. I wondered what today might bring. My pussy was glowing in anticipation. Even as complete as yesterday was with me sucking his magnificent cock, the spanking and the mental fuck of exquisite humiliation I realized he hadn't even touched my pussy. I looked forward to what might lie ahead. I found a very revealing robe, as he'd requested. I knew that per his instructions, I wouldn't have it on very long. I even enjoyed the idea that wearing one so revealing on the walk on the sidewalk to his house that other people may watch me out in public this way, walking over to a man's house to let him have his way with such a slut. There were a number of men in the houses on our street that I knew would be dying to fuck a young slut like me. I wondered if Chet was the kind of man that would make that happen. I was practically dripping by the time I reached his door. I slipped out of the robe as Chet had requested and stood there naked at his door and waited for him to allow me in.

He met me at the door with a calm, almost disinterested face as if it was the most normal thing in the world for him. I knew again that it was just part of his wonderful plan to make me feel humiliated by my own desires. He handed me a frilly apron and urged me to put it on. It did nothing to hide my bare tits and left my ass and pussy hanging out.

He saw my eyebrow raise. "It's just so you don't get grease all over you, slut, it's not supposed to cover much of your assets."

I didn't want to act like I enjoyed what he was doing to me so I shrugged and put it on like I didn't care one way or the other. However, as I was serving him the bacon and eggs he'd so expertly cooked I secretly enjoyed being basically naked for him. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, me, naked, serving him, fully clothed. It was the kind of humiliation I'd desired yet hadn't even fully imagined. It seemed for him, it was totally natural for him to find ways like this to tap into that deepest part of me. As he ate he motioned me under the table.

I sucked on his cock while he ate. He wanted it slow. I licked his balls, I slurped on the sides of his cock, I danced my tongue over him lightly. He wanted a nice build up, I was more than happy to give it to him. He'd interrupt me now and again by making me stand up and go get him some more juice or some other thing he no doubt didn't really need at the time. I think he knew it was all making me more hungry for him, for his cock, for his cum. Finally, he let me work on him fully. I attacked his cock with my soft mouth. I let him feel everything my mouth, tongue and lips had to offer him. I wanted him to know that this feeling was his, whenever he wanted it. He showed his appreciation in grunts as he filled up my waiting mouth. I looked up at him hopefully, my eyes wide, searching for acceptance.

"Mmmm," he moaned. "Breakfast was especially good this morning," he said with a soft smile. He saw my expression of desire. "You really do like sucking cock, don't you?"

"God, yes, sir. I need it so much. I've missed it."

"Hmm," he said thoughtfully, "I'd guess so, by the intensity in which you do it and also by what you've told me before, that you have done it so often in the past."

I nodded. "Yes, sir. A lot. I hope you don't mind. I hope it doesn't turn you off knowing how much your slut has done it, how much I love it."

He chuckled softly. "Not really. Experience in this case is a wonderful thing." I beamed at that.

He had me stand up and bend over the table facing away from him. He slid his fingers up my legs softly, slowly, until they reached my pussy. I sighed as I felt them slip across my wetness.

"My goodness, slut. You are quite wet," he smirked playfully. "You really do get off on this treatment."

I sighed. How could I even deny it?

"Have you ever sucked more than one guy off? I mean, like at a time, or in one day? I'm not sure even what I'm asking. I guess I'm asking you to describe your sluttiest oral experiences," he said, even as he began to finger my pussy.

I was panting. I hadn't had my pussy touched in too long, it was hard to focus.

"Um, yeah, of course," I groaned as his long fingers started to invade my soft folds. "In high school...and in college...." I moaned.

"Tell me about them," he urged. He knew what he was doing and making me do was driving my lust up several notches.

"Ohhhh," I said lustily, "in high school I once had a date to the prom with a guy. He was a senior, I was a junior. I really wanted to go with another guy but he wasn't old enough. You either had to be a senior or be on a date with one. So I went with the older guy. Ohhh, sir...." I moaned as his second finger slid into me and began a slow, agonizingly wonderful rhythm.

So, the senior and his friends had some booze in their car so we'd sneak out and have some now and then. I knew he was trying to get me drunk so he could take advantage but it was so transparent. As I've said before, young guys have no idea, especially about me, if he'd just taken control and asked me to do it, made me, I'd have done anything he'd asked. Anyway, I ended up sucking him off in the backseat of his car while his friends and their dates hung around the car drinking. They all knew I was giving him head, I could hear them laughing and talking about me. It's when I first heard the words, "cock sucker," and "slut" being directed at or about me. Oh god sir," I panted. That feels so good." He continued his smooth finger fucking of me while I related my story. I was bucking back into him softly to match his thrusts.

"So, that doesn't sound all that slutty," he mocked, though gently.

I grunted, "Ohhhh....sir, I'm not finished. So, I sucked the older guy off while his friends made fun of me. I remember wiping his cum off my face as I stepped out of his car right in front of his friends. They laughed at me. I realized I still had some clinging to chin. I ran off, embarrassed. But even then, I was horny. Something about it all had turned me on something fierce."

"I see," Chet said as he continued his finger play in my pussy. "The humiliation, it was present even then."

"Yesss," I groaned. He was building me towards an orgasm. I tried to delay it until I'd told him everything. I knew he'd want to hear it. "So, I ran back to the party, his cum on me and inside me. I called my other friend, the junior, the one I'd wanted to be with in the first place. He came and picked me up. I was so horny and riled up from before. I had him drive to the parking lot. The senior and his friends were still out there. I took out his cock and started sucking it. He had been begging for it for weeks, I'm sure he couldn't believe it was just this easy. He had a sports rivalry with the senior or something. I knew they didn't care for each other. As I blew him I told him to turn on the overhead light. The senior and his friends were only two cars away. That got their attention. I knew they could see him getting head. This drove him over the top and he came my mouth too. It was probably just about 15 minutes apart. I stepped out of the car. The senior and his friends saw it was me. I just walked past them with a wink and a smile, the guy's cum was still in bubbles on my lips, I didn't even wipe it. Oh god, I still remember the names they called me as I walked away. I was red with shame, but hotter than I can remember."

I stopped as his finger fucking increased. I couldn't concentrate anymore. He sensed it so he pulled out reluctantly. He asked me to continue. "That was your sluttiest oral experience?"

"Um, no, sir," I mewed. I tried backing into him to get his fingers inside me again.

"Tell me everything, and I'll consider continuing," he said with a grin.

"Ok, the college experience," I moaned softly as his fingers slid back into me. He slowed down his pace considerably though so I could talk coherently.

"There was a dorm party. By this time pretty much everyone I hung out with knew I was promiscuous, it wasn't a big secret. Most parties I was invited to I ended up with someone, even if it wasn't the one who brought me. To me, the partying, the drinking, were all just excuses for the guys to try and get laid. It was like a cover up for what they really wanted. That's why they'd try and get us drunk and play sexy games, because that's the only way they could think of to get lucky."

"Did it work?" Chet laughed, even while knowing the answer.

"Of course it did," I giggled. "But, all the preliminaries weren't necessary. Someone just needed to step up and take it and we'd have not all been so hung over the next morning."

"So what happened, slut?" Chet urged. I could feel him holding back his finger fucking. I knew he wanted to bring me off but he wanted to hear this first. He wanted to know as much as he could about his new slut.

"So, we were playing a drinking game called "five minutes in heaven," where if you lost you had to spend five minutes in the closet with the other, opposite sex loser of the game."

Chet interrupted me, "did it always have to be the opposite sex?"

I giggled, "Dirty man! Yes, the guys didn't even consider the alternative. I'm sure it's because they didn't want to spend five minutes in there with some other guy. The women probably wouldn't have had any objection to it, we were all pretty open and wild. So, I was particularly horny that night. I think I hadn't had cock in a week or two."

"Poor thing," Chet joked.

"I know, right? So, I made sure I kept losing. The first few times in the closet the guys basically just mauled me with their hands. They got my tits out, played and sucked on my nipples, fingered my pussy, that sort of thing. I played with their cocks through their pants. It was frustrating for me. I wanted it so badly but they didn't make their moves in time. Each time the five minutes was up they'd walk out, leaving me panting. As time went on though I got wise. After the first two times in the closet and all the wasted time fumbling with my bra and panties I stayed behind in the closet for a moment and removed them. I just had on a skirt and a tight top. That made it considerably easier. When I got to the closet the next time the guy had easier access to all of me. We could hear the counting down from the group outside. I whispered to the guy, "next time take your cock out right away."

I did this with the next couple guys too. Funny, no one bothered to figure out why it was me who kept losing. I think most of the other women were glad it wasn't them. So, when one of the repeat guys came back his cock was out right away when the door closed. I sucked him off like that. I barely was off my knees and swallowing his cum when the door opened.

"Wow," Chet said appreciatively.

"Wait," I groaned, his fingers were hitting that spot again. I could've cum at any time but I was fighting it, for him.

He again slowed his pace to hear me finish. "So, for the next hour, maybe two, I repeated that same scenario. I think I might have finished three or four more of them, I can't remember, I was really drunk. Not everyone was able to cum that quickly though, but I remember walking out of the closet that last time and there was cum splattered all over my top, in my hair, on my face. The guys, of course, weren't surprised, they were all in on it. I remember the smirks of the women though. Honestly though, I think a few of them were jealous."

"Mmm," Chet moaned. "Multiple guys, I think I might have underestimated you," He said as he picked up his pace finger fucking me.

I was lost by now, he knew it. He rubbed my clit with the tip of his thumb as he assailed me. I groaned. I came with a shriek and my whole body shuddered under his expert touch. He removed his hand slowly. I looked back, it was glistening with my lust.

He motioned me back in front of him on my knees. I looked up at him, still glowing in the orgasmic aftermath.

"So, you really dig the cock sucking thing, eh?" he mused. I nodded, he didn't let me speak though before continuing. "I'm 53 years old, you know that, right?"

I nodded again. "I don't care..." I started to protest.

He laughed and shushed me. "That's not my point. I'm 53, I can no doubt feed your cock sucking habit, but only to a point. I'm good for one, two cums a day and I certainly want more than just a blowjob for at least one of those."

I looked up at him questioningly. He smiled at me, that cocky, self assured smile that turned me on in the first place. "I'm saying....I'm going to give you everything you ask for, everything you need, but....I may need some help with this particular thing."

"Sir?" I asked with concern.

"It appears that my 53 year old cock might not be enough to satisfy your lust for cock sucking."

"Oh god, sir, don't talk like that!" I began to protest. I thought he was thinking of bailing on the whole idea. I couldn't have been more wrong.

"Hush slut, listen," he laughed. "I'm saying. I can see how turned on you get by this, how much you need to suck cock."

I agreed by shaking my head excitedly.

"So, as per your other desires which you spelled out in your initial email I may have to involve others in order to quench this degree of lust."

"Oh god," I moaned involuntarily. He was going to push it. I was scared, nervous and tingly all at the same time.

"What do you mean, sir?"

"You asked for me to control you, to force you to face all your desires. One of them was to share you with who I see fit."

I hung my head in shame. This was all happening so quickly. Yesterday it was all just a theoretical fantasy. Now, it was all rushing forward so quickly.

"Are you backing out so soon, Natalie?" He asked as he enunciated the syllables of my name in that way that weakens my knees.

"No sir," I said with a pouting lip. "What did you have in mind?"

"Truthfully, until just a few minutes ago I hadn't even though about it, but now it's so clear. I see more clearly who you are, what you need. You need cock to suck and besides mine you clearly don't have any others on the ready."

I was embarrassed by his stare, he was watching me absorbing it all.

"I'm sure I could get cock, sir, if that's what you want."

"First," he said with sudden seriousness. "It's what you want. Let's make that clear."

I was deflated by his change of expression. I hadn't meant to upset him.

"You want to be controlled, you want to be used, you are the one who said you could never get enough of the cock sucking."

"Yes, sir," I said tearfully. I felt ashamed for changing his mood.

"No need for tears, slut," he barked. He brought my chin up with his hand to force me to look him in the eyes. "I'm not mad. I'm just telling you. I have an idea that you'll enjoy. If you'd listen for a minute you wouldn't get yourself all worked up," he chided. "Though," he mused while rubbing his chin, "maybe you need another dose of punishment...."

"No sir!" I nearly shouted. "I'm sorry, sir, please tell me your idea." I really didn't think I could stand another ass blistering spanking like the one the night before, at least not so soon. I'm sure he knew that as well, he'd already admired his handiwork on my ass. He'd inspected me well when I was serving him his meal.

"Ok, my idea, finally," he laughed at my self imposed distress. "I have a few buddies in the area. I've already mentioned you to them last night, we have a guy's night out at the local pub. I don't think any of them believed me when I told them how you approached me and what you had in mind."

I couldn't believe this, my face was burning with shame.

"Oh, you didn't want me to tell anyone?" he mocked. "Didn't you say in your letter that being exposed for what you are was one of your kinks? Didn't you mentioned being shared, exposed to others? I'm pretty sure I remember it, want me to print it out for you?"

"No, sir," I said defeatedly. "I said it. I....meant it....it's just so....sudden. I'll survive, please continue," I begged.

"That's what I thought. This is all for you, after all. So, we were out drinking, they were questioning me. So, I pulled out my iphone and showed them the video of you and your reddened ass I took as you walked home, naked, carrying your dress."

I gasped. He was a fucking sick genius at this humiliation stuff. I had no idea. I'd uncovered the perfect candidate by accident.

"What...what did they say then?" I sniffed, holding back the tears. I didn't want to appear weak to him.

"Oh, the usual. How they'd tear that ass up, how they'd love playing with those titties, how much they'd cum in a tight little cunt like yours."

I nearly fainted at his frankness, even though my pussy was a swirling eddy of juices.

He chuckled at my discomfort at his descriptions. "This is all part of your desires though, isn't it. The exposure, the discomfort, the realization that you are now on a path you can't control....that's it, isn't it, the loss of control of it all, that's what really drives you...." he said with urgency, staring as if he were searching my very soul.

I couldn't speak, I just nodded meekly. I couldn't deny it, he took his other hand and felt my pussy and its state of arousal.

"I thought so," he winked. "So, to get down to it. You need cocks to suck, I know people. I'm going to try and wear your mouth out, if it becomes too much for you, you know we have an agreement. One month, remember? After that if you want to back out and never see me or anyone that gets involved again, it's up to you."

"No, sir!" I said firmly. "Tell me what you want. I told you what I want, what I need. Just tell me what to do and I'll do your bidding."

"Tell me again," he urged. "Tell me why I should do this, why I even got the idea for this."

"It was because of me, sir. I told you that I loved sucking cocks. I told you that I couldn't get enough. You are doing this because you know who I am, what I am and are kind enough to make me do it, which is totally what I need."

"That's right. So, tonight I have one of my buddies coming over."

My face flushed again with beautiful shame.

"That's right, tonight, you'll be servicing one of my buddies with your mouth. I have more set up, but that's all you need to know for now. Be here at 7, sharp."

"What should I wear, sir?" I asked meekly.

"It doesn't matter," he said, matter-of-factly, "from now on, whenever you are in this house, you are going to be naked. Except," he said, "you wear this." He took out an old dog collar, it was frayed and worn. "It belonged to my favorite old dog, Daisy. She was the best," he said wistfully. "Do not embarrass me or shame her memory in any way or you'll never get anything from me, do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," I said submissively. I was just his pet now, it was fitting. "I'll be here at seven, naked, as you wish. Am I to be naked for your friend as well?"

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