tagRomanceNatalie's First Time

Natalie's First Time

byKentucky Blue©

Natalie Horton and I first met when we were sophomores at our high school in the San Diego suburb of Del Mar. She was a statistician for the girls' basketball team, while I was a budding star for our boys' team. We became good friends that spring, when she was a distance runner and I a high jumper for the school's track team. Natalie looked exactly like you'd expect a Mormon girl from a rich family to look like-a small petite body that always seemed to be covered up as much as possible, long flowing blonde hair, a glowing, sparkling-white smile, and a set of the biggest baby blue eyes you'd ever seen. She was the epitome of schoolgirl innocence, doing everything that her parents and teachers told her to do, skipping through the school halls with a smile that seemed to be tattooed on her face. But underneath the sweet, innocent persona and dress laid the body of a goddess.

Despite her 5'1" frame, Natalie had a pair of long, sexy legs you might find on a girl five inches taller. She was petite, but she curved in all the right places, with a round, tight butt that was evident even under her veiled clothing, and a pair of luscious, firm B-cup breasts that looked two cup sizes bigger on Natalie's slim body. Though her perky, good-girl image turned off most guys, I wanted Natalie badly. On game days she'd prance around the halls, her long blonde locks braided in pig tails, wearing jeans that hugged her amazing butt perfectly, and those sweet blue eyes lighting up entire buildings. She knew I wanted her, and she wanted me too, despite her parents' objections.

Her parents, very devout in their faith, prohibited Natalie from dating anyone before she was 18 and especially did not want their youngest to become involved with a non-Mormon. Even though I knew it wouldn't be able to be with Natalie for real at least until her birthday that October, it didn't stop me from showing my affection. She'd sometimes skip out on distance practice and come see me. We'd lounge on the long jump pits, unsupervised most of the time, and I'd stroke the soft, white skin on her beautiful legs and playfully kiss her neck, with Natalie smiling back at me the whole time, looking at me longingly with her big blue eyes. Her parents hated that we spent so much time together, but they did nothing about it, since Natalie always told them we were just friends.

The day Natalie turned eighteen that next October had been marked on the calendar of every Mormon boy in San Diego for years, each one hoping to be the first guy to date Natalie Horton. I myself hadn't waited as long for that day to come, but I was the one most ready for the task. I picked her up at her place that morning, and as soon as she opened the door to the new Chevy truck my parents had bought me that summer, she found a dozen roses sitting there. Natalie smiled instantly, and I asked her if she was doing anything that Friday. She said no, and happily agreed to go out with me then. We walked hand-in-hand to her first class that day, sending the message to every Mormon boy on campus that Natalie Horton was no longer available.

I picked her up at six that Friday, and she wore a tangerine orange blouse with buttons down the front and a pair of black jeans that were the tightest I'd ever seen her wear, and she had braided her hair in pigtails. After catching a movie, I took her to the finest restaurant in town. She loved it, and was gleaming about the possibilities that night. I told her I had a surprise for her, and she eagerly put on a blindfold I had prepared for the occasion. After driving for about thirty minutes, we reached our destination. I guided her into a building and up a flight of stairs before removing the blindfold. She was dumbfounded when she realized that we were in a room at one of the finest hotels in San Diego, a room with a huge whirlpool bathtub and a king size bed. I wrapped my arms around Natalie's tiny waist, and then started to gently kiss her neck.

"I've wanted you from the first time I saw you, skipping through the hallways on your way to Geometry," I whispered to her between kisses. "We've been kept apart for too long as it is; I want to make love to you right here, tonight."

I spun her around and kissed her on the lips, and we were like that for 30 seconds, or until she backed away from me.

"I can't do this, not now," Natalie said, seeming to be trying to convince herself of it rather than deterring me. "I've never even dated a guy before, let alone had sex. What would my parents say-"

"Don't worry about what your parents want," I told her, pulling her in closer to me. "They didn't like you going out with me to begin with, but you're here. It doesn't matter what other people want. What do you want?"

She paused for a moment, but the silence between us seemed like an eternity to me. Finally she spoke, her bright blue eyes shimmering in the dimmed light of the hotel room.

"I want you," she said, looking up at me. "Make love to me tonight, and let's be together forever."

She reached for me and we began to kiss again, seeming to hold on to each other for dear life. Once we stopped, I fell to my knees and unfastened her tight black jeans. I slid the jeans down to her ankles, leaving her standing in a pair of white cotton panties, dampened from her arousal. I started to remove her panties, revealing a patch of light brown curls. I slid a finger in Natalie's hot, moist pussy, curling my finger toward her G-spot, and gently stroked the outside of her pussy with my other hand. I did this until she started to let out a pleased whimper, which I then placed my hands on her incredibly sexy butt, rested my head on her pelvis, and slid my tongue in Natalie's pussy. As my tongue reached for the same position my finger had had, Natalie's whimpers turned into moans, and I tasted Natalie for the first time.

She was sweet, salty yet sweet, a taste I'd never forget. Natalie's pussy got moister and moister, and her moans got louder and louder, so I removed my tongue from inside of her and stood up. Natalie unbuttoned her blouse, slowly unbuttoning each button, and slid it off her shoulders, and unfastened and removed her white lace bra. Her breasts were amazing; they were so full and so firm, covered in soft, white skin and tipped with two gorgeous pink nipples. I cradled her petite body in my arms and carried her to the bed, where I laid her down gently. She spread her legs slightly, and I slid my self inside her soaking wet pussy, rocking gently back and forth inside her. Natalie was so tight-every time I moved she seemed to squeeze me even tighter, almost yearning for me to cum inside her.

"Uh! Uh! Oh!" Natalie moaned contently, gripping me with her pussy tighter and tighter, letting me know her first time wasn't a painful one. "Oh baby, don't stop, oh, keep pushing, harder! Harder!"

I did as she asked, picking up speed and momentum as I looked into her eyes, kissing her; taking her to places she'd never been both emotionally and physically. I knew Natalie was enjoying this, as she kept telling me she loved me and wanted to spend the night with me. Her pussy squeezed me tighter just before she was about to cum, so I sped up and brought both of us to a shattering climax, shooting forth-massive amounts of my seed inside Natalie. Our bodies laid there limply, my arms wrapped around her sweaty body, and my member, still engorged, inside her moist pussy.

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