tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNatalie's Tale Ch. 02

Natalie's Tale Ch. 02


Gaston turned to them, with a smug grin.

"Right, I think I'll start with you Yvette since you are now going to be so very obedient."

"What are you going to do?" she sobbed, as he undid her handcuff from the chain connecting Natalie to the car door.

"Probably easiest to tell you what I am not going to do," he smirked. "I will not hurt you, seriously anyway, as long as you do exactly what I want. Understood?"

Yvette nodded.

"First lets show the kind policemen what you're hiding under this underwear shall we?"

He stood behind her, turning her to face the headlights of the police car, and unclipped her bra. Natalie looked on as he roughly handled her friend's firm shapely breasts.

"Turn around- I know the Sergeant likes a nice ass, and you have an exceptional one."

Yvette obeyed.

"Bend over and pull down those knickers, and stay bent over when they're round your ankles."

Trembling Yvette hooked her fingers into the waistband of the camisole knickers and slid them down over her thighs. Gaston moved round to face her, and unzipped his trousers. He held up his cock and firmly forced it into Yvette's mouth. She stood, bent at the waist with her underwear around her ankles, and the big cock swelling in her mouth, while ten feet behind her, with a perfect view of her exquisite bottom, two policemen sat in their car.

"Reach back and spread the cheeks of your ass with both hands," Gaston ordered matter of factly.

In a daze of confused tearful submission Yvette did as she was told.

Gaston pulled his cock from her mouth and telling her to stay exactly as she was moved around to savour the view from behind. He idly stroked the inside of Yvette's thighs, admiring the view of her exposed pussy and anus. Yvette had been waxed so that only a tiny well-trimmed patch of pubic hair remained above her pouting labia.

"I think your friend should come and appreciate this," the driver said. He went and unlocked the chain from the car and led Natalie, still fully clothed, over to where her naked friend stood bent over, her hands still obediently splaying her buttocks wide open.

Using the chain Gaston got Natalie down on her knees so that her face was level with Yvette's spread ass.

"Lick her asshole," Gaston said.

"I...no...I can't." said Natalie.

"No...stop this." Yvette said starting to stand up.

Gaston moved very fast, delivering a stinging smack on Yvette's buttocks.

"Move again without my permission and I'll hand you over to the police and confine my fun to your stuck up friend. Now, put...your...tongue...in...her...asshole," he ordered Natalie, punctuating each word with a jerk on the chain.

Natalie slowly moved her face into line with the smooth crack of her friend's ass. She extended her tongue as far as could and touched the skin an inch or so above Yvette's soft brown puckered anus.

"Look, I am going to get very angry soon if you two don't start doing what you are told. I said lick her asshole- and put your tongue in it. Now."

Natalie forced herself to put her tongue onto her friend's perfect tight sphincter. Yvette twitched at the touch of Natalie's soft tongue. Gaston had his face close to Natalie's.

"Lick it...taste it...put your tongue in it. Or else."

Natalie steeled herself and began firmly lapping at Yvette's ass. She had rimmed a guy once before when he asked her, but had thought it a disgusting thing to do. And now here she was doing it to her best friend. She had fooled around with Yvette before- they had played with each other's breasts and fingered each other's pussies at school on a few drunken occasions, but the idea of anything like this was outrageous. But Natalie found to her horror and total confusion that she was aroused by what was happening.

Yvette for her part was trying to keep her balance on high heels with her hands occupied spreading her bottom. She too was confused to find that the sensations in her anus were incredibly pleasurable. Unlike Natalie, Yvette had more in the way of bisexual experiences-it was a guilty secret of hers that she enjoyed sex with older women, and she had also seen a married couple for several months, enjoying both of their attentions. But she had never explored anything as kinky as having her ass licked. In spite of the fear she felt, she was aware that her pussy was beginning to tingle in a familiar way. She knew that she would very soon be visibly wet down there and that heightened the embarrassment that was vying with her arousal.

Natalie was following Gaston's instructions and working her tongue into Yvette's anus now, making the tip into a point and holding Yvette's hips so she could push into her. An involuntary moan escaped Yvette's lips.

"Excellent...I think you two are getting the hang of this. Keep working on that asshole-get it nice and wet and relaxed or she'll suffer when I sodomize her."

Yvette felt a wave of horror and revulsion pass over her. Suddenly the glorious sensations in her asshole seemed to fade, as the full terror she felt at the thought of being violated by that gigantic dark cock sank in.

Gaston had moved around and had a handful of Yvette's hair. He forced his cock into her mouth and began to fuck her orally in the same brutal way he had earlier violated Natalie. Why was Natalie still working on her asshole with what felt like genuine enthusiasm? Yvette wondered, before obeying instructions to lick and suck on Gaston's heavy balls. Soon the enormous cock was back in her mouth pounding at the back of her throat.

"I would get it as wet as you can- you heard what I plan to do with it, so the wetter the better you little slut," he encouraged her.

Natalie had an inch and half of her tongue inside Yvette's slick and increasingly relaxed anus now. Yvette could not resist for long the intensely pleasurable sensations this was causing, even through the fear of what Gaston intended. Like Natalie before her she hoped to make him come as soon as possible so she was enthusiastically sucking, using her tongue busily on the underside of his massive penis.

"Now fingers- use two fingers, one from each hand and stretch her asshole."

Yvette realised the instructions were to Natalie and immediately felt firm pressure on her anus. She tried to relax, tried to allow them in. Gaston was roughly fucking her face now, and with her hands clamped on each buttock she was powerless to resist. She gagged as he held her by her thick hair and forced his cock impossibly deep into her throat. At the same time she felt Natalie's fingers starting to gently pull at her anus, stretching her. Because she was using the first finger of each hand Natalie's other fingers were pressing against Yvette's labia and occasionally would brush he clit as she worked her hands to try and encourage her friends anus to dilate. Natalie realised how wet Yvette was as she thought, with disgust of the size of the cock, which was going to violate the tight little anus. She feared for her friend, whilst silently thanking god it was not her being subjected to this humiliation.

Suddenly and quite unexpectedly Yvette found herself coming. She half choked on the cock in her mouth and thought it probable that the man violating her did not even know, but Natalie certainly did as a sudden rush of wetness coated Yvette's inner thighs.

"Four fingers now," said Gaston. "Two from each hand, that's right."

Yvette moaned and struggled a little as Natalie pushed four fingers into her ass. The cock pumping in and out of her throat made it hard to make any coherent noise. Natalie was trying to be as gentle as she could but it hurt. Worse still it was so humiliating knowing that the policemen were watching her bottom being violated by her friend.

"That will do," said Gaston, extracting his cock. Dripping with Yvette's saliva. He told the naked girl to get on all fours, and dragged Natalie by her leash to the car, locking her to the door again.

Returning to the blanket he moved around behind Yvette.

"Ever been fucked in your asshole before?" he asked.

"N...n...no," came the tearful reply.

"Well, try and relax. Your friend had made you nice and wet. Just breathe deeply and relax, and you'll be fine."

As he spoke Yvette felt him spread her buttocks, and with a jolt felt the head of his cock pressed against her wet anus.

"Spread your legs wider," he ordered, and as she complied he pushed firmly and directly.

"Oh fuck...stop...that hurts...please stop." Yvette felt an excruciating pain as his enormous cock began dilating her asshole.

Gaston located the camisole knickers Yvette still had hooked around one ankle, bunched them up and stuffed them into her mouth.

"Quiet, slut. I'm sick of your filthy mouth. Before the end of tonight you are going to beg me to fuck you in every hole, so just shut up and submit to this."

There was a muffled moan of outrage, which turned into a muffled squeal of pain as Gaston renewed the pressure and drove an inch of his cock into her. The giant head of his cock was now lodged halfway into Yvette's anus. He leant on it and grunted with effort. Yvette emitted a low groan and then a higher pitched yelp, spitting out the panties.

"Stop, you bastard...fuck that hurts...you're killing me."

"I said quiet bitch- I'm doing this gently for your benefit. One more sound and I'll start being rough."

He resumed the assault on her anus. Suddenly the head of his cock popped in past her sphincter muscles. Yvette gave an involuntary gasp, but the pain diminished a little and her ragged breathing started to settle. Gaston held her hips and waited for her muscles to relax. Then he began to steadily force his cock inch by inch into her.

Natalie's position by the car afforded her a side on view of Yvette. Natalie could see her breasts outlined in the stark glare of the headlights, and she could see the tears streaming down her face. Most shocking of all she could see the enormous cock of the Arab as he pushed it inexorably into her friend's ass. Yvette gasped at the sensation, gritting her teeth, feeling utterly humiliated, utterly degraded and yet...aroused to a level she had rarely ever been. The pain had subsided to a dull throb with the occasional sharp twinge, but she was assailed by an extraordinary sense of fullness, like she needed the toilet...like she was going to the toilet. To her astonishment she felt Gaston's pubic hair against the base of her spine and felt the pressure of his heavy scrotum on her labia. He had the length of that enormous thing buried in her rectum. She could not believe her body could do this. The sensations suddenly intensified as he began withdrawing, again making her gasp. For a moment she thought he had finished and to her amazement she felt a pang of regret but then he started to drive his length into her again.

"Ooooh...yessss..." she moaned without really knowing she was doing it.

She felt his fingers searching for her clitoris and roughly manipulating her. She shuddered and, out of control now, rocked back on her knees to welcome the final inches of his fat cock in her ass.

Gaston looked over at Natalie who was watching intently, fascinated and horrified in equal measure. Natalie could not believe that the tiny tight little asshole she had just been forced to lick could possibly accommodate the baseball bat sized cock. The look on Yvette's face had changed from tearful terror to a dazed, eyes closed abandon. Her moans became more rhythmic as Gaston started to build up pace with long steady strokes. He brought his cock almost completely out of her, to the point where the enormous bulbous head stretched her anus to its absolute limit, and then forcefully drove the length back into her until his balls slapped her pussy. Natalie was horrified to realise how much it turned her on to see this, how jealous she was of her friend. What the fuck is happening to me, she wondered.

Gaston's fingers on Yvette's swollen clit were bringing her close now. In spite of everything another huge orgasm was building in her. Gaston felt the wetness come in a rush and felt the ripples of her orgasm spread through her, her anal muscles gripping him, milking his cock. Taking that as his signal he began to fuck her harder and faster.

"Spread yourself you slut," he ordered.

Yvette reached back, resting her breasts on the blanket, her head turned to face Natalie, eyes tightly closed, panting, gasping. With a hand again on each buttock, she spread herself wide to allow him full and deep access. He rewarded her by increasing the force and speed of his thrusts.

"Fuck...yes...that's a good bitch....uhnnnn...yes." It was the first time Natalie or Yvette had heard him lose control. Somewhere in Yvette's mind she wondered if the ordeal was now over, at the same time as she felt his cock swell and begin to pulse and twitch. Too her amazement she could feel each long jet of his sperm in her rectum. He held her tightly by the hips, his cock buried in her as his cock continued to pulse for what seemed like an age.

"Don't move –stay exactly as you are," he ordered Yvette, and he began withdrawing his still rigid cock from her ass.

Natalie watched, her eyes wide open and getting wider. If anything the driver's cock seemed larger than before as it emerged from Yvette's asshole. In the bright headlights to her utter disgust she could see smears of Yvette's shit on it. She watched as he moved around, grasped Yvettte firmly by the hair and told her to open her eyes. He held his cock in front of her face.

"You're a dirty bitch," he slapped her across the cheek with his cock. "Clean it like a good slut."

"Oh, god...no." Yvette began, a look of renewed horror and disgust on her face. The rest of her sentence was muffled as Gaston forced himself into her mouth.

"Suck your dirt off my cock you filthy slut."

Yvette retched and gagged but he did not relent.

"Use your tongue-if I find you have not cleaned me properly I'll let the Sergeant and his man have you right now."

Yvette moaned her terror, and her head began to work busily in his crotch.

"That's right...not so bad is it, even for a stuck up bitch like you. You'll find your shit smells and tastes like everyone else's...and you," he looked up at Natalie, "will find the same." He laughed at his own joke.

Natalie realised with a sickening lurch that the ordeal was far from over, and that this awful and awesome man intended to violate her next.

Yvette slurped and sucked on the slowly softening cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue around the rim of the head of the cock, gagging again as she tasted afresh the bitter taste of her own excrement. To make her humiliation worse, if that was possible, she could feel his sperm oozing out of her anus down onto her pussy lips. She could feel the eyes of the two men in the police car boring into her. The terror of being handed over to them spurred her on to clean Gaston's cock, sucking on it like it was an ice cream, using her tongue to clean every inch of it.

Still holding her hair he pulled out of her and examined himself in the bright light. His cock glistened wetly with her saliva. He seemed satisfied, and with his cock and balls still dangling out of his open trousers he stood.

"Don't move- and keep your hands on your ass, spread yourself."

He went to the car and unlocked Natalie, and dragged her to the blanket, ignoring her struggles. He ripped the dress off- several thousand Euros worth of silk reduced to a rag in a second. Natalie shivered in the sudden glare, crossing an arm over her bare breasts. In heels, stockings and a g-string she felt ridiculously vulnerable.

"Show the Sergeant your ass, bitch," came the command.

Natalie slowly peeled down the g-string with her back to the bright lights. Now she was close up she could see the sheen of sweat on Yvette's naked body, the wet glisten of saliva on Gaston's cock, and the obscenely gaping anus of her friend, oozing thick gouts of sperm. Bent over and exposed and humiliated, next to her kneeling, violated friend she shuddered and wondered if she would be able to cope with the pain as well as Yvette. She whispered encouragement to her friend, apologised for her stupidity in getting them into this mess. Yvette merely moaned softly in reply.

Gaston was standing behind Natalie, carefully not blocking the policemen's view. He assessed the curves of her perfectly tanned bottom, the firm, toned globes of her buttocks, the absence of any tan lines, the perfectly waxed and trimmed pussy, the tight folds of skin around her anus. He gave her a couple of firm spanks on each cheek.

"Lie on your back on the ground," he ordered.

Then he went to Yvette and grabbing her hair pulled her to her feet.

"You've been a good slut, Yvette. Now it is Natalie's turn. But to thank her for getting your asshole ready for that nice butt fucking I just gave you I want you to give her a special treat. Squat over her face and make her drink that cum in your ass."

Natalie protested: "You disgusting bastard...No..." He simply ignored her and started pushing down on Yvette's shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Natalie.... Oh God...." Gaston, who crouched down to align her over Natalie, tugged Yvette into position; drips of sperm and juices from her asshole fell onto Natalie's face.

"Open your mouth now or I turn you both over to the police. I have had my fun so be very careful, I am doing you both a favour now."

Grimacing, Natalie opened her mouth and almost immediately a splash of dirty sperm dripped from Yvette directly onto the waiting tongue.

"Squeeze it all out-now."

Yvette bore down gingerly, her anus feeling sore and tender. She felt a small rush as the bulk of the come in her rectum passed out of her and dripped heavily into Natalie's mouth. The camera was flashing now and Gaston was moving around them capturing this horrendous degradation.

"That's not all –squeeze it all out. Don't be shy."

"Natalie...I'm so...so sorry" Yvette said, blushing bright red with renewed embarrassment as she squeezed down forcing the residue of the driver's sperm into her friend's mouth. With horror she realised that, yes, that was a lump of shit. More of the slimy sperm mixture left her, and then another lump, and then she just felt empty and sore.

The camera flashed again.

"Eat it all-right now."

Yvette glanced down and saw Natalie, eyes closed bravely trying to swallow and suppress her gag reflex.

"Now, since you enjoyed it so much the first time clean your friends asshole for her. Lick it clean and let me see you get that tongue right in there- work it around the edges. I might want to put my cock back in there and I want it clean."

Both Natalie and Yvette reeled in horror at this new statement. Yvette had to stop herself asking why her asshole was going to be violated again –what about Natalie?

Suddenly Gaston's crotch was in her face again as she felt Natalie's tongue snaking into her anus. Before the rubbery tight resistance of her virgin ass had meant Natalie could only get the tip of her tongue into her friend. Now she could easily slide her whole tongue inside. As Natalie worked diligently to clean her anus, Yvette opened her mouth to take the driver's cock inside her once again. Instead she felt a stream of urine hit her lips and then her tongue.

"Drink it slut. Swallow it down."

She tried but some of the steady stream of piss splashed out of her mouth onto her breasts. It ran down her body and onto Natalie's face.

Gaston was laughing now.

"What a pair of good sluts you two have turned out to be."

He shook the last drops from his cock and put it away into his trousers.

He pulled Yvette up to her feet and looked into her face, holding her chin, making her meet his eyes.

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