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Natalie's Truth


If you are new to my stories, WELCOME, this story might be read before or after Alone. It is based on the same characters but with a new perspective.

Notice: the facts indicated in this story are not real. To my knowledge, they are occurring solely on my mind; although I do have knowledge regarding medical terminology, the names or medical conditions indicated are those of no one I know of.


Another night alone, once again thinking of you but here I am... ALONE

This is my life, a boring life with nothing to do, no one to talk to... but I did it to myself and now I have to pay... better get back to sleep and think not, just sleep, let my soul fly and find you up there...


Those words describe Sandra Ivelisse Vega, a Puerto Rican patient at a Psychiatric Institution. She's been hospitalized for the past 5 years due to the ingestion of a drug mixed on her drink by her boyfriend, Juan (J) Ruiz, who was jailed after confessing mixing the drug into Sandra's drink while hanging out at a sport bar on June 27, 2007; although he denied knowledge as to the raping she went through.

I am Doctor Michael Davidson and I've been supervising Sandra's case for the past 2 years. I'm handing over the case to my colleague Dr. Raphael Mendez due to the fact that I fell in love with Sandra's twin sister, Natalia and I are soon to get married.

"The patient's history is: a female, born on August 3, 1979, being hospitalized at this facility when she was 28. Prior to being hospitalized in this facility, the female was staying at her home, the only place where she got right after being discharged from the hospital and the place she awoke from her coma two months afterwards.

During her hospitalization at Sacred Hands, where she stayed for a month, the patient received the following medical treatment: a stomach clean-up, patient was submitted to two surgeries due to the rupture of her vesicle and an infection as a consequence of it, extensive brain tests because she was hospitalized while in a coma (the patient was found on that state). During her hospitalization she was discovered to have an 8 weeks ectopic pregnancy thus surgery was also needed.

Once the patient was stabilized, family and medical staff awaited for her brain to restart and drag her out of the self-imposed coma, to start psychological treatment since the patient was submitted to raping by various persons and as of today, no one knows if she was aware of it.


Dr. Mendez concluded the first part of the patient's description to the hospital directors. It is a half year meeting to discuss the cases and evaluate whether the correct treatment is given due to the medical condition the patients suffer; as well as to try and create a treatment prognosis (what you expect to occur).

"As to the patient's response to treatment: seems like a good prognosis since changing her oral medications six months ago, the patient has become alert and conscious as to person, place and time for the past 3 months. She's been coming out of "her other world" as she called it once during our meetings. Patient might be totally conscious in "this world" for a few hours or spit spat for a few minutes during the day.

During my first session with the patient we were able to indulge into her family; (who is who) and their characteristics both physically and emotionally (amongst themselves and her). She was able to identify correctly her father, Dr. Vega: "A good looking man, tall, light brown/greyish hair with a mole just like DeNiro's; on his sixties, "a good sight for sore eyes" and indicated that he is a person she likes and gets along with. As to her mother, the patient did the same "on her mid-late sixties; amber eyes, light brown hair with a few greyish hairs, pale, elegant" although their relationship was confirmed (both by the sister and herself) as "not the best". Information as to her twin sister was indicated as "My best friend since childhood and my confident since we moved together".

A few sessions went on while we talked as to her other world: a place where she is happy, found the love and care of friends and a man. In that other world she informed there were some struggles; as we were developing them, discovered it was her brain dealing with the problems and the life she had in this world. Since she was totally conscious of the situations that were dealing on her mind, we got further into her memories reaching the incident date and, two days after getting further into her memories, she locked herself into silence and prior behavior.



Dr. Raphael Mendez

Patient showed an impressive change and positive prognosis while being conscious for ten straight days 24/7 a situation that changed a few days ago. She was evaluated at different times of the day during which we were able to talk to her and begin a newer psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Three months prior to her total awakening the patient showed interest in many conversations sustained either by the doctors or the nurses. As long as there were 2 or more persons talking she would awake and talk to them as if she was always there talking with them. She was always questioning, asking for descriptions about places, things, recent information occurring.

Further and further the nurses were getting information for her, keeping the newspaper or a computer near in case there was something she would ask for. Now I know that she was getting information from this world to drag it into her own world while coupling with her inner mental fight.

The patient became a "recuperation" project for the whole personnel.

Once, during her on/off trips, while I was sustaining a conversation about my nieces, Mike and Amelia, she joined us and asked about them, their attributes, attitudes and information as to kids' life today. That simple information took her a whole day saying their names and also: "kids are light; they are charming and sweet as cotton candy".

There is a note from a nurse where she informs the following: "the patient requested to listen for some music". There was no radio available so an IPod was lent; she was cheered and danced while Latin music was playing. She enjoyed some Salsa and even taught a nurse how to dance it while singing.

During the third month the patient was on/off, we sustained an interview and while trying to get further into het memory into childhood I learned that she appears to have seen her parents into compromising sexual positions and other than that there was constant fighting due to her father's work and some secrets revealed that "the kids should not know about."

It was then that for two days, the patient started showing a sexual experience coming through her mind. She would stay on her bedroom or the entertainment room and when she was touched, a desire look and improper wording came from her. During those days she was totally unaware of this world. She did not respond and prescription was changed into a different dosage which made her anxious, desperate and irate as to everyone near her. A few times she had to be forced into her room.

Five days prior to the patient's awakening, she started to stay in for a few hours; she was taken to the back patio where I was able to talk with her, we read a newspaper and she showed sympathy as to a story of a couple whose wedding proposal was at the train station. On that same newspaper there was a report regarding a rapist who was caught and jailed. The patient's reaction was that of scare and worry so we kept on reading the newspaper until we reached another report, this one was about the homeless kids in different countries and a program to assist them. I was able to speak with her on a personal base and she understood when I let her know about my her twin sister having a relationship.

The following date after talking with the patient, her sister, Natalie came to see her and they were able to sustain a conversation where I was informed they talked like always, enjoying female conversations. The patient's response was positive during her sister's visit and later on during the day. That was the date we were allowed to enjoy a little more her real self. That date we were able to see hope.

A few more days went on with the patient being alert for a good amount of time, asking questions as to families; I knew she was informed as to mothers in law and what some of the nurses felt about theirs. Unfortunately that information was not good since the patient became scared of witches and mumbled about witchcrafts and demons for most of the afternoon for which a sedative was applied and the patient slept the whole night.

The date prior to patient's total awakening a family visit was in order for her to enjoy the company of her parents. Prior to the meeting the patient was conscious but seemed like she was struggling with herself as to their meeting where finally they were going to be able and talk to her like a normal person.

Just when the family meeting was about to conclude the patient, who was a few steps away from her family, looking to the trees, turned and informed "J drugged me, took me to his friend's apartment and I was raped by 5 men."

I was able to listen to her statement and immediately hugged her both to prevent her from any harm she might do to herself and to allow her family to finally couple with the situation as a unit.


Dr. Raphael Mendez

That was two years ago, Sandra and I have kept a friendly relationship since then and she is still my patient but out of the psychiatric hospital where she was discharged soon after totally opening up and letting us know and deal with her knowledge as to the incident.

What is to occur now? no one knows but I've learned so much with and about her that... I'm no longer ALONE...

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