Natasja Ch. 2


"Put them on and come downstairs."

"But sir, I don't have any clothes."

"You won't be wearing any today."

She wanted to cry, but she went to the chair, picked up the socks and shoes and sat down. He watched her do that and then left her bedroom. She sniffled a little and then put on the socks and shoes. I must look really stupid she thought. Then she walked down the stairs to the entryway. He waited for her there and took her hand, leading her outside through the kitchen. She blushed as the cook turned and watched her walk through the kitchen. The other three male staff were outside the back door and looked her up and down. She blushed harder. Fred reached for something hung on the wall. It was a collar. He stepped up to her and tilted her head back slightly. He put the collar around her neck and fastened it with the buckle. Then he fastened a fifteen-foot lead to the collar. She was completely humiliated.

"We will be running today and every day this week. If you are good, the lead comes off, maybe even the collar. If you are bad you most likely won't be happy. I would suggest that you listen carefully and follow directions."

He led her to the opening of a gate and stopped.

"You will follow me. Keep up and you will be all right. Let's get going."

He started running and Natasja had to run fast to loosen the pull of the lead and catch up with him. He went at a steady jog and she trotted behind him, close enough that the lead did not pull at her. At first it felt good to be running, but soon she was breathing hard and her legs started to tremble from the exertion. She had not really noticed, but at first the trees that bordered the path sheltered them from a road that paralleled it. But, it was not long before the trees turned to bushes and then to an open space. As they reached the open area, she realized that if anyone were on the road, she would be in plain sight. They would see her, see that she was naked. In panic she tried to speed up, but the initial run had tired her and she could not go much faster than she had been already. Whimpering and flushing, she glanced forward. It was almost three hundred yards before the bushes began to grow again. She felt very exposed and kept glancing to her right where the road was. She was praying that no one would be there. Now, with the possibility of being seen, she could really feel how her tits bounced and her ass jiggled as she ran. She would glance ahead to be sure the path stayed level and then to her right, looking at the road. Her nipples stiffened, she was thinking about some one seeing her. She blushed again as she realized that she was becoming aroused because of her thoughts of exposure. They were perhaps halfway through the open space, when Fred slowed and stopped. Natasja did also, but nervously. She kept looking toward the road.

"We'll rest for a bit, girl."

"Ummm, couldn't we do that a little further on, sir?"

"Actually, no, this seems to be the perfect place for a rest."

She flushed very red and felt herself getting very warm. She tried to ignore the road, but her eyes kept flicking back to it. She was very nervous. She shifted from one foot to the other and couldn't keep still. Finally, he looked at her and smiled.

"Are you rested?"

"Yes, sir, please. May we go on?"

"Of course. I hope you enjoyed this little break, Natasja."

She made no response, waiting for him to start their run again. He stood and looked at her. She did not understand at first, then it struck her. He wasn't going to move until she answered him.

"Yes sir, this was a nice break."

She tried to smile, but it was a grimace rather than a smile. Her eyes kept flicking to the road. He knew what she was thinking.

"Ah, so perhaps each day we run, we could stop here for a little rest before finishing?"

Knowing she was caught, Natasja looked down at the ground.

"Umm, yes, I suppose, sir. Although I really was not tired. Maybe a little further would be better."

"Well, this is about halfway. I think it is a good place until you are used to the run."

He smiled at her and she knew what he would do each day that they ran. She knew that she would be standing in the open without a stitch on her body. He smiled an even larger smile as he saw that she knew and then he started off again. She stood stupidly for a second and then she started running, still glancing toward the road. She was so overjoyed to reach the shelter of the bushes that she did not notice how tired she was becoming. She wasn't used to running. They continued in a circle until she could see the rail fence bordering the lawn and the house. She was breathing very hard and her legs were shaking when they ran through the gate and into the yard. Fred stopped and so did she. She bent over, panting. Sweat was running off her body and dripping from her hair. He unhooked the leash and hung it next to the back door, but he left the collar on her.

"Stay here. You get a fifteen-minute rest break. Then we start with some other exercises."

She heard but couldn't care less as she was still trying to get her breathing back to normal. But she was happy to get the rest, even if she was standing naked in the back yard. She stood quietly, noticing that the male staff members were looking at her and with a soft low moan, she lowered her eyes to the ground. She did not try to cover her body, as she knew that Fred did not allow her to do that. She waited as patiently as she could. Soon he came back out of the house and took her hand, leading her to a small building. Once inside, she saw exercise equipment and a ballet bar. One of the male staff was working on something in a corner. Fred led her to the bar and told her put a heel on it. As Natasja did as she was told, she also knew the sight that she had to be making. Her pussy was completely exposed. He then told her to bend to her leg, so her muscles would stretch out. As she did this, she felt her lips pull apart and she moaned. She was humiliated because of how she knew she must look. He made her bend 10 times, each one becoming harder as her thigh muscles stretched out. Then he told her to lift the other foot and do the same with that leg. When she had finished with that exercise, she lowered her foot and stood on slightly shaky legs.

Fred let her rest a little and then led her to a weight machine. He got her on her back on the bench and set her up with some light weights. He looked at her position and moved both of her feet to the outside of the bench. Without looking she knew that with her feet like this, she was exposed once more. She heard footsteps and didn't look. She was sure that the others were in here watching her. Natasja worked through bench presses and other exercises, doing sets of fifteen. Now she was led to an incline board, told to lie down and when she had, her feet were put under straps. This time her legs were fairly close together. She was told to do twenty-five sit-ups and then get up after she was done. This was hard for her; she wasn't used to this. When done, however, she worked herself loose and stood.

"One last exercise, Natasja, and then you are done for the day."

She smiled at him, feeling better, now that she was close to the end. He led her outside. Now she saw what had been fixed up for her. It was a platform, large enough for her to stand on, but that was not what caught her eye. In the middle of the platform was an enormous latex cock. It was big around, but the length of it was what she saw first. Fred took her hand, but she held back, her other hand over her mouth.

"No, sir, please no. I don't want this, please."

"Natasja, what you want is not important. I am not having you service the staff as I might. This will be a small thing for you to do."

He pulled her harder and she stumbled along behind him. Fred got her on the platform and told her to move her feet apart. Then, without warning, his fingers found her pussy and he began to masturbate her. Natasja almost jumped away in surprise. She looked at him mournfully.

"This is for your own good. Do you want to have to do this dry?"

With those words she began to cry, silently, but with tears. She soon felt her pussy moistening and she blushed hard, knowing that he knew she was becoming aroused. When he felt that she was wet enough, he bent and reached a hand out to his side. One of the men handed him a tube of lubricant and he squeezed some on the tip of the dildo. He did not spread it on it. Now he stood up and looked at her.

"You will be doing 25 squats, Natasja. I do not expect that you take the whole thing, but you will take at least some of it inside you. Understand?"

Natasja nodded. She bent her legs and reached for the disgusting thing. Her hand found it and she had to look down to see if it was centered properly. She shuffled to get into better position and then lowered herself further. When she felt the tip touch her lips, she closed her tear-filled eyes and bit her lip. Then she squatted further and felt the dildo press up into her. Her own moisture and the lubricant made it easier, but the dildo was still very big. She grunted as she went down. Then with a moan she lifted up. She felt very full and then empty. She raised up and reached down once more, grasping it again. It was slippery now, from her and the lubricant. She lowered herself and felt it at the entrance of her pussy once more. She held on until it opened her up and then she let go. Natasja lowered more and felt it stretch her open again as she slid down the dildo. She continued to fall and then rise for twenty-five times, her eyes closed so she would not have to see everyone staring at her. Seeing her fucking the enormous dildo. Her face was bright red and tears were trickling down her cheeks. She felt very humiliated. Fred led her to the house and told her to go and wash and that she could rest for a while. She walked slowly to her room, used her shower, ashamed at how wet she felt between her legs and then walked to her bed and lay down. She felt used and was ashamed and it took some time for her to doze off.

Later that day Stephanie came into Natasja's room and woke her. She was made to shower again and use the bidet to ensure that she was as clean as she possibly could be. Then Stephanie made up her face and eyes and fixed her hair to make her attractive. She led her back to the bedroom and gave her a pair of thigh high nylons and a pair of heels. Natasja sighed and put them on. Then she was told to go downstairs to the dining room. Fred was there waiting for her.

"Tonight you will learn how to serve a dinner. I will require your services each night until Saturday, when you will be serving a dinner for me and some guests. You will serve it dressed as you are tonight. The next few days will give you a chance to get used to the idea."

Natasja gaped at him. She was so shocked she could not say anything at first. Her face turned red again as she pictured herself doing what he had told her she would.

"But, sir, dressed like this?"

"Yes Natasja. You will be an attractive serving girl."

Then he smiled at her obvious discomfort. She still stared at him.

"Obviously you do not approve. Natasja, you must come to understand that your approval is not necessary. You will do as I say always. No arguing, no changes, no exceptions. Now go to the kitchen. The first course is probably ready."

In a fog, she turned and walked into the kitchen where she was given a plate with salad. She returned to the dining room and placed the plate in front of Fred. Not knowing what she should do next, she stood next to him.

"The appropriate place is behind me, to my right, in plain sight of the table."

She backed up to where he indicated she should wait and stood. Her mind was seeing her doing this Saturday night with others sitting at the table. She flushed red again imagining what it would be like, how she would feel.

The entire evening went by in a haze to Natasja as she mentally pictured herself serving dinner dressed in stockings and heels. She wanted to believe that Fred was only teasing her, but she knew him well enough to realize that he would not joke or tease about what he had told her. As a matter of fact, he had never said something to her that had not come to pass. Her stomach clenched tight as she thought of the night that was coming and she felt faint. She couldn't do what he requested of her. She just couldn't.

Fred watched her carefully and made a decision. Perhaps he was being too easy on the girl. After dinner he told her to go to her room. He watched Natasja walk up the stairs as if she was in a trance. He finished his wine and walked up behind her. When he entered her room she was standing by her window, looking out.

"Come here."

Natasja turned and looked at him, then she slowly walked to him.

"Get on your knees."

Natasja knelt in front of him. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Then he rubbed it on her lips until she sighed and opened her mouth. He thrust his cock in her mouth and grabbed her head.

"Be still."

Then he began to fuck her mouth as though it was her pussy. He thrust in and out, feeling his cock become slick with her saliva. He hardened quickly and because he was teaching her a lesson he pushed deep, making her gag and choke. Natasja was confused because she was remembering the night when he had been so tender and loving to her. Her eyes were full of tears and they were running down her cheeks as her head was pushed back and forth by the force he used with her. In no time he was ready to come and as he sensed this, he forced his cock deep into her mouth. Natasja gagged and then felt the spurting of his cock in her mouth. She struggled to pull back, but he held her head, forcing her to be still until he finished spurting come into her mouth. Then he held her tight to his cock until he felt her swallow, gagging once more. Only then did he pull back and let go of her head.

Natasja slumped to the floor, coughing and audibly sobbing. Fred said nothing as he turned and left her room, leaving her lying alone. When her door closed, she looked up through tear blurred eyes. Seeing she was alone, Natasja stood and walked to her bathroom on shaking legs. She turned the water in the sink on and spit into it. She rinsed her mouth out and then brushed her teeth for a long time. Even so she could still taste his semen. Sniffling, she turned out the light and went to her bed. She tossed and turned for a long time before she could sleep.

The next morning she woke up before Stephanie reached her room. When Stephanie entered, Natasja was already out of bed and headed to the bathroom. She did her morning washing of her face and body. Then she returned to the bedroom and put on her socks and running shoes. She obediently went downstairs and through the kitchen to the yard. There she was once more collared and leashed to her embarrassment. Fred led her off on her run once again. She was very conscious of how her body jounced and jiggled, embarrassing her even more as she felt her tits bounce against her chest as she ran behind him. As he did the previous day, Fred stopped her in the middle of the open area, fully exposing her to the road. She stood, flushed and panting, with her eyes lowered but she still watched the road, praying that no one would come. He finally began again, leading her the rest of the way back to the yard. Once again she had to stretch and do her other exercises until she was led to the platform with the enormous dildo.

Natasja looked at it with disgust and hesitated. She did not want to do what she had the day before. Fred knew that she was humiliated by what she had already done but he would not let her hold back. When he understood that she would not mount the platform, he came up behind her and swatted her on the ass, making her cry out in shock.

"Get up and do as you know you should. If you persist in delaying, perhaps I can provide some encouragement."

With a panicked look at him she grimaced and clambered up on the platform. Fred motioned to one of the men. He grinned and stepped up to Natasja, pushing her legs apart and began to feel her pussy. She moaned, not expecting someone other than her master to do this to her. As he felt her and rubbed her clitoris, she began to cry audibly. Natasja felt her pussy moisten and in order to stop the violation by the man, she squatted down and held the dildo at her opening. She was willing to suffer anything to stop the grasping fingers. With a groan of humiliation and pain, she slid the dildo into her channel. Tears still flowed down her face as she forced herself down on it. She was not as wet as she should have been and the dildo scraped her tender skin as it entered her.

Her tears flowed as she felt it spread her pussy and she groaned once more at the feeling of fullness. She reached between her legs and spread her lips wider. She used that touch to hide her finger from teasing her clitoris, making her produce more liquid inside. In a few moments she whimpered as she felt the dildo's pressure decrease as her moisture increased. Mentally she counted the times she squatted until she had reached 25 and could lift her body off the huge latex cock. Then, legs quivering, she straightened and looked at Fred. He nodded and she went into the house to clean her body. She cried all the time she washed and slowly walked to her bed, lying on it and crying until she fell asleep.

The evening was a copy of the night before. Stephanie made her up and handed her the nylon stockings and heels. Natasja did not protest and slipped into them. As she walked down the stairs to the dining room, a tear slipped down her cheek. She still could not understand the difference between the Fred of two nights ago and the one of today. He had been tender and loving. Now he was harsh and unfeeling. She did not understand that he was working to break her will. Break her so that she would do anything he asked without question. Unfortunately for her, she was not easily broken.

The next morning Stephanie arrived just as Natasja was getting out of bed. Natasja asked questions of her.

"Why is he like this to me?"

"Because he can."

"That is no answer. There has to be a reason. Two days ago he was so nice to me. Now it is as if I am nothing."

"Natasja, you must understand that he expects you to obey him at all times. That is what he wants. No objections, no hesitation, just that you do as you are told."

"But it isn't fair. There are things he expects of me that I do not want to do. I should have some choice."

"Natasja, listen to me. Obey him and you will be fine. Resist or question him and I cannot say what will happen. Only that you will not be happy."

"But, as things are now, I am not happy. And he expects me to be naked in front of people Saturday night. I am going to be humiliated and embarrassed. It isn't fair."

"Please listen to me. If you obey it will go easier on you. Now you have to get ready."

"I don't care. I don't want to get ready. I don't want to run naked or exercise for him. He only wants to humiliate me."

Natasja sat on her bed, face set stubbornly. Stephanie tried to talk sense to her once more, but she was ignored. Suddenly the door opened and two of the males appeared. One took Stephanie by the arm and the other Natasja. The two women were dragged to the door and down the stairs. Stephanie was deeply afraid and Natasja was squealing and hitting the man holding her. They were dragged out to the yard where Fred was waiting, an unreadable expression on his face. Both women were pushed in front of him; one naked and full of indignation and the other dressed as a maid and full of fear.

"Stephanie, it is your job to get Natasja here on time in the morning. You have failed. Do you have anything to say?"

Natasja watched, open-mouthed as Stephanie shook her head no. She looked at him and noticed that he had a large paddle dangling from one hand. Suddenly she realized that something bad was going to happen to Stephanie. Courageously, Natasja had to do something.

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