tagBDSMNathan Wears Panties

Nathan Wears Panties


This has a reasonably light-hearted BDSM theme. Girlfriend acts out a fantasy they have both talked about at length, but never before acted upon. I hope you enjoy.

By the time I woke up, it was almost dark. We had slept since late afternoon, after getting home late last night, fucking, and then sleeping in 'till late this morning. We got up, ate lunch, did some more fucking and went for a long walk. When we got back we fucked and promptly fell asleep. That's roughly how it goes when we haven't seen each other for a while. It occurred to me that now was a great time to have a go at telling him what to do, taking charge for once. I had always liked the idea, but leading didn't come naturally to me, so I hadn't done it properly yet.

Nathan was still sleeping, as I came up with my plan, hidden in the crumpled sheets except for the top of his head. He has very dark, very thick hair that settles into the best bedhead I've ever seen. I always want to put my hands through it.

My stomach growling interrupted my thoughts. If I was hungry, then he'd be really hungry when he woke up. So I sat up and leaned over him, nuzzling myself into his neck and shoulders, trying to nudge him awake.

"I'm getting up to get a shower and some other things. You can stay in here," I told him quietly. He grunted and burrowed himself further into the sheets. If there is one thing I know Nathan will always do, it's sleep when I ask him to.

So, I headed downstairs in my long silky dressing gown, and made us some food. I ate mine, and put his somewhere I could reheat it. I got in the shower and got cleaned up from all the fucking we had done in the last 24 hours. When I got out, I put my dressing gown on and checked the mirror – it was done up loosely so as to expose a lot soft, creamy skin. Reheated his food and took it back upstairs with me.

"Wakey wakey!" I said cheerfully as I tore the covers back, planting a kiss on his cheek as I went.

"Hey! That wasn't very nice," he complained, curling up against the invasion of cool air. I placed the plate next to his face and wafted the bacon and pesto smell at him. He woke up at that point. I smiled.

"Mmm!" was still the only answer I got, but at least his eyes were open.

While he ate, I rummaged around in some drawers. I found his pajamas, the trimmer I used to keep my pussy hair in check – when it wasn't shaved smooth, anyway – and a pretty lace thong with a silk panel on the front. I chose this one because I thought it was the most likely to appeal to him – it had a soft silky part where his dick would be, the rest of it was nearly sheer lace, and (best of all) there was a pale pink bow on the front. I hid the thong in with his pajamas. By then he was finished eating.

"You know, I think I could just go back to sleep now. Thank you very much," He said, settling back against the pillows.

I laughed at him. "No chance. Get up and out of bed." I told him.

He looked startled. "Really? It's kinda warm here."

"Yes, really, Nathan. You're fed and you've slept; now you have things to do. Get up," I said, business-like. He got up. "Good, now take these and get in the shower. I want you to take this", I held up the trimmer, "and sort out the bush you've got going on. It doesn't need to be bare, however it must be neat. Otherwise you'll have to go and do it again, which will waste time, and I don't like time wasting. Any questions?"


"Because I told you to dear, and you might get something out of it if you do it well. Off you go." I said a little more firmly than before. I had no interest in shouting abuse at him and finding as many implements with which to cause him pain as possible; that was too far for me. But I did need him to be obedient; otherwise I couldn't play games with him. If he wasn't obedient, the games would simply stop, I had decided that much at least.

I gave him the bundle of pajamas, and he turned to go.

"Wait a second, come back." I called. He did.

I stood on my toes and kissed him, not roughly but definitely purposefully. His response was to kiss back, hard, so I had to grab him to avoid falling over. I felt his erection nudging my leg, since he was only in his boxers. I broke the kiss, smiled and turned him around. He left to get in the shower. I settled down with a book, hoping he was fast, or else I would have to sort myself out in the meantime...

Judging by the sheepish look on his face when he returned, he had put the panties on. I put my book down and smiled, watching him expectantly. He doesn't move, clearly unsure what to do. The way he was stood I can see the line of the edge of his panties through his pajamas.

"Where's the trimmer?" I asked light heartedly, pretending to ignore how oddly he was behaving.

"Oh, right, here," He said quietly, coming round to where I was sat and handing it to me. I got the impression he was worried I was going to say something else. Possibly what I was about to say next.

I put it away. "Thank you. Take your pajamas off."

He looked at me for a second, eyes pleading a little. He had worn panties in front of me before, but then it was dark. This time was different. I was sure he would enjoy it once he'd got over the embarrassment, and I knew he was too good to refuse me.

"Go on. Start with your top."

He removed his top. That part went easily.

"Very good. Now turn side on to me. Take off your trousers."

He hurriedly tugged them down to his knees, watching the floor.

"Whoa, hold on! That was way too fast. Put them back, and do it again, slowly this time," I instructed, enjoying him looking awkward, "and bend at the waist, not your knees."

When he was at full stretch, I said, "Great, now let them drop. Straighten up and carefully step out of them. Fold them. The idea of this is that it pleases me, so if pleasing me is important to you then you need to remember to do it this way," As I spoke, he finished folding them. "Bring them to me."

He gave them to me and stopped, awaiting instructions. I put them to one side. He appeared to have settled into his role a little – he seemed awkward, and his whole posture said embarrassed, but not unsure. He knew I would tell him what he had to do, so he didn't need to worry about it.

I examined him. His hands were clasped in front of him, obscuring my view, but as I lightly took hold of his wrists to move them he gave immediately. He was hard, of course, pushing against the skimpy material. I resisted the urge to touch his cock, knowing that if I wanted him to learn to control himself then I would have to set the example. I traced the edges of his panties, checking his job with the trimmer, but the only thing poking out was the tip of his dick. I follow the edges around to his ass, and drop my hands.

"Turn around."

He does so. I put my hands on his ass; adjusted the edge of the panties. I traced my finger along the silky material, down between his cheeks. I felt his balls, which didn't really fit in the small knickers, but that was fine by me. I stroked them with my fingertips, pulling them gently...

I shook myself, trying to resist, trying to ignore all of the things my body was telling me to do. Soon, I told myself, soon. "You've done a good job. Next time we will take the trimmer a little further. If you're going to wear panties, I want you to look good in them. Stand in the middle of the room."

I made small tweaks to his posture, instructing and explaining. His thumbs were linked and his hands were held at the small of his back. He stood with feet apart, back straight and shoulders back. I told him off for hunching his ass in, explaining that as my sub he should hold himself as though he was proud to be. I didn't want a sub that behaved as if he was frightened of me all the time. The finishing touch was to angle his head towards the floor. Strong and proud, but respectful, always respectful was my aim.

"You look perfect. Now just hold that for a second, and fix it in your memory. When you are waiting for instructions that is how you will stand, unless I have already told you otherwise. Clear?"

"Yes Mistress." He said, quietly but clearly.

"Right, now place your hands on the edge of the chest of drawers," I commanded, and he looked confused, until I continued, "and shuffle your feet back. Hurry up. Now stop there."

I got up and stood behind him, barely an inch away from his ass.

I felt suddenly very powerful as I stood over him. His arms were spread out, and his legs just as wide. His torso was parallel to the floor, and his legs were taut. An odd giddy feeling rose up within me, a combination of pride and absolute glee. Pride because my man was strong and capable and sexy, and a million other things a girl wants a man to be, including an owner of a big cock, and glee because all this was splayed out in front of me, for me to do with as I wished. What a long way this could go, I thought, in time. I was very, very wet.

"How do you feel, slut?" I asked, the kind voice gone.

"Exposed, Mistress," he said to the floor.

"Excellent. You better get used to it." I said, trying not to sound as giddy as I felt.

I pulled the duvet and pillows off the bed and had him kneel on the bed. I bound his hands behind him with a very long length of wide blue ribbon and had him back up until his toes were off end of the mattress and he was sitting on his heels. With the long tails of the ribbon on his hands, I attached him to the thickest bar in the center of the metal headboard. I nudged his knees apart, so as to expose him the way a slut should be.

"Comfortable, slut?"

"Yes Mistress."

"That's good; you wouldn't be allowed to move even if you weren't." I smirked. Now the fun would begin.

First, I moved to the other end of the bed. This in itself confused him – I think he thought I was going to play with him first. What a lot he had to learn.

Second, I grabbed some pillows to lie back on. I went under the bed, found my secret dildo, and the lube we both used an awful lot of.

"I didn't know you had that!" he blurted, eyes wide. I could see the cogs working. Haha. Not today.

"You're missing something on that sentence there dear, try again." I retorted. I was enjoying myself too much to reprimand him further, and he was already erect and unable to do anything with it. I felt any further punishment was unnecessary, at least at this stage anyway!

"Sorry Mistress. What I meant was I didn't know you had that Mistress," he said, much meeker this time.

"I know. That's because it's my secret. What else am I supposed to do with myself when you're not here? Now shush. I have things to do."

I shrugged off the silky dressing gown – not that it was doing much to cover me anyway – and lay back on the pillows, facing him. For a moment, I just looked at him, taking in his dark hair and eyes, the line of his neck and collarbones... I did make an effort not to, but inevitably my eyes dropped, to the thick shape of his cock straining against the fabric. The head was escaping.

I grabbed my tits with both hands, squeezing and rubbing them – rougher than normal, but that was what I felt like. Pushed them together, and pinched my nipples, imagining him sucking them hard, so it hurts but not enough for me to stop him. I ran my hands down my whole body firmly, reveling in the feeling as it raised goose bumps all over my skin. I drew my legs up and apart, ignoring a hungry looking Nathan at the other end of the bed. He would wait.

I dipped a finger into my slit, feeling the slick wetness. I resisted the urge to plunge several fingers in immediately, and instead trailed my sticky fingers back to my pink nipples. They demanded attention, turning to hard nubs almost instantly under my fingers. I simply rubbed them in circles, making my pussy tense up and my hips rock involuntarily. I wouldn't wait any longer. Picking up the dildo, I worked it into my soaking pussy until I was full up. Breathed a sigh of relief as I held it deep. Slowly but steadily, I began to fuck myself with it, working myself into a state as I got faster and faster. I pulled it all the way out, right to the end, and pushed it back in roughly. When I couldn't take it anymore, continually wanting more and more and more, I pushed my hips up off the bed, and whilst making short, deep thrusts with the dildo with one hand, I rubbed my clit with the other and came in about four seconds flat.

I sank down, breathing heavily. The shudders gave up eventually. I picked up the dildo and was pleased to see it was covered in pale sticky juice.

I looked up at Nathan. The sneaky bastard was trying to rub his cock against his panties. He stopped quite suddenly when I looked up, with his guilty face on.

"Stop that, or I'll have to tie your hips to something too. I have a present for you," I scold him, and wave the dildo with a grin.

I kneeled in front of him. "Open wide!" I commanded, smiling. He does so.

"Good boy. Now swallow all that down, I want you to make sure it's clean."

I watched, fascinated, as the thick toy disappeared into his hungry mouth. It only got about halfway down before he gagged. I sighed.

"You know half isn't anywhere near good enough. Tilt your head back," I told him, as I put the rubber cock back in his mouth, "and take a good deep breath."

I pushed it a few centimeters further than it was before. I saw his eyes tear up and he kept tensing up in an attempt not to gag.

"Can you breathe?"

He shook his head ever so slightly.

"That's an improvement then. We'll keep practicing, and soon you'll be able to suck cock as well as I can."

A little mew came from his throat, which reminded me he still couldn't breathe. Oops. I popped the dildo out of his mouth, and he let his head fall back, panting. Apparently I left it there a little longer than I thought I had... I noticed he had a load of juice off the dildo around his mouth, and decided not to say anything. Let him look like the slut for once, I thought.

I rubbed his cock through his panties. He groaned and pushed himself into my hand. For a few moments I indulged him, gently playing with his balls and massaging the head of his cock. He relaxed completely and let me work, even spreading his legs a little more for me.

"Do you want to cum now, slave?" I asked him, hands still working, still toying with him. I could ask him to do anything I wanted here. He was rock hard and kept twitching and bucking in my hands.

"Yes please Mistress, more than anything..." He mumbles, watching my hands. I'd pulled him out of his panties and wrapped both hands around him, stroking him ever so slowly.

"I will let you, but under one condition. Do you understand?" I ask him seriously.

"Yes Mistress. I'll do anything for you to let me cum." He murmurs, still watching my very busy, teasing hands.

"I thought so somehow. I want one more thing from you, and then I will let you cum."

I untied him from the headboard, although his hands were still behind his back. He looked a bit glazed over and lustful, and I didn't really trust him not to start playing with himself without asking. I helped him move so that his head was resting on a pillow, turned to one side. He was still on his knees, pushing his ass up nicely.

I wasted no time. I pulled his panties down, letting his cock spring out and exposing his asshole. I didn't pull them down any further, figuring they would help stop him moving too much.

I took the lube and poured some onto my hands. I let it warm and drip down between his cheeks. He jumped, like a skittish racehorse.

Trying to relax him, I wrap my small hand around his hot thick cock and stroke slowly, whilst rubbing small firm circles around his asshole. I didn't want to hurt him, or else he wouldn't let me do it again, and that was something I desperately wanted to avoid.

"Alright, are you ready?" I asked. There was a small noise in reply that I took as yes. "When I tell you to, I want you to tense up as tight as you can, count to four, then relax and count to four. Do that five times now."

I kept rubbing my finger in little circles, and the third time he relaxed, I slipped the tip of my finger inside him. He hissed as he breathed in sharply and squeezed tight, but he didn't say anything.

Stroking his cock a little faster, trying to distract him, I waited for him to relax again. Less gentle than before, I slid my finger all the way in, making him recoil involuntarily, but he settled back. A low moan escaped his throat.

"Good boy, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No Mistress." He was still breathing heavily.

"Do you want me to carry on?" I asked, hoping he understood the full meaning of my question. If he said no, this would stop altogether. No cum.

"Yes please Mistress."

I smiled broadly. Releasing his cock, I untied his hands.

"Prop yourself up on your left forearm, and hold out your right," I instructed him. I poured a little lube into his waiting hand.

"Now stroke yourself."

He complied immediately, fisting his cock rapidly, like a machine. I finger fucked him, steadily getting faster, until between us we set up a rhythm. He rocked back onto my finger enthusiastically. I faced my palm down and curled my finger slightly, looking for the more sensitive part of him. He gave a groan and a shudder, arching his back. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, watching my slut play with himself while I fucked him with my fingers.

"Do you know what you look like, slut?" I demanded of him.

"No...um...no Mistress," he stuttered. He sounded like he had forgotten how to talk.

"A bitch in heat. Do you know why?"

"No, Mistress."

"Because you are one. Tell me what you are."

"A bitch in heat Mistress. Your bitch," he told me clearly.

"That's absolutely right. Will you take another finger for me, seeing as you're such a slut?" I asked him, fiddling with my clit with my free hand. It wasn't really a question, more of a warning, but it felt good letting him be the one to beg for once.

"Please Mistress."

"Not loud enough. Try again."

"Please, Mistress, please!" he cried obediently but definitely convincingly. My fingers were still busy with my clit. I came, shaking slightly, but I didn't pause.

I didn't reply to him, but concentrated on carefully slipping in another finger. A long, low moan escaped his throat as his asshole got stretched out more than it was used to. His hand blurred as he just stroked the hot sensitive head of his cock. He couldn't rock back on to my fingers fast enough anymore, so instead he pushed his ass back and let me keep going. His face was pink and his eyes were shut tight, and as he opened his mouth to say something I cut him off, because I knew what he was going to say.

"Cum, slut! Cum now and don't stop 'till you've got none left," I commanded him.

That was exactly what he did. He exploded, some hit his taut stomach and his heaving chest, some went over the bed and quite a lot dripped onto his nice new panties, which were halfway down his legs.

He let go of his cock – which remained stood out proudly - and leaned on both forearms, head down, breathing heavily.

I simply looked him over for few moments, smiling. He was gorgeous, obedient and mine.

Taking a small towel from the edge of the bed, I wiped my sticky hands. I scooped up a little cum on my finger and held it up to his lips. He sucked it clean, pulling a face.

"Aww don't look like that, it's good for you," I said smiling.

"That doesn't make it taste better."

"Hold still a minute; you're covered in all sorts."

"I wasn't in a rush to get up." He retorted. I laughed.

I took the towel and wiped all over him, half trying to remove the worst of the cum and sweat and lube, and half hoping a good rub down would help him feel better after being in awkward positions for so long. Awkward, but very, very sexy, I thought.

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