Natural Born Fucker

byGrandflasher C.©

The men watched almost as in awe as Carl began to fondle Candy's wonderful tits. Her tits were huge and real, feeling soft, pliable, and bouncy in his big hand. He went from one breast to the other, mauling her, defiling her. He loved how sexy it was that he could feel and pinch Candy's hard erect nipples underneath the layers of sexy clothing, as if they were ripe, forbidden fruits, waiting to be picked and devoured.

"Jesus – what a pair of titties!" Carl mumbled, nearly in disbelief at their circumstances. All of a sudden he grabbed the young woman's shirt and pulled it down, ripping it easily off of her slim frame.

"NO!" Candy shrieked, struggling within the larger man's grasp.

Was it just her or had it gotten exponentially hotter and more humid in that room, now full of burly, menacing men? She watched the monitor in horror as Carl fondled her tits, slipping his fingers inside her bra to tweak her sensitive nipples. Then he pulled down her lacy bra by an inch. But an inch was all that was needed to broadcast to anyone watching her sweet, strawberry buds, all exposed.

"Please, Carl! No – don't -" Candy moaned out, utterly humiliated.

"Mmmm – take a look at these titties, America!" said the convict, taking no heed of the girl's protests.

Both of his hands were now on Candy's breasts, squeezing and pinching away. The reporters exposed, erect buds were fully abused on national television by this depraved convict! Carl played with Candy's sweet nipples in front of the camera for a few moments before he ripped off her bra and blazer altogether. By the time he was finished Candy – now with both arms free - was covering her nakedness once more.

This left her lower body completely defenseless for her tormentor - who was now happily cackling away – to reach underneath her skirt to get at her lacy cream panties. Candy shrieked girlishly and forgot about her tits, instead struggling with Carl for control of her underwear. He was pulling them off, and she was trying to pull them up. It made for entertaining television.

They played this little game for a few minutes before Carl won. It seemed Candy's tiny lace panties were no match for a two hundred and fifty pound black man, and when the man thought enough was enough, he simply tore them off. This caused the buxom reporter to scream out again. Because of how she was sitting, the camera was low enough just to look up her skirt, so Candy was now much more concerned with covering her now visible, very bare and delicious looking pussy in front of a national audience. Carl pulled up the girl's skirt so that it bunched at her waist and then shoved his hand at her crotch.

"Oh SHIT!" Candy yelped out loudly. Carl's thick, fat fingers were strong and there wasn't much she could do to prevent the man from fondling her pussy lips. He ferociously rubbed her clitoris for a minute and had the girl squirming madly in his lap.

"Good golly, Miss Molly!" exclaimed the big black convict.

"Oh GOD! No – no – no – no – no!" cried the young woman, her knees opening and closing involuntarily. She was still trying to hide her bare cunt before the camera but knew how bad this look for her. Candy Struthers, the hottest reporter on TV, stared into the camera and desperately pleaded, "PLEASE! If you're watching at home, please TURN OFF the television! Oh GOD! Stop – OH – DON'T WATCH THIS!! PLEASE DON'T WATCH!!"

Still grinning insanely, Carl motioned for one of the inmates to hand him some nearby cord, which the man used to bind Candy's wrists behind her back. Next Carl hooked his hands under the blonde's knees and then easily spread her legs wide for the camera. Moaning in despair, Candy turned a deep shade of red as she knew that probably millions of DVR's were now whirling away, recording her fully exposed state.

By now one of the inmates had commandeered the big HD camera, pulling Logan away to sit with Lance and the other guards. This man was pretty good at using a camera, having actually shot a few low-budget porn flicks years ago. Licking his lips, the man showed Candy in all her nude glory, bare pink slit so tiny and pretty, and her huge tits that many men (and quite a few women) had dreamed about, but could now see in reality. Then the cameraman stepped closer, focusing really close to Candy's snatch. Carl brought both his hands and pulled apart her pink pussy lips, so that all America could see how perfectly pretty the reporter's bare, smooth love-hole was.

"No – no – no – no – no!" mumbled the exposed blonde in a daze.

She was moaning out at the depravity of her situation, glancing over at the monitor and knowing that the close-up of her cunt was being broadcast in lurid HD detail. Carl's fingers slid over the reporters increasingly moist slit, now using one hand to spread apart her lower-lips and the fingers from his other hand to stroke and tease Candy's clit.

"Oh – this is fucking beautiful!" Carl said in delight. "All you guys out there watching this – did you ever want to take America's darling and spread her pussy like this, and imagine what's between those sexy legs of hers? Well – take a long look, people! This is one of the sweetest little pussies I've ever seen!"

"No – GOD! Please turn off our televisions – please don't watch!" Candy cried in distress.

She had her eyes closed as the camera zoomed out, to get her fully in the frame again. Then Carl placed two large fingers at the entrance of her cunt, slowly inserting them into the unprepared girl. The look on the young reporter's face was priceless: Candy's big blue eyes popped wide open, her jaw open in stunned shock, her face an expression of despair as she was finger-raped in front of millions.

No matter how much she pleaded, she knew deep inside that whatever happened to her today would be seen by millions – or even tens of millions - of people. That sex-starved husbands and wives would record her torment on their DVR's, tech junkies would upload video files of her violation to hundreds of Internet sites for horny teenagers to jack-off to, slimy old creeps would masturbate to her sexual miseries, and assholes in general would just watch her getting raped for fun, because that's what assholes did.

Carl's thick fingers slid in and out of the reporter's tight snatch, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. As his pace increased, so did Candy's panting and moaning, much to her chagrin. Soon the big black man's two digits were fucking the blonde at a blistering pace. On televisions across America, especially on larger screens fifty inches and higher, viewers could tell that Candy's sweet honey-pot was getting increasingly wetter and aroused.

"Unnnnh! Unnnnh! Nooooo..." whimpered Candy as a large bead of cunt-juice trickled out of her sweltering slit, dripping down onto Carl's lap.

"Ahhh – sweet Jesus!" Carl murmured back in reply. He loved Candy's pussy – so sizzling and tight, frothy and creamy - as his fingers twirled and rammed into her without mercy. The way she squirmed and fidgeted in his lap, full of shame and humiliation, was incredibly hot.

"Noooo – no – no – no – nooooo..." Candy continued to groan.

The heat of the moment was getting to her, building with each twirl of Carl's fingers, threatening to overcome her. It was important to her that she didn't cum; she didn't want to appear as if she was enjoying what was happening to her. And she couldn't bear the idea of strangers watching her orgasm!

Candy bit her bottom lip, staring into the camera and looking absolutely cute and sexy, trying her hardest to ignore the blistering heat emanating from her hot-box. "S-STOP THAT!!" she cried out. "GOD – PLEASE – NO MORE!!"

But Carl was relentless and unyielding with his thick fingers, stirring up Candy's sensitive vaginal insides. His fingers were persistent and ruthless, until he got the heat rising throughout her body to a boiling point. The pretty blonde's fair skin began to turn red, her cheeks flushing a deep scarlet against her will. She writhed on the man's lap, trying to stop the inevitable, but it was no use.

Still, it caught her by surprise, as an intense wave of pleasure coursed through her frame. Candy tensed her slim body with her back arched, her mouth open wide, as she experienced a sweet orgasm. It had been a while since Candy had had sex - months in fact - and all those long work hours and stressful days poured out of the girl.

Candy screamed and let it all out. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! FUCK – FUCK – FUCK!!"

Momentarily forgetting the camera before her, the reporter had a small smile on her lips, as she unconsciously ground her pelvis against Carl's fingers. She was a gusher, and three or four torrid gushes of scorching cum spurted out at the camera, nearly hitting the lens, causing most of the men in the room to hoot out in surprise and amusement. Candy spent another minute or so undulating her hips, fucking Carl's fingers as opposed to the other way around. With her eyes closed, and her slender, big-titted frame still shuddering from the aftershocks, Candy enjoyed the orgasm until she opened her eyes and remembered where she was.

"Oh God – on my fucking God!" she wailed out in despair, stopping herself, and realizing how slutty she must have appeared.

"Now – now, Miss Candy! Mind your fucking language!" said Carl, laughing. Then he withdrew his sopping wet fingers – coated with Candy's cum – out of her cunt and raised them near her mouth. "C'mon – taste our sweet little cunny juices, you slut!"

Utterly repulsed and mortified, Candy shook her head vigorously, very cognizant of the camera lens next to her face for a close-up of this latest degradation. "NO!"

Carl leaned in close and whispered in Candy's ear. "Bitch – you're gonna listen to what I say, and lick my fingers, you understand!? Then you're gonna suck me and fuck me! Got that? If you don't, then I'll just go straight to that tiny asshole of yours and tear it up with my big Willy!"

The hot reporter grimaced at the thought of Carl's monster dick sodomizing her, terrified. It dawned on her then that she was completely helpless. No one going to save her - the prison guards couldn't get into this room, and the police were probably outside the prison and were of no use. She was all alone, and she was going to get raped, badly. The reporter had done her homework on Carl Allen, and she knew what he did to young women such as herself. The fact that he had spent the past year in prison meant that he was horny as hell, and there was no doubt in her mind that she would be on the receiving end of his lust.

Candy could feel Carl's lust – now – as well. It was thick and hard, huge and long, underneath her as she sat on the inmate's lap. She had heard the tales and read the reports, but now she was feeling how tremendous Carl's manhood was in real life. The cock's pulsing heat and pressure – straining at the orange prison uniform Carl was wearing – felt threatening to the tiny young woman. To have that monster shaft shoved up her anal-tunnel was literally inconceivable for Candy, and so she nodded her head quickly and submissively. She could do this – do whatever the horrid man wanted. Candy Struthers could be Carl's perfect slut – even if it meant demeaning herself on national television, because she realized that she had no other choice!

So she leaned forward and took Carl's fingers into her mouth, slurping and licking away with her nimble tongue. At first Candy's movements were quick and nervous, but Carl soon provided her with explicit instructions, and she obediently followed them.

"Mmmm – that's right! Suck slowly – hard! Put those digits all the way into your mouth – pretend it's a dick! Oh yeah – you so sexy, baby! That's real good! Uh-huh – lick those fingers up and down, like a good little pussycat! Yeah – that's good! Remember this when you're sucking my cock, Candy!"

All of a sudden Carl took his fingers out of the girl's mouth, cupped her neck, and brought her in for a kiss. He kissed her tremendously deep, his large tongue stuck inside her mouth, swirling against her own tongue, chocking and blocking her small throat. While she moaned in response, powerless to do anything else, Candy could feel the camera recording them while they swapped saliva.

Meanwhile, Carl's hands returned to roam around Candy's delectable body. One hand was pinching her nipples while the other one had snuck back in between her legs, stroking her cunt lips and clitoris. Candy's moans, in response, grew louder and louder. Then the convict attacked Candy's tits with his mouth, bringing his lips down to the lovely blonde's already tender nipples, loudly sucking away and smacking his lips together, showing off for the camera. The man chewed her nipples incessantly, mercilessly. He alternated from creating suction around her pink areolas with his big lips - clamping down airtight - then sucking as hard as he could, or by firmly holding the girl's erect strawberry buds in his teeth, and then licking away as fast as he could with his rasping tongue.

When the hulking black man returned to Candy's slippery pussy and shoved some fingers into it, the reporter was already close to coming once more. Carl was grinning psychotically, totally lost in his debauched quest to totally defile this heavenly creature. He loved the way he could make Candy squeal from his harsh administrations, and as her squeals and mews grew in loudness, he knew it was nearly time to truly introduce to the audience watching at home

As he continued to finger Candy's frothy slit, Carl's free hand reached underneath her, fumbling at his zipper. It took a few moments but eventually he managed to pull his erect penis out from his pants. His eleven-inch cock stuck straight up in front of Candy, blocking her pussy from the view of the camera, huge and menacing. The whole room actually went silent just then: the big black monster looked obscenely large next to the five foot three inch blonde, its menacing darkness contrasting against Candy's fair skin.

Only Candy spoke out at that moment, breaking the silence. "No – no – that can't be – that's fucking enormous!"

"Ha ha ha! America – my dick! My dick – America! How do you do!" said Carl, laughing, proudly showing off his penis. Then he grabbed his cock and began to slap it against Candy's slit. "Or maybe I should say, 'Hello, Candy! How do you do?'"

"S-STOP THAT!" Candy replied back in shock, trying to squirm away from the monster.

The look on the stunned reporter's face was unforgettable. She looked back at him with alarm in her eyes – his cock was unbelievable! Carl winked back at Candy like an asshole. It was incomprehensible to the blonde - there was no way that would fit inside of her!

Through all of this Carl hadn't stopped finger-fucking the young woman. But he made her grab his erection and explore it, so that he could fully concentrate on Candy's cunt.

"That's a good girl – stroke that shaft! You can grip harder than that – OH – yeah, that's right, just like that, bitch!" instructed the convict.

Candy did as she was told, running her hands up and down Carl's cock, feeling it's heaviness and heft between her tiny fingers. It pulsated menacingly in her hands, and as she stroked the shaft - feeling its smooth skin outlined with ridges of broad veins - the iron hardness underneath made her incredibly nervous and afraid.

But soon her fear gave way to another orgasm welling from within her stirred up honey pot. Carl's constant fingers up her snatch, ramming in and out without pause, was going to give Candy her second orgasm of the day. She couldn't recall ever having two orgasms in a row, but now it was coming. Candy's eyebrows furrowed together, a look of stunned disbelief on her pretty face, but also something else: there was a hint of unfairness within her blue eyes, as if she were wondering how could this happen to her? She was once the golden child in the news industry, but now? She'd be lucky to survive today with a job in the mailroom after this.

"Are you gonna cum, sugar?" asked Carl, breaking Candy's reverie.

The reporter couldn't speak since she was – indeed – experiencing a shattering orgasm just as Carl spoke. Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, the young woman's entire body became rigid in Carl's arms, lost in her own world. So she didn't notice when Carl picked her up and positioned her over his dick – cock-head at her slick vaginal opening - dumping the girl unceremoniously onto it.

The buxom blonde shrieked out, her body rebelling against this entirely outrageous act. Her pulsating snatch clenched tightly around Carl's big dick, trying in vain from slowly inching down it, but failing miserably. Carl didn't have to do a thing – gravity did all the work for him. All he needed to do was sit back and watch as Candy struggled – her wrists tied behind her back – and then slide down his fuck-stick.


Inch by excruciating inch, Candy became impaled on that thick black cock, as her television audience watched in lurid fascination. It looked impossible that such a collosal penis could fit inside the reporter's tiny cunny, but there she was - slowly getting skewered - squealing out in agony as her slender body contorted and strained against being awfully invaded. This was indeed must see TV!

To the young blonde it indeed felt as if she were getting split in half. Carl's dick was unimaginably large, but somehow her tightness gave way to him, and inevitably her pussy lips reached its base, somehow going all the way down. Candy shook her head in disbelief, her eyes glazed over in lust, eyes darting down at her cunt in wonder, and then back to the camera lens in horror. America had just witnessed her getting a huge cock jammed up her teeny twat!

"Oh fuck yeah! Nothing like fresh young pussy!" said the grinning inmate.

And then the real fun began. Carl lifted the lissome girl up with his hands as if she weighed nothing, and then dropped her down again. This caused Candy to let out a loud squeal. But the huge inmate didn't stop, raising the big-titted reporter up and down his cock, fucking her over and over. Her pussy was incredibly tight – but he liked that even better. Soon he had a good rhythm built up with his the palms of his hands, cupping Candy's sweet ass-cheeks and gripping them to drive her up and down his dick.

All across America, people were glued to their television sets. They watched in astonishment as Candy Struthers was raped on live television, thoroughly and unforgivably. There were no commercial breaks, just ongoing footage of the gorgeous reporter as she bounced on Carl's big dick. Somehow she had taken the man's monstrously large, infamous prick up her small pussy. Somehow the reporter was taking the sexual torment, enduring the scorching fucking, and – from the looks of it – was actually enjoying it. Or at least her convulsing, cumming fuck-hole seemed to be; dripping wet and spraying out her love-juices, it was clear to the viewers that Candy was having her third orgasm, so soon after her last one.

"OH GOD – OH GOD!! NO MORE!! PLEASE - NO – NO MORE!!" implored the girl.

"Mmmmm – mmmmm! Viewers at home – you wouldn't believe how nice and tight Miss Candy's pussy is!" Carl bragged, looking into the camera with a horny smile on his face. "I think it deserves some hard dick-pounding to loosen it up!"

Carl picked the girl up as he casually got off the chair, before setting Candy back onto the chair with her ass-cheeks on the edge of the seat, facing the camera with her legs spread wide open. She was looking back with a horny yet completely miserable expression on her pretty face. Then the convict – hooking the backside of her knees on his elbows – plowed into Candy's snatch with his penile missile with one hard thrust, the viewers getting a really good view of this action.

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