tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNatural in Nature Ch. 03

Natural in Nature Ch. 03


Chapter 3 The First Full Day

We woke up early on Wednesday morning. The sunlight filled the tent pretty much right as it was rising. I knew that this would be a fun day! My thoughts were still preoccupied with the events of yesterday! It was nice to be seen by the people on the horses, if only for a short while. I was hoping that we would be seen by more people today!

I knew that while waking up Ty usually has morning wood, so I teased him a bit when he got out of his sleeping bag:

"Wasn't last night enough for you? Your already pointing that thing in the direction of trouble and we only just woke up!"

Ty smiled and told me that if I didn't get out of his way, he would "club" me!

We set about taking the tent down and packing our stuff back into the backpacks. I lifted my pack back up on my shoulders, adjusted it so that my breasts wouldn't get squished by the straps, and buckled the belt strap. Ty did the same and we picked up our shoes and socks and crossed the little creek. I was disappointed to have to put shoes back on, but we were going to do quite a bit of walking today and I don't think my feet would have held up without the protection.

The day started out a little chilly (low 70s), but it was sunny and soon warmed up as the sun rose in the sky. It was a pleasant hike, everything is flat and the trails are wide enough that we didn't have to pick our way through any brush. The morning was pretty much uneventful. The wildlife saw us walking by, but they didn't seem too interested in a couple of humans, even considering we were nude. We stopped shortly for a lunch of Raman noodles (I felt like a poor college student as I ate them!). We managed to keep from pawing each other during the break and ended up back on the trail in no time.

As we walked, we could hear the distinct sound of music coming from the other side of the brush.

"Must be someone's house over there" Ty said.

Although the Wharton forest is considered a state forest land, there are quite a few homes located throughout the area. I'm not sure if they own the land or lease it, or how they manage to live in the middle of state forest land, but they're there.

"Did you want to go see what the house looks like?" I asked Ty.

"Not particularly. I have an idea that it's either a trailer or a shack and I don't want to take the chance that 'Bubba' or 'Billy-Bob' will anally probe me and then rape my wife!" Ty replied.

"That's a good point. I can see how the wrong person might take a naked couple popping up in their backyard as a 'fortunate opportunity'!"

We continued onward, hoping that we could pass by without being observed.

It truly is amazing that a little time in the nude makes you readjust and you completely forget that you're nude. Sure the parts that are normally restrained by clothing feel strange at first as they are free to sway and bob and bounce, but you really do get used to it!

Before to long, we came to a paved road. This was expected, since the forest is bisected by a dozen state roads. Some of the roads are as deserted as the dirt trails that we were on, but others are pretty busy, especially during the summer with people heading down to the shore. We could see that this one was pretty busy and the dull drone of traffic shortly filled the air and deadened our sense of sound.

"Well, I don't suppose we can wait here all day for the traffic to die down." Ty said. "Let's just hope that we aren't unlucky to cross right in front of a cop!"

"Don't worry, you know the routine, even if we stand right by the side of the road, no one will even notice that we are naked until they pass right on by. After all, how often do you see nude people when you are out driving? They're probably too bored with the drive anyway. I'd only be worried if it was a Friday afternoon and the traffic was stopped!" I explained to Ty.

"You're right. I always forget that people just never seem to notice. It's like that one time that we pulled off to the side of the road on the PA turnpike and had sex right there on the back of the Explorer. People saw us, but by the time it registered, they were already flying by at 70 mph. Let's get ready to cross!"

We made our way to the shoulder of the road and looked both ways at the traffic. The cars were fairly evenly spaced: not bumper to bumper but close enough together so that we couldn't cross. We ended up waiting about 3 minutes (can you believe not a single honk or catcall?), before there was a pretty big break in the traffic in the lane nearest us. We made our way across that to the center of the road to wait for the next lane to break. During the crossing we did manage to get a complimentary "beep-beep-beeeeeeep" from a passing car, but they didn't even slow down or tap the brakes. Finally, their was a break after a silver jeep that looked to carry a couple of college guys, so we moved closer, waited for the jeep to fully pass (those guys noticed us and shouted at me and waved!) and finally completed the crossing.

"Whew! That was fun! How many people do you think saw us?" I asked Ty, bouncing with excitement.

"That was fun! Well, there were at least 60 cars and trucks that went by, some only had one person, but others had 4 people, so if you figure on an average of 2 people per vehicle....."

"That's over a 120 people! I interrupted Ty with my excitement at how many people had just seen my naked body!

"Yeah, but keep in mind that some of those people probably didn't even notice us, so we can't count them." Ty said

"Oh Ty, stop ruining my fun! I love the thought that so many people just saw us!"

I really did. We had been walking for over 5 hours already that day, but the exhibitionism opportunity had totally reinvigorated me and I had a second wind!

"I'm ready for more of that! This is so much fun Ty! I'm so glad we decided to do this without clothes! I don't think I'll ever wear anything ever again!"

We kept walking for another 2 hours before we intersected with Mullica River. I was happy to see our destination and eager to spend a couple of days in one spot to recuperate from the day of hiking.

"We can cross and set up on the other side, or we can try wading along the banks until we find someplace better." Ty suggested.

"Well, I am up for just about any spot where we can be afforded another chance encounter with some more passer-bys! Let's set up over on the other side for now, and we can always wade downstream or upstream without our stuff. If we find a spot that's better, we can always move!" I said, eager to get the heavy backpack off of my back.

We took our shoes and socks off and crossed over the creek. The trail must have been built to cross at the shallow area because the water was only a couple of feet deep – just deep enough to splash up on my naked pussy, which felt great!

We got to the other side and went through the same routine that we did last night, only this time we took a little more care to get things setup nicely since we might be here for a day or two. I helped Ty set the tent up (why do I always think "pitch a tent"), which made it go pretty quickly, but we kept brushing up against each other and I wasn't sure whether Ty was purposely trying to rub up against me! After the tent was set, I decided to look around the area. It would be nice to find a bend in the creek that had kind of a sandy shore so that I could lie down, get some more sun, take a nap, and listen to the water bubble by. Ty was content with laying down in the sand next to the tent in the shade.

I waded down the river, enjoying the cool water against my naked skin. It felt good: crisp and cool. I finally came to a bend, and noticed that there was some sand deposited on the bank just on the other side. If I laid here, I wouldn't be able to see anyone come down the river until they were right next to me! I was eager for another chance encounter and figured that Ty was close enough to come and rescue me if any local-yocals attempted to violate my virtues!

I settled down on my back in the sand. The sun felt good, and I was actually a little chilly as the water evaporated off of my skin. What a good surprise I would be for some unsuspecting canoeist!

Within about a half an hour, I felt myself dozing off and I was soon asleep. I was awaken by the sound of laughter, that didn't seem to far away. I peeked through a half-closed eye-lid to see if I could differentiate the origin of the giggling. Standing just above me, there was man, in his mid-40s, with a camera, popping away with pictures. – I pretended to still be asleep. He was laughing, because his wife (still in their canoe, which was also only a couple of feet away) was trying to get her husband (or boyfriend) to leave the 'poor girl' alone and get back in the canoe.

My heart was racing! If I woke up, I'd have to do some explaining, or fake humiliation, but who knows how many pictures this guy was going to take of me! I decided that I would still pretend to be asleep.

"I think she's dead, either that or unconscious." The man said to his wife. "Look, I can move her leg and she doesn't wake up."

I could feel my right leg move away from my left, spreading my legs apart slightly.

"Woo-hoo! I HAVE to get a picture of that! I can see EVERYTHING!" The guy boasted, obviously noticing that with my legs spread apart, he could see every part of my shaved genitalia. "Hoo-boy, I wish you would shave like that Doris!"

"Come on Jim, get back in the boat. I think you took enough pictures of that poor girl!" "Oh alright" the guy said sounding disappointed, "I just want to make sure she's okay. We can't leave her here like this!"

"Jim" had put both of his hands on my shoulders and was shaky me. I could feel my breasts bouncing from one side to the other. "Jim" was getting quite a show, and I figured that he wasn't going to stop until I either woke up or his wife physically dragged him away. I decided that I had better wake up before "Jim" gave me a contusion from shaky me so hard. "Oh, uh, Hi" I said, opening my eyes and pretending that I had just been fast asleep.

"Hi pretty little thing." Jim said and I noticed that he was trying to conceal the camera behind him and out of my sight. "We was passing by and wanted to make sure that you're alright. It was the least we could do." Jim said, trying his best "school-boy charming smile".

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just laid down here to get some sun and I guess I just dozed off." I partially lied.

"Well what happened to your clothes?" Doris asked, giving me a more disapproving look than a questioning one.

"Oh, my husband and I decided that we would leave them in the car and go 'au natural'." I answered as best as I could!

"Well where's that? Do you want me to go and fetch them for you?" Jim asked, still sporting an "aw shucks I'd do anything for you" look.

"Well, I think it's about 15 miles back that way." I said, pointing in the direction I thought we were parked."

"So you and your husband are out here without a stitch of clothing - 15 miles away from your clothes?" Jim asked me, still looking more at my body than at my face.

"Well, we have some camping stuff, and we do have shoes and socks. But aside from that, yeah, no clothes." I replied, excited that Jim was staring at me, and surprisingly comfortable even though he was inspecting every inch of my body. "I hope I didn't offend you. We just like being naked and I didn't think we'd run into too many people out here."

"Nope, no offense taken." Jim said, using that as yet another excuse to look over my naked form.

"We should get going Jim." Doris said firmly "We want to be home before dark."

"Oh alright." Jim said, as if finally being awakened from a trance. "It was nice meeting you little lady." Jim said his goodbyes and still appeared to be carefully hiding the camera that I had already known he used to take pictures of me.

"See you two." I said, getting up to wave goodbye and to make my way back to our campsite.

As they paddled away and I turned to go back upstream, I heard another "snap" as Jim probably took one last picture of me, this time from behind. I only hoped that he would just show the pictures to his buddies as proof of his "unbelievable" story.

I made my way back to camp and found Ty asleep next to the tent. The lucky bastard wasn't even noticed by my "two new friends"!

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