Nature's "Miracle"

byTx Tall Tales©

She shivered. "But now... now you're so much more. You see that, don't you? You'll be famous. Be offered better positions, more important ones. Government grants. Our friends won't think of you as the professor. You'll be the famous Dr. Greene. I can't help but think of the applications of your find. It has to be invaluable. It will change you, change us. I'll be Mrs. Greene, not Brooke. Trophy wife. I'm... I'm no longer your equal."

"Crazy. You're talking crazy. Nothing will change. Nothing between us, and our friends. I'll get published, sure, but it's far from the first time. Maybe some grants to explore the benefits, applications and side-effects of our discovery, but I've had grants before. You are the same Brooke you've always been, and I'm the same Nate. You've always been more than I deserved. Maybe, finally, I'll be worthy of you."

I saw the tears in her eyes. "Poor deluded man. You've always been so much more. Why can't you see it?"

"I see perfectly well. You are my soul-mate, in every way I can imagine. It's horribly clichéd, but you complete me. You know that."

"Do you honestly think so? Honestly?"

"Absolutely. I can't imagine my life without you."

She leaned into me, her lips meeting mine tenderly. "Make love to me Nate. Make it perfect, like only you can."

I did. Slowly and intimately. Felt her surrender totally. As she had since that first time, so many years ago. Tutoring me in the ways of love, dragging me out of my shell, kicking and screaming.

Afterward I held her, feeling her warmth, our connection.

"Do you like making love to me?" she asked softly.

"More craziness," I teased. "It's amazing."

"I... we don't do much. Do you want more? I can be whatever you need, you know. More often, different things. Do you have fantasies, things you'd like to try?"

I pulled her slender body close. Brushed my lips across her. "You're my fantasy come true. Sure, I'd like to make love a little more often, but what we have is wonderful. What you did, with your mouth? Unbelievable. How about you? What do you want?"

"I want to make you happy. Be the woman you deserve." She grinned. "If you can get me some more of that magic stuff, I'll be blowing you a lot more." She blushed. "I never really liked to do that. The taste, it... it made me nauseous. I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Why?"

"I should have put up with it. I know you liked it."

"Never! Why do something you don't enjoy, something so one-sided, when there's so much we can do together?"

She grinned. "I know something I want to do together, right now." She gave me a firm push backward, and in moments she was straddling my head, her mouth engulfing my soft cock, initializing the mysterious metamorphosis from flesh to stone.

Interesting. The fruit concoction didn't change much about the way she tasted. Maybe just a little, like one of those fruit laced waters, a hint of sweet.

It was a playful war, to see who could distract the other to the point of uselessness. The feel of her mouth on me was too new, too powerful, and I found myself failing her, head resting on the bed, moaning my pleasure. She wiggled her hips now and then as a reminder, and I'd resume battle, knowing damn well I was outgunned.

I whimpered as the end approached, and her efforts sped up, demanding, until I surrendered, filling her mouth again.

She sighed, rolling off me. "Different that time. Good but different."

"The effect of the Synsepalum berries wears off quickest. That may be what's happening," I explained after giving it a little thought.

She grinned. "Still, pretty fan-fucking-tastic." She rolled over onto me, her face hovering over mine. "We're going to be doing that a lot more often. I hope you don't mind."

"Mind?" I squeaked.

She laughed at me, her mouth covering mine, my hands wandering over her incredible body. I knew our play time wasn't over yet.

* * *

Each day I'd mix up a new batch. I was careful with how much I denuded the flowers, but there must have been 20 to 30 little florettes on each of several stems, so I wouldn't be running out any time soon.

After the second batch, and a scientific taste test with my shorts around my ankles, I was scolded. "Very different. Still sweet, but without the nuances. What did you change?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Nothing. Maybe the quantities of each."

"How much of each?" she demanded.

"I don't know, a few berries, a couple of flowers, some scrapings."

She pouted. "You've got to do better than that, Nate. I want the first one back. You're the damn scientist, how about a little precision, repeatability."

Suitable chastened, for the next few days I was very careful with how much of each ingredient I used, and Brooke performed at least two taste analyses each night. We'd make love in between, and I was as happy as I'd ever been.

The sixth day she grinned at me, after I provided her sample. "That's it. Real close at least. What was different from yesterday?"

"Two more small berries, and one of the larger."

"A little less of one of them, and we'll compare again tomorrow."

That statement left me a little disappointed. I figured that meant we were done for the night.

She looked at me and giggled. "Poor boy. You look like someone just stole your favorite toy. No way we're done tonight. Not after getting this close. You up for two more?"

"I figure I will be, if you want."

"I want. I definitely want."

* * *

"Nope, that wasn't it," she said, wiping her chin. It had been a big load. "Berries or fruit?"

"One less berry."

"Add it back, and reduce the amount of the fruit tomorrow."

* * *

While playing among my babies, I decided to make a little something for myself. I wasn't 18 anymore, and the action I was getting was more than on my honeymoon.

A little research had me searching through my garden. From the Amazonian selection, I carefully removed some bark from a Muira Puama bush, peeling off the stringy soft under-bark. From the opposite end of the Amazon, in the highlands of Peru, the black Maca-maca root, boiled and mashed, provided a base paste.

The East Asian section provided a few leaves of Epimedium. Now if I just had some Pausinystalia yohimbe bark and a Ginkgo Biloba tree. Some Turnera diffusa leaves wouldn't hurt. The last one I could get my hands on pretty easily. I put a reminder in my iPad to pick up a few from Saul.

That evening, after I went over my changes with Brooke and discussed the availability of new Brookiana flowers from one of the plants about to bloom, we had a quiet intimate dinner. She still had the plant in the middle of the table, and wouldn't let me have it back.

"Why the pictures?" she asked.

"Namesakes. Olaf is credited with the discovery of the Bromiliad Family, Lyman with the Lymanis Genus. Brooke will forever be known as the discoverer of the Brookiana species."

"But I didn't!"

"We did."

"I wasn't even there. I was getting a tan on the beach!"

"Damn nice one. Pretty small bikini line. Tiny. Trying to make me jealous?"

"If I stayed by the pool, I might not have had any tan-line at all," she teased. "The lotion boys would have liked that."

My home-made natural Viagra was not the tastiest concoction ever made, but the rapid resurgence of my erection, was deeply appreciated. It was the first night that Brooke assured me I had the components correct in what she referred to as our Miracle Mess. I'd mixed it with a little strawberry marmalade to take a bit of the sweetness out, and to provide a more palatable and visibly appealing carrier.

She told me she was going to suck me dry, and was astounded when she found herself working on my fifth erection of the night, almost as hard and firm as the first.

"You're sure feeling manly tonight. Five?"

I laughed and confessed to making my own creation. I saw her face turn red, her temper rising. "You know I don't like you experimenting on yourself."

"All tried and true solutions, none with less than a thousand years worth of history. You think I'd chance losing what we have going?"

She seemed to calm. "You're sure about this stuff you're making?"

"Of the ingredients? Pretty much. Quantities and dosage, that's another question. I might have overdone it a little. I swear I could go all night."

She rolled over onto her back, beckoning. "My jaw's getting tired. How about you do a little of the work, Don Juan. Just remember where to make the deposit."

It was after 3:00 am when I was done with her. Brooke's body was a glowing, glistening mess, thoroughly used. She even assented to the final deposit between her luscious legs.

She had the sweetest little smile on her face, as she lay there, exhausted. "Damn. Hope you kept good notes on that concoction. Half doses in the future, but we may want to go the full route when we have a whole day to play."

* * *

With our mixtures isolated and measured, we toned things back a little after that. Skipped two nights, and most evenings I was back to two deposits. When she was feeling playful, she'd leave me a little message. "Dose up." The half dose seemed a little light, and we ended up with a little more than 70% of the first attempt before we agreed we had it right. That was typically good for four turns, a fifth if she was willing to put in the effort.

Her words the first night were haunting me. About my discovery changing us. I rewrote my paper, limiting it to the plant itself, and leaving out what I'd discovered about the unique properties of its flower. I could always release that later. I submitted it for peer review, had a few colleagues over to show them what I had. Sent some clippings off for analysis. Within a few weeks of my revelation to her, I had submitted it for publication.

* * *

Thursday's were my late days. I had a 4:00 pm lecture, that usually got me home a little after 6:00.

When I got home, I found Brooke in the kitchen with her sister Allison. Allie was a lot like Brooke, with lighter hair, and about two inches shorter. Three years younger than Brooke's 29.

My wife greeted me with a hug and kiss, and I got similar treatment from her sister, if a little less intimate. Not much, I have to admit. "Dose up," Brooke told me softly. "And double the Miracle Mess."

I looked at her in surprise.

"She doesn't believe me. Doesn't think it's possible."


"We're going to prove her wrong. Trust me, we're not getting carried away, Ok?" She gave me another kiss as reassurance, then gave me a nudge toward the backdoor.

Before I hit the greenhouse, I dressed down, getting comfortable, and started my preparations. We made our mixtures fresh each day, not knowing how it would keep. Something else we'd have to experiment with.

I thought about that, and decided that there was no time like the present, so I made a quadruple dose of the Miracle Mess, and a similar amount of what she jokingly called, my Phoenix Cream.

By the time I was finished, the girls were setting the table.

"That's the plant?" Allison asked, looking it over.

"Lymania Brookiana," Brooke said proudly.

"And he discovered it?"

"Last year, when we went to Rio."

Allison pouted. "Jesus, you two! Vacation in Rio, and get famous at the same time."

"Not quite famous yet," I said.

"You will be, if what she says is true."

We were feasting on a simple steak dinner, small filets, twice baked potatoes, fresh green beans from my garden area. When we were done with the meal, Brook and her sister cleared the table, and loaded the dishwasher, while I prepared the 'treats'. I'd already taken mine, since I'd discovered it needed at least an hour or so to take effect.

Brooke filled the lazy-Susan with taste samples, similar to our time. I made toast points, each with about a teaspoon of the Miracle Mess.

Allison looked hers over. "This is it? Strawberry Jam?"

Brooke chuckled. "Try it." She lead the way by downing hers.

My wife grabbed the lemon, and salted it heavily. "Here. Take a big bite."

Allison shook her head. "No way. You're crazy."

Brooke went ahead and did it. "Mmmm, delicious."

Rather than be subjected to sibling ridicule, Allison took the lemon and bit into it, as least as much as Brooke had done. The surprise on her face was gratifying. "Holy shit! You weren't kidding. That's so weird!"

After that the sisters sampled everything, laughing and joking around.

"Oh my God! The chocolate's heavenly!" Allison purred.

"I know! 90% pure cocoa, smooth and sweet as a Hershey bar."

I was getting a little nervous, wondering if the taste test was going to finish there. Especially after I'd been ordered to dose up. I'd taken a little extra just in case; pretty much the first night's quantity.

When they were done playing, I saw Allison looking at me oddly. She looked over at her sister. "The rest is true, too?"

"Every word of it."

"You swear?"

Brooke stood and took her sister by the hand. "Better than that, I'm going to show you."

Allison pulled back. "N...No, Bee, I can't. Mike would kill me."

Brooke tugged her along. "You won't. I will. You just get a taste."

"That, that's gross!" Allison said.

"Crème brûlée," Brooke said, dragging her sister along. I followed in their wake.

In our bedroom, my wife pulled a chair over near the bed. "Sit. There. Don't say anything."

Allison sat down, and I could feel myself flushing, my cock already rising.

My experience with the opposite sex was limited, at best. Some early fumbling and then the exquisite joys of my wife, were the sum totals of my history. This was far outside my realm of knowledge.

Brooke turned me so my back was to the bed, a couple of feet from her sister. She opened my pants, and pulled them down. I was already tenting my boxers.

"Naughty boy. No stage-fright for you I guess."

I was at a loss for words, when my boxers joined my pants on the floor. I glanced over at Allison who's eyes were fixed on my crotch.

"Nice one, huh?" Brooke teased.

"Very," Allison said softly.

My wife took hold of it, and looked up at me. "Don't hold back, Ok? I don't want to be here all night."

"You did tell me to dose up," I reminded her.

She chuckled. "Don't want to be here all night for the first one."

"Not much chance of that."

She and her sister both remained fully clothed, while I was ordered to remove my shirt as well, leaving me naked. Damn awkward.

"It's alright, baby," Brooke said softly. "It's for science."

With that, her mouth captured me, and she went to work. The last few weeks had worked wonders for her abilities, and I was the lucky beneficiary. After a couple of minutes Allison was rubbing between her legs. "Damn, Bee!"

Brooke turned sideways a bit, looking over at her sister, and slowly drove up and down my cock. Fuck that was hot.

"Close," I warned her.

She looked up at me, pretty eyes sparkling. She turned back to face her sister, and used her hand and mouth together to finish me.

"Brooke," I gasped.

She only sped up.

I groaned loudly and exploded into her mouth. She sucked me gamely, swallowing quickly, then I watched her move her hand under her chin, and she dribbled my juices into her palm. Allison dropped to her knees beside her sister, took the palm between her hands, and lowered her lips, her eyes looking up at me. She licked her sister's hand tentatively, and I saw the quick widening of her eyes. She licked it again, and again, until it was clean.

I was still hard as a rock when Brooke pulled her face away, her free hand stroking me casually.

"Well?" Brooke asked.

"You evil bitch. This is what you get to come home to?"

"I told you," Brooke laughed.

"Not crème brûlée. More like a... a soft-serve vanilla custard."


Allison nodded, her eyes watching her sister's hand. "He's ready for another?"

Brooke nodded. "Four or five if we want."

"Or six," I told her.

"You didn't!"

I nodded shamefully.

She laughed, and Allison looked perplexed. "What?"

"Nature boy has another little concoction of his own. Phoenix cream. It'll raise the dead over and over again."

"You're kidding."

Brooke shook her head. "Not in the least. Fucking more miracle stuff. The first time he almost killed me." She turned and licked my shaft. "Need to leave, sis? Or want to stick around for another taste."

Allison checked the clock. "I've got time. How long?"

Brooke looked up at me. "This one, maybe 10 minutes. We should probably get on the bed. By the third one, my knees are killing me." She gave me a quick suck, and a push. "Go on," she said.

I laid back on the bed, putting a couple of pillows behind my head. Usually, after the first one, we'd make love, saving the finish most of the time. I didn't think that was going to happen.

Brooke stripped down to her panties. "Don't want to embarrass you," she told Allison.

Allison laughed. "Oh, really? I can see Nate naked, watch you suck his cock like a pro, and even taste his cum, but you're worried about panties?"

Brooked giggled and kicked them off. "Not if you're not." She climbed on the bed and patted the space beside her. "C'mon, don't be shy. There's not going to be any screwing going on." She gave her sister a wink. "You can even get comfortable if you want."

Allison chuckled, "Not as comfortable as you."

Brooke shrugged scooting around me, before grabbing my hard cock. "Whatever you're fine with, I am."

"How about me?" I reminded her.

"What? You're going to complain?"

"It's a little weird," I confessed.

"God, Nate! I thought you'd be climbing the rafters in excitement."

"I just don't want things to be awkward between any of us."

My wife sat up facing her sister. "You're cool? We can stop any time you want. No weirdness."

Allison nodded. "I'm good. I can draw the line." She was down to her bra and panties, when she climbed toward me. She leaned over and pressed her lips to mine softly. "I'm fine, are you?"

I grinned. "You're a hell of a lot better than fine, Allison."

I loved her smile, a mirror of her sisters. "I'll take that as a yes. Thank you." She kissed me again, intimate, but not passionate, a hint of tongue, without raping my mouth.

I heard Brooke laugh. "He liked that. It's time. I'm going in."

It was a hell of a view. My gorgeous wife making love to my cock, while her sister watched from mere inches away, her chin resting on my thigh.

"For someone who swore they'd never give another blowjob, you seem to be pretty good at it," Allison said softly.

Brooke stroked me. "Practice. What do you think Nate? A dozen a week?"

"Maybe a little more. A lot more that first week."

"No way!"

Brooke nodded, her warm mouth engulfing me. I felt I had to set the record straight. "Half the time we make love, and then she finishes me with her mouth."

"After you're in her?"

I nodded.

"Wow," she whispered.

I didn't last the 10 minutes. Not with the sexy sister and a new set of tits practically staring me in the face. Damn that bra. On top of that, Brooke wasn't playing around. She was working it hard.

"That's it," I moaned.

Brooke started working the finish, driving me crazy. I was inching ever closer. She pulled her mouth off, pointing my cock up my body, and stroking me rapidly. "Give me a big one, Nate. Blow for me. Show her.

I held back a little longer, struggling against the inevitable, until I gasped, and shot my load, the first couple of ropes doing a respectable job, landing halfway up my chest.

"Jesus," Allison whispered, as I continued, my cum pooling around my belly, filling my belly button.

"A lot, right? That dose thing seems to make him come tons. Didn't start that way, but after about a week, Boom!"

I wasn't even aware of that, always finishing inside Brooke's mouth or her sweet pussy. I wondered if it was Ginkgo, Yohimbe or the Turnera diffusa. Perhaps it was the continued application. I'd have to look into that.

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