tagIncest/TabooNaughty Boy's Momma

Naughty Boy's Momma

bylady moneypenny©

It was a cool spring morning; I had been hard at work for 3 hours, delivering catalogues for the mail order company. It was boring work at the best of times. My cock was straining inside my pants as I thought of the night I had spent with my girlfriend just 2 nights ago. As I walked up the path of number 34 I could hear shouting. I walked carefully along the pathway that ran down the side of the house.

Peeping through the window I see a young lad, obviously being told off by his Mom, a beautiful woman, tall, dark red hair, full breasted and Amazonian in appearance.

‘Naughty boy, I know you look about 14 but you are 18 you know, you should know better. Momma's gonna have to give you a spanking if you're not careful, wooden spoon I should think.’

‘Oh.no, just your hand, Mom please!’

‘You arguing with momma?’

The boy nods his head and backs into the corner...smiling nervously.

I dip back out of sight, watching to scene unfold before me.

‘I'll wipe that smile off your face young man... wait there.’

The boy shuffled his feet waiting impatiently...wanting his punishment to get over and done with...


The boy hangs his head...pouting

‘I'm sorry Mum...’

‘QUIET!! Silence now lad. You think you can cheek your momma do you?’

‘N...no.... ‘

‘So why you smiling at me when I’m telling you off boy? Well hurry up and answer...’

‘I don't know Mom.... cuz you’re...ummm...pretty when you’re mad....’

‘You cheeky little wretch... what's that bulge I can see in your pants? Come on I'm waiting.... show me!’

‘I'm...not sure I should Mum.... I’m nervous.’

‘Show me boy!’

‘Right...here? In the kitchen?’

The boy was holding his hands over his bulging crotch...looking at his mother from across the room. You could read plainly on his face what he was thinking. He had never noticed how sexy his mom could be...her full breasts heaving as she yelled at him...so hot... He startled as she yelled at him once more.

‘Show me boy!’

Reluctantly, he reached down...pausing, to think of what to do...looking at his Mom. He just nodded and dropped his zipper and undid his pants. His cock poked up thru the top of his briefs.

‘Take your pants off boy. Show me that cock of yours.’

Stepping closer, he slides his pants down...and them his briefs, his cock springing up out of the confines of his shorts as he stands before his mom. Nervous, yet turned on more... looking at her, watching, as her nipples form nice hard bumps thru her shirt.

‘What's THAT thing called boy?’ ‘What's it for?’

Blushing...nervous...He tries to cover it, but to no avail. It springs out hard and straining from behind his cupped hands.

‘Umm...you said it was a Cock, Mum.’

‘What do you do with it when it’s like that boy?’

The boy wondering if he should tell her the truth...that he plays with it until he feels better...trying and trying to think of a lie, but nothing...

‘Well...I touch it....’

‘Show me how you touch it boy. What happens when you touch it?’

Sitting down on the chair, almost in a daze, he takes his cock in his hand...

‘Well, I usually look at a magazine...but I don't have one now...’

He looks his mom straight in the eye....

‘What kind of magazine boy?’

I could see the boy’s Mom rubbing her puss through the pocket in her skirt, watching his Mom the boy continued his answers.

‘The boy starts to stroke his shaft...’ He licks his hand to get it wet; he slowly begins to masturbate in front of his Mom. All the time watching her rub herself thru her skirt...

‘One of those naked ones...’

‘You bad boy, where did you get those kinda magazines from?’

‘I found them...in Tommy's brother's room. He said I could have them...’

Mom was beginning to get impatient with her boy now.

‘What sort of pictures do you look at?’

‘People...making babies... and kissing each other all over...’

The boy is beginning to look uncomfortable and hot now.

‘Do you like the pictures where the girls are playing with themselves... you know... down there?’ I She nods down at her pussy

‘Yes, I like to see them too.’

He’s pumping his hand faster up and down his shaft... small droplets of precum forming on the tip of his cock. The boy watches open mouthed as his Mom takes off her old-fashioned blouse and skirt. - Her brassiere follows, her tits, hanging full and pointed from her chest as she bends to take off her fulsome knickers. The boy is pumping faster...he speaks breathlessly now.


’Stand up boy!’

He stands up and walks towards her. She moves towards the chair he had just vacated. She sits down and spreads her legs. The boy, and I, watch open mouthed as she begins to finger her wet clit. She beckons to him

Doing as he is told...not only because it was his beautiful Mom telling me to...but also his curiousness getting the better of him also also. He steps closer...walking towards her, never letting go of his cock, He stands before her, so close that he could hear how wet her pussy is.

From my spot outside in the bushes, I could hear her fingers pumping in and out of her sopping wet puss.

The boy continues pumping his little boy cock in his hand.

‘Kneel down and leave your cock alone boy. Come and lick momma's pussy.’

Dropping to his knees between her legs, her beautiful pussy spread open before him. Finally, a fantasy coming true...

I groan silently as my cock jerks inside my pants. I release him from his cloth prison and take him in my hand.

The boy looks up at her for guidance. He kneels before her, shaking. She takes her fingers from her pussy and spreads the smooth hairless lips apart. I hear her tell him to look closely and tell her what he sees.

‘Its so soft...and pink.... and smells good, Mum...’

She points to her clit.

‘You see this little button here?’

He nods enthusiastically.

‘It’s momma's special button for feeling good. I want you to put your fingers up inside momma's pussy and lick and suck on this little button till momma says to stop.’

The boy reaches up, pausing before he let his fingers slide inside, burying two inside her. He looks amazed at how wet and silky it is. He grins, excited, he leans over, his tongue finding her clit, gently licking and sucking on it.

My hand tightens around my shaft.

She widens her legs; the boy starts as he feels her hands on the back of his head, forcing his head deeper into her cunt... He continues to lap at his Moms clit.

‘Move your fingers in and out of me boy.’ She whispers.

Quicker, pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy; fascinated feeling her juices coating his fingers. He licks and sucks faster and harder on her little bud...moaning softly to himself as he continues to finger-fuck her.

I lick my lips as I imagine the taste of the Mom’s juices, wishing it were I licking her twat.

She begins to lift her bottom up to meet his face now. She’s moaning gently, pressing down on his head more insistently. The boy is sliding one hand up and down her leg...the other, pumping faster and faster, meeting her hips as they rise and fall...penetrating her with finger and tongue...looking up at her, watching her...

She’s starting to shudder; I can see her rolling her nipples in her fingers.

‘Does that feel good, Mum?’

‘Yes boy it feels good, you be a good little boy and suck harder for momma and she's give you a treat.’

The boy begins licking and sucking harder, pumping eager fingers into her pussy, feeling her fluids running out onto young fingers.

‘Okay Mum...mmmm.’

She lifts her bottom off the chair, moaning her fingers pulling on her nipples....

It’s cold standing in the bushes outside the kitchen but I jerk harder on my thick hard cock. I can see some kind of water spurting out of her pussy but I know it's not piss. I watch breathlessly as I see her relax, she’s smiling, and I watch as she uses her hand to lift his head away from her pussy.

The boy is looking lovingly up at her at ease with this...he licks his lips, tasting her, his hands grasping tightly around her hips as he looks up at her. She watches as he puts his hands to his rock hard cock. He starts to rub his hand up and down again. The juices from her pussy lubricating the movements as he leans back...using her fluids as lubricant. He starts stroking himself before her on the kitchen floor...watching her...moaning...

‘Oh Mum....’

His eyes open wide as he sees her pick up the wooden spoon


He scrambles to his feet as she pushes you over towards the table. She looks magnificent when she’s angry. The boy is confused and complies with her directions to bend over the table.

I watch breathlessly, wanking harder and harder, almost ready to spill my seed over the path.

She takes aim with the spoon and starts to spank him hard across the bottom and thighs. He can see the juices dribbling down her legs and her breasts jiggling with each stroke of the spoon.

I bite my tongue, teetering on the edge of an orgasm. Ready to shoot my load, stroking my dick in my hand as I watch the scene unfolding in front of me.

The boy sobs, tears rolling down his face...frustrated and confused...He takes the punishment... not knowing what he did wrong.

She keeps spanking and spanking, I can see your cock getting harder and harder.... I’m about to cum!

‘25, 26 27’

I shudder and groan, my spunk shooting out of my cock, over my shoes, the path, the bushes. I relax my grip on my dick, watching the scene through the window.

...as she gets past 30 I see him bite his tongue and shudder, his sticky white cum spreads across the table. He collapses sobbing into the sticky mess. Dropping to his knees on the floor...crying and confused...looking up at her fearfully...his bottom read and sore. He pushes himself on the floor, sliding himself underneath the table, peeking out from underneath the table at his Mom.

I watch as he sits there watching his Mom as she takes a wine bottle and starts to slide it in and out of her cunt.... working her clit with her fingers, he watches silently as she shudders and comes once again, As she puts down the wine bottle I can see her cum inside of it.

She gets up from the chair, picks up her clothes and walks from the room without a backward glance, as he were not even there. As he hears the door slam behind her, he scuttles over to the bottle and tips it so that my cum slides down his throat.

He gathers together all his clothes and quietly makes his way to his bed, to sleep soundly and dream of his perfect momma.

I quietly leave the catalogue on the doorstep as I creep quietly away. I wonder what they will make of the spunk stains on the pathway...

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