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Naughty Brother


The girl must have been in her mid to late teens with what appeared to be a mild case of acne on her otherwise lovely face. Of course, by the time Brad got close enough to look at her face he’d already been dazzled by her delicious looking breasts, shown off to such advantage by the skimpy camisole top that clung to every luscious curve. Her brassiere straps were visible but clearly she wasn’t wearing one of those recently revived “Wonder Bras”. The full breasts moving beneath the thin cotton were obviously all hers.

Brad tried not to be too obvious as his eyes moved down her body to her bare belly and the baggy jeans that hung on her hips. Despite her youth, there was no doubting this girl had a woman’s body. He could feel himself getting hard as his eyes returned to those wonderful breasts. From the sensuous way the girl was walking he was certain she’d noticed his interest and was playing to it. He finally lifted his gaze to her face, only half surprised to find she was openly staring back at him. He felt his face flush, then smiled. The girl averted her eyes and continued past him. He turned to check out her bottom, which even in the baggy pants looked inviting as her hips swung from side to side. She’d gone not more than twenty feet when she glanced back at him over her shoulder, a sexy smile on her full lips. Brad closed the door to his car and turned to follow the girl, his mind suddenly disconnecting from the possibility she might be jail bait as his pecker continued to fill out the front of his jeans.

The girl turned at the corner but stopped about fifty feet from the intersection beneath a tall elm tree. Her eyes met his as he came to a stop about five feet from where she stood with her right hand resting on a cocked hip. Brad had little doubt this fine young thing received more than her share of attention from men and boys for many years. No girl with a body like this gets ignored for long! He could tell from the expression on her face that she was waiting for the come-on. He forced himself to keep his eyes off her body, meeting her steady gaze as they made up their minds what was going to happen next. The girl was the first to speak.

“You looking for somethin mister?” Brad suddenly felt older than his 27 years. No doubt to this youngster he looked like a mister, despite his good looks. He cleared his throat before responding.

“That question has so many answers, I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“Maybe I could make it simpler by asking why you’re following me?”

“Pretty stupid, huh?” The girl’s brow furrowed. She hadn’t expected an answer like that. It was at this point when he finally noticed the light marking on her cheeks that suggested acne.

“So, you are following me?” Now both her hands were on her hips. The girl obviously wasn’t intimidated by a man checking her out, even a man almost ten years her senior.

“I guess the answer is yes, though at the moment I’m feeling awfully embarrassed to admit it.” A slight smile lifted the girl’s raspberry colored lips, though the stern look in her eyes remained. Yet the moment he returned the smile her face softened.

“Please, I’m sorry for taking off after you like that. I can tell you’re a nice girl. I just saw you walking along and you looked so much older, I mean so very lovely.” He shook his head and tried again.

“I’m only making matters worse I guess.” The girl’s hands were now at her side and the smile on her lips had widened. She seemed to recognize his discomfort and was somehow flattered by it. Brad paused and sheepishly returned her smile, aware that his fully engorged penis still filled the front of his jeans. Fortunately, the girl’s eyes hadn’t caught sight of his arousal as they spoke.

“You’re funny.” At precisely that moment the girl’s eyes lowered for an instant, widening slightly before they quickly darted away from the evidence of his excitement.

“What’s funny?” Her eyes finally met his again and he could see the flush in her face.

“I saw you watching me. You know a girl can tell when a guy’s interested in her.” She stopped, her tongue darting out to moisten her lips before she continued.

“I could tell you were going to make a pass at me.” Brad allowed his eyes to glance down for the first time during their conversation, taking in the lusciousness of the girl’s breasts, so dramatically on display in her skimpy camisole.

“I’d love to make a pass at you, but I think I’m a little too old to be taking risks like that.” His eyes met her’s again and they held one another’s gaze.

“Jailbait, huh?” He was surprised to hear her use the term that had been bouncing around the back of his mind.

“Yeah’” he said with a sigh. “How old are you?” She stood a little more erect, her arms pulling back slightly, a move that brought those glorious mounds into even greater prominence.

“I turned eighteen last week.” He felt himself relax, his worries suddenly gone. “My boy friend last year was 22 and he didn’t get into any trouble even when I was seventeen.” Brad found himself wondering whether this sweet, luscious creature was actually tempting him. The thought caused his cock to surge in his jeans.

“So what happened to him anyway?” Brad realized that he’d come closer to the girl and they were only about eighteen inches from one another now, talking in little more than a whisper. This was the type of subject that was best spoken of quietly.

“He got a job out of state.”

“And what did your folks think about you going out with an older guy?” He knew he was beginning to sound like a counselor, but then he also knew he wasn’t going to make any stupid mistakes with this teenager who was still in high school, regardless of how entrancing her body was.

“Don’t be silly. I never told them about Mario.” The plot suddenly thickened. This girl had obviously been willing to hide a relationship, probably with a guy who was enjoying her sweet young body.

“You guys must have been pretty good friends.” The girl smiled, understanding instantly what he was really talking about.

“The best.” Her eyes were playing funny little games as she suggested how naughty she could really be. Brad’s eyes lowered to gaze at the girl’s bosom again, noting this time that her nipples were visible through the thin layers of fabric. Clearly this conversation was turning the girl on.

“So. You interested in taking a ride in my convertible?”

“You’re not driving a convertible.” He smiled broadly.

“Well, I’ve got a sunroof and we can open all the windows.” She giggled.


He knew he’d better get out of her neighborhood and so headed for the highway leading to the rolling hills south of town. The windows were down, sunroof open, the girl’s hair flying in the wind as the car sped along the open road. She leaned against the far door, gazing toward him, her feet just touching the side of his thigh. He glanced over from time to time to remind himself what he was doing with this stranger. Her expression suggested she was already halfway to some hidden parking spot, eyes heavy, full lips pouting. Then she began working her bare foot against his thigh, the toes sliding up toward the top of the well-muscled limb. He gazed down at her toes only inches from his aroused manhood, then glanced again in her direction. She gave him what was clearly her most sultry look as her toes moved even closer to their apparent destination. His heart was speeding up as this temptress played with him as his car hurtled down the highway. He saw his turnoff and quickly slowed, turning the wheel toward the girl, causing her body to slide toward him. Her toes nudged against his erection. As the car straightened out her foot withdrew, yet the contact had been made, the compact signed in their unspoken agreement. He pulled into the narrow lane and made his way over the bumpy tracks until they came to the edge of a small lake he’d known since boyhood.

Brad shut off the ignition and slowly turned toward the girl, whose name he’d learned was Shelley. She’d drawn her knees up against her body, her bare feet on the leather upholstery. He wondered what she was thinking about. Was this just a big tease for her, something to tell her friends about at school tomorrow? Just then her legs slid along the leather, parting slightly as she extended them toward him. He leaned forward on the seat, turning so that her legs slid on either side of his torso, one edging against the back of his seat, the other coming to rest on his thigh. Lying like that she looked incredibly seductive! Then her toes were searching out his erection again. He stared down at the tiny digits, each nail carefully painted, as they pressed into the bulge in his jeans. No doubt this girl had learned some essential lessons along the way. Brad sighed, his fingers sliding over bare skin as he caressed the girl’s foot.

“That tickles!” She jerked her foot back, spreading her legs even farther apart. Brad couldn’t resist sliding his hand along the inside of Shelley’s thigh until his thumb was pressing into her crotch. He moved the thumb from side to side, aware his expert caress was teasing the girl’s most sensitive flesh beneath the multiple layers of clothing.

“And does this tickle too?” The girl’s hips shuddered on the seat, offering him her answer.

“You don’t waste any time do you?” She groaned, one hand reaching down to grasp his thumb and stop its practiced movements. Brad slid free, his fingers moving along the girl’s waist as they approached those incredible breasts. The girl was helping him, her fingers spreading over the back of his hand as she guided him. Then he was touching her, hand cupping the full underside of one heavy mound. His fingertips reached up to take hold of the engorged nipple, teasing it between thumb and forefinger as his hand moved to hold the entire orb. Their eyes held one another as his fingers measured the firmness of the oversized breast. The girl’s expression told him of her arousal. He wondered how far she’d let him go on this first encounter. Would she save herself for later or give him all of herself this very day? Would she be frightened if he opened the front of his jeans and pulled out his substantial erection? Had she ever kissed a man’s cock before? Perhaps she loved giving head, was waiting to drink his cum. The thought tantalized him as much as did the wonderful breast filling the palm of his hand.

He leaned over, his torso settling between the girl’s spread thighs. Their eyes held one another as lips drew closer until at last they were kissing. The girl was hot, her tongue instantly reaching toward him, slithering between his parting lips. But the position was too uncomfortable and their lips parted with a sigh. Brad leaned back, his arm around the girl’s torso pulling her with him. He slid from beneath the steering wheel, drawing the girl onto his lap, her thighs on either side of his hips. His rigid cock was now wedged against the girl’s loins and her breasts thrust toward his chest. Their second kiss was even hotter, tongues dancing as lips moved hungrily together. This teenage temptress clearly was holding nothing back, her hips shifting as she sought the hard instrument wedged between his legs.

His hands were beneath the camisole now, touching taut skin as fingertips searched for and then released the clasp to her brassiere. Their lips broke, the girl leaning back as his hands slid around her torso until fingers were cradling her heavy breasts, the naked orbs incredibly firm beneath the silken skin of her young body. He pushed the camisole up and pressed his lips to a distended nipple, tongue lushly caressing the firm nub. He could feel the girl’s fingers in his scalp pulling his mouth closer. He opened his eyes to peer up at the girl’s face and saw instantly how turned on she was. He released her nipple and accepted her lips once again.

Clearly this surprise meeting was beyond Brad’s wildest dreams. He was typically successful attracting women in his life, but making out with a hot teenager like this had not been part of his experience for a long while. Certainly he couldn’t recall the last time he’d made out with someone this young who was this hot and this gorgeous. There simply was no way he could walk away from this breathtaking opportunity.

Shelley was moving, her body sliding to the side. Their lips parted and he gazed up at her, trying to discern her intentions. Was she about to call a halt to their play? She’d turned on the seat and he received a clear answer to his question. The girl’s hand extended, fingers spreading as they made contact with his aroused organ through the faded denim of his jeans. He stared down, entranced as her fingers found the hidden zipper and began pulling it down. Then she was searching inside his cotton shorts, fingertips finally making contact with bare flesh. He groaned, hips lifting off the seat. Her fingers reappeared carrying his rigid member clutched in her fist. His organ rose from the gap in his shorts, extending to its full dimensions as the girl’s slender fingers expertly stroked him.

Before a word could be spoken Shelley leaned over and pressed her lips to the bulging crown of his cock, tongue extending to caress the sensitive rim as those pouting lips engulfed him. The girl was amazing! Wherever she’d learned how to suck cock she’d been an A student, her head bobbing up and down as lips and tongue danced together to create the most delicious sensations. Brad knew if he wasn’t careful he’d loose control. Shelley was hot! He reached out to stop her bobbing head. Her eyes lifted to meet his gaze and he could read her excitement. She lifted her lips and smiled as her tongue slowly licked the tip of his cock before retreating. Her fingers still clutched the base of Brad’s saliva smeared organ which continued to throb with excitement.

He leaned back against the leather seat, right hand slowly stroking his cock as he watched this young temptress remove her jeans and panties. For a moment he thought about putting on a rubber but then thought the better of it. He wanted to feel this girl’s tight pussy wrapped around his naked organ. Then she was moving, turning to face him as her leg extended across his thighs to position her body above his rigid member. Her knees bent as he guided the bulging crown of his cock between her thighs. Shelley paused, obviously relishing the sensations created by the rigid organ spreading soft folds of flesh and stimulating the girl’s aroused clitoris. Her fingers clutched his arms as she slowly flexed her knees and invited his throbbing cock into the tight opening of her young pussy. He watched the bulging crown wedge between the parting folds then released the shaft as the organ locked into the grip of her willing body. His fingers took hold of the girl’s slender waist and he lifted his eyes to watch her expression as his long, thick cock slid inch by inch into her exquisitely tight center. Her eyes were heavy with excitement, her tongue riding along her full lips, her cheeks flushed. His fingers slid up to spread over those magnificent breasts that had first caught his attention. Her eyes opened and met his gaze. They looked deeply into one another’s eyes as his cock slid deeper and deeper. Her groans told him of her desire for this meeting. Her hips turned toward him, then pulled back as she stirred his cock within her moist, hot depths. Then her head tilted down and their lips found one another, his tongue quickly simulating the fucking action of his cock as it slid in and out of her open mouth. Her hips lifted, then plunged back down, this time taking his cock to the depths of her pussy. She ground against him as though wanting to break his cock off to keep forever in her hungry body. His hands slid down and around, his fingers cupping her tight, round cheeks. He pulled her forward, then lifted his hips to drive his organ home again. Shelley moaned into his mouth.

The preliminaries were delicious, but it was not long before they were devouring the main course. Her hips rose and fell with a fury as his bottom lifted off the leather seat to meet her. Musky smells filled the inside of his car and slippery sounds announced the movement of excited bodies. This was fucking the way it was meant to be, two hot lovers giving everything they had to the other! Shelley’s scream split the sultry summer stillness and a moment later his own ejaculation exploded from deep within his loins. He rode the waves of release, his cock surging as juices splattered within the hot grip of the girl’s convulsing pussy. Then she collapsed against him, her chest still heaving as the last sobs escaped her throat. His heart pounded in his chest and he knew he’d died and gone to heaven. This was one fucking hot number and she had just turned eighteen years old! Last week she’d have been jailbait, but today she was his lover.

Shelley was surprisingly nonchalant about their exciting sexual tryst, casually putting on her panties and jeans before reaching back to fasten the clasp of her brassiere. Brad lay against the seat, his glistening cock still exposed in the front of his jeans, though now much reduced in size. It was Shelley who extracted a tissue from her pocket and began carefully wiping his organ dry. He gazed down at her slender fingers now pushing his cock back into his shorts before she pulled the zipper in place.


“My pleasure.” She smiled and then turned her attention to the view of the lake between the ancient willow trees that stood on either side of his car.

Nothing more was said about their fucking and as the light began to dim she suggested they head back to town so her parents wouldn’t get worried about where she was. They didn’t talk during the drive, both listening to the music playing on the radio. He headed back to where his car had been parked when he first saw the girl. She told him to drop her off at the corner near the elm tree.

“I’ll probably be around here tomorrow if you’re interested.” Shelley said it so casually that he wasn’t certain whether she hoped he’d be there or not.

“Well, you might see me.” He tried to sound casual as well, though he knew he wanted more of what this teenager had to offer.

“Goodnight.” She turned from the car and sauntered down the street. He watched for a while, noting that her hips swung a little less than they had when she first offered herself for his inspection. But he’d tasted the fruit and knew how sweet it was, he didn’t need further enticement. He turned the wheel and sped off into the night.


Brad stopped by his parent’s home that evening to pick up some clothes he’d left in his room. He’d only recently moved to his own apartment following a brief stay with his parents after splitting up with his girl friend of the last five years. He was surprised to see his sister’s station wagon in the driveway.

Lisa was the oldest of three children and Brad the youngest. His older sister was twelve years his senior. Lisa married when Brad was in his early teens and now was the less than proud mother of three, the oldest of whom was Victoria, who’d turn eighteen that spring. As Brad walked through the front door he saw and heard quickly that all three kids were with Lisa. Victoria was seated at the upright piano, her back toward the keyboard as she watched the three adults deep in conversation. Brad couldn’t help but be aware that his neice was about the same age as the girl he’d just fucked. And in her shorts and tee shirt she looked every bit as desirable! He’d somehow overlooked his neice’s rapid development and was almost shocked at the fullness of the girl’s bosom and the length of her deeply tanned legs. He quickly averted his eyes and stepped into the room. He could tell something was wrong from the tone of his sister’s voice.

“I don’t know where he is.” His mother turned to catch his eye, no doubt cautioning him against saying anything to interrupt this intense conversation. His sister finally glanced in his direction but their father’s words drew her back.

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