tagLoving WivesNaughty Games - Round 01

Naughty Games - Round 01


When you and your wife are often separated by work and have two energetic young children, what can you do to maintain and increase the sexual spark in your marriage? This series of stories will describe how my wife and I reignited our sex life and brought it to a whole new level. Before I delve into that, let me tell you a little about myself and the situation. My line of work takes me away from home occasionally, but it is often for fairly long periods of time. We were just beginning to get over that stage of being completely exhausted from young children keeping us awake at night and began having sex again just prior to me leaving on an 8 week trip across the country for training. We had just had enough sex to get our sexual engines warmed up again, but not enough to satisfy. I spent several evenings looking at porn and getting myself off. Even though my wife and I are open to sex outside our marriage, the thought of sleeping with another woman just did not cross my mind and my wife had two kids to handle. We missed each other very much and several weeks in, I got an idea for a game to play.

After reading several erotic stories about naughty wives, I decided to ask my wife if she would play a game with me. I told texted her with the rules and explained that each of us would alternate writing an email to the other giving the instructions of what the other was to do. We would each have a week to perform the instructions. The proof would have to be disseminated to the sender as a finished product or via skype. I gave her the example that I could ask her to write me an erotic story with her as the main character and she would need to send me the story via email by the deadline. If she sent me the story and it fulfilled the given instructions, she would gain one point. If she failed to get it done in time or chose not to do it, I would gain a point. Then she would send me an email. We decided that when one of us took the lead, either of us could end the game. The winner would be able to cash in the prize of an extensive massage at a local spa, but it must be done before sending the next set of instructions. She decided it might be fun to try so she agreed. I had her flip a coin to see who got to send the first set of instructions and she told me that I won the toss.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to have her do. I was trying to decide how far I wanted to go with it and weighing it with how likely she would reject the game outright. We had both fantasized about having sex with others and have had a threesome with another woman while we were dating. I had even taken to using various dildos on her and she even indulged my desire to be denied orgasms (using a chastity device) while I fucked her with big dildos, pretending they were real cocks. We had never really brought these fantasies even close to reality after we got married. I knew she might be open to it, but she also would be nervous about her looks and all the other factors that go into involving someone else. Eventually, I compromised and wrote instructions I thought would be challenging, but hopefully would not cause her to just call the whole thing off.

"--Round 1-- You pick a day and send the kids to the nanny's house, instead of keeping them at home. You will then dress up and go out at a time when I am not working. First, text me when you leave, so I can go on skype. Then, I want you to find a guy you find to be hot (or you already have one in mind). Flirt with him and spend some time enjoying yourself. Once you are ready to go home, I want you to ask the guy if he would like to come to your place for a drink and a...blow job. After you get relaxed, you will excuse yourself to the spare bedroom for a second and call me on skype. Once it is on, you will turn off the monitor, so I can watch without him knowing. Then bring him in and sit on the bed in view of the camera. Let him take off your shirt and then start sucking his cock as he stands in front of you. When he gets close, have him cum on your chest and that will win you the point."

After sending the email to her, I waited for a response, hoping she would not be too mad. Discussion of the email did not occur over the following three days. On the fourth day, I received a text that just stated, "I am dressed up and am leaving now."

I hurried to turn on skype and the wait began. It was 2 pm on a Saturday (4 pm her time). I was thinking that she must have given the nanny another day off in trade for this. Time crawled to a slow and I was hard the entire time, while my mind raced through the possible scenarios. Around 7:30 pm my time, I received a call from her on skype with an attached message that read, "I love you."

When the video came up, there was nothing in the view screen, but I could hear her giggle. After a minute, she came into view and she looked HOT! She was wearing a low-cut top and a sexy knee-length skirt with stockings. The guy who came into view had his shirt unbuttoned already. She quickly embraced him and started kissing his bare chest and sucking on his nipples. I knew she loved doing this, but I could not tolerate the pain it caused me. Slowly, he took her top off and then her bra, while they kissed. She wriggled around making it take longer for him to remove her bra. Then before she sat down, he embraced her and deftly unzipped her skirt and pushed it down to the floor. I gasped when I saw she was wearing a garter belt she had not worn in more than ten years with a thong. She had indeed gone all out for this challenge. She sat down on the bed and pulled out his cock. She slowly licked it and sucked it in her mouth, letting it grow harder in her mouth. When he was fully hard, I could tell he was considerably longer and thicker than my average cock. She must have known what I would be thinking because she removed it from her mouth and said, "This big boy is much bigger than my husband's. I like that a lot."

She then went back to emphatically sucking his cock. After about 20 minutes, I could not believe how long he had held out without cumming, because my wife gives excellent head. I had not jerked off for fear of cumming and making too much noise. Finally he began to tense and she pulled off and let him cum all over her bare tits. She smiled and looked towards the computer and mouthed, "I love you," as he collapsed on the office chair. He had his eyes closed, so she got up and quickly adjusted the camera to point down to his cock. As he opened his eyes he told her, "That was the best blow job I have ever had!"

"Thank you," she exclaimed as she squatted in front of him and started licking the cum off the head of his cock. Surprisingly, his cock began to spring back to life. She started sliding up his body, letting his cock slide between her cum-covered tits then back down until his cock slid back into her mouth. I always loved when she did that to me. After a few minutes, she seemed to lose her balance while sliding up and she had reached out to the desk to catch herself. The call was immediately disconnected. She had hit the disconnect key. Right as I considered initiating a call to her, I received a prewritten text from her.

"Honey, do not call back. You got the show you requested and now I will say, 'Good night and I love you the most.' If you wanted to see more, you should have said so."

I was shocked and hornier than anything. I immediately jacked off, which only took a few seconds. After a couple hours of thinking on the event of the night, I figured there was not much I could do about it now, but would have to ask her what else happened later. She had the lead, so it was her turn now.

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