tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNaughty Girls, Naughty Boy

Naughty Girls, Naughty Boy

byMany Feathers©

It was just a few weeks before graduation, my daughter Tracy who had been a member of the cheerleading squad had come and asked my wife and me if she could have an overnight party with the girls on her squad as a sort of graduation, going away thingy since most of them probably wouldn't be seeing one another again after that. Already eighteen by then, and wanting to give her a little more freedom and trust since she too would be going away to school in a few months, my wife and I agreed to let her and her friends over to party and enjoy the pool, provided it didn't turn into some wild-assed party with a bunch of their boyfriends showing up and crashing it later. Once we'd been given assurances that it was just going to be Tracy and her cheer-leading friends, all of whom were also eighteen by then, we agreed and even set up a bit of a tented sleeping area out by the pool, though all it really consisted of was a screened tent against any insects and a nice shady area away from the sun during the day.

Things started bright and early of course, and I had some few concerns and regrets about it early on with all the typical giggling and horsing around going on, but when asked by my wife to sort of keep an eye on things periodically and keep my daughter and friends in line from getting too out of hand, I suddenly didn't mind much upon seeing some of the bikini's the girls were wearing out by the pool. And not that my wife didn't notice that either, but she thought (and rightly so) with all that young eye candy, that I'd be a bit more tolerant (which I was) and a little more willing to check on all of them from time to time when things got too noisy or fear that our neighbors might actually complain, especially when it got much later on in the evening nearer bed time.

It was late in the afternoon, and I was sitting with my wife watching TV when the noise level outside suddenly seemed to increase dramatically.

"Think it's time for you to make another appearance," Susan told me.

I stood up, acting to some degree like it was a real inconvenience for me to have to do so, but the truth was, I'd been sitting there for quite some time trying to think up an excuse to go and do exactly that anyway.

Since Tracy had been a member of the cheer-leading unit at her school, we had actually gotten to know all the girls fairly well as they'd been over to the house quite often, though usually in much smaller groups to enjoy the pool or just hang around the house with Tracy. This was really the first time that I remember having them here all at the same time before though, and remembered that there was one or two girls on the team who I'd always considered a little wilder and far more mischievous than the rest.

I headed through the kitchen towards the sliding glass doors that led out to the pool area when sure enough, I stopped in my tracks. Danielle, or rather "Danny" as Tracy called her, stood on the end of the diving board, just slightly making it bounce, but what was also bouncing were her boobs, as she stood there topless, which is when I also noticed that several of the other girls also seemed to be, and had been playing a game of keep away with their bikini tops, which is what had obviously caused all the sudden additional noise. Tracy was desperately trying to get them to quiet down a little, motioning towards Danny who still stood on the edge of the board and worriedly pointing towards the house. And though I was positive there was no way they could see me, not with the glare of the sun hitting the glass as it always did, I stepped back some, still having a clear view of the pool area, but knowing that I couldn't be seen. Tracy did in fact manage to quiet things down considerably, which was a good thing or I'd have been forced to go outside, and most likely bring a complete halt to their mildly erotic play. Danny sprang off the board at that moment, and I watched as she gracefully dove into the water, her pert young breasts leading the way.

I caught several more glimpses of the few girls who were in fact topless, either getting out of the pool briefly to chase one another from one side to the other, or getting up to go and lay down on their towels. Seeing so much young tit-flesh all at once was beginning to arouse me considerably as I stood there in the safety of the kitchen, watching them.

And it wasn't like Susan didn't have a nice set of tits herself, because she did. But it was that voyeuristic little streak that's in most of us perhaps that kept me lingering there, not even getting a good close-up look at the girls breasts, but this semi-distant peek when all your really seeing is some rounded boobs, a few smaller pointy ones, and a color of nipple here and there. Not like pouring through a magazine, or even seeing it on TV, but yet I was far more aroused standing here than looking at any of that.

I glanced at my watch and knew that I couldn't stand there and dilly-dally much longer. Susan might begin to wonder what was taking so long if I did and come up to investigate for herself. When I saw Tracy and one of the other girls start to head towards the house however for more refreshments, I knew it was time to depart anyway, and quickly did so.

We'd allowed the girls to celebrate with a few mild alcoholic fruit beverages, especially since they'd all be spending the night and not driving anywhere, but as I headed back down stairs towards my wife, I couldn't help but wonder if the girls were somehow supplementing their alcohol, especially as they were all acting a bit wilder than normal, though it could have simply been they're all being there together at once. But I told myself to keep a much closer eye on them, as well as any real signs of intoxication after that.

Susan looked up and smiled at me as I came into the room. Luckily for me, the noise had abated about the time I had reached the kitchen without my having to actually go out there.

"Obviously, whatever you told them worked," Susan spoke.

"It was more of a look," I said hiding the truth in my statement.

"Ah yes, that works too," Susan grinned. "Nothing getting out of hand as yet I hope?" she asked.

"Not too much," I told her now truthfully, "aside from one or two of the girls loosing their tops while playing keep away," I then confessed feeling it better to say something to her of interest all the while keeping any of her suspicions about me from being formed.

"Well that explains it," she smiled even more, giggling to herself. "I'm sure seeing you walk outside quieted things down in a hurry then, not to mention everything else."

"You might could say that," I responded back, sitting down.


"Ah no...she wasn't one of them," I said with a reassuring, relieved look to my face.

"No, wouldn't imagine she would have been, probably one of the others, either Carla, or that girl, Danielle, or Michelle even."

"I think all three of them," I said once again honestly, though I had actually counted six pairs of naked tits while standing there.

"Not surprised," Susan added. "Just keep a good eye on things," she then said. "Not that you don't mind doing so." I caught Susan's teasing look, but then gave her a frowny face as though to reassure her that silly acting girls didn't interest me. Not sure she bought it though, though she also let the subject drop.


When we'd first discussed it about the girls coming over, Tracy had mentioned ordering in pizza for dinner. But with as many girls as there were, it would have cost a small fortune, so I countered with doing a simple easy barbeque of cheeseburgers and homemade fries which Susan offered to make. Tracy was happy and excited about doing that instead, which also gave me of course and additional reason and excuse for hanging around once in a while, which I'm sure Tracy realized and accepted.

By now the girls certainly weren't running around topless any more, but even then, some of the bikini's they were wearing left little to the imagination anyway, including one that my own daughter was wearing which I prudently refrained from looking at whenever she came near me. Michelle on the other hand was another matter entirely, and had in fact been one of the girls to periodically, and purposely strike up conversations with me. It wasn't unlike her to do so either, as when she'd been over before, she'd hung around my wife and I, though more me, even to the point of Tracy having to half drag her off instead of sitting there visiting.

Michelle had the biggest set of boobs than most of the other girls, though several were close, (including my daughter) though none were quite as big, nor as almost fully exposed as hers were. Because of the bright red bikini she wore she was constantly having to fidget with it. It seemed like all she had to do was turn or move in a certain way, and one (sometimes even both) of her boobs would shift and nearly bare her nipples, though I had actually caught a decent peek at one of them when she'd all but lifted her tit in order to re-secure it back inside the too small halter top she was wearing.

By the time the sun had set, with dinner out of the way, Susan and I retired back inside the house, leaving the girls to enjoy the rest of the evening together and have their "Pajama Party" as Tracy had called it, with the promise from us that we'd leave them alone, with the assurance from her, that we would as long as they kept the noise down. And that meant not being able to hear them at all from the TV room downstairs, which we figured was a reasonable request, and which Tracy and her friends agreed to. So, off we went, and the girls (which they all seemed to do back then for some reason) immediately changed into the sexiest damn nightgowns imaginable, (which was about the only time Susan said she'd take over in keeping an eye on them afterwards if it became necessary, effectively cutting off any more of my planned or unplanned voyeurism.

All the outside lights were off, including the pool lights, as the girls wanted it to be dark making it easier to sleep, but with it being still very early yet under the circumstances, I had my suspicions, but little did I know how right I really was until much later. They had perhaps a hand-full of small candles as their only light source, along with one or two flash-lights should they need to come into the house and use the bathroom, but beyond that, it really was pretty dark outside, especially as there was only a sliver of moon in the sky to begin with.

As Susan had a shift the next day at the Hospital where she worked as a nurse, she soon after retired to bed, and as she often did, wearing not only a sleep mask but a pair of earplugs as well. Once asleep, she was truly a sound sleeper, and it took an act of congress to even get her up and going when the alarm finally went off, and kept going off until I shut it off myself, or finally woke her up enough to hear it and do it herself.

With a promise to keep more of an "ear" on things, rather than my eyes, Susan went to bed, and I sat watching the TV, though it was just like any other night at that point with things being generally quiet as a mouse, almost too quiet, which is what I thought the longer I sat there listening, and not hearing a single thing.

Half an hour later I checked on Susan who was dead to the world, her gentle snoring telling me that she was once again, fast and sound asleep. It was barely passed ten at that point, and again, not hearing a sound, yet knowing there was no way the girls could be off sleeping themselves already, I decided to do a little investigative exploring and see for myself what if anything they might be up to. Little did I know.

I didn't go out through the sliding doors, that would have been a dead give-a-way, even in the darkness, going out instead through the side door of the garage, that led to a small alley way were we kept the trash cans for pick up. From there, I slipped quietly through the gate, then along the back of the yard where we'd planted, and used enormous Lilac bushes as a natural fence line. My neighbors to the rear of us had an even larger back yard than we did, so their house was a goodly distance away. We'd never put up a full fence separating the two lots, as there had always been a question of how much really was his, and how much was mine. The Lilac bushes had been the easiest solution giving us both the privacy we needed. Now, as I ran along the back side of those same bushes, nearing the most remote end of the yard from the house, which is where the girls were, I slowed nearly to a crawl, allowing me to catch and control my breath for one thing, as now if I were to be caught spying on them, there would be hell to pay, not only from my wife, but from my daughter too!

As I crept along hugging the ground, I could finally begin to hear their girlish giggles, suggesting that they were indeed up to something, even if it was nothing more than telling off-color jokes, or talking about sex with their boyfriends, which of course made me even more curious about Tracy, as that was a subject that had remained in confidence between she and her mother for all I knew or was aware of. And the fact that they were indeed being careful about the noise level, periodically cautioning one another to tone things down, made that suspicion a certainty as I finally made it to them, now half crouching just on the other side of the bushes. If it hadn't been for the few candles they were using to see by, it would have made it nearly impossible for me to know where they were at, seeing as I knelt there how they'd draped a couple of blankets on one side of the day-tent closing anything off from view from anywhere near the house, effectively back-lighting themselves in the process however from my vantage point.

Like I said, the fact they were sitting there in a semi-circle was interesting enough, never did understand why girls back then enjoyed putting on their sexiest nightgowns for one another, as though trying to show off their best attributes to one another or something, which I might have expected them to do if there were any boys around, though then again, I doubt that most of them would have even worn what they were wearing if there were, so it really was confusing to me in the first place. In the second, was the fact they were obviously playing a long standing game that's been around a while, called "spin the bottle", with a "truth or dare" theme attached to it from what I was witnessing.

I had in fact gotten there just in time to see two of the girls, one whom I knew well, "Danny" and another I'd only met once, and couldn't recall hearing her name. They'd just parted from having kissed one another, and it hadn't been a quick, silly simple kiss either. I'd managed to see most of it, and from what I'd seen, they'd sat there leaning over the imaginary circle separating them, passionately kissing one another until someone else announced it was "Times up" or something.

"Alright, my turn to spin," another of the girls spoke, though I was pretty sure her name was Cindy, or Samantha, not sure which, though I knew both of those girls were indeed here.

"Ok, truth? Or dare?" Danny asked her seriously.

There was a moment's pause as she actually considered it. "Ok, truth," she spoke.

"And you know you have to tell the truth, or we strip you naked until morning," she was warned.

"That was interesting," I thought.

"I know," came the meek reply.

"Ok, have you ever sucked a boys cock before?" Danny asked. There was only a moment's hesitation.


"Verifiable?" Came the response. Which was a new one on me.

"Yes, Michelle was in the front seat, she saw me doing it," she answered.


"Yep, I was there, and she did it alright, right up until the moment Scott came in her mouth and neglected to tell her!"

There was a smattering of laughter upon hearing that, though Tracy once again quickly quieted them all down with another warning.

"How was it?" someone else asked curiously.

"Sorry Kathy, that's another question, and it's not your turn yet."

I watched as Cindy, or Samantha then spun the bottle, landing on Danny when it finished spinning.

"Truth? Or dare?" she asked.

"Dare!" Danny said almost immediately.

"Make it a good one!" Someone else said speaking up. "Something that even she might not consider doing!"

"Me?" Danny said challenging everyone. "Bring it on bitch!"

"I have one," I heard my own daughter offer up. "She showed it to me earlier, asked if I'd ever seen or used one before, said she might even use it later after everyone had gone to sleep!"

I heard a nervous laugh coming from Danny. "I'll get you for that," she snickered.

"Well? What is it?" Someone else asked. "Yeah, tell us, make her show us what it is!"

I heard Tracy whisper something to the girl who's turn it was. "Ok, I will," she agreed laughing.

"Like I said," Danny warned once again.


"Bring it on..." Danny said in defiance, nothing scares me, and I'm not embarrassed to do anything in front of any of you," she shot back.

"Ok, since you said that, I dare you to use it, in front of us, on yourself," the girl told her.

"What is it?" someone else asked, once again curiously.

"Shh, you'll see soon enough," Tracy told her. "Just watch."

I couldn't really see much from where I was now laying, trying to peer through what little opening there was through the bushes, but as Danny stood, and quickly retrieved whatever it was, from where ever it was, headed back and sat down again, it became obvious, and much clearer as someone actually moved one of the small burning candles closer in so they could see better too! I then heard the soft gentle purr of the vibrator as she turned it on.

"Is that what I think it is?" Someone asked.

"Shh, watch," Tracy once again cautioned everyone, glancing nervously back towards the house, though all remained quiet and dark behind them.

"Holy shit! I've heard about them, but I've never actually seen or used one before," Cindy giggled. "So, how many times have you used it Danny?" she added curiously.

"Lots of times," Danny giggled, nearly every day in fact," she added, as I lay there listening to the soft hum of the toy, which changed tunes slightly as she sat there applying it to herself.

"Damn, she's really doing it too!" Someone said.

"Here, try it," Danny challenged a moment later, see what you think!"

"Here? Now?"

"Sure! Why not! In fact, I dare each one of you to try it for one minute!"

There was total silence.

"Oh come on, cowards...chickens," she spoke. "Think of it this way, this is probably the last time we'll all be together like this, so this will give us all something special to remember our last night together by!"

For some silly reason, that seemed to do it, and then I heard the second girl groan as she actually began touching herself with it. "Do I have to put it in?" she asked.

"No, not unless you want too."

"Ewe," someone else half whispered, causing a laugh.

"No, you don't have to," Danny said again. "Just let it rest near your clit, wherever it feels best, you'll know." A few moments of nothing more than the hum of the vibrating toy, then someone else once again announced "Time's up".

"Ok Samantha, your next,"

There were some surprised giggles, nervous laughter, as the girls slid easily into the new game, surprising even me as they sat there using the toy on themselves before passing it on. I was tempted sorely so, to look away when I saw it finally handed over to my own daughter, but curiosity, as well as the pure decadence of what I was now witnessing kept me from doing so, even when Tracy spread her legs slightly apart, placing the toy against her clit. I was at least grateful that it was just dark enough I couldn't actually see my own daughter's cunt, bad enough that I could see quite clearly what she was doing to it however.

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