Naughty High Class Mom Ch. 01


After a half hour of this play I unzipped my short skirt. He leered at me and said "Fuck, you dressed for fuckin' didn't you bitch."

I knew he loved the sight of my long slim legs as I remained in my tan stockings and high heels. He said, "Fuck, You've gots the hottest fuckin' pair of legs I ever seen baby. I can't wait to be kissin' all over yo' rich bitch legs."

For the next hour the young black rapper made me delirious as he ran his long tongue up and down each of my stocking covered legs saying, "Bitch ,you made my big cock crazy every time you'd be crossing those sexy long ass legs in front of my face."

He would go up one leg then meet me for a hot tongue kiss, then go back down the other leg. The feel of his big black lips kissing and running his flicking tongue all over my stocking covered legs made me moan noisily and say, "Ohhhh baby that feels sooooo fucking sexy!"

He glared and said," I fuck a lot of pussy, and I knows you know it baby, but yours is first class. One million fo' yo' fine ass was a bargin bitch. You are one classy fuckin' bitch baby. Now it's time that your fine high society white pussy learns what it's like to be sexed by a real Nigga Gangsta baby."

The black rap star then removed his baggy cloths and I got to see his body. I was quite impressed to see that he had a washboard stomach. The style of cloths these young kids wear today makes it so hard to tell what their body looks like.

As he slid down his baggy pants I groaned out loud in disbelief saying, "Ohhhh my god!"

It was an amazing sight. The 22 year old black rap star was blessed with an enormously huge cock. Although I overheard those young girls in bed making comments about the size of his black cock I was not prepared for this. It was 12 inches long and 3 inches across. Now released from the confines of his pants his giant black cock stood proudly, up against his taught chest 12 inches above his navel swaying like an angry serpent from side to side almost hypnotically. It was obscenely black with huge veins that protruded menacingly from the sides.

I have seen my share of men's cocks, but this 22 year old had the biggest cock I have ever seen by far. His cock looked especially huge on his smallish body, almost freakishly out of proportion!

As I looked in disbelief he said in a very self-assured tone, "Bet it's the biggest cock you ever seen, ain't I right bitch?"

I wished I could have told him that I have seen bigger, but I would certainly be lying. Although I have seen many men, the black rap star was massive in comparison. I then thought about most of the cocks I've had. How my hand usually covered the entire length and that my long fingers would easily wrap around the shaft.

As my eyes tried to comprehend his staggering length and width I replied shockingly, "Oh baby you've got the biggest cock I've ever seen. Your big black dick is fucking huge baby. You're at least 5 times bigger then my husband or any other cock I have ever seen!!"

He then took his giant black rod and shook it before me and said, "See what you could have been playin' wit' the last month bitch."

I now knew the real reason he always had an assortment of girls at his disposal. I instantly took hold of his huge cock, feeling the steel hardness as it towered above my two outstretched hands and said coyly, "Baby I'm going to please every fucking gorgeous inch of your huge black cock. I'm going to kiss it, stroke it, pump it then blow it, and fuck it like none of your young sluts ever has."

As I lovingly pumped up and down on his freakish black cock I moaned disbelievingly, "It's so fucking big baby, so fucking big!!" As I continued stroking the beautiful black shaft lovingly the black rap star said, "I likes the way that big ass diamond ring looks against my big black cock baby." He added with a sarcastic grin, "So much fo' the loyal housewife."

As I continued pumping his huge shaft marveling the hardness and sheer pleasure it was giving me, I kissed his big black lips and said hotly, "Baby even the most loyal housewife in the world couldn't resist stroking your huge black cock."

I then began using my tongue as a whip taking the seemingly endless journey up the endless length of his massive shaft. When I reached his huge black cock head I would flick my tongue wildly for a few minutes causing the black rap star to moan sexual obscenities saying, "You fuckin nasty white bitch, you is drivin' my big cock crazy. Keeps doin that you rich married slut". His heated words were music to my ears. I would then reach up to him and we would begin tongue kissing again until I broke it off and went back to licking his huge black shaft. This game went on for almost an hour until he exploded in a powerful explosion against the tinted window of the limousine.

For the next three hours we drove to his new estate kissing, and eating each other. We would break occasionally to have a sip of Champaign and a bite of caviar then went right back to our "sexy fucking "as the black rap star titled it. There was no rush to fuck; we both knew that would come. What we both needed now was to just play with each other, and turn each other on.

I savored every second kissing, sucking and stroking his enormous black cock. I absolutely loved playing with his freakishly enormous meat. As I pumped his giant black cock I said admiringinly, "Oh baby I'm going to remember this huge black cock for the rest of my life," He in turn couldn't get enough of my 34D tits, my huge nipples and my stocking covered legs, in addition to the taste of my explosive pussy.

We couldn't get enough of each other. Our worlds were so different. I enjoyed fine dinning at exclusive country clubs throughout the country that my husband and I were select members of. Most if not all or them did not have one black member, and the young black rap star enjoyed the ongoing gang rivalries between other rap artists which would often result in someone getting stabbed or shot.

This unlikely difference made for an explosive taboo. Being from opposite lifestyles made us even more turned on to each other. The combination of him being a 22 year old black thug and me being a very sexy, well heeled white, 59 year old women with ties to high placed members of society added up to a scorching combination. That was certain to make this an incredible fuck.

As we arrived at the mansion we were in a heated 69 position with me on top. The black rap star was kissing and eating my turned on pussy and ass while I eagerly licked, kissed and pumped up and down on his angry massive black cock. He had already cum twice, and by the way he was groaning suggested that I had him ready to explode again. I had cum five times already and was so turned on again from him eating me with those big black lips that I was right on the edge myself.

Suddenly the driver interrupted the moment by announcing over the intercom that we had arrived. This is when I got to see that dark threatening side of the black rap star. He yelled "MUTHA' FUCKA'," then hit a button under the seat and pulled out a large frightening looking gun. He hit another button which slid the panel wall open then jammed the gun against the back of the drivers head.

With so much rage he said, "Nigga' if you ever interrupt my shit again I'll fuckin' put a cap right through your fuckin' head!!!" In his fit of rage he added, "Mutha fucka' I'll waste yo' just like I did that muta' fucka' in the club."

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the black rap star confess to killing the rival rap star in the famous Los Angles night club. Not only was he acquitted but someone else was going to prison for the crime. He instantly hit the button and lay back against the seat holding that big menacing gun, and continued grumbling about us being interrupted. I could not believe my reaction upon learning of this harsh act of actually him killing a person in cold blood.

Even though the person he killed had a similar shady reputation it was murder. I began to get even more turned on with this knowledge that he was not only powerful but also ruthless in getting anything he wanted. As his huge 12 inch cock waved back and forth from side to side I slid next to him and we went back to kissing each other wildly. As our tongues flicked crazily across each others my hands resumed jacking his huge black prick. He suggested we take our action into his new ten million dollar mansion.

I can only imagine what this sight must have looked like to anyone who was watching. Here we were in the wealthiest, not to mention most snobbish part of Beverly Hills. A 30 foot black Hummer stretch limousine pulls up with music blaring about killing and fucking and out steps a tall, stunning, 59 year old white women with her hair done up elegantly, a pearl necklace, long diamond earrings touching her shoulders , wearing just a pair of expensive tan thigh high stockings and a pair of black high heels. The elegant socialite is then followed by a noticeably shorter black, 22 year old with a huge black cock , with tattoos all over his body and scars from stab and gunshot wounds, wearing a pair of timberland boots with the laces undone and a black nylon cap.

We were both so lost in animal hunger for each other that our surroundings and the ten million dollar mansion didn't even matter. Once outside the limo the black rap star took me to the front of his limo and leaned me over the hood then spread my long stocking covered legs with his black hands.

As his big hands slid up and down my nylons he said, "I gots ta taste some more of this sexy fine white ass bitch."

Without an ounce of regard for anyone who may have been watching this erotic display he began tongue fucking my turned on ass with his long black tongue. His hands were stroking my long stocking covered legs in a twisting motion as if he was jerking them off. I was going crazy from this exquisite sensation alone. While he was doing this his long black tongue was stabbing in and out of my burring ass.

He said confidently, "You like this Nigga' tongue fuckin' up inta yo' sexy fine high class ass while my black hands be feelin' on yo' fine long white legs bitch!"

I looked back and snarled, "Oh yeah baby keep fuckin' that ass; it's on fire for you."

As the young black rapper continued eating my ass I looked up and stared right into the face of his driver. This only added to the surrealism and thrill. This naughty act, coupled with the driver leering directly at me and the exquisite feeling the black rap stars tongue was giving my turned on ass was getting me hotter and hotter by the second. I began licking my lips seductively feeling the heat rise inside me once again.

I moaned over and over, "Oh baby that black tongue feels soooo fucking good. You're making me so fucking hot baby!!" Suddenly my ass began tightening pulling his long black tongue in deeper and I exploded into a wild orgasm, cumming all over his hungry mouth and tongue.

After I came he pulled me to him and we kissed open mouthed, our wicked tongue fuck. As we kissed he said, "Go ahead bitch taste that fine white ass of yours on my Nigga' tongue."

As we kissed his huge black cock was brushing up against the side of my leg along the lacy top of my tan thigh high stocking. As we hungrily kissed I took his giant black shaft in my left palm. I began stroking that huge, angry, 12 inch cock as it continued brushing against my sheer stocking top.

As I continued running my palms all over the young black rappers massive cock I lead him across the long driveway to the main entrance of his new 10 million dollar mansion., his arm around my narrow waist. Standing in my 3 inch high heels I towered over him but the difference in height actually made it even sexier. As we walked he would run his hand up over the tops of my stockings and over my ass remarking how fucking sexy I was.

After about 30 steps we both felt the heated need to kiss each other, so we stopped right there in the middle of the driveway and tongue kissed (which was actually more like tongue fucking) while I continued to palm his huge black shaft as it pointed out rubbing along the side of my left stocking covered leg.

When we got to the front door we resumed kissing while I continued jacking his huge black cock in the palm of my hand. I then went down squatting in my high heels and said, "Oh baby I love your great big black cock. I need to suck it again so bad baby."

I then proceeded to tease him by looking into his eyes with a sly look on my face. Then I started licking his huge shaft all over, and then flicked my hot tongue wildly across his sensitive tip. To anyone watching they would have seen a sexy older white woman kneeling in her thigh high stockings and black high heels, passionately pleasing a huge young black cock, kissing it and pumping it, making love to it!

After a few minutes of playing with his monstrous cock I began to jerk it faster causing him to groan and comment how nasty I was. I knew the driver was watching every second of this wild act and I began to wonder if anyone else was watching this sordid act too.

He was groaning loudly and I said, "Cum for me baby, I want to watch you shoot a big hot load out of this fucking huge black cock!"

That taunting sent him over the edge. Suddenly I could feel blast after blast of hot cum pumping up through his enormous black shaft and out of his big cockhead. I was staggered when he didn't stop shooting and I kept stroking his pulsating shaft and uttered with a sly almost giggly tone, "Oh yeah baby, keep it cumin baby!!"

When he finally did finish I continued licking his softening, but still big black cock. He then pulled me to him and we instantly met in a hot tongue kiss.

Still indifferent to our surroundings we went inside his new ten million dollar mansion. When he closed the door we kissed in the foyer for about 10 minutes moaning as our hands played with each others turned on bodies. His black hands were caressing my legs, ass and breasts; while mine thoroughly enjoyed stroking his growing huge black cock.

I eventually suggested a tour of his new home and he just said, "I can give a fuck about this place baby. The only thang I's cares about is fuckin' yo' sexy white pussy. The only reason I bought this fuckin' place was to get at yo' fine white ass bitch. I would have gots' me the fuckin' white house ta get ta fuck you baby."

I then kissed him softly on the lips and said slyly, "Well then let's fuck in every room baby; because you've had me worked up for weeks wanting to be in that same bed as those young girls who were blowing and fucking your huge black cock and wishing it was me."

We then went back to kissing and worked our way to the long winding staircase that led to the master bedroom. We paused every few steps to kiss and play with each other. Half way up the stairs I couldn't resist blowing him so I bent over at the waist and tongue fucked all over his giant black shaft, spitting on it, licking it, jerking it and bathing it with my wild tongue. I was so possessed, and was going wild on the young rap stars huge black cock.

I would lick all over his huge shaft , flicking my tongue wildly over the grossly protruding veins then I would stand up and our tongues would meet in a desperate tongue kiss for a few minutes. I would then bend over at the waist and continue to worship his huge black prick.

He would moan approvingly and I would look up at him and deliberately tease him saying, "Ummm you like this kind of head don't you baby?"

To anyone watching this nasty display they would have seen a refined high classed older white woman so removed from her upscale lifestyle, worshiping and pleasing a cock so black, so huge, so young and so powerful.

As the young black rap star moaned uncontrollably I teased again and again, "You like the way I'm blowing your big black cock don't you baby?"

While I was lost in blowing his enormous black cock his big hands were running up and down my long stocking covered legs. As his black hands ran over my stockings I became more depraved and moaned approvingly. Looking in the mirrors gave our illicit act a porn like image. The drastic contrast in our skin color and our age differences, while I was bent at the waist licking all over his big black cock made the scene look so depraved.

While I watched in the mirror his black hands ran over my sheer tan stockings and he said," You like the feel of my Nigga' hands all over those sexy stockings don't ya' baby?"

I continued blowing him moaning,"Oh yesssssss baby, your black hands are driving me wild."

As he leaned against the railing he taunted me by saying, "Yeah baby you like suckin my big black cock, don't ya bitch?"

I quickly moaned, "Ohhhhh yes baby, it's so fucking huge. I love your huge black cock."

He kept taunting me with his words causing me to get even more aroused and in a deeper frenzy. He said, "Yeah baby I wonder what all yo' high society rich bitch friends would think if they could see ya dressed in those sexy high heels and fine tan stockings , slupin all over a big black nigga' cock; and a 22 year old nigga thug from the projects to boot?"

His words were making me feel so wanton. I went wild lathering his huge black cock bathing it until my hot saliva was dripping through my hands onto my 34D tits , then onto my turned on nipples then dripping onto the marble stairs. At this point I was simply possessed.

As I continued to please the young rap stars huge black cock he added, "Oh bitch you like this big black gansta cock. Don't ya bitch?"

I began to think about what he said and how we were brought together. I also began to think how turned on we were to each other. He was drawn to me and obsessed with me because I was so different from all those young impressionable girls he fucks daily. He wanted me because I was an older, wealthy, successful, white women who never would have given him the time of day if it wasn't for his success and money. But now this all added up to me being turned onto him being ruthless, and dangerous. This heightened my dark side sexually.

Yes I have had numerous affairs throughout my marriage, but exclusively with successful men in my lifestyle, both younger and older. It was so non memorable. It would always be the same; fine dinning, because I would not settle for anything less, followed by some very average sex at best. An hour at most was the norm, but with the young black rap star I felt so depraved, so naughty and nasty, that I new we could fuck all day and night, maybe even day's straight!

Over an hour on the staircase had passed and we finally reached the second floor landing. At the top of the stairs our kissing heated up again. The young black rap star then had me lean over the railing as he stood behind me. He then said in a very heated tone, "Now I's gots ta sex this fine white high class pussy with my big black cock."

As he began rubbing my already soaked entrance to my pussy I replied lustfully, "Oh baby I've wanted to feel your huge black cock inside my turned on white pussy all week. All I could think about this week was fucking you baby, fucking your big black cock."

He then began inserting his huge black cock into me very slowly. Just his immense head at the entrance felt so huge that I shuddered and came. Once his big cock head was inside me, he began running his black hands teasingly along the sides of my stocking covered legs and over my ass.

As his huge black cock inched into me ever so slowly, stretching me wider than any man has he said, "Yeah bitch now I's gonna make that sexy high class white pussy mine."

By the moaning sounds I was making he knew I was enjoying every gorgeous inch of that huge black shaft. The protruding web of veins heightened the incredible sensations my pussy was experiencing, as my fuck lips wrapped tightly around his huge black shaft.

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