tagBDSMNaughty Maid Ch. 1

Naughty Maid Ch. 1


I knew that the weekend would be hurried, I had taken on too many house cleanings but I pressed ahead. By the time I got to the last house, I was tired and hoping time would be on my side. Luckily, it was the last house and I would be off for a much needed weekend. My supervisor had warned me that this client could be difficult as he was very particular, but she didn't go into to any more detail than that. I went into the house and was impressed with how well furnished it was. The home was perfect, with rich details and expensive furnishings, large healthy plants and beautiful colors. The home was actually clean, but it reeked of a 'single man's home' and I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly took stock of what needed to be cleaned and what I could 'get away with' and started in the kitchen. The fridge was clean but well stocked with an impressive variety assorted wines and gourmet foods. The kitchen had every sort of gadget available and some that I had no idea what they might be!

I hurried through the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, relishing how clean the house was. I noticed a note on the dresser that said 'The rooms are all to be cleaned, beds are to be changed and the house vacuumed and dusted. Please do not go into the back room as it is off limits. You will find a tip in the top, right kitchen drawer. Thank you." There was no more to the note but I felt myself burn with curiosity at the statement that the one room was not to be entered! I cleaned and tried to occupy my mind with other things but the more I tried not to think of it, the worse the fire burned! Honest to god, I looked out the window to see if anyone was around before I ventured a peek into the 'forbidden zone'! I knew I shouldn't but I was about to burst with curiosity! I slowly opened the door….looking behind me as I entered, not sure of what to expect. I literally held my breath as I walked around looking at the things in the room! It was a virtual dungeon! I had always had a fascination with bondage and this was right out of my fantasies.

I felt like a naughty child as I sneaked around the room, looking at the various things that lay before me! I saw many types of whips, leather and things to be tied with and to! I could feel my heart (and my pussy) pounding as I explored. Although I knew it was wrong to be there, I felt compelled to continue. I imagined myself tied to the cross, or the spanking bench, whining and whimpering as I was spanked and whipped. I slipped my panties down as I mounted the bondage bench…pretending that I was tied there. I thought my cunt would explode as I fantasized about the 'Master' whipping me and what He might say. I started to hump against the bench as I lay there, feeling my clit ache as my passion burned within me. I reached under the bench and put the straps around my waist, pulling it tight and enjoying the feeling.

I felt a wave of panic sweep over me as a sharp smack came down on first one ass cheek and then the other! I heard a voice "I hope you are enjoying yourself. I made it clear that you were not to come in here." I struggled to lift my head only to find myself pushed back down! I could not lift up to see who was holding me down but the hand was strong. "You chose to come in here so I choose to punish you for disobeying." The voice was smooth, rich and controlled as He softly spoke. The belt over my back was cinched tight as I tried desperately to lift up! He held my hands behind my back, holding me in place and started to spank me again. "NO! Please wait! I'm sorry! I knew I shouldn't be here but…..but I just wanted…I mean I just looked!"

I knew it sounded as stupid to him as it did in my own ears at that moment and I seemed to melt into tears. The belt was gripping my waist and my arms were held down as well. "You knew this room was off limits and yet I come home to find you in here. You even took time to tie yourself to the spanking bench, hoping to be caught."

"No, Sir! I'm sorry, please let me go and I promise I won't come in here again!" I wailed and pleaded with him. "Have you ever seen or done anything like this?" He asked as I sniffed from my tears. "You seem to know what this is for and how it would be used."

"I know what it's for…..I have seen pictures of this stuff."

"But you haven't actually submitted to their uses?" My mind was reeling as he questioned me. "Do you know that coming in here was wrong?" New tears stung my eyes as I told him that I knew it was wrong and again told him I was sorry. "Then let's make sure you remember not to repeat this behavior, shall we?"

I struggled to lift up as I begged him to release me, but I simply felt my mouth being forced open! A ball gag was forced between my lips as I struggled but there was no escape! He again began to spank my ass as I struggled and cried. My legs kicked as he continued, as if I could get away from the punishment. "Be still!", he said, and with that, the straps were secured to my wrists then my knees. I was unable to move as he began to use a leather paddle on my already sore ass! I was shocked when he stopped spanking me to run his hand gently over my burning flesh! "Such a nice ass for spanking! It turns a delicious pink. Such tender skin." And then he started spanking me again. I tried to scream but only muffled noises came through the gag. My struggles and cries did nothing to stop him before he again ran his hand gently over the red marks and welts forming there.

I was sobbing and gasping through the gag in my mouth as I felt him slip his hand between my legs, I could hear a soft gasp come from him as he found the wetness there. Again he began to question me. "What do you think your employer would say about this shameful disregard for client property, young lady?" All I could manage was a muffled noise that was intended to say 'I don't know' and with that, he reached down to loosen the gag. "Answer Me, young lady! Do you think this is how your employer expects you to behave?"

"No, Sir. I know it was disrespectful, and I am very sorry Sir." There was a slight chuckle that came from him as he noted that I 'sounded like a submissive' with the way I was addressing him. "Would you care to continue this lesson with Me young lady? If you agree, your training session will be for the entire weekend and you are to address Me as 'Master' and you are to do exactly what I tell you to."

I was silent for a moment as I thought of his offer. It had always been a hot fantasy to do exactly what he was proposing but my aching ass reminded me that fantasies don't 'hurt'! "I expect an answer, slut!" again my ass was smacked! "Yes, Sir! I wish to stay here and serve You, Sir!" I said before I had time to talk myself out of it. "You will do exactly what I ask of you and you will be punished if you disobey. Your ass should be a good reminder of what happens to bad girls. You will be completely safe but you will be completely my slut and slave for the remainder of your time here, is that understood?" I took a deep breath, reminded of the bonds holding me in place, before I said, "Yes, Master."

The weekend is to be continued...

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