tagBDSMNaughty Maid Ch. 3

Naughty Maid Ch. 3


It took me a few minutes to remember where I was when I woke up. I tried to sit up on the bed and the previous nights events came flooding back when I felt the chain yank my collar. Images and flashes ran through my mind and the pain I felt everywhere served as a reminder that this was not a dream! I was alone in the dark room. "Is anyone there?" My voice echoed back at me and I started to panic! What if He left? No one knew I was here and I had agreed to serve a Master that I didn't know. 'Serves you right!' I scolded myself. A chill ran through me as I started to yell louder into the darkness, trying to will Him to come to me. "Hey! You can't leave me here dammit!" My ears strained, trying to listen for any sound indicating that He was near. "You son-of-a-bitch!", I whispered under my breath as I yanked at the chain holding me to the bed. I thought my heart would stop when He spoke! "I am surprised that your training yesterday didn't teach you more."

I knew instantly that I was in trouble as He walked over to where I sat. I didn't dare look up as He approached but I could actually feel His presence standing over me. "I'm sorry, Master. I was afraid." Silence seemed suspended between us as I waited for Him to speak or do something. "You agreed to serve Me but I will keep your lack of training in mind for the rest of our time together, slave." I hadn't noticed that I was holding my breath until I let out a sigh. "I think I have a little lesson that will teach you both endurance and patience. Follow Me.", He said, as He unchained me from the bed. He jerked my collar dragging me behind Him as He lead me to the middle of the room. I stood silently as He tied my arms behind my back, folding them behind me and tying them tightly. He then used a rope to tie my arms up to a metal ring on the collar, pulling my head back and my arms up. I said nothing as He took a ball gag as shoved it between my teeth, locking it into place.

I only got worried when I saw Him drag a wooden contraption out of the corner. My eyes widened as I looked at it. It had a wood base with metal rings all around the edges which I am sure was perfect for bondage, but what scared me was the wicked looking dildo that was on it! It had several balls on it that started smaller at the top but got incredibly large towards the base of it! "Ah! I see you know where this will go!", He said laughing as He dragged me over to it. "Kneel down slave." It was impossible to resist Him as He used the leash to force me down to my knees. He positioned my asshole over the monster as He held my shoulder, commanding me to impale myself on it! I could feel the pressure pushing into my ass as He pushed me down until the first ball finally slipped into my puckered ass! I let out a yelp as I felt myself adjusting to the pain.

I tried like hell to hold still over it as I knew the next one was even larger and would hurt more if I was forced down over it. Just my arms were tied but it was already a strain as I felt my neck, back and shoulders start to ache from the bondage. "You will learn to obey quickly and quietly if you get punished this way more than once.", He announced, as He got a whip from the wall! It took all of my concentration to try to be still as I felt Him start to use the flogger over my back and ass! Every movement was exaggerated by the pain in my ass as I felt it being stretched one way and the next. My head was pulled back and He started to use the whip over my tits, belly and thighs as I screamed. "You are to push your ass over the next one.", He said as He continued to whip me! "The longer you resist, the harder I hit. Tough choice, isn't it?" I felt the lashes getting harder as He again commanded me to force the next section in! At least the pain from the flogger acted as a distraction from the pain in my ass as I felt it invading. I literally screamed as my ass stretched over the widest part of the second ball! "Very good!", He said, as He finally stopped whipping me. I was trembling all over as I tried to absorb all the pain. "Now, for the rest of the punishment." I had no idea what else He could do but I really didn't want to find out! I tried to be still and my head was pulled back so I couldn't see what He was doing as I heard Him humming.

He came back to where I was kneeling after He turned on more lights. "Now it gets painful." I was already hurting! My legs were aching from trying to hold myself over the anal toy but He stood over me, showing me what He had in His hands. "Ever had pussy weights? These are amazing! Not only the pain of the clip (He said this as He showed me the pinchers) but they really start to hurt after a while from the weights." He ran the heavy metal weights over my body, the cold metal felt more shocking after the flogging. I had to be still to avoid popping one of the balls in or out of my poor ass as He leaned down. I felt Him pull my outer labia out and pinch one of the weights in place! I could feel it swinging and pulling my cunt lip around as He flicked His finger at the small chain that was dangling just above the wood beneath me. He repeated the process on the other side and then laughed as he made them swing around. "I'm not done yet, slut. Now for the nipples!"

I started sobbing, trying to beg Him to let me go, telling Him how sorry I was but He was again humming as He chose His torture tools! He came back and put nipple clamps over each nipple but I was shocked when He stretched my tits down towards the floor! He continued to pull them till I thought He was going to rip them off! I struggled for a second, trying to follow the pull but was reminded by the pain in my ass to be still! "See how that works? If you try to relax to ease the strain in your legs, or to kneel down to stop the pain in your tits or cunt, you fuck yourself onto the next section!" I was already covered in sweat from the strain and He was extremely pleased with His torture device! The weights on my pussy moved as I panted. Every movement was excruciating! My mouth hurt from the gag, my upper body hurt from the bondage, my legs ached from trying to hold the intruder from going in deeper. Then the pain from the nipple and pussy bondage was enough to make me sob. And I had no idea how long He would leave me that way! How much pain would be needed for Him to forgive me? How much punishment did my 'crime' require? "Now, you can decide your own fate. Which hurts worse? Your pussy and tits? If your legs get tired enough, you will have to go over the next ball. Hmmm, that next one will really hurt! But you can make the choice."

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