tagInterracial LoveNaughty Miss Lin Off Work

Naughty Miss Lin Off Work


Claire Lin stepped out of the shower and was just sitting down on the sofa with her tablet when she saw the text on her phone.

"Hi Claire, this is Terry- remember me? Any chance you have time for a coffee today?"

Her breathing quickened when she saw the name—Terry- her former work colleague; young, 6 foot 3 inches of lean black man. Wow... she hadn't seen him in some time.

Her fingers shook a little as she tapped out her reply. "Sure. Today? Where?"

She sat back on the sofa and anxiously waited for his reply, tapping in the search terms "big black cock" on her tablet to keep herself busy.

She sat back on her sofa and positioned the tablet on the coffee table for easy viewing... little white and Asian girls getting gangbanged by huge black cocks... Yes yes yes...

She opened the terry cloth robe and, nude underneath, gently touched her swollen labia. Already wet, she slid her long nails through the elegant folds of her pussy and found her tingly clit. Terry... oh my god Terry your so big... do me fuck me... she murmured, in the grips of fantasy.

Her fingers slid into her slick little slit and she began grinding onto her fist dreaming of fucking that young man... oh yeah... oh!!!

The dam broke and she screamed as she went over, cumming, crying out and bucking in the seat. The phone dinged; she had a message. Breathing in, she gathered herself and checked the message.

How abt that little mid east bistro we both loved? 2 today?

A smile came to her lips. Out of the corner of her eye she saw herself reflected in the living room mirror, nude, limp, satiated.... She turned to face the mirror directly, to stare at herself, at her long thick black hair tumbling across her shoulders, her gorgeous legs spread open across the sofa cushions, her pussy shaved smooth and baby pink.

She waited to respond to Terry's text. Instead, she rummaged through her purse for her little mommy treat- anal beads. She sighed as she touched them, thinking of how often recently she would insert these little monsters in her ass and walk around.... She loved the feeling of going shopping, of smiling at people and thinking, I've got anal beads in my ass... I'm so naughty!

Mommy's little secret.

And she knew what mommy wanted; more.

With a bottle of lube from her bag, she dropped a dab onto the largest bead and rubbed it all over the others. She leaned back and placed the tiny little first bead to her rectum and shivered with delight. The next one slid in so smooth and delightful, but the third was a little tight. By the fourth, she was glistening with sweat and biting her lip. By the fifth she was shaking and moaning. By the sixth, she was nearly crying until her sphincter opened up and swallowed the inch diameter bead and she yelped and cummed again, bucking and sobbing.

She giggled and sobbed and caught her breath; she took her phone and with a serene smile pressed, OK.

He was waiting when she finally arrived, gushing, Hi Miss Lin, wow it's so great to see you. You look great!

She smiled and squealed happily, giving him a brief hug that seemed to linger just a millisecond too long, his body solid and hard, her submission already apparent? They took their seats in the little middle eastern bistro.

"Yeah, it's been so long, Terry!" Claire Lin said, and then immediately blushed at her own words. Long! Stop thinking about it! She told herself, suddenly distracted. You look great! Marriage must be really working for you- you look—" she kind of bunched her shoulders as if she were flexing "- strong or something."

'Thanks," he said, nodding modestly. He asked about her husband and kids.

She smiled and said all was well. But how about you? How's your marriage?

He hung his head. "That's uh, just it, though. Marriage isn't so great after all."

"Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. Did something happen?"

"It's not that something happened, it's what's not happening. You know?"

She said she thought she understood as the waitress came over to take their orders.

While they chatted, she leaned back in her seat and her eyes took in this handsome young black man seated before her. He was as gorgeous as she remembered him.

She had stopped working at the company where they had met years before, but she never forgot him or the rumors of what he hid behind his fly. She had wanted him so badly, then, but so had everyone else and it just never happened. Eventually she got married and left the company and she heard he had gotten married as well not long after-- at young age; 24 or 25. She had always wondered about that. Was the wife older than him? She thought she had heard that too.

And now here they were... She sat back and listened.

Over lunch of pitas and hummus, he told her his whole story. It seems that what wasn't happening was sex. His wife had totally stopped sleeping with him. The reason—he was so big it hurt her every time he penetrated her. When she was younger she had loved the pain but as she got older she stopped being into it.

How big is too big? she choked a little and tried not to giggle out of embarrassment. I mean, like, how big...? She trailed off, realizing what she was asking him how big his cock was. She flared red again.

He stared at her dead in the eye, not smiling at her sudden shyness. 10 inches.

10 -- inches...?? She whispered, her mouth dropping and her pussy sending a pulse through her that made her whole body shiver. Oh. That's... big.

Yeah... he held her gaze, but then let it drop. I wish I could find a girl that could handle that. Back in the US I could always find a girl up for something, but here the girl's are afraid of me or something.

She sighed and smiled wanly at him. Well, you have to understand, you're like a wild animal to them—I mean that in a good way! The girls are all just panting for you, but they're too shy.

You think so? He grinned shyly and then dropped his gaze again. But there's one woman that I always had my eye on, but I never told her and as far as I know, she doesn't know about it at all.

Oh really? she shifted in her seat, feeling the linoleum on her bare asscheeks, the beads in her rectum distracting her, her pussy soaked and throbbing. Who's this lucky girl?

She's a beautiful lady, she's older than me. She's just so beautiful and bright and vibrant—and so sexy, you can just see it in the way she walks, the way she looks at guys... she's something. God, I really want to make it with her, to give her all of those 10 inches...

She swallowed and licked her lips. Is this girl married?

He nodded, holding her look.

Is that why you haven't done anything about it?

He nodded again.

She swallowed again and leaned forward in her seat. What if you knew that this woman said it would be alright, that her husband would never know.... That it would be a secret....

He coughed a little. That would be good.

Oh! she squeaked.

They gazed at each other, their eyes frank

So, how was your lunch? She asked.

He glanced down at the table; their meals sat cold and largely untouched before them. I'm not really hungry actually.

I'm not either, she said, smiling. Maybe we should go somewhere else?

Ok.. where?

Oh, I don't know. Let's talk about it on the way down.

They paid the bill—he let her buy the meal for him—and they walked out the door of the restaurant into the lobby.

She pressed the button when she spied an exit sign. Hey, why don't we take the stairs down? I didn't have time to go the gym and I feel like I need some exercise.

He tugged the stairwell door open and she followed him, the stairwell empty, grimy, clearly not used often. She walked ahead—they went down one flight and then another.

She stopped.

He walked towards her until he was just passed her. She touched his arm and turned to him and stared.

They came together in violent embrace, a twin passion, a twin rage, their limbs grasping desperately, their tongues entwined, their pelvises grinding. She couldn't believe the size of the python in his jeans, and felt giddy like she was at the top of a cliff about to leap into that chasm of passion and orgasms, of huge thick throbbing members and painful ripping penetrations and humiliation and cum dripping yummy cum...

Let me see it... Can I? Please? she whispered.

He stared at her. Here?

Yes, please.. she moaned. Let me see that 10 inches.. . god I want to suck it...

You do?

Yes, she gasped, grabbing his belt. Always- forever. Didn't you know? It's all I think about...

He undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans. she slowly lowered his zipper.

Careful, he whispered and she saw why; he also wasn't wearing underwear. She reached into the fly and grasped his cock and gasped in amazement. It's huge, she squealed.

He just smiled; she sank to her knees until his crotch was eyelevel and lowered his zipper some more. Finally, she had it all the way down and 10 inches of thick black cock bounced out; tears came to her eyes as she took this gigantic black python in both her hands, gazing at hit, cooing at his, worshipping it.

She brought her face closer and stared, her breathing shallow, fast. It's so beautiful.

Do you want to put it in your mouth?

She nodded, shamefaced.

You can do it.

She did; opening her lips to taste the opening of his cock at its tip. She opened wider and wrapped his cock head in her lips as she continued to stroke his cock and balls. She sucked harder on this huge shaft and took him deeper to the back of her mouth. He took her lion's mane of hair in his hands and softly pressed her head forward onto his cock. She took his cock deeper than she had ever taken any other cock down her throat and she still barely had half of that monster in her. She choked and gasped and came off him laughing and then took him in her mouth again and sucked him even further down.

He pushed her back. I want to fuck you.

She lay back on the steps and opened her legs, showing him her glistening slick naked pussy, her rectum, swollen, wet, and purplish, surrounding a loop of soft red plastic sticking out.

Are those—anal beads?

She giggled and mock hid her face in her hands, nodding. He crouched down above her, his jeans still around his hips, his 10 inch cock and balls hanging outside his open fly. Taking her in his arms, they kissed and he whispered he liked tasting his cock on her tongue. She arched her hips and said, Fuck me.

She was soaking wet, but still his member took her by surprise, jolted her already overstimulated labia, sending electric shocks throughout her body, biting her lip to hold in her screams.

He continued his slide in, his penetration huge, inexorable, her acceptance of him complete and utter. Sucking on his thick lips, she drank from his tongue as his cock slid ever deeper up her pussy. He reached the root and she cummed. She rode him like a bronco rider, arching her back, thrashing her arms, drawing blood from her lip as screams threatened to tear from her. She opened her eyes again and he was staring as he rode her hard, showing her his power, his depth...

She licked his ear and whispered, That's my good boy... that's my good boy...

He pounded her, kissing her, his tongue thrusting down her throat as his cock pumped inside her pussy. Drawing up her legs, she cried as the angle changed and he penetrated even deeper into her pussy. She grasped his jeans with her toes and pushed them off his ass to his knees, and holding his powerful ass cheeks, she rode him drawing him deeper into her.

They were sweating and joyful but she wasn't done. She had to do this.

My ass—please, please fuck my ass.... cum in my ass.. . God I've been dreaming of this forever! Cum in my ass!

He withdrew from her and she nearly cried at the loss. He leaned forward, his hands holding up her ankles and kissed her swollen pussy. She squirmed and breathed heavy, whispering Oh god... god... again and again. Then he went farther down and took the ring of soft plastic between his teeth. She squealed again as he slowly firmly pulled the ring; her rectum distended, swelling, before suddenly dilating around the one inch diameter bead. She let out a groan. He pulled and again her rectum distended before releasing its bead and again until she was thrashing on the dirty stairs soaked in sweat and pussy juice. He squatted back on his heels, the nasty beads hanging by the ring from his mouth. He placed them delicately on the step and then aimed his massive 10 inch member to her swollen purple anus. He spit and rubbed it on this tool and then, one arm holding her ankle, the other guiding his cock in. he pressed against her rectum and she gasped in pain.

Ouch it's too big....she cried.

He spit again adding more lubrication, pressing the massive head of his cock to her tight little sphincter until tears came to her eyes and suddenly, with a whispered shriek, her rectum dilated and his cock penetrated her asshole. And he kept coming.

Oh my god oh my god... oh!!! This was the biggest thing she had ever taken in her ass and she was beyond pain into ecstasy. And he kept coming, inch by inexorable inch up her greasy slick anal passage, her pussy crying for more, throbbing for its own penetration. And he kept coming. Waves of hot electricity flowed through her until he reached the root and touched her in the deepest part of her soul, hidden deep in her ass waiting for a cock big enough to trip it and she orgasmed.

Girl cum squirted from her clitoris all over the young man's pelvis; she thrashed and cried and this time, the scream was too powerful to be bit back.

She rode that wave of ecstasy into a glistening sea on a horse made of solid muscle and power and cock...

And heard a door open.

Opening her eyes, she saw an old Oba-san cleaning lady staring at her wide eyed.

Oh no!

Still she squirmed on his massive erection her orgasm going on and on and was helpless to stop her degradation in front of the old lady. No one can know, she cried to herself. No one can know I'm a black cock anal whore!

But she couldn't stop, oh god don't stop she gasped as she heard another door open. No, she screamed, but only to herself.

Finally, she regained control. Panting and sobbing, she pulled herself off his long thick cock and nearly fainted when he at last popped out her anus.

Get dressed! She hissed as she stood and brought her skirt down around her waist and her shirt back down over her tiny breasts and bowed and looked down and said sorry.

Turning to go down the steps, she saw an old man this time, watching them from the lower landing. She had never felt so ashamed of herself. She grabbed her beads and wrapped them in a tissue and secreted them into her bag.

Terry meanwhile pulled his jeans up and struggled to wrestle his monster back into his fly. He nodded at them and said in terrible Chinese Ni hao and they rushed out the door into the lobby and the elevators.

The elevator came mercifully fast. They rode it down with a group of office workers; everyone fell silent, the scent of sex on them thick as blood. When they made it to the front she looked around at all of the people staring at her with this handsome tall muscular black young man and felt naked, completely exposed, that everyone knew the truth about her, that she was a black cock anal slut milf....

Come on, Terry, she said, taking him by the sleeve. Let's get a cab.

My place?

She nodded, and like always, a cab was waiting.

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