tagIncest/TabooNaughty Nextdoor Niece Ch. 01

Naughty Nextdoor Niece Ch. 01


To readers; this story is a prequel to my previously published tale "Naughty Nextdoor Nieces" as seen on this site. One reader in particular said that my previous story needed an introductory chapter (about the first niece and her mother) preceding it. Here is that chapter about how the uncle first became infatuated with his Nextdoor Nieces. Special note; the story took hold of me and carried me away farther than I expected. Therefore, it's a little bit long.


Naughty Nextdoor Niece (Part One: The Beginning)

That young lady living nextdoor was driving me crazy! The girl wasn't even all that pretty. Why, she was a little too skinny, she was short, and her long, curly-blond hair was an everlastingly entangled tousled mess! And, she was young. Hell, she was way, way too young!

As a man of 40 years in age, I had no damn business looking at a teenaged girl

with lust in my eyes. Ok, so she has just turned 19 which means she's 'legal', but burn my wicked eyes in hell, she's the youngest-looking 'fuck-legal' teenager I've ever seen! If I wasn't familiar with the date of her birth, I might guess she was nowhere near that old.

Surely, only 'dirty old men' look at young girls with lustful cravings in their eyes. If only I hadn't seen the young lady naked. If only I hadn't touched her enticingly irresistible nude body. And more importantly, if only I hadn't fucked her! But, curse my wicked soul to hell's fires, I did, I fucked my innocent, young niece!

Two days ago, I had gone next door to return my sister's book of recipes. I'd lived next door to my sister Betsy and her husband for years. Betsy had one of the best cookbook libraries around. Unlike most men, I liked to cook. My ladyfriends liked for me to cook for them. After feeding one of them a good meal, I'd usually get a really nice reward in return. A fine hot pussy and a couple of tits, mixed with a heaping helping of engorged man-meat cock, made an excellent recipe for dessert. Served at room temperature, this dessert would be topped-off with an orgasmic portion of steaming hot cock-cream mixed with a cupful of sizzling pussy-juices.

I am a confirmed bachelor, always had been and plan to stay that way. I've got no wife or kids and don't want either. When I was a kid, a bachelor lived across the street. Most of the kids in the neighborhood thought he might be a queer cocksucker, but I never knew the truth for sure. I hope the kids around here don't think that about me. I play for the men's team. I like pussies and nice-firm clits. I like nipples and silky-soft tits.

Whatever it is the kids think about me, it doesn't keep them from coming over to swim in my pool. Mine is the nicer of the two pools in the neighborhood. When the kids come over they call me Mister Jim. They don't call me Mister Spencer. They feel that would be too formal. They don't call me Jim. They feel that to be too informal.

Now, two days ago I stopped at my sister's back door and knocked. No one answered. The screen door opened to my pull and I went in. I called out for Betsy or her husband Tom, but heard no response. I did hear a hairdryer humming deep in the house. I approached the sound and saw the bathroom door cracked open a little. I pushed it open more.

Well, someone was drying their hair, that's for sure, but it wasn't Betsy and it wasn't Tom. It was that oldest teenage daughter of theirs. It was their innocent, virginal young girl-child. I knew her to still be a virgin because her mother had told me so. I supposed that's a thing a mother would know.

'Peggy' was the girl's name and Peggy was standing there 'jaybird-naked' trying to dry and comb her tangled-blond hair. I could tell she had just stepped from the shower. Her glistening-nude body was dripping-wet and covered with sparkling droplets of bathwater.

Now, I guess I should have turned away and closed the door behind me, but I didn't. I just stood there gawking and staring in awestruck amazement. The girl might be short and skinny, she might be young and not all that pretty, but damn she had a well-toned feminine body! I knew for a fact that Peggy was really into sports. Track and field events were her favorite. She'd been running and jumping in completions for years. She had just recently won a prestigious statewide marathon.

I just stood without moving and intently looked at the body of a naked young girl. I only had a side view as she faced the mirror over the vanity table. While short and skinny, I reckoned her legs to be undeniably shapely. They started at her petite feet and went all the way up to her ass. Why, her ass wasn't skinny at all! Yet, it wasn't fat either. Surprisingly, it was a finely-shaped ass for a small, pint-sized girl!

From my angle, I couldn't see my niece's pubic mound. I couldn't even tell if the color of her bush matched the color of her tangled-blond hair. Her arms were working up and down briskly brushing her hair, so I had only quick pictures of her young breasts. I couldn't tell if her tits were big or small.

Suddenly, her thick bath towel slipped from the vanity table where it lay and fell to the floor. Peggy stood flatfooted and bent from the hips to pick it up. Her finely-shaped ass was pointing back towards me. I caught my breath. Wow, the girl's ass was even nicer than I thought! My attention moved to the seductive crevasse below her ass crack. Her legs were spread, leaving the virginal pussy mound completely exposed. Again, my breath was taken away.

I found the answer as to whether or not the hair color on her head matched the color of the bush between her legs. The color was yet to be determined! The young lady didn't have any pubic hair at all! Her pussy was bare, it was nude, and it was beyond-belief stunningly beautiful!

In the brief few seconds she was bent over, I gazed at the puffed pussy lips and the slit splitting the magnificent pussy mound in half. I didn't see a protruding clit. My mind surmised that the bulging slit was covering and concealing the mysteriously hidden clit.

Peggy stood back up and resumed drying her damp, unruly hair. I was left with a puzzling mystery in my mind. I talked silently to myself, "Surely my niece doesn't shave her pussy? She might be 19, but as a virgin, she doesn't need to shave for a guy. Well, maybe she does have a guy, one that likes shaved pussies. Some of the ladies I know shave their mounds for me. They know I prefer a nude pussy mound to a hairy, bush-covered one."

Another thought entered my mind. I recalled a magazine article I'd read which had a study about pubescent-aged girls. The author had talked about how an active lifestyle can delay the onset of puberty. This happens to active girls like gymnasts. Some of those girls don't reach their pubic maturity until they are past their teen years. Could the same be true about female track stars? Peggy was certainly an energetic, athletically active girl. She never walked when she could run. She hardly ever sat still.

When I thought a little more about it, I realized that this girl's trim figure and short, lean profile reminded me of one of those petite gymnasts that run and tumble at the summer Olympics. I often watched their athletic routines on TV with a hard-on in my pants. Those little girls really turned me on. More than once, I'd taken out my cock and pumped my meat until streams of steaming, milky-white semen had coated the table in front of my couch.

I saw that this petite girl had finished drying her hair and had laid the hair dryer aside. She made one last futile attempt to brush the intertwined tangles from her hair. Her curly, blond locks showed no signs of cooperation. Annoyed, she tossed the brush aside in a gesture of surrender.

I was not prepared when Peggy suddenly turned towards the door. Neither was she. We both involuntarily jumped in startled astonishment.

Surprisingly, Peggy quickly recovered. She did not scream and she did not faint. She found her voice, and spoke, "Oh, Uncle Jim, it's just you."

Although she was surprised, my young niece was making no attempt to cover herself up. She did not reach for the towel at her side. She had not turned away from me in shameful embarrassment. She made no move with her arms or hands to cover her naked pussy or breasts.

Before I found my own voice, I took a few seconds for my eyes to make a quick visual exploration of her teen body. From this frontal view, I could tell that my initial assessment of her pubic mound was correct. She didn't have a single hair covering her pussy! Not even one! Her pussy mound was completely bare!

Although she didn't have hair on her pussy, she did have tits on her chest. While the tits had not reached the full maturity of pubic perfection, they were nonetheless very nice. I'd guess each mound would probably fit perfectly inside a coffee cup. They stood up like perky, decorative Christmas tree ornaments. Dime-size pink nipples and half dollar-size pale areolas completed the picture. Oh, what a pretty picture they made!

Before I had pushed open the bathroom door, my cock had been lying peacefully dormant inside my jeans. At the first sight of naked feminine flesh, it had awakened. When Peggy bent over for the towel, it stiffened. When she turned to face me, it grew fully engorged. I now desperately needed to reach down and move it to a more comfortable position inside my pants, but I didn't dare, not with her staring at me!

Finally, I spoke, "Peggy, I'm sorry I came in like this. I came to return your mom's recipe book. The screen door was not locked, so I came in. I didn't know it was you in here taking a bath. I didn't know you'd be naked!"

Peggy could see my discomfort from the mistake I had made. She spoke to put my mind at ease, "Oh, don't worry about it Uncle Jim. In fact, I guess it's my own fault. I should have locked the door when Mom and Dad left to go to the movies. I think they were going to see an X-rated one, so I didn't want to go with them."

I was feeling guilty for watching her without her consent, so I couldn't let her take all of the blame. I said, "Well, I shouldn't have come in without waiting for somebody to answer the door."

Peggy giggled and replied with humor in her voice, "I didn't hear you knocking, but even if I had I don't usually answer the door when I'm strip-stark-naked like I am now."

I now laughed too and said, "That's probably a good policy. You never know when some pervert might come to the door. He sure would have gotten himself an eyeful today!"

Again, Peggy giggled. She then spoke in a more-serious tone, "Oh, hey, I just remembered something. Mom told me that if I saw you I was to give you a new cookbook she bought the other day."

Peggy walked out of the bathroom. She didn't pick up her clothes and put them on and she didn't reach for the towel. She brushed past me still wearing nothing but her beautifully-proportioned birthday-suit. She made no attempt to conceal her nudity.

I followed her out into the hallway and watched as she headed for the kitchen. Her body was indeed well-toned and firm, but her sexy ass had a nice jiggle and shake. I recalled a couple of epithets boys sometimes use when watching girls asses. I spoke them silently inside my head, "You want fries with that shake? It must be jelly, because jams don't jiggle like that!"

We reached the kitchen and Peggy searched for the book. She opened the door to a lower cabinet and bent over to look in. Again, her legs were spread enough to give a good rear-few look at her pretty pussy mound.

Again, I was pleasantly thrilled at the erotically stimulating sight. Thankfully, I'd been able to straighten out my bulging cock while watching her ass jiggle down the hall.

She didn't find the book in the lower cabinet so she searched elsewhere. Finally, she looked up to see it on a higher cabinet shelf. Softly she said, "Well, there it is. Uncle Jim, can you give me a boost up? It's too high for me to reach."

I glanced up to where she was looking. I wasn't all that tall myself, only 5-foot-10, but I could have easily reached the shelf myself. I didn't even try. Instead, I stood behind my niece, placed my hands on her slim waist, and lifted her nude, featherweight, 4-foot-9 body easily. The crack of her naked ass wrapped around the stiffened shaft straining my jeans.

Peggy pulled the book from the cabinet, yet I didn't immediately set her down. I held her ass against my cock for a few seconds longer than necessary. I then loosened my grip and her body slid down against me. As her feet touched the floor, my hands brushed against the curves of her young breasts. Unconsciously, my hands reached farther around and lightly touched her nipples. She didn't pull away, but I did. Unbelievably, the girl didn't tell me to stop, but I told myself to.

Peggy turned toward me with the cookbook in her hands, but she didn't hand it to me. Instead, she took it to the kitchen table and laid it down. She pulled out a chair, looked at me and said, "Uncle Jim, will you sit here for a minute? I want to show you a recipe Mom and I like."

Well, I didn't know what to do, so I did as I was told. Following my niece's instructions, I sat at the table. Peggy didn't immediately join me. She turned and walked towards the refrigerator quickly explaining, "I'll be right back. I've got the 'munchies' and I need something to eat."

I watched as she jiggled her sweet, sexy ass across the floor and opened the door to the fridge. She reached in, and pulled out a jar of dill pickles. I knew Peggy was crazy about dill pickles and had been since she was a baby. Neither her mom nor dad liked them. Only one other person in the family did. It was me.

Peggy brought the jar back to the table and stood beside me. She seemed completely oblivious to her nudity. She opened the jar and pulled out one of the long, fat, green, sour-pickles. It came to my mind that the pickle looked like an elongated, curved, green-alien cock. The girl put the alien cock into her mouth and sucked.

Oh, shit! Damn me, I was wanting that to be my own throbbing cock in her hot, young mouth! Unconsciously, my arm reached out and my hand settled on Peggy's back. I only applied a little pressure, yet the girl moved. But, she didn't move away. Unbelievably, she stepped between my legs and sat on my right leg.

Peggy had opened the cookbook and was showing me the recipe and telling me all about it. I was only half-listening. With my right hand on her back, my left hand found her belly. I think she was telling me about how easy it was to fix a meal using the recipe, when my right hand touched her ass and my left hand cupped a tit. The girl in my lap was still talking as I found a nipple with my fingers. I massaged the tit and nipple and then reached to do the same with the other.

At some point Peggy had stopped talking. She wasn't saying a word and neither was I. I had lifted her off my leg and sat her in my lap astride both my legs with her back against my chest. Both of my hands were now cupping tender young breasts. Her skin was warm and silky-soft. An electric current flowed from them into my hands. I felt shockwaves pulsating through the fully-erect shaft of my cock. My engorged erection was pressed firmly the girl's naked back and ass.

Still, no words were spoken. I could wait no longer. My right hand reached lower to cup the girl's virginal vaginal mound. I found a magical treasure. Peggy's pussy was warmer and softer than the breasts were. My hands were merrily playing with a pussy and they were playing with tits. Did this girl know that these were my favorite things in the world to play with and touch?

I massaged Peggy's pussy mound gently. I couldn't believe that this little girl's pussy was full enough to fill my hand, but it was! I kept one hand cupped to a tit and one cupped to her pussy. I then rotated hands. I was giving each young tit equal-time play. My hands and fingers were giving her pussy double-time play.

My hands grew more insistent. They were squeezing, tugging, and pulling the tender young pussy flesh. My fingers began searching for her clit and vaginal opening. Using both hands, I spread the puffed pussy lips with the fingers of one and found the clit with the fingers of the other. The girl's pussy-glory-hole eluded me. I couldn't enter with my fingers. The vaginal opening was a little too dry. I remembered then that despite Peggy's age, she had not yet reached the full ripeness of pubic maturity. Her pussy had not yet been through a menstrual cycle. Therefore, her pussy hole had very little natural vaginal lubrication.

I let go of her pussy with my right hand and put two fingers in my mouth. I filled my fingers with moisture. I reached again for her pussy mound. My wet fingers found the clitoral jewel they sought. Now I was able to flick it, to tease it, and to bring it to heightened erection.

Peggy squirmed in my lap and gave a soft moan. As her head leaned back against my chest, I took the middle finger of my left hand into my mouth. I moistened the finger liberally. I reached for the girl's elusive, dry pussy hole. My lubricated finger easily found entrance. My finger moved in lazy circles inside the warm vaginal cavity. Peggy arched her back and moaned again. My finger became more aggressive in its explorations. It plunged deep and hit an obstruction.

Peggy gasped in pain. My finger backed away a little. I had hit the tender membrane of this girl's hymen. It was then I knew for sure that the girl's mother was right. Her daughter was a virgin! I had my sister's innocent, virginal daughter strip-stark-naked sitting in my lap. I was playing with my niece's 'never-before-touched' pussy and tits.

I pulled my finger out of the girl's enticingly tempting pussy hole and moved my hands away from her pussy and tits. With them resting on her belly I buried my face in the silky-soft warmth of her freshly washed blond curls. I kissed her head, I kissed her cheek, and I whispered into her ear, "Peggy, sweetheart, I'd better stop. Don't you think I should?"

The young girl-woman, Peggy, my sweet virginal niece, answered hastily, "No! Oh, Uncle Jim you don't have to stop. I don't want you to! I've never been touched like this. I like it. Oh, I love it! Please don't stop!

What was I to do? What was I to say? The naked girl in my lap and the hard cock in my pants clouded my judgment. Finally, my mind found some words, "But, Peggy, wouldn't you rather have a young boy touching you, maybe someone from school, or maybe someone from the neighborhood?"

She answered adamantly, "No, Uncle Jim, I wouldn't rather have a boy! I'd rather have you touch me! I trust you. You've always been so sweet to me. I know you'd never hurt me. I love you a lot! Besides, the boys don't pay much attention to me. They think I'm too short, too skinny, and not pretty like other girls. And, my boobs are not big like boys want!"

Now, it was my turn to speak adamantly, "Sweetie, boys are sometimes stupid! Why, girl, you're prettier than you think! And doll-baby, your boobs are just fine the way they are! My hands certainly do like them and so do my eyes. Babe, you're a very sexy young lady! If the boys could see you like I'm seeing you, I'd have to fight them off with a stick!"

Peggy giggled and laughed. She twisted and wiggled on my lap. She looked at me with innocent eyes and whispered softly, "Uncle Jim, would you want to kiss me on the lips? I've never been kissed. Will you please kiss me the way a man kisses a woman?"

I looked into her pleading eyes. I saw her partly-open, oval-shaped mouth and her puffy-pink lips. How could I resist? She lifted her head and I leaned toward her. My lips gently touched hers. Our lips were dry. I moistened my tongue and licked her bottom lip then did the same to the top one. Her lips still had the lingering sweet-sour taste of dill pickles. I kissed her again. This time our lubricated lips met with sweet, wet, shattering passion. I found her tongue and she found mine. Our tongues dueled and teased playfully. My tongue found the inside of her mouth and hers found mine. I was tongue-fucking her mouth and she was tongue-fucking mine.

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