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Naughty Nights Inn


They'd taken some time to themselves. A respite, a vacation, a getaway if you will. Needing the relief from the pressures of life. As such, she'd given him permission to take complete control of her that night.

He took that quite literally and as soon as they'd arrived at the hotel and checked in he ordered her to strip. She remembered her promise and quickly shed her clothing folding them neatly into a nearby dresser. As she did so he informed her that while they were in this room she was not to have ANY clothes on, none at all, and there was to be no privacy for her. Not even in the bathroom.

"Tonight you are mine to command. You are not to speak unless commanded to do so, you are not to speak my name, I am your Sire, that is how you will address me. From this moment on you shall be my slut, my whore, my slave. Now Slut, do you understand?" he asked her.

"Yes Sire, I understand."

"Good, very good, Slut," he said with a smile "Now, turn around and close your eyes."

Doing as instructed she was quickly blindfolded, causing her to smile a bit at the thought of the fun to come. Her Sire insuring it was snug and she was truly 'blind' led her to a chair and sat her in it. Smooth, hard wood was cool to the touch under her bare bottom. Her nipples hardened and she grew damp in anticipation of the coming night as he instructed her not to move as he moved away from her.

Unaware of his actions but able to hear him moving things around he set up various live feed web cams that were set to remotely broadcast to his laptop which he set up on a convenient desk. Already in place was a program that would take the live feed and send it directly to a site he had an account on for voyeurs.

Tonight she was to be a star.

Completing the final preparations he then shed his own clothing and donned his attire for the evenings performance: a half mask of leather that would obscure his features and a cock ring designed to prolong ejaculation. Upon the bedside table he laid a set of nipple clamps, a small leather whip and a clit clamp to be used at his discretion throughout the night. Silken scarves tied to each post of the bed and a pile of pillows to display his Slut to every advantage he chose. Ready to begin he activated the cameras.

Standing in front of her he had her rise and instructed her she was not to touch him as he led her to the bed and helped her to lie down. At his command she stretched out spread eagle and allowed herself to be restrained. He had finished securing her and she could tell that while she was bound she had room to move her arms and legs, if not very far.

His next words caused her breathing to hitch and her pussy to cream. "Tonight, you are mine to command. My slut, my whore, my slave. Do you understand Slut?" She nodded her assent as he'd not given her voice. "Good, Slut, very good. I am your Sire this night, do you understand that as well, Slut? Speak your assent, I wish to hear you," he demanded.

"Yes Sire,' Slut responded in a breathy voice.

"Excellent, now, raise your knees and spread them wide, Slut, I wish to view your pussy" Following the directive her legs quickly bent and spread baring her pink, wet pussy to his gaze. "Very good." he softly said.

Hearing him approach the bed, feeling it dip under his weight her nipples tightened further, aching as he came up between her widespread legs. His shoulders rubbing at her thighs, she held her breath. Soon his breath played over her bare pussy lips. The previous day he'd sent her off to the salon for a Brazilian wax, as a result she was plump, bare and extremely sensitive. A delectable morsel for him to feast upon. Teasing her as he leaned in, he breathed across her lips inhaling the scent of her arousal. Her breathing accelerated and she held herself still awaiting his next command.

"Slut, you shall not make a single sound as I feast upon this luscious cunt, and feast I shall. For this delectably slick pussy is begging to be ravished."

That said he speared her with his hot tongue as she clamped her mouth shut to quiet herself. Bring his hands into play he spread her lips wide and harshly began to nibble at her exposed and erect clit. Her hips rose to meet his mouth but she managed to make not a sound other than her ragged breathing.

As abruptly as he began he stopped. Swollen and wet she almost groaned. The bed dipped at his departure and she heard him to her left.

Quickly she discovered what he was about as the first sting of the whip hit her swollen and needy cunt. The cunt he'd purposely left unsatisfied and spread wide.

"This, Slut, is for moving without permission. Did I not tell you that you were mine to command?"

The slashes of the whip upon her pussy were stinging yet not intended to truly hurt her. Nevertheless, she was torn between the pain of the whip upon her sensitive flesh and the pleasure it was causing upon her swollen clit. Biting her lip she did not cry out.

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