Naughty Nun


"No way Tonny do you mean that? You do that to, uhhh to me? Come on we can't do that here can we? Well I mean we should at least leave the plantation shouldn't we?"

"Tell you what Jeffy I wanna show you something secret that I have. Let's go to my room."

"Hahahaha, I know, I know as he quieted his voice, you've got those and that" as he pointed to her two melon size goddesses and her Garden of Eden.

"Hehehe, she laughed silently, aren't you cute. First though, when we get there you are going to tell me what happened and then I'm going to show you something."

Not much actually happened, but she did want to go down on Jeff. She was horny and it built up and up. She wanted sex. She wanted an orgasm. She didn't care, but preferred it with Jeff if she was given a chance. However as bad as he felt, he was preoccupied with a situation he put himself in earlier and she wanted to know what happened.

She figured she could break him down and get the whole story if she could get in his slacks. If she could do what she fantasized with an incredible ability to tangle her tongue up, down, around, and consume it entirely and down her digestive passageway?

She wasn't triumphant. She would be she figured soon enough. She listened and although she did listen she thought he would. Not once did he give any indication what had happened that put him in his devastated mood.

He didn't break down. She was getting hornier and hornier... and hornier. "God Damn, she pleaded, Jeffy I am horny, and I wanna give you a blow job. I want you to lick me out too. I want you to do me Jeffy!" She wasn't as desperate as it sounded, but he knew she was though she pleaded with him.

He sat straight up. He looked at her in surprise. At first he wanted to tongue fuck her. He wanted her to tongue fuck him back, but he was also too preoccupied by his idiocy!

"I'm sorry Tonny. I mean I, I uhhh wanna, uhhh I would but, ohh god for us to do that? I didn't think we were uhh like that Tonny. You know what I'm trying to tell ya, don't ya?"

"Then Jeffy I'm just gonna hafta do this myself right here in front of ya. You can watch and see how a girl does herself, right?" She giggled and slipped her hand down her shorts.

He watched but got horny as his penis became hard. She played and smiled, but slowly it went away as she became more aroused. She became hornier and wetter and her eyes would roll and she would moan often on top of it all.

All that got him horny. He was turned on as she couldn't stop herself. He wanted to hold himself. He wanted to grab himself, pull it out, and jerk himself off and he didn't care if his best friend, Tanya watched him do it.

She did get him so turned on he grabbed his sheathed cock and jerked it a few times, but stopped. "Oh I can't do this Tanya."

"Why not, that was super cool Jeffy."

"Noooo I, I, I really can't Tonny. I wanna, but, uhh I can't." Then he started to literally cry a little.

She abruptly stopped fingering herself, scooted up to him and deeply empathized with him for whatever he did. "Awww honey, don't cry, whatever happened can be rectified. I have another friend and she's fixed a few things for some of us. Don't cry Jeffy. You're way too old for that."

"I know I know Tonny; god you are great, do you know that?" They hugged and he felt her boobs when they did. He felt like touching them but didn't.

But she grabbed inside of his short outside his underwear, holding his semi limp cock and clamped it tightly. He looked up, smiled but pulled her hand off it, kissed it and said, "Ohhh Tonny please can I take a rain check?"

She felt bad, said yes, but told him he has to guarantee his rain check. She hugged him, kissed his cheek, and he got up and left. She went back and finished masturbating for the umpteenth time that month.

Back at his room, Jeff relented over his earlier actions but also thought how cool it was that Tanya felt about him too. However, his overwhelming emotions had the best of him. Sister Ann was going to report him soon and he would be called in, and permanently excused from the program he was enrolled in. He would be provided bussing service with all his belongings in tow, and shipped back home.

Jeff wouldn't sleep. Morning came and he arose, showered, and awaited word from council. He expected them to convene shortly after 11:00 that morning. He had a snack, instead of breakfast in the great all in his own room. Tanya figured he was feeling crappy and that's why he didn't show up.

Either way, women were not permitted to sit with the men. It was a guideline of the Dogmatic run school. At the head table with numerous other nuns was Sister Ann. She ate quickly and ran.

She never reported anything. She filed a false report, that wasn't turned in. She sent a false notice to Jeff's room, demanding his presence at the off campus board room due to it was a private meeting, if something of this seriousness occurred.

All alone and waiting at 1:00pm, she sat in skivvies as opposed to her habit. She wasn't wearing flats. She did wear a sweater, but it was someone else's that happened to be a smaller size, so it appeared more flattering on her as in much more flattering and defining on her.

Wearing black slacks from that person's closet, her buttocks were more noticeable and as a whole, she looked in pretty good shape as a woman might appear to a man. She was apprehensive. She maintained a cool and collected presence so she thought. Sister Ann changed after arriving at the board room.

Locking the door earlier, she heard the knock. She didn't answer. The knock was louder and longer. Finally she called out, "One moment please. Who is at the entrance?"

"Jeffery Campbell", said the male voice. "Am I to await my turn? Am I too early?"

"No Mr. Campbell, I'll be there in a moment."

She was nervous. She began to doubt herself somewhat. However she knew what she desired and she put on the two final touches consisting of a bit of makeup highlighting an encouraging beauty she hoped existed and a touch of scented spray she once found in a hallway in school.

Finally she unlocked the door, he walked in, and she locked it instantly behind him. He smelled the scent in the air immediately and took notice. Smelling the air often he enjoyed the aroma. It was clear and his eyes illustrated his approval.

Without smiling, she was pleased. Then he looked at her, but remorsefully until he noticed her makeup, clothing, and the sharpness of her body. "That isn't the way a nun is supposed to dress", he thought. "I mean, wow, she's uhh well got a hott body for a nun. Look at her. Oh my savior I'm about to say it, I mean, look at them, she actually has great looking tits! Then he saw the slacks she had on, which were showing off her fine tighter shaped ass. His eyes burst open. He couldn't believe it and seeing she wore low pumps, which no nun ever wore was sending him unusual signals.

"What is wrong Jeffery? What is wrong Mr. Campbell? Would you like to tell me something? Don't you have a few things to tell me first off?"

"Umm no Sister, except that I want to apologize from the very bottom of my heart. I have sinned so badly, I've broken guidelines, beliefs, dogmatic principles, and I feel horrible. I prayed for forgiveness and I don't know how many times I prayed too. I am sorry, sorry, sorry Sister."

"I am not going to report this. I find that you have made me think about some unusual ideas and I am happy to say that this is only a warning. I know how important this study program is to you, so it's in my belief that you and I keep an understanding. If you ever do that publicly, regardless if someone else is around or not, you will be permanently suspended. Do I make myself absolutely clear?"

"Yes Sister, Yes you have. Again, I am very sorry and I apologize."

"I do understand how something like that might occur. You and I are closer in age aren't we? Maybe you didn't realize it. Seeing as that is the case, I guess I can understand some emotional connection that even though it is misguided it could exist between you and me. I thought long and hard as well as prayed hard for an understanding why I was approached. I had feelings afterwards, which I wasn't proud of Jeff. I initially felt ashamed. But soon enough I understood your intentions. Although, you felt you had feelings for me, I wasn't sure I should have been violated. However I was and it happened. I want you to do one thing as a result of all of this."

"What is that", he asked with deep sorrow and curiosity.

She stepped up close to him, smiled, but held both of his hands. "So you feel that I am that attractive as a woman. Even though I am a nun, that didn't have any such bearing on you Jeffery?

He had no idea what she was up to and no idea how to respond to her.

"Then Jeffery, if you feel that strongly about what it was your feelings were telling you, then please, please do that exact same thing to me. I saw the way your face lit up when you walked in here at first. I want you to show me those inner emotions Jeffery."

He was as hesitant as all get out. He felt remorseful and said to himself he wouldn't ever do that again. But she was coercing him to re-think his position and see if he still found her attractive and alluring.

"Jeffery, touch my breasts please. I am not goin to hurt you. I am not goin to report this. I have put this all in writing, notarized it, and signed it. The notary public is a friend. She was a student and agreed to this under a few stipulations. So everything is on the up and up, sort of. Please Jeffery, do me the favor, the pleasure, and yourself the dignity, and touch these breasts."

He felt embarrassed, but he felt a commitment to make everything better between them. She lifted his hands, and he pulled them out of her hands and simply but gently held her breasts in his palms.

An instant smile appeared on her. Her eyes lit up with jubilance. She felt a glorious and exalted rush of emotion travel at a high rate of speed inside. She dropped to her knees, scaring him to death. She looked up with great happiness. She raised her hands, sliding them across his stomach and down the sides of his legs. He raised her up underneath her armpits and asked her, "What the heck is going on Sister?"

"As you know Jeff, I have one quarter to go before I become a full fledged Sister. After this quarter, I make a commitment, which up until yesterday afternoon, I was ninety-nine percent sure I was going to go that route. I am almost absolutely sure I will become a full fledged nun."

He was floored. He knew where she was heading with it all. He was her deciding factor. He didn't want that. He just felt a unique attraction for her for some odd and sensational reason. He didn't want himself to be the determining reason why or why she'd go on to fulfill the Saviors will.

"Make love to me Jeffery. I do not know what that is like. I have never known that feeling. As you probably do know, I am 29 and you Jeff are 26, right? I have been true to myself and am a virgin. Does that make you feel any different Jeffery? I have so many things I want to tell someone and I can't tell the rest of my sisters here. I can't, will you please spend one day with me and make love to me and let me tell you what I feel inside?"

He paused for a long time, confused and not sure why he would say yes, but something forced the words out of his mouth. "It would be the greatest honor and the greatest pleasure to be intimate with you Sister Ann."

"Ann isn't my real name, Jeffery. My real name is Myra. I've always loved that name. Call me that in private please. I would love it if you would call me that confidentially. Also, may I kiss you Jeffery? I have never kissed a man at least not in a romantic sense."

"Umm, where are you and I supposed to umm well you know what I mean."

"I will let you know shortly. Is later today soon enough Jeffery?"

"Oh uhhh yes, sure yes Myra. What should I bring?"

Well I would like to be naked so only a change of clothes. Is being completely naked Jeffery okay with you? You are okay with being naked with a nun aren't you" she asked innocently.

She was excited as hell. She asked if she could kiss him again, he said yes, they kissed and he turned her on big time. He did one other thing for good measure. He squeezed her ass and told her it was sexy as hell.

As a woman, but a virgin too, she was giddy. She lost her composure. She didn't break down and giggle or laugh, but inside she was shedding tears and joy abound her body. Chemical reactions slithered swiftly into her Garden and she never felt such excited fear like she felt at that moment.

A man, close in age was going to rid her of that 'tag' she carried deep inside. No longer would she be considered a virgin. Pulsating as rapidly as the Mississippi river runs hard in a storm, her vaginal tract emitted electrifying signals that she could not control.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy, ooohh yess, she let slip. But the way her anxious feelings discharged from her orally was the exact same way she seeped in her uterus. She was not in control of anything. She wasn't experienced in such matters. Feelings of this nature had crept up before however due to her upbringing she had ways to dispel them.

"It is a great feeling but I wish I knew what a woman felt as opposed to a man's feelings. It's been so long since I've felt this incredible too Myra. I want you. I want you badly. I want to undress you, make love to you, and I want to show you how beautiful you are Ann, umm uhh Sister, I mean Myra. Oh my, I am going to make love to a, umm oh wow! Hurry up, I am excited", he tried to say calmly.

"Ohhhh I want to be touched Jeffery! I want you to be the only one that does that with me. Ohh you don't know what I'm feeling all over, ohhhh, ohhhh my savior!"

Sister Ann, aka, Myra was horny like never before. She didn't prevent her feelings from developing into full blown orgasmic seizures.

She let her excitement take control and she prepared for a night of unknown, unrealized, and unexpected sexual gratification.

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