tagFetishNaughty Peeing at University Ch. 01

Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 01


It was my first day at my university and the butterflies were dancing in my stomach as the coach pulled up outside the tall imposing building of the main university campus building. I followed the other girls who had been on board out the bus doorway and was greeted by an elderly lady smartly dressed. She introduced herself as "Mrs Dowding" and proceeded to shepherd us inside where a new group of smiling girls were waiting for us. Mrs. Dowding then went out to read out a register calling out our names at which stage a girl from the crowd would come forward to claim us as their new room mate. My turn came at last and I was introduced to a smiling red head with a pretty face and lots of freckles.

I followed Sandra along the gravel path. It was a beautiful day. The sky overhead was clear and blue whilst the sun shone down with warm rays on our backs as we walked. Rounding the corner of the large building we moved into shade as I shivered momentarily at the change in temperature. Sandra was now waiting for me several paces down the path.

"Do you need the bathroom?" she asked me.

Thinking about it for a moment I then nodded. My bladder was quite full as it had been some time since the last stop on the coach that had brought me here.

"You will like this then," she said motioning me to join her.

I moved along the path to come to her side looking quizzically around me as I did so. The wall of the building was lined with windows with no sign of any entranceways. Around us lay nothing but the large open garden. Up ahead a large clearing on the side of the path with the same gravel flooring as what we were currently standing upon. A few wooden picnic tables lay scattered around with no organisation apparent in their layout.

"Follow me," Sandra instructed and made her way over to the clearing.

I did as I was instructed still wondering as to where the mysterious bathrooms were located.

Overhead, the clearing was shielded from the sky by large oak trees which lifted their green leaved braches high above our heads. The air was warm despite the shade and I was glad I had chosen summer clothing for my trip to the university.

"We call this the 'Kitty Litter'," Sandra informed me turning around with a big smile.

I took a good look around but could see no cats. The ache in my bladder was getting quite acute now that Sandra had mentioned the toilet.

"Why?" I asked, subconsciously moving from foot to foot to ease the burning sensation inside of needing to pee.

"Because this is where we like to water our pussies," and with that she reached up to her waist and with one deft motion slid both her skirt and pick panties down her legs to around her knees. I watched on with utter dismay as Sandra promptly squatted down in plain view and started to let out a thick squirting stream of yellow pee out of her shaved pussy lips. Within seconds her golden stream was pattering down over the floor. I blinked several times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. Here was this girl I had only just met busily taking a piss in broad sight without a care in the world.

Entranced I couldn't take my eyes of the squirting yellow stream of piss leaving Sandra's pussy. Her hot pee shower landed between her feet where it bounced over the gravel sending little urine droplets into the air above her main stream of piss. Sandra had a lovely pussy; a deep slit nestled between her thighs with just a small amount of shaved pubic hair running above it. I had never witnessed a grown girl taking a piss in front of me in broad daylight before and I was entranced by just how good it looked as I witnessed the golden fountain shooting from Sandra's muff and playing over the ground.

"You can join in, you know," Sandra said from her squatting position in front of me. She had glanced up from watching herself pee over the ground and was now watching my expression.

"Are you not worried that somebody will catch you?" I asked perturbed by her question. Watching another girl have a pee was not helping my own situation. I was sure that my own panties must already be stained with a damp spot around the crotch where some of my pee had already leaked out.

"No. Of course not! This is why this place is called as it. Even the teachers will come here for a pee when they want to although a lot of us suspect they are peeing in the staff room as well."

I took a quick look around. In the distance a small group of girls were stood chatting on the path and appeared to be taking no interest in us or Sandra's activities. Suddenly I made up my mind. I was bursting for a pee now and couldn't wait another second. Plus I reckoned if Sandra could get away with it then so could I. Immediately I started to yank down my shorts and the thin blue thong I was wearing around my bum and pussy. Squatting down in front of the still urinating Sandra I took a deep breath and tried to relax the hold on my bladder.

The seconds passed and nothing happened! I could feel Sandra's gaze nestled on my pussy and this was not helping in the slightest. I was very conscious that my own pubic triangle was not shaved and was instead a mass of blond curly hairs nestled around my lower lips. Between Sandra's thighs, her squirting shower of piss was beginning to wane as she finished her own leak. If I did not start soon then I would be peeing on my own. Finally I managed it and a familiar sensation flooded down my stomach to my waiting pussy lips. The start of my own toilet was accompanied by a loud hissing and pattering sound as my piss burst forth and began to rain down over the gravel floor.

"Wow you really did need to go," said Sandra letting go of one final shot of piss from her own pussy as she finished her pee.

"It was a long trip," I giggled back over the sound of my piss stream washing the floor with my urine shower. The feeling of emptying my bladder out in the open was intense and I realised that I was enjoying every second of my toilet. I was also very conscious of Sandra's watching gaze which was firmly focused on the yellow stream leaving my pussy slit.

Suddenly Sandra looked up and over my shoulder and I knew with a sinking horror that we were no longer alone.

"Oh! Hello Miss Tanner. How are you?" Sandra asked the new comer who was stood just outside my field of vision. In shock I desperately tried to cease my pee. I knew however that it was way too late to disguise my activities and whoever this newcomer was she was now getting a good view of my naked buttocks. It also struck me that Sandra was still squatting opposite me with her own pussy on full view along with the incriminating puddle of cooling piss between her feet.

"I'm fine," said the pleasant female voice from behind me. "How are you?"

"Great!" Sandra smiled back. "This is Leslie my new room mate" she continued nodding in my direction.

With a great dread I slowly looked around to see Miss Tanner stood only a foot away. Tall, middle aged with a slim frame and small tits she was quite attractive and I suddenly realised that I was staring -- and with my lower regions still on full view! I started to blush but the teacher came to my rescue.

"Don't worry Leslie. The Kitty Litter is free for all to use. It's a reminder about how we should be open about our feminism and not to hide it behind toilet walls. I'm surprised you are the only girls using it, but there again it is still early in the day. Anyway, I have things to do and I'm sure I will be seeing you soon." She made to continue and then stopped and faced me again. Now there was no way to hide my exposed blond muff from sight and the tell tale puddle of my pee on the ground. She took an appreciate glance at my crotch before looking me in the eyes.

"In case Sandra has yet to mention it, I only allow peeing in my classroom during the last session and no other. Oh, and please remember to take your tissues away after you have finished." With that she stole another quick glance between my legs, smiled and walked off.

"Wow!" I said. "I thought that we were in massive trouble then," I said to Sandra who was starting to stand up and recover her lower garments.

"Don't be silly. I told you that the Kitty Litter is open for girls to pee in where-ever they like. In fact at the end of the last term we even had a pissing contest to see who could squirt the longest distance. There were hundreds of girls queuing to have a go. You should have seen the size of the piss puddle on the floor afterwards!"

"I think I'm finished," I lied excepting a tissue Sandra passed me from her bag.

"OK. As soon as you've done, I'll show you to our room."

Pushing the tissue between my legs I dried my pussy slit and stood up dragging up my shorts and thong up in the process. I was still half full of pee but the encounter with the teacher had been a bit of a scare.

As soon as we were ready we set off together back along the path passing the set of girls we passed earlier. They paid us no special attention as we walked by. In my minds eye I pictured each one of them squatting panty-less over the gravel and taking long squirting piss streams over the floor. I was disturbed from my fantasy my Sandra grabbing my hand and pulling me towards a large open doorway that had been previously hidden from sight by a recess in the grey building wall. We entered into a musty hall with dark wooden panelled floors and walls. It was dark inside especially after the morning sunlight and I squinted to accustom my vision to my new surroundings. A long sweeping staircase ascended to the next level, its surface covered with a faded red carpet. Susan pulled my onwards and we followed the stairs upwards. Another three sets of similar stairways led us to the top floor and a long corridor leading off in one direction. Seven doors down and Sandra stopped and after producing a key, unlocked and then opened the door. As I entered our Dorm room for the first time I had absolutely no idea at how many happy and naughty pee sessions I was going to be treated to in the coming months...

To be continued...

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A Lovely, Lovely Story,,, Yes, 5-Stars!

Hallo leaky_one!

This is just a lovely story and a really good start,,, yes! _ Now love you did say (To be continued...) ?!? _ I would have liked reading the rest of the story!

Well everyone, I thinkmore...

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