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Naughty Son


You come into the living room to check on me. The doctor has given me a strong sleeping pill and I have already fallen into a deep sleep. You watch me sleep for a little while and then notice my robe has fallen open, exposing a breast.

At first you move to cover it and then you stop yourself. Its so beautiful, just like you remembered it. You remember that as you got older, how many times did daddy stop you from touching it. You are an adult, he is not here now and my breast is there.

You notice that you are getting an erection and realize this may be the only time you will get this chance. You reach out to touch my arm and then my face...watching to see if I awake or notice. I remain asleep even when you move my arm away from my robe. You reach out to touch my breast. You fondle it watching my face for reaction.

You kneel beside me and move my robe to expose the other breast. You squeeze them together and apart - toying with them. Then you move your mouth closer and closer to one nipple. You stroke the nipple with your tongue and, emboldened, you enclose your mouth around it. You begin to suckle on it...your cock getting thicker and harder as you realize you are sucking your Moms tit. How good it feels in your mouth, so soft and yet so firm. You move from one breast to the other sucking harder and harder - feeling each breast fill your mouth.

You imagine milk squirting from them filling your throat with warm white milk. Then it happens...you taste something...something sweet...its impossible, but there it is. You want more so you suck in harder and deeper. Soon my milk is filling your mouth and you are swallowing - again attached to me, you murmur against my breast "Mommy...mommy....".

You reach down and touch your extremely hard cock. You need release but cannot imagine letting my breast go. You wonder if I could possibly feel the same way. You reach between my legs...lightly stroking my pubic hair and reaching for my clit. It is hard and warm against your fingers. I open my legs for you. You check my face and I am still asleep. You reach down farther and find my soaking wet pussy. You move your fingers into me...first one, then two and then three fucking my pussy with your little cock-like fingers.

You feel my walls moving around your fingers and the milk continues to spray into your throat. You move your legs between mine...you only want to feel my wetness on your cock. My tits are big enough that you can keep suckling and touch my pussy with your big cock. You could not imagine fucking me...your own mother. But I have gotten you so hard and you only want relief.

You smear your cock and precum all over my wet throbbing pussy. Oh, it feels so good and so forbidden. You decide to put the head in...only the head - and then you will clean me up and leave me alone. You push the head into me....so tight, so warm, so wet. You close your eyes to absorb the feeling of my wetness around your cock and my milk in your throat...you don't want it to stop.

You are fucking your mom...and it feels so good. Soon you feel your balls press against my ass. You realize you have pushed the rest of your big cock into me. You are all the way in and there is no turning back. You feel the pressure start to build up. You are going to cum and you don't want to. You want to feel more of me.

You begin to stroke into me. Short strokes so you can keep suckling my titties...even though the milk has stopped. You feel it then...you are going to cum. You want to cum inside me...to fill me the way my milk has filled you. The impact of your orgasm releases my tit from your mouth. And you continue to fuck me...harder now during your orgasm. You imagine your white cum filling my pussy and that churns you to cum harder. Holding my hips steady while you fill me. You look down. You watch your cock buried deep inside my pussy as your orgasm ebbs. You look at my tits, huge welts where you sucked them hard. The nipples erect, swollen and dark red. You pull out of me. A drip of cum still connecting your cock head to my pussy. The connection breaks leaving most of it in the crack of my pussy.

You realize what you have done and how difficult it will be to explain. You clean yourself up and then clean me up. Closing my clothes around me. You already want me again. You pick up the pill bottle and realize that I will be in this state for a few days. Do you leave me alone to give my body time to recover and keep your secret? Or do you come back for more?

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